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Brothers you need to wear your fringes

Brothers you need to wear your fringes.Judges 5:11 “They that are deliuered from the noise of Archers in the places of drawing water; there shall they rehearse the righteous acts of the Lo...

NewYorkcitylove83-Oct 20

WTF is with the counters going wonky or where they always that way.Doc says its gonna be ok, but I really don't like life without my meds, Numbers were all linear when I took my Precious...

nonsmoker17913Oct 20Oct 20
I Want Love

I Want LoveI Want Love...

jarred174-Oct 20
Were Not There Yet

We're Not There YetThat's yet to come, but the world is in the hand basket now and we are well under way. Interesting days ahead....

Track161502Oct 20Oct 20
NewYorkcitylove63-Oct 20
Why Do We Cling To Our Stories

Why Do We Cling To Our Stories?This is a follow up to my previous blog (Perpetual Victims) We cling to our stories because we derive some benefit from them, even when they also...

daniela77735534Oct 20Oct 22
Colour Personality

Colour PersonalityColour Personality...

jarred160-Oct 20
What does

What does...."Some College " .actually mean ? You stayed at school until your 16th birthday re-sitting the same year over and over In the "special needs " class...

oldblue5424511Oct 20Oct 21
Ill Stop Being Foolish

I'll Stop Being Foolish...........................................................................................................................

Track161112Oct 20Oct 20
Lest We Forget World war two has started

Lest We Forget.......World war two has startedThe war broke out in Holland in ‘40. I was three years old, having been born in September of ‘37. “My dad went to Germany he would not be back for se...

britishcolumbian33836Oct 20Oct 21
Who Wants A Date

Who Wants A Date?Ladies, I have dates, raisins, oats, wheat, lots to offer...

Track161409Oct 20Oct 20
Track16920Oct 20
a love song

a love songI have to google for the English translation. And glad I did!...

tatami19514Oct 19Oct 20

"THE FINAL CUT"When These Big Shot Producers Make A Movie...From What I Know...When The Final Cut Has Been Made..They All Sit Down... And Watch Their So Called Maste...

namaron35539Oct 19Oct 20
Thou shalt love thy Neighbour and thy Enemies who are your Brothers

Thou shalt love thy Neighbour and thy Enemies who are your BrothersThou shalt love thy Neighbour and thy Enemies who are your Brothers...

NewYorkcitylove53-Oct 19
The Complete Idiots Guide to John 316

The Complete Idiots Guide to John 3:16The Complete Idiots Guide to John 3:16...

NewYorkcitylove71-Oct 19
would a clone human have a soul

would a clone human have a soul?what do think, can a person really be the exact copy of the person he or she was cloned from....

stringman29831Oct 19Nov 16
Senior and the puzzle

Senior and the puzzleA little, silver-haired lady calls her neighbor and says, “Please come over here and help me. I have a very difficult jigsaw puzzle, and I can’t figur...

Gentlejim25915Oct 19Oct 21
You Begin To See People

You Begin To See PeopleYou Begin To See People...

jarred1133-Oct 19
Call it witchcraft

Call it witchcraft ...But now you see me.... Now you don't...

itchywitch3469Oct 19Oct 25
This Really Works

This Really WorksThis Really Works...

jarred178-Oct 19
Mildred the church gossip

Mildred the church gossipMildred, the church gossip, and self-appointed monitor of the church's morals, kept sticking her nose into other people's business. Several member...

britishcolumbian1335Oct 19Oct 19


Track161440Oct 19

WarrantyIf I get a sex robot I would be getting my monies worth . , service for my money . No quickey , no complaining ,no centers often and he would not nee...

Annleerose24613Oct 19Oct 20

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(131)I Am Writing This With Other People In Mind...Along With The Way It All Seems To Be To Me.......................This Is Not... In Any Way.... About An...

namaron1693Oct 18Oct 19
How does getting paid WAY too much for playing a game somehow equate to slavery

How does getting paid WAY too much for playing a game somehow equate to slavery?How can a sports figure make $500,000 (A GAME) and be considered a slave. Real slaves are turning in there graves...enraged about that word being used...

lookn2share24211Oct 18Oct 20
What is going on Wild fires but also private homes going up in flames in many places in the world

What is going on? Wild fires but also private homes going up in flames in many places in the worldMany fires have been started by people throwing cigarette buds out the car windows. Some delibratly set. So much of North California is destroyed t...

britishcolumbian26718Oct 18Oct 18


Track16740Oct 18
stringman34612Oct 18Oct 20
All The Wickedness of The Devil Will Be Brought Out

All The Wickedness of The Devil Will Be Brought OutAll The Wickedness of The Devil Will Be Brought Out...

NewYorkcitylove68-Oct 18

No Wars"If women ruled the world, there'd be no wars. Just a bunch of jealous countries not talking to each other." Sorry Jarred, this is way too funn...

lindsyjones41226Oct 18Oct 31
In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

In The Wrong Place At The Wrong TimeSo I found out today that my favorite night club to hang out with friends got raided last Friday. My friends and I agreed to meet there at 11 PM la...

Crazyheart3850854Oct 18Oct 18

Menu.For those who eat meat . Buss up shut roti , curry goat , curry chicken, curry mango and curry chick peas and potato. .finally finished lunch ....

Annleerose22513Oct 18Dec 3
There Would Be No Wars

There Would Be No WarsThere Would Be No Wars...

jarred178-Oct 18

CareerA mother had three children. Three sons. She wanted to motivate them. She said. “ I had a dream. In this dream I saw your future. The eldest from you...

Swami1011Oct 18Oct 18
Perpetual Victims

Perpetual VictimsMany people feel victimized somehow, since the day they were born, and believe that things always happen TO them and are victims of life’s ill fortune...

daniela77754849Oct 18Oct 21


Track16820Oct 18

Foolish idea .One of my neighbors saw this beautiful girl and he wanted to marry her , but he was poor and living in a small wooden house . They became friends and...

Annleerose26826Oct 17Oct 21

Nooooooo .I cannot take this . I am wide awake . I try to count the sheep but there are asleep as well ,and tomorrow is a holiday . I have to cook early a lot o...

Annleerose12010Oct 17Oct 17

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..(69)Is it Of Reality?...Or Might It Be .... Within The Realm Of......... "Nothing Of The Sort?"...........Each One Of Us... Could... If...... They Really...

namaron700Oct 17
Educated Isnt Synonymous With Intelligent

Educated Isn't Synonymous With Intelligent!!!?????????????....Experience taught me!...

lookn2share24718Oct 17Oct 19
stringman980Oct 17
jeddah12: "SLANG TERMS OF GUYS PLAY(LOOOL)"(meet us in the top 10 lists)

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