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Free Power .. T. power from its fetters no power without the people does power arise from any other source than through the intent to control confine confisca...

hpylady_1802 hrs ago

local slangHere a bit of kiwi slang Feel free to post sayings unique or eunuch to you neck of the woods

Nice2meetyoutoo2715 hrs ago3 hrs ago

impurity? lynch!People involved in snatching cattle from Muslims speak with a triumphant sense that their moment in history has arrived. “Everyone in this world is bo...

hunei4327 hrs ago3 hrs ago

The Chic Channel...I went for many years without a TV in the bedroom. One woman I dated insisted on it as she couldn't fall asleep without some distraction. She brought...

chatillion2917 hrs ago3 hrs ago

"HINDU"STANBEHROR, India – The beating that ended Pehlu Khan’s life was televised nationwide. Cell phone video captured a group of men punching and slinging Khan...

hunei2707 hrs ago
LincolnsCousin60114 hrs ago12 hrs ago

"Well, it's a hot one..."Here in NJ the high today will be 98 degree F. That is ridiculous. Yes, I know it gets hotter in places like Death Valley. But, the don't call it...

JimNastics39215 hrs ago14 hrs ago

Cheers to Michael Collins“Not since Adam has any human known such solitude as Mike Collins.” July 20, 1969. As 500,000 million people watched from the Earth and two others...

Willy341153418 hrs ago9 hrs ago

New York Trip Preparations - Part 1I know that some of you might be tired of hearing about my travel-preparations, so I am starting to name my blogs "New York Trip Preparations - Part )...

Philipsen60518 hrs ago5 hrs ago

ITS RAINING CATS AND DOGS HEREso have been resting and reading and now to cs, Wenny has not appeared, Zman is fighting something catfoot thinks we are half arseholes What more...

EXRED1071520 hrs ago2 hrs ago

Is It Mango?I have lost my appetite since a couple of days ago. I don't know why nor how. It's simply gone. I tried very hard to force myself to eat, but not much...

Kalpataru1561524 hrs ago11 hrs ago

ApologiesPeople apologize for only two reasons; firstly because they were wrong and are truly sorry or secondly because they are under pressure to do so. I don...

Catfoot3224324 hrs ago3 hrs ago

Steel toe work boots...Part of my job used to be field manager for projects I sold. That means visiting construction sites... places where construction boots are required by...

chatillion901224 hrs ago3 hrs ago

Why it likes this?It happened to me couple of weeks ago and this sort of thing was not the first one which I met ... I am tired of that . His politeness won my fa...

July01287224 hrs ago5 hrs ago

She Wore Men’s Shorts (part 2)Textme: “Rob, you suddenly look pale, like you’ve just seen a ghost or took a tequila shot too fast. Why are you looking at my face like that? Like...

robrt78714318Jul 195 hrs ago

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..(97)What Really Would Happen........................ If You Fell Into A Black Hole?.........Remember Now.... That A Black Hole?.......... Is Really... A C...

namaron748Jul 199 hrs ago

The top 8 ways Trump would get a lot more female voters......Some originals by yours truly; 8. Instead of bragging about grabbing he grabbed the check once in a while. 7. The extra long ties aren't fool...

JimNastics26228Jul 199 hrs ago

Stranger Things: Season 1 - a review!I never really got the hype about Stranger Things, so I decided not to take part in viewing the show. Now, however, I have decided to give it a cha...

Philipsen260Jul 19

oxymoron's1. Is it good if a vacuum really sucks? 2. Why is the third hand on the watch called the second hand? 3. If a word is misspelled in the diction...

bcjenny12220Jul 19Jul 20

My little funny this morningHopefully this doesn't offend anyone, just saw it on Facebook and wanted to share a smile "That awkward moment when a zombie is looking for brains...

UnFayzed796Jul 19Jul 19

Van Allen`s belltThe year was 1972 Van Allen was a biker ,rough ,tough and wild ,he loved bar fights,whiskey on the rocks , loose Women and poetry . One night he g...

Dedovix13211Jul 1921 hrs ago


InamUllah101622Jul 19Jul 19

For a Friend...From a time years ago when the world moved fast and our nights went slow each word that you said illuminated my soul and the closenes...

hpylady_541Jul 19Jul 19

California city will remove gender terms, including ‘manhole’ and ‘manmade,’ from municipal codeMore p.c. crap is on the way. Libs keep finding ways to take this stuff to a new level. 'Manhole' no more: California city banishes gender-specif...

SHAWNTHOR12413Jul 18Jul 19

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(205)"For...One By One?......................They Shall Lean Towards................. The "Sides Of Silence"........And............ As The Times Has Shown...

namaron10719Jul 18Jul 19

She Wore Men’s Shorts (part 1)Some time ago, a certain pretty lady wrote to me on a dating site, she said, “Hey, uh.” Heck, right there, with them romantic words, I knew she was...

robrt78729733Jul 1811 hrs ago

BewareDon't even trust a beggar....

Willy3411825Jul 18Jul 18
stringman572Jul 18Jul 19
Pass the blame game

Pass the blame gameA recent entry about transgenders taking their own lives due to societal letdown. I say if one has the need to change the born functions of self, then...

Bentlee32737Jul 18Jul 19

Budget for the US!I am beginning to lay a budget for my USA trip. These are based on my estimates, how much I usually spend here in Denmark, and how much I anticipate t...

Philipsen1033Jul 1817 hrs ago
Why believe in God

Why believe in God?There is two roads:1.Believing lead to salvation and to God. 2. Unbelieving lead to destruction and to Evil.Devil is all Evil who bring all sicknesses...

starrayfil25-Jul 18

Back To black by ©Noursaid Gamal“You don't take a photograph, you make it.” DR©? @Noursaid Gamal MY frist Post :) #photographe

noursaid921Jul 18Jul 19

A film with the police. Crime and stalking ©Noursaid gamalFIlmmaking and editing : © Noursaid gamal News Reporte...

noursaid200Jul 18

Helter Skelter...The Beatles recorded the first version of the song Helter Skelter during the recording sessions 51 years ago on July 18, 1968. It was much slower than...

chatillion583Jul 18Jul 18

I findCS so 1 dimensional If your not in the square Your not I feel envious of the lucky love finders umunst us I'd love to find that too Isn't...

daears1606Jul 18Jul 18

Jewish Mandel bread...Biscotti was mentioned in a previous blog and there's a softer version called Mandel bread. I found these in a Jewish bakery. Made from a loaf that's...

chatillion608Jul 18Jul 19

No red flags...I'm up early this morning... the pizza last night knocked us both out. She suggested pizza and I drove the car! Logging on I noticed the red 'new' me...

chatillion22321Jul 18Jul 20

I Am Having A Birthday Party This YearI haven't had a birthday party since I was 10. I decided this year I need to have a party and inject some fun back into birthdays. Aug 3rd is going to...

Track161208Jul 18Jul 18

SÉNÉGAL: AU COEUR DE LA MAISON DES ESCLAVES DE DAKAR© Copyright : noursaid gamal L'histoire de l'Île de Gorée, située près de Dakar, au Sénégal, est intimement liée à celle de la Maison des esclaves, u...

noursaid460Jul 17

Only if, you can bear to watchWhile it can be quite relaxing, when used right, when you are very young, a hammock is not the easiest thing to navigate. Some balance is needed. I...

JimNastics370Jul 17

Surge in voters who say race card used against Trump 'for political gain'A lot of people are starting to wake up and seeing what the democrat party (liberal socialists) is doing. These people have always used the race card...

SHAWNTHOR12511Jul 17Jul 18

I AM BACKHEY GUYS......I AM BACK how you doing,its been a long time haa....hows you all my old friend.....specially Namaron???? hows you man????...

InamUllah10131020Jul 1710 hrs ago
WILDANDREADY: "ALL I HAVE LEFT"(meet us in the poems)

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