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What am I missing.I can remember when watching TV when we could laugh, cry, get scared, and try to figure out who was the one that committed the murder. To me that was...

wenever20419Jun 21Jun 21
Lukeon1936Jun 21Jun 22

HATERSIf someone does not approve of certain actions of a person, does that mean he/she HATES that person? HATE is an very strong word. He/she may fee...

socrates4449036Jun 21Jun 25
jarred184-Jun 21
JimNastics1,096120Jun 20Jul 1
Paddy cleaner is used for removing foreign objects from grain

Paddy cleaner is used for removing foreign objects from grainPaddy cleaner is used for removing various large, small and light foreign objects from grain. Uses a vibration motor as the vibration source and has s...

ricepolisher1041Jun 20Jun 22

"STRANGE...AS IT SEEMS""Is It Of The Possibility That........................................A Man....................................Whos Profile Says Hes A Man. And ........

namaron23411Jun 20Jun 21

THE PERFECT DAYThe perfect day for a woman: 08.15 To be awakened with cuddling and kissing. 08.30 weigh 2 kilograms less than yesterday. 08.45 Breakfast in bed wi...

jarred199-Jun 20

THE HAIRCUTBlessed are those that can give without remembering, and take without forgetting. One day a florist went to a barber for a haircut. After the cut,...

Gentlejim1787Jun 20Jun 28

There's no place like HomeThe small town where I live is a bit of a dump, really. Like many other towns in this area it went down hill after the coal mining industry went to t...

Harbal2146Jun 20Jun 20

LOVEEEEEE !If I should think of love I'd think of you, your arms uplifted, Tying your hair in plaits above, The lyre shape of your arms and shoulders, Th...

pirategirl1140Jun 20

PABLO NERUDAMe gustas cuando callas porque estás como ausente, y me oyes desde lejos, y mi voz no te toca. Parece que los ojos se te hubieran volado y parece q...

pirategirl1486Jun 20Jun 25

It's even worse than originally suspected - Trump is in trouble with the law !Trump could be in a world of new legal trouble after New York's attorney general accused his charity of 'willful and knowing' crimes Allan Smith...

JimNastics31020Jun 20Jun 27

SECRETARY DISCONTINUEDI woke up depressed in the morning because it was my birthday and I thought: Another year older. After I had washed and shaved I went to breakfast...

jarred182-Jun 20
monitoring blog activity

monitoring blog activity?I have noticed now for the last 20 or so likes I have gotten, it is when I am typing or have made a response on the blog. Am I being monitored by sca...

Johnny_Sparton2958Jun 20Jun 21

: NEVER EAT MORE APPLES, BUT A PEARNever eat apples again! Adam lived long ago, lonely in the garden of Eden, with the blessing of the Lord, what more does a man desire? He...

jarred184-Jun 20

Men and women.....Abusive talk.....and Preferences....One sometimes hears the CS ladies tell of how so many men do this, often after rejection---real or imagined (hallucinated?). Perhaps there's a differe...

Vierkaesehoch20015Jun 20Jun 20

MARRIAGE HAS MADE THE WHOLE WORLD IMMORALHave you ever asked the following? “What is the point of marriage?” HUH? Having interviewed hundreds if not thousands of...

MooMooo35824Jun 20Jun 26

RugbyEngland lock Joe Launchbury says they are "desperate" to end the Test series against South Africa on a high at Newlands this Saturday afternoon. Th...

Lukeon1150Jun 20

Buzz sawI posted this somewhere else, but I can tell (from analytics) not many have seen it. The time duration is less than a second. Can you imagine what...

Ken_19982Jun 20Jun 20
For those that remember me

For those that remember meHiya weirdos, Just wanted to let you all know me and the lovely Jenny finally got married like written in my farewell blog a few years ago. It was a...

teddybeerke8850524Jun 20Jun 23

WHAT MEN KNOW WOMENWHAT MEN KNOW WOMEN 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10. They have tits..................

jarred183-Jun 20

SometimesMy late wife was a woman with an outlook on life that showed amazing insight. One time when I was looking to purchase a good used van for work after...

YourMaster201817615Jun 19Jun 20
The grain kernels in the friction rice whitener

The grain kernels in the friction rice whitenerFriction is a process used to whiten brown rice. In the friction rice whitener the grain kernels are forced against each other and a metal screen by a...

ricepolisher1303Jun 19Jun 20

"WHOLE LOTTA NOTHING""When Will They Ever Learn?........................"Thats Easy To Answer".....................Never...................Why?...............................

namaron1904Jun 19Jun 20

AMERICA! :)Hi everyone, just to give you a clear mind set and have a 100% fullfiment of knowledge: In the world there is 5 Continents : Asia, Africa, America...

pirategirl37127Jun 19Jun 28

The forgotten 7th sensePeople often claim to have a sixth sense being able to tap into this hidden ability in so many weird and wonderful ways... Talking to animals for i...

Onthcrestofawave30417Jun 19Jun 20

A smile for people over 50When I bought my Blackberry, I thought about the 30-year business that I ran with 1,800 employees, all without a mobile phone that plays music, takes...

jarred1105-Jun 19
This site and the forum and blog is great

This site and the forum and blog is great!The site. So many beautiful people on here looking to find love or friendship. All genuine real people in search of love. The forum. A wide vari...

Unknown60537Jun 19Jun 20

Unusual Animal FriendshipsI was inspired to write this blog as I was watching my dog (Dalmatian/Staffie) who has been friendly with a little pony since he was a pup, when I sta...

daniela77744143Jun 19Jul 8

THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE BARBECUEAfter many long cold winter months, spring finally comes into the country and we can start preparing for the BBQ season. To get off to a good start, i...

jarred169-Jun 19

ENGLISH IN EDUCATIONTry reading this yourself out loud Nie to do !!! This would come from a teacher who gave an assignment to his students. It was actually submitted by a...

jarred1115-Jun 19

Joke of the Day.."If you don't eat pork, I don't trust your spiritual secularism and love for democracy." Hahaha......

Kalpataru347-Jun 18Jun 20
Track161380Jun 18

A Few ChucklesMy wife and I were watching Who Wants To Be A Millionaire while we were in bed. I turned to her and said, 'Do you want to have Sex?' 'No,' she answe...

Gentlejim2438Jun 18Jul 18

Women and men....Game addictive disorder.....WHO now has a category of disorder listed for people addicted to computer games. Seems that many more males than females are "affected". Personally, w...

Vierkaesehoch16610Jun 18Jun 21

WHY I REMAIN FREELYone of the reasons that I'm single is that I hate a lot of jobs. Visiting the Ikea is bad, but when I hear the word 'chores', I hit acute, start sweat...

jarred197-Jun 18

"THE DTs"..("FEAR OF DONALD TRUMP")"We Have Some People Here.............................................Some Are From Some Of The States Here In America...................................

namaron44614Jun 17Jun 23
Cant You Live Without Makeup

Can't You Live Without Makeup?It's less hand muscle work to apply and then remove your makeup, same day or a day after. Applying eyeshadow at times causes the fine particles to...

Unika_4149336Jun 17Jul 15

Poor Fella lolThis is why I would never do a grand public gesture...

Track1636523Jun 17Jul 2

Living alone has so much appeal, but almost all singles I know have a loneliness issue.I do not quite understand how older singles I know, praise living alone yet have a need to keep "fur babies" or go from live in to live in. I have li...

ElvenSmitten52642Jun 17Jun 23

Happy Father's DayHappy Father's Day to all of the fathers here!...

Gentlejim1557Jun 17Jun 17

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