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Does scamming pay well? One man told he collected $10.000 a dayOne man unable to scam grandparent any longer told how he made $10.000 a day...

britishcolumbian508 mins ago

Folk law , urban legend and superstitionIn this "modern age" does anyone still believe in witches,curses, and other old wives tales Vampires, goblins and things that go bump in the night...

Onthcrestofawave34450 mins ago24 mins ago

Medicare/Medicaid scam, NEVER give out your ..Social Security NumberMedicare/Medicaid scam There are several types of healthcare scams that target the elderly, but most are tied to phantom billing or identity theft. S...

britishcolumbian1802 hrs ago

20th juneHope everyone is getting themselves in training and toned for "World naked bike ride day"...

Onthcrestofawave5063 hrs ago5 mins ago
Bearwoman4765 hrs ago4 hrs ago
This is what Batman did to me

This is what Batman did to me....Look at the flippin state of my hair! I´ll never get a girlfriend like this!...

Bnaughty177276 hrs ago3 hrs ago
Its nice to be nice

It's nice to be niceWhat's the point in believing it is if you're afraid to be seen being nice?...

itchywitch14397 hrs ago2 hrs ago

Nightmares !!What advice can I give to a close friend of mine that has terrible nightmares so to say every night? He was a contractor now he sez he has problems wi...

Lukeon7577 hrs ago4 hrs ago
stringman7758 hrs ago20 mins ago

Got a stinking rejection recently?Perhaps not but it can be that you never stuck your hand out, so what do you expect ? To be a men is to hunt, and to be a women ? Do these soft bea...

Kiterunner14228 hrs ago7 hrs ago

The grandparents scam......................As of September, the Attorney General’s office reported 32 victims in the state had lost more than $184,000 to the grandparent scam. After he reali...

britishcolumbian5469 hrs ago2 hrs ago
nonsmoker1552311 hrs ago1 hrs ago
Two windows

Two windowsOne night I had a dream that I saw myself sitting in small house having only two windows. Within the house were many people. Half were looking out one...

Akeldama4065611 hrs ago6 hrs ago

IT'S OUR LIFEYou know there is something I have kind of noticed here on the blogs, it seems everyone has pretty much control of there life, they seem to be strong...

wenever1612412 hrs ago7 hrs ago
Making Assumptions

Making AssumptionsDon't you love people that make erroneous assumptions about something they know nothing about? NOT! There are some people that would honestly piss...

LadyImp1461812 hrs ago1 hrs ago
Crunia101-14 hrs ago9 hrs ago
The garden of life

The garden of lifeOne night I had a dream I was walking upon a valley and off in the distance there was a garden. As I came near to it I saw its bounty of many variet...

Akeldama401051314 hrs ago10 hrs ago
Experience women

Experience womenI getting lessons all the times and things starting go faster and faster. But this one’s is weird. I was surprised by myself. Start 3 weeks ago. I...

Richelieuskype12522521 hrs ago41 mins ago
How to Manage High Conflict People

How to Manage High Conflict PeopleWe all know people like this: High Conflict People are frequently in a state of distress because they have many problems, but lack the self-awarene...

Keepers1572322 hrs ago12 hrs ago

tomatoeTomorrow is a good day to plant tomatoes, says the moon calendar. I could not wait, for i was feeling the need to post a blog about my veggie queen. L...

bloodyawfull1681523 hrs ago44 mins ago

402 Payment RequiredPick an option : Post a comment : Free Post a comment on topic : $4 OP reply: $10 Comments faking imterest : $20 Mindless responce...

Onthcrestofawave79623 hrs ago19 hrs ago
Ambiguous Postcodes

Ambiguous PostcodesI'm writing this as an Irish female member so I'm not aware if this is an exclusively Irish and male profile issue but its been my experience and I ca...

Poitin924Apr 1822 hrs ago
Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry His quotes make me LMAO Clint Eastwood has a way with words and he played the Dirty Harry character per...

LeeCharming9311Apr 182 hrs ago


jarred129-Apr 18
Kodama Zomes

Kodama Zomesthis would be neat to have either outside or inside....

Bearwoman8811Apr 189 hrs ago
stringman432Apr 18Apr 18

TYPED IN ERROR.........................................................................................................

itchywitch2199Apr 187 hrs ago
A meeting with Giant Aloe Vera Plants their Components and Health Benefits

A meeting with Giant Aloe Vera Plants, their Components and Health Benefits.It has been raining and raining and raining for weeks. A half an hour walk at least during these rainy weeks that seemed endless was just impossibl...

Stargazer11131141Apr 1811 hrs ago

Sad News - Harry Anderson (of Night Court & Cheers) RIP at age 65Two days ago Harry Anderson was found dead in his home, apparently from natural causes, presumably heart trouble, at the age of 65. Harry started a...

JimNastics521Apr 18Apr 18
Spring is here

Spring is hereGreeetings to everyone in Bolgland,,, Not much time just now for the blog Still some old friends are not around ?/ have a good day every on...

FLYJAMES411Apr 18Apr 18

Why tell me, this ???I was sitting at my local cafe the other day , when I hear my name called out, but like a question. It was her after all these years , yes not much...

Kiterunner11396Apr 18Apr 18
Dear Self Esteem

Dear : Self Esteem..He Needs you.. He needs you for your opinions he needs you to be on his side as his partner he needs you to remind him of the small things that he ca...

Kasih17713Apr 18Apr 18
Permanent Makeup

Permanent MakeupA few months ago I opted for permanent makeup as I'm very pale, and the procedure made me think of the Egyptian royalty at the time. Also because I'm...

Keepers21616Apr 18Apr 18

Photo Caption Contest - VA State Sign contestIf you look at ALL the signs, you may get a chuckle. Either way, lets have fun suggesting captions for this photo; My first caption sugge...

JimNastics400Apr 17
Rest in peace Barbara Bush

Rest in peace Barbara BushRest in peace Barbara Bush. You were one special lady.

Willy3411441Apr 17Apr 17
Cry To Me

Cry To MeWhen your baby, leaves you all alone, And nobody, calls you on the phone, Don't you feel like crying, don't you feel like crying, Well here I am m...

jarred127-Apr 17
The art of flirting

The art of flirtingFor everything else, there's MasterCard. Note: Don´t be a fool....prayers are just a placebo effect IMUO...

Crunia157-Apr 1714 hrs ago
When you run out of fire lighters

When you run out of fire lighters ...DON'T pour on cooking oil... that's what I done ... my hair caught fire with the sudden instant flames, I'm lucky its a miracle actually I've no fac...

itchywitch31824Apr 17Apr 18

Watch out for fake bill called phishing, this time it was PAY PALJust received an email telling me that I had send $149,95 to a the US Never heard of the name. If I did not agree with this payment...

britishcolumbian18521Apr 1710 hrs ago
Only because we have a down syndrome

Only because we have a down syndrome................... We have been married for 20 years, and we are very happy. I know that no one will give us the congratulations. Only beca...

jarred148-Apr 17
The Emotional Scale

The Emotional ScaleExtract from a book by Gill Edwards... (partly copied and edited) If we wish to reconnect with deep reality, it is crucial to pay attention to our...

daniela77728746Apr 1711 hrs ago
LeeCharming330Apr 17
Poitin: "Lost Opporunities"(meet us in the blogs)

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