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Gotta Like It

Gotta Like ItI just noticed the like button on the blogs! I love to like things. Especially those blogs where you can't comment. I get to give a little apprec...

Gypsytramp823336Dec 2016Dec 2016
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The Fool

The FoolIntroduction to The Fool, I have not read a book for 6-7 years now for, I decided that all books read up to then was more than enough to be overwhe...

Stargazer1113,412984Feb 2018Jun 2018
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Parable of the Blind and Deaf

Parable of the Blind and Deaf.Once upon a time there were two men. One was blind and the other was deaf and dumb. ( I am fully aware of my political incorrectness. I s...

usha1231,309724Jul 2019Jul 2019
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My neighbour

My neighbourOnce a week, usually on Sunday morning, I hear the man in the flat above mine emptying what sounds like a sack full of empty bottles into his dustbin....

Hoober715433Aug 2019Aug 2019
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When will you get married

When will you get married?"When will you get married??" "Who is your current boyfriend??" "Go get marry soon so you are still young to see your kiddos getting married!" W...

cutebubble452173Oct 2018Nov 2018
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God gives you lemons so break a rib or two or how about three

God gives you lemons, so break a rib or two or how about threeMost important news of the day. God does have a sense of humor.....SCOTUS judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg age 85 fell down and broke three ribs.....may she...

seaworthy6,2703823Nov 2018Dec 2018
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A Tribute to my Mom on my birthday

A Tribute to my Mom ~ on my birthdayIt was against the odds. She was 46 and already had 4 adult children and 1 still at home. A new relationship, after a scandalous affair had ripped...

Kaylana0441593Feb 2019Feb 2019
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Da Vinci code mystery takes new twist

Da Vinci code mystery takes new twistStartling revelation as work of art undergoes restoration work....

HarbalEsquire5,8343743Jan 4Jan 12
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Improving Blog pages

Improving Blog pagesHello, As you are all aware, we launched new pages several months ago. It was an expensive design by a large well known company ( that...

Moderator1,052363Jun 2017Jun 2017
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Soul on Fire

Soul on FireDoes she scare you a little? Good. She should make you fear her love so that when she lets you be a part of it, you won't take it lightly. She should...

Dreamcatcher99674-3Nov 2016Go to Last Post

"SOME THINGS THAT ARE OLD"..("MICLEE'S 21ST CENTURY")Some Things.......................... In This World................... Are So Old .............................."When We Were Kids?".....................

namaron54,9343,2243Aug 201420 hrs ago
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Are You Kinky

Are You Kinky?I’m always amazed at how transparent some people can be about their bedroom exploits; and the openness of it here on the blogs does not seize to surpr...

Catfoot2,6291142Jun 2015Sep 2019
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A VISIT IN YEMENYEMEN (March OF 2014). SAANA IS AN ARCITECTURE OF THE DREAM... Life is like a book . This who does not travel reads only the first page..... When...

asterousios57032Jun 2014Aug 2019
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This is for SINGLETONS right

This is for SINGLETONS right???????????????Hey everyone, Can I just ask this site is for SINGLETONS right? Can all the married men or men who have partners please get off this site and let us...

stidleyj1,213282Aug 2011Feb 2019
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How to add photos and sharing test

How to add photos and sharing testJust to show what happens with the share button and how to upload blog images To upload photos simply create the blog, once posted you then edit yo...

Mapmaker86512Oct 2016Nov 2016
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Putting Paid To A Few Misconceptions

Putting Paid To A Few MisconceptionsSome people believe that nothing is impossible. While this is a good positive attitude, it is impossible for them to be correct because it will create...

Catfoot767132Nov 2016Nov 2016
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Mister lonely

Mister lonely.Mister lonely....

jarred1514-2Nov 2016Go to Last Post
Live and Believe

Live and BelieveSomewhere between what she survived, and who she was becoming, was exactly where she was meant to be. She was starting to love the journey and find...

Dreamcatcher99558-2Nov 2016Go to Last Post
MimiHN69692Nov 2016Nov 2016
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America now and then....In 2011 Trump said, all Americans are fools. In 2016, he proved it....

iotaoo704142Nov 2016Nov 2016
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Why People Cheat

Why People CheatI think the reason why some people opt to remain faithful and others do not, is fairly straightforward. When we look at it logically, it is simple...

Catfoot1,347632Nov 2016Nov 2016
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So first date

So first date,......................You go to a restaurant for dinner, do you expect the guy to pay or do you at least offer to split the bill, me personally I would think more of my dat...

Unknown1,205552Dec 2016Dec 2016
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Christmas Party Illusion

Christmas Party IllusionHe spotted her immediately He was starstruck at her beauty Vibrant russet locks flowing down her back Cheekbones cut from pure granite Breasts t...

mollybaby1,238472Dec 2016Dec 2016
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Enough tears why am I crying

Enough tears, why am I crying??Not even 3 pm here and I have been in tears on and off all day, I need a plumber to fix this leak in my tearducts. They aren't even sad or self-p...

Elegsabiff1,6181002Dec 2016Dec 2016
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I cant believe

I cant believe,.......................That in todays day and age we cant provide fresh clean water for children and their families in 3rd world countries, watching them have to drink dirty...

Unknown551212Dec 2016Dec 2016
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Hillary Clinton asks FBI for more clarity on their investigation into her

Hillary Clinton asks FBI for more clarity on their investigation into her.Some pointers toward possible evidence that needs burning would be nice What a focking joke ! Like anything will ever be done. There is no acc...

nonsmoker705232Oct 2016Oct 2016
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jarred1528-2Oct 2016Go to Last Post

Who are more romantic, men or women?The word romance is associated with the notion of being vulnerable in men's minds. They are conditioned to perceive being romantic as being feminine o...

poettarek95732Oct 2015Oct 2015
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Commercial 'dating sites' multiply by cloningThere are quite a few commercial 'dating sites' around, which, after free registration, allow: - seeing the full profile of members - making your fa...

Jefke591,13382Dec 2015Dec 5
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Searching is exciting but tiring

Searching is exciting but tiring !Its is a very blissful feeling to be retired knowing that you have done all thats has needed to be done in life. Watching your kids being happy and co...

Funloving_5973062Jan 2016Apr 2019
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my 2nd great new year s eve

my 2nd great new year s eveIt was great night with exciting matches. A bit sad when MU did not win.??...

blaupingu64932Feb 2016Feb 2016
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ConversationsHim: where you goin’, babe? Her: I want to clear my head, I’m going for a walk, won’t be long Him: a walk? It’s after midnight! Why on earth do yo...

Elegsabiff595142Jun 2017Jun 2017
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When the Hairdresser does your hair, and you end up Grey !Not a mindblowing blog ~ I had an early appointment today at Hairdressers, one of our better ones locally. I usually cover the greys myself with a N...

goldengloss670252Jun 2017Jun 2017
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CowardiceKilling innocent young defenceless children, youngest being eight years old, and shocking young people are still missing,............. Salam, your...

Unknown997522May 2017May 2017
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Why I want someone Christian

Why I want someone ChristianIt is difficult for people to understand why I want a Christian for a lifetime for myself. These are the things a Christian can never do: 1)He wi...

Jiyagill2,738812Aug 2017Aug 2018
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The Art of Erotica - 01The Art of Erotica is not about being graphic - it is about being subtle and suggestive. Though like any good piece story telling you need action, plo...

OldeGuy1,9521012Aug 2017Aug 2017
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The nice guy syndrome is very well known

The "nice guy" syndrome is very well known !The "nice guy" syndrome is very well known ! If you are not someone already with a solid position, reputation or golden relationships, being Zen and p...

jarred1376-2Jan 2017Go to Last Post

The Mathematics of LoveIn a ludicrous (video)presentation, Hannah Fry goes into detail on the mathematics behind love and relations. She's addressing questions such as: -...

Jefke5952182Feb 2017Feb 2017
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Other people buy straw donkey souvenirs in Spain TWO YEAR OLD BLOG

Other people buy straw donkey souvenirs in Spain TWO-YEAR-OLD BLOGJust back and I'm still slightly in shock - I have started the process of buying a townhouse there. Not a normal house, of course. That would be to...

Elegsabiff1,894892Feb 2017Feb 2019
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Blah blah go ahead vent your blog

Blah, blah, go ahead, vent your blog,..............Eejits, crack on,.................................

Unknown640262Mar 2017Mar 2017
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Op went well

Op went well,Was put under at 11am, consultant said it went well and took him just under three hours, heart will take about three months to heal and for Afib to st...

Unknown956412Mar 2017Mar 2017
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No surprise

No surpriseafter a while on this site....

nonsmoker735222Mar 2017Mar 2017
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