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What Makes Jesus Unique? No one else made the claims that He did, He is alive...............All the great religious leaders of history have one thing in common: they are dead. Only one man has risen from a grave never again to taste death. Je...

bcjenny34,8632,2849Oct 202014 mins ago
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I wanna go homeThe other day a neighbor asked me if I could take her to the Verizon store in town because she didn't have transportation at the time and she wanted t...

ooby_dooby44169Apr 2022Apr 2
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Teach me to hate.Warning, this is not a lovey dovey blog. I was raised to think kindly of all. Be helpful , non-biased, non racist and accept people as they are. Giv...

Orzzz38519Jun 2022Jun 2022
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Know when to fold them.Despite the fact that when young, we think ourselves immortal...there comes an age when we realize we need to start folding them. Those next cards are...

Orzzz35956Aug 2022Aug 2022
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My Loner Life

My Loner LifeI've always preferred to navigate life alone. But it's only recently I've really acknowledged and embraced my loner ways. Add this new found appreciat...

BlogDaddy762246Oct 2021Nov 2021
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Gender insanity.What gender are you...every survey asks that question. They offer choices usually. The main ones list male or female. Then it gets weirder. Male, fem...

Orzzz1,086316Sep 2022Oct 13
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Gotta Like It

Gotta Like ItI just noticed the like button on the blogs! I love to like things. Especially those blogs where you can't comment. I get to give a little apprec...

Gypsytramp1,232326Dec 2016Dec 2016
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Uncle for the third time whats up

Uncle for the third time - what's up!My mother, my aunt and me went for lunch at my sister and her fiancé's house. At first it was a regular lunch, but then my sister and her fiancé buste...

Philipsen36255Oct 2022Oct 3
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TRUMP REFUSESTo Side With Ukraine During Direct Questioning On CNN Once again this man has shown the world that he is no puppet nor will he be influenced what...

Lukeon1,087665May 11May 15
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More fraud allegations

More fraud allegationsElection Scandal deepens as new allegations of fraud emerge. According to a White House source, an unspecified number of prayers for the removal of...

Unknown880255Nov 2020Nov 2020
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Woke to death.Has everyone gone insane. Lets put men in swimsuits and then put tuck it undies in Target in front of children. Lets push beer with a trani. Lets have...

Orzzz261105May 283 hrs ago
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Willy3411428155Nov 19Nov 22
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How benign is it to believe in conspiracy theories

How benign is it to believe in conspiracy theories?I think it's not benign at all. Far, very far, from benign actually! The fact that so many people buy into conspiracies (i.e., conspiracy theories...

Unknown1,624765Apr 2022May 2022
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Any sane humans left on earth?Every generation rails against the new. But, unless we live under cave man rules, Genghis Khan or Caligula, this has to be one of the most insane time...

Orzzz691185Jun 2022Jun 2022
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The Utter Stupidity of CS republicans

The Utter Stupidity of CS republicansI have noticed a trend. US nationals on here who claim to be Republican tend to be crazy Trumpanzees; full of shite and into conspiracy theories. Of c...

Unknown2,6801175Apr 2022May 2022
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Parable of the Blind and Deaf

Parable of the Blind and Deaf.Once upon a time there were two men. One was blind and the other was deaf and dumb. ( I am fully aware of my political incorrectness. I s...

usha1232,124605Jul 2019Jul 2019
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Hungary,anti-Communist-Uprising October 1956. October 23, 2021| 12:38 pm Rod Dreher To mark the annivers...

Conrad73548-5Oct 2021Oct 2021
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Getting To Know Someone Better

Getting To Know Someone Better..No one knows anyone 100% well, even between wives and husbands, parents and kids, let alone girl friends and boy friends. And that includes my Giant a...

Kalpataru1,175345Aug 2022Jan 10
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Willy3411514245Sep 2022Sep 2022
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FLASH Musk might make an offer and buy the FBI Will Clintons sell

FLASH! Musk might make an offer and buy the FBI. Will Clintons sell?I doubt this acquisition is true but many are Fed up with the Left and the new alphabet?...

Unknown25834Aug 2022Sep 2022
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Lukeon749-4Mar 5Mar 7
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Another thoughtful human being

Another thoughtful human being...A 28-year-old who helps the elderly (before they pass away) to re-home their pets, has celebrated her 100th adoption. An...

Didi719204Feb 27Go to Last Post
A Story about finding Happiness

A Story about finding HappinessThere were 200 people attending a seminar on mental and physical health. At one point, the speaker told the group they were going to do an activity...

Didi7209104Feb 17Feb 25
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What An Adorable Man

What An Adorable Man..ONE He had a meeting with his friends from the sport club, an online meeting ofcourse. He told me that one of his friends noticed something and asked...

Kalpataru3,391-4May 2020Apr 2022
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HEY! I wanna be stuck on politics...Obviously, I don't possess the talent to post blog after blog and continue to comment to my blogs... even if it annoys the other bloggers and mentione...

chatillion2,166774Apr 2022May 2022
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Whats wrong with people

What's wrong with peopleEvery evening without fail I am watching Zelensky on our news and each evening it is the same ole same ole...feed me feed me feeeeeed me weapons. Neve...

CelticWitch64967234Jun 2022Aug 2022
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The exhaustion is real

The exhaustion is real!I have been focused on work these past few weeks. So much so, that I'm exhausted on a Tuesday evening. Today was a very hectic day. 30 minutes befo...

Philipsen23024May 2022Jun 2022
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Touched a nerve...This week, the first primetime hearing of the House Select Committee to Investigate the Jan. 6 Attack on the Capitol has touched a nerve with Trump su...

chatillion2,3051124Jun 2022Jul 2022
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HelloIts been a while and I just wanted to say hello to everyone. Miss you all guys....

lindsyjones2,190794Mar 2022Apr 2022
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Long Life

Long LifeI often read articles about...

Didi7333104Nov 23Dec 1
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A reason to be suspicious?A married man finds birth control pills in his wife's drawer... However, he had a vasectomy a few years before they were married. Is that a reason...

chatillion758334Jan 2022Feb 2022
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OH YEAH OH YEAH OHHHH NOOOOOI am starting a detective agency I am looking for the men who whistled at me when a young girl its illegal now i want them in court. I am lo...

EXRED3495384May 12May 22
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Questions to be answered...The following 2 subjects I will not answer any questions about... First and Foremost I am a ?? Christian and believe everything that is written in t...

Rik15212464Jun 22 hrs ago
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What did you find the biggest results or surprises in 2021 events etc

What did you find the biggest results or surprises in 2021 ? (events, etc.)For me - e.g. the nicest present was at Christmas : a large white hanging lamp in the kitchen on the ceiling :):) First I found it too large, but as i...

Melody111736254Jan 2022Jan 2022
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Your daily dose of Donald... 9-10-2022Sorry I missed a few episodes but (at least) 3 new Donald stories appear in the news each day. Last week, Trump and legal team requested a special mas...

chatillion33374Sep 2022Sep 2022
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DateI had a date last night, it was great, tomorrow I'll try a grape....

emmy1297164Apr 18Apr 21
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The Fool

The FoolIntroduction to The Fool, I have not read a book for 6-7 years now for, I decided that all books read up to then was more than enough to be overwhe...

Stargazer1114,548964Feb 2018Jun 2018
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When will you get married

When will you get married?"When will you get married??" "Who is your current boyfriend??" "Go get marry soon so you are still young to see your kiddos getting married!" W...

cutebubble766173Oct 2018Nov 2018
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Improving Blog pages

Improving Blog pagesHello, As you are all aware, we launched new pages several months ago. It was an expensive design by a large well known company ( that...

Moderator1,472363Jun 2017Jun 2017
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Soul on Fire

Soul on FireDoes she scare you a little? Good. She should make you fear her love so that when she lets you be a part of it, you won't take it lightly. She should...

Dreamcatcher991,028-3Nov 2016Go to Last Post
Breaking News The New York Times got access to Trumps tax returns for the past 2 decades

Breaking News ! The New York Times got access to Trump's tax returns for the past 2 decadesToday From The New York Times EXCLUSIVE The Times has obtained tax-return data for President Trump extending over more than two decades. It sho...

JimNastics1,7921073Sep 2020Sep 2020
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Sore Throat part 1

Sore Throat - part 1Her name was Donna Wattado. We'd met some days ago on an internet dating site, and since, she'd been texting me day and night, night and day 25-7. S...

robrt787311133Apr 29May 2
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