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When I don't think things throughI woke up early in a great mood. The little dog and I enjoyed the dark early cool morning then I came inside, got the morning routine done before fig...

UnFayzed10just now
Track1623335 mins ago7 mins ago

COMMUNICATION " PLEASE" ( By falicia s own Experiences)"COMMUNICATION" Is The Key for Everything! Without Communication Every thing Fail! So keep It Up! It Not Need to take long to Do It! A few Minutes...

falicia1703 hrs ago

COMMUNICATION " PLEASE" ( By falicia s own Experiences)"COMMUNICATION" Is The Key for Everything! Without Communication Every thing Fail! So keep It Up! It Not Need to take long to Do It! A few Minutes...

falicia2523 hrs ago3 hrs ago

JakartaSomewhere in 2014, I befriended someone here on the blogs. She was quite active on the blogs and we hit it off right away! I soon discovered that w...

MiMiArt43-3 hrs ago

Historical Rankings of PresidentsOh my gosh I probably shouldn't post this. I thought it was interesting because Trump has enough time in office now to be considered in the rankings....

LargeCurves4213 hrs ago3 hrs ago
Onthcrestofawave5506 hrs ago
Track163937 hrs ago4 hrs ago

Faces & Places... butwhat's his name? My dad could forget your name as quickly as you introduce yourself, but he would remember your face, the place, the car you drove and...

chatillion1807 hrs ago

Trump and the DemocratsTrump has a long list of accomplishments. You can Google them. What I'm wondering is, what are the Democrats running on? Can any of you libs tell m...

texasgirl85852834412 hrs ago18 mins ago

My son has not catch up on gender equality yetI got a pattern for the cutest knitted Humpty Dumpty so knitted some to sell at the home industry shop. Everyone was impressed with the first one but...

ekself2805215 hrs ago13 mins ago

Loss in the family.Could be a men/women topic, but perhaps lots of overlap. All six siblings got to talk a good deal at family dinner/breakfasts after Mom's funeral Mas...

Vierkaesehoch101620 hrs ago10 hrs ago

Censure Dianne Feinstein - The Senate cannot let this wrong go unaddressed.Regardless of the fate of Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination, the Senate should censure the ranking Democratic member of the Judiciary Committee, Dianne Fei...

Willy34111951822 hrs ago11 hrs ago

Music...Some people cannot work without music and some people cannot work with it. I get that, but I'm paid to do a job and music in the workplace is often a...

chatillion28023 hrs ago

The Path To RadicalizationA young man in the Southern State of Charlottesville,Virginia joined a Neo Nazi (white nationalism) group...and participated in the unite the right ra...

loulou7715915Sep 2210 hrs ago

HELLEN KELLERHelen Keller American author Helen Adams Keller was an American author, political activist, and lecturer. She was the first deaf-blind person to ear...

ysabeljhen808Sep 223 hrs ago

Junque...Little by little I've been downsizing to buy a condo or move into a rented apartment close to my job and rent out my house to offset the expenses....

chatillion847Sep 2119 hrs ago
donmartinez53560Sep 21
feeling chatty tonight

feeling chatty tonightuntil further notice, my Very Reliable Friend hooked me up and i'm a little bit... been thinking about life and it's little escapes...that funny...

Palmfrond793Sep 21Sep 21
i like this song

i like this songand i wanted to participate in the youtube thing. i'll cut and paste something too. I've never been the biggest fan of going to the gym, but I...

Palmfrond838Sep 21Sep 21

Attention SeekingI seem to have come down with a bout of it. I think I'd better go to bed before it gets out of hand....

Harbal23615Sep 213 hrs ago
Harbal21233Sep 2116 hrs ago

There’s a naked woman on my bedThere’s a naked woman on my bed, she’s looking very keen There’s a naked woman on my bed, the first there’s ever been There’s a naked woman on my be...

Harbal12215Sep 21Sep 21

Those dreaded wordsNo matter what your doing, or what time of day... They change with age but the heart stopping feeling is always there Shock Then the tears ....

Onthcrestofawave1485Sep 2115 hrs ago

At last, a day for so many on CS to celebrate as their ownMonday 24th September is a day tailor-made for most bloggers on CS and since one can't get in too early on these important holidays, I hope to be the...

Elegsabiff61691Sep 211 hrs ago

A VERY interesting article published BEFORE Trump's meeting with PutinPlease read the whole article before commenting. Here's the link;

JimNastics502Sep 21Sep 21

LEFT BEHINDSometimes I wonder when I was a child, was I maybe adopted it seems I felt different and seem to be treated differently than my siblings. I often won...

wenever14124Sep 21Sep 21

WordsGeorge Carlin on the use of unnecessary words. Some are a bit salty....

Willy3411271Sep 21Sep 21

My Spider DiaryYou always come across the occasional spider in any building and I get my fair share of them. I don’t dislike spiders, even though I have a mild aver...

Harbal20027Sep 21Sep 21
Words are poison arrows

Words are poison arrows............ Words are poison arrows

jarred146-Sep 21

Crazy youthI admit to doing some crazy stuff in my teens from car and train surfing in climbing the outside of a 5 story building. Why At the time I as m...

Onthcrestofawave752Sep 21Sep 21

Comedy ClassicsCame across some Dave Chappelle's and Eddie Murphys brother comedy sketches...too funny... Satirical stories about Rick James and Prince to name a...

loulou77897Sep 20Sep 21

Junior...I was around 7 years old when my family moved from New York to Miami. Life here was pretty simple. My neighborhood was a place where you didn't always...

chatillion605Sep 20Sep 21
every day stuff

every day stuffi don't like to blog unless i feel there is something of nominal value. Also, i like to blog if i think there is a live audience. i will condense...

Palmfrond1032Sep 20Sep 21

What is the ultimate freedom in life?Imagine when your life is an open book wherein you have nothing to hide and nothing to fear. You can be totally you. You don’t have to think on what t...

ysabeljhen15022Sep 20Sep 21
Harbal28433Sep 20Sep 20

This will change everything !Presenting the...... . . . . Tear Only it, can prevent forest fires AND "tastes great !"...

JimNastics906Sep 20Sep 21

Some things are hard to Swallow.I could have said . . . . ....

Lukeon1766Sep 2016 hrs ago
Just for Laughs

Just for Laughs I don't remember this guy he is funny....

stringman754Sep 20Sep 20

Has Murka Gone Full-On Banana Republic?This was included in a comment on another blog... The commentary in the vid deserves wider circulation than mere incl...

miclee1235Sep 20Sep 20


Willy341141532Sep 20Sep 21

How does this reflect on me?I’ve been looking for a small, square, wall mirror for my bathroom ever since I moved into this flat two years ago, but haven’t been able to find a re...

Harbal40152Sep 20Sep 21
"The King!!! Quiz"(meet us in the quizzes)

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