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Gotta Like It

Gotta Like ItI just noticed the like button on the blogs! I love to like things. Especially those blogs where you can't comment. I get to give a little apprec...

Gypsytramp504336Dec 2016Dec 2016
Obey and trust WITCHERY

Obey and trust WITCHERYBide the Wiccan Law you must in perfect love, and perfect trust. Eight words the WIccan Rede fulfil: An'ye harm none,do what ye will. What ye se...

itchywitch1,255-3Oct 2016Nov 2016
Soul on Fire

Soul on FireDoes she scare you a little? Good. She should make you fear her love so that when she lets you be a part of it, you won't take it lightly. She should...

Dreamcatcher99375-3Nov 2016
Improving Blog pages

Improving Blog pagesHello, As you are all aware, we launched new pages several months ago. It was an expensive design by a large well known company ( that...

Moderator749363Jun 2017Jun 2017
When the Hairdresser does your hair and you end up Grey

When the Hairdresser does your hair, and you end up Grey !Not a mindblowing blog ~ I had an early appointment today at Hairdressers, one of our better ones locally. I usually cover the greys myself with a N...

goldengloss375252Jun 2017Jun 2017

CowardiceKilling innocent young defenceless children, youngest being eight years old, and shocking young people are still missing,............. Salam, your...

Unknown452522May 2017May 2017

ConversationsHim: where you goin’, babe? Her: I want to clear my head, I’m going for a walk, won’t be long Him: a walk? It’s after midnight! Why on earth do yo...

Elegsabiff286142Jun 2017Jun 2017
The Art of Erotica 01

The Art of Erotica - 01The Art of Erotica is not about being graphic - it is about being subtle and suggestive. Though like any good piece story telling you need action, plo...

OldeGuy1,0421012Aug 27Aug 31
Scammer I stand corrected

Scammer (I stand corrected )So, I take a peek at who had viewed me while I was sleeping last night. There was one member in particular who's profile stood out and as luck would...

Stuckinarizona327262Dec 10Dec 10
My me time

My me timeMachining a new wood forend for an 1876 Martini Henry artillery carbine to replace a rotted forend on an MH carbine from the Royal Arsenal of Nepal is...

Ken_1912052Jan 28Jan 29
Ever Been Beaten Up By A Woman

Ever Been Beaten Up By A Woman?Well, I have. I picked her up… No! She picked me up in a pub one night. We were playing pool. We were the usual six and four wives. I was newly divor...

Catfoot792962Feb 5Feb 6
You Big Damn Fool

You Big Damn Fool!The year was 1969. It was my final year of school and during the winter holidays I spent two weeks on my uncle’s farm next to the Berg River. It...

Catfoot521542Jan 30Jan 31

EARTH TO EARTHI know strange title have you ever heard the term Earth to then you say someone's name cause they seem to be not in touch with what you are saying....

wenever377502Feb 1Feb 2
An Amusing Conversation

An Amusing ConversationI received a PM from a 26 year old, obese Asian girl with a very cute face. She claimed to be a professor living in Cape Town. She has two photos in h...

Catfoot788962Feb 6Feb 6


jarred1291-2Oct 2016
Putting Paid To A Few Misconceptions

Putting Paid To A Few MisconceptionsSome people believe that nothing is impossible. While this is a good positive attitude, it is impossible for them to be correct because it will create...

Catfoot487132Nov 2016Nov 2016
Mister lonely

Mister lonely.Mister lonely....

jarred1283-2Nov 2016
Live and Believe

Live and BelieveSomewhere between what she survived, and who she was becoming, was exactly where she was meant to be. She was starting to love the journey and find...

Dreamcatcher99328-2Nov 2016
MimiHN44392Nov 2016Nov 2016

Hillary Clinton asks FBI for more clarity on their investigation into her.Some pointers toward possible evidence that needs burning would be nice What a focking joke ! Like anything will ever be done. There is no acc...

nonsmoker430232Oct 2016Oct 2016
How to add photos and sharing test

How to add photos and sharing testJust to show what happens with the share button and how to upload blog images To upload photos simply create the blog, once posted you then edit yo...

Mapmaker59712Oct 2016Nov 2016
So first date

So first date,......................You go to a restaurant for dinner, do you expect the guy to pay or do you at least offer to split the bill, me personally I would think more of my dat...

Unknown840552Dec 2016Dec 2016
Why People Cheat

Why People CheatI think the reason why some people opt to remain faithful and others do not, is fairly straightforward. When we look at it logically, it is simple...

Catfoot795632Nov 2016Nov 2016
America now and then

America now and then....In 2011 Trump said, all Americans are fools. In 2016, he proved it....

iotaoo464142Nov 2016Nov 2016
I cant believe

I cant believe,.......................That in todays day and age we cant provide fresh clean water for children and their families in 3rd world countries, watching them have to drink dirty...

Unknown370212Dec 2016Dec 2016
Enough tears why am I crying

Enough tears, why am I crying??Not even 3 pm here and I have been in tears on and off all day, I need a plumber to fix this leak in my tearducts. They aren't even sad or self-p...

Elegsabiff1,0741002Dec 2016Dec 2016
Christmas Party Illusion

Christmas Party IllusionHe spotted her immediately He was starstruck at her beauty Vibrant russet locks flowing down her back Cheekbones cut from pure granite Breasts t...

mollybaby738472Dec 2016Dec 2016
The nice guy syndrome is very well known

The "nice guy" syndrome is very well known !The "nice guy" syndrome is very well known ! If you are not someone already with a solid position, reputation or golden relationships, being Zen and p...

jarred1197-2Jan 2017
Other people buy straw donkey souvenirs in Spain

Other people buy straw donkey souvenirs in SpainJust back and I'm still slightly in shock - I have started the process of buying a townhouse there. Not a normal house, of course. That would be to...

Elegsabiff950872Feb 2017Feb 2017
Blah blah go ahead vent your blog

Blah, blah, go ahead, vent your blog,..............Eejits, crack on,.................................

Unknown396262Mar 2017Mar 2017
Op went well

Op went well,Was put under at 11am, consultant said it went well and took him just under three hours, heart will take about three months to heal and for Afib to st...

Unknown523412Mar 2017Mar 2017

No surpriseafter a while on this site....

nonsmoker436222Mar 2017Mar 2017
Just rather avoid them so we say

Just rather avoid we say....Many of us group others by personal/group characteristics. It's pretty strong as a drive in most, if not all of us, and so it probably became ingraine...

Aaltarboy17841Mar 2017Mar 2017
Ive Accepted Every E Mail Offer I Ever Got

I've Accepted Every E-Mail Offer I Ever GotI now have 50 girlfriends and my p*nis is 235 feet long....

Track1618151Apr 2017Apr 2017

"A TIME FROM A TIME"..(1)And They Trudged On...Onward.... Into The Unknown... Undiscovered ...Vastness Of A Land That... As Of Yet... Had Not Felt... The Thud Of The Marching...

namaron13001Mar 2017
bloodyawfull26591Apr 2017Apr 2017
Men Sex and Sluts

Men, Sex and SlutsWhat is it with men? Even the seemingly modern, progressive 'Western'-thinking men, despite what they think about themselves, still have a contra...

mollybaby1,9981661Apr 2017Jun 2017

"POINT OF VIEW"I Cant Be The Voice of All Men...When It Comes To What They Want In A Woman....Let Me Say That In A Slightly Different Way.....But I Can Say That Men....

namaron413331Apr 2017Apr 2017
A World of More Than Just Words

A World of More Than Just Words...Legendary Interior Designer Billy Baldwin once declared, " Books are the best decoration." I couldn't agree more but I still like paintings and other...

Kattte16391Apr 2017Apr 2017
Devastating News

Devastating News!!! least for me..... Went to the American Embassy on Friday morning with really high hopes........ Only to have 'em dashed....c...

MimiArt7348323-1Apr 2017

I dont often go to church !But when I do Its to hear some damn fine words, If you are a graduate of the youtube college of vox-pop thinking then this is not for you...

nonsmoker314161Apr 2017Apr 2017
Pentagon awards contract to United Airlines to forcibly remove Assad

Pentagon awards contract to United Airlines to forcibly remove AssadWASHINGTON — The Pentagon announced Tuesday it had awarded a sole-source contract to United Airlines for work related to the forcible removal of Presi...

Willy341117531Apr 2017Apr 2017
superman30: "Top10 Girlfriends...a funny view"(meet us in the top 10 lists)

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