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Gotta Like ItI just noticed the like button on the blogs! I love to like things. Especially those blogs where you can't comment. I get to give a little apprec...

Gypsytramp443336Dec 2016Dec 2016
Improving Blog pages

Improving Blog pagesHello, As you are all aware, we launched new pages several months ago. It was an expensive design by a large well known company ( that...

Moderator663363Jun 2Jun 5
Obey and trust WITCHERY

Obey and trust WITCHERYBide the Wiccan Law you must in perfect love, and perfect trust. Eight words the WIccan Rede fulfil: An'ye harm none,do what ye will. What ye se...

itchywitch1,168-3Oct 2016Nov 2016
Soul on Fire

Soul on FireDoes she scare you a little? Good. She should make you fear her love so that when she lets you be a part of it, you won't take it lightly. She should...

Dreamcatcher99310-3Nov 2016


jarred1250-2Oct 2016
Putting Paid To A Few Misconceptions

Putting Paid To A Few MisconceptionsSome people believe that nothing is impossible. While this is a good positive attitude, it is impossible for them to be correct because it will create...

Catfoot419132Nov 2016Nov 2016
Mister lonely

Mister lonely.Mister lonely....

jarred1240-2Nov 2016
Live and Believe

Live and BelieveSomewhere between what she survived, and who she was becoming, was exactly where she was meant to be. She was starting to love the journey and find...

Dreamcatcher99290-2Nov 2016
MimiHN38792Nov 2016Nov 2016
Hillary Clinton asks FBI for more clarity on their investigation into her

Hillary Clinton asks FBI for more clarity on their investigation into her.Some pointers toward possible evidence that needs burning would be nice What a focking joke ! Like anything will ever be done. There is no acc...

nonsmoker389232Oct 2016Oct 2016

How to add photos and sharing testJust to show what happens with the share button and how to upload blog images To upload photos simply create the blog, once posted you then edit yo...

Mapmaker55512Oct 2016Nov 2016
When the Hairdresser does your hair and you end up Grey

When the Hairdresser does your hair, and you end up Grey !Not a mindblowing blog ~ I had an early appointment today at Hairdressers, one of our better ones locally. I usually cover the greys myself with a N...

goldengloss320252Jun 2Jun 2
No surprise

No surpriseafter a while on this site....

nonsmoker392222Mar 8Mar 8

CowardiceKilling innocent young defenceless children, youngest being eight years old, and shocking young people are still missing,............. Salam, your...

Unknown353522May 23May 23
Op went well

Op went well,Was put under at 11am, consultant said it went well and took him just under three hours, heart will take about three months to heal and for Afib to st...

Unknown472412Mar 27Mar 27
So first date

So first date,......................You go to a restaurant for dinner, do you expect the guy to pay or do you at least offer to split the bill, me personally I would think more of my dat...

Unknown778552Dec 2016Dec 2016
I cant believe

I cant believe,.......................That in todays day and age we cant provide fresh clean water for children and their families in 3rd world countries, watching them have to drink dirty...

Unknown334212Dec 2016Dec 2016
Why People Cheat

Why People CheatI think the reason why some people opt to remain faithful and others do not, is fairly straightforward. When we look at it logically, it is simple...

Catfoot705632Nov 2016Nov 2016
America now and then

America now and then....In 2011 Trump said, all Americans are fools. In 2016, he proved it....

iotaoo406142Nov 2016Nov 2016
Christmas Party Illusion

Christmas Party IllusionHe spotted her immediately He was starstruck at her beauty Vibrant russet locks flowing down her back Cheekbones cut from pure granite Breasts t...

mollybaby593472Dec 2016Dec 2016
Enough tears why am I crying

Enough tears, why am I crying??Not even 3 pm here and I have been in tears on and off all day, I need a plumber to fix this leak in my tearducts. They aren't even sad or self-p...

Elegsabiff1,0041002Dec 2016Dec 2016
The nice guy syndrome is very well known

The "nice guy" syndrome is very well known !The "nice guy" syndrome is very well known ! If you are not someone already with a solid position, reputation or golden relationships, being Zen and p...

jarred1168-2Jan 24
Other people buy straw donkey souvenirs in Spain

Other people buy straw donkey souvenirs in SpainJust back and I'm still slightly in shock - I have started the process of buying a townhouse there. Not a normal house, of course. That would be to...

Elegsabiff845872Feb 17Feb 19
Blah blah go ahead vent your blog

Blah, blah, go ahead, vent your blog,..............Eejits, crack on,.................................

Unknown374262Mar 1Mar 2

ConversationsHim: where you goin’, babe? Her: I want to clear my head, I’m going for a walk, won’t be long Him: a walk? It’s after midnight! Why on earth do yo...

Elegsabiff235142Jun 20Jun 22
The Sea Man and the Gypsy

The Sea Man and the GypsyHe is the man of the sea With scrubbed cheeks Won't get his hands dirty He is a fisher of woman Navigating the murky waters of His idea of good...

freehand723582Aug 4Aug 31

todayin order to put my last blog to bed-alone, i will post about my day. I had a very good interview. I should know something by the end of the week. T...

freehand363392Aug 7Aug 8
The Art of Erotica 01

The Art of Erotica - 01The Art of Erotica is not about being graphic - it is about being subtle and suggestive. Though like any good piece story telling you need action, plo...

OldeGuy8491012Aug 27Aug 31
love making

love makingThe bottle looked good The right label with history and mystery Just the thing, according to much writing A candle's wick and match, lit It would...

freehand17462Aug 30Aug 31
attention attention

attention, attentionscarrrry xxxxxxx...

bloodybrilliant308121Aug 27Aug 28
Singing Frog

Singing FrogI saw a blog titled "Talking Dog"..... what about a singing frog?...

arpito147101Aug 31Sep 8
stringman10961Sep 8Sep 8
Parsnips and pages

Parsnips and pagesHe's a business man but it's none of your business. He slipped off his shoes and shucked off his jacket. It was a good run and he felt satisfied by t...

freehand201101Sep 2Sep 2
Dating at 50

Dating at 50Dating at 50 is rough. It is sure not like it was in my younger years. People are harder to get along with and please. People do not want to compromis...

vanessarh509241Sep 5Sep 14
Nobody likes you duh

Nobody likes you...........duh!Clicked on my; Who likes you and the answer was; Nobody likes you. That was pretty hurtful Lucky for me that I like me but am I really the only on...

britishcolumbian265251Aug 29Sep 16
Where logic

Where logic?When the man looks for the woman for sex, it is normal. When the woman looks for the man for the sake of money, it has to be a shame. Where logic?...

Ummka314261Aug 29Sep 4

ScammerFellow Women out carefull!!! The guy who calls himself don4love7 on dating site is not real, the profile photo is...

Tina474343221Aug 25Aug 26
The day is finally here

The day is finally here!!!!!!!Gonna be reunited with my darling Art in a few days. LDR is no easy feat but the rewards were worth the wait We are gonna spend 2 lovely w...

MimiArt7348124-1Aug 31
Searching for the piece

Searching for the pieceLast year, when chatting with some nice lady, she asked me, "Are you already in relationship and just playing me? Do you go on lots of dates? Are yo...

robrt787311131Sep 16Sep 19
Yet another gender blog

Yet another gender blogI, as well of all of you, have noticed the amount of blogs of late about gender differences/gender-blaming, gender-bashing and even some gender-loving...

mollybaby1,3801271Aug 16Aug 18
Scam Alert

Scam Alert?I just want say, beware guys for two ladies who fooled me, jacked me over and took my money. Their user names are "Laxative" and "Molestina." Be ca...

robrt78723619115 hrs ago22 mins ago


Track1611681Aug 8Aug 9
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