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U.S. Marine Corps Birthday!!!As a former U.S. Marine, I want to pay tribute and honor all former Marines (alive or deceased) today! The Marine Corps was established on Nov 10, 17...

Gentlejim48170Nov 2015Nov 2015

HowHow is a person supposed to toughen the fk up when they are broken?...

Track1635570Nov 2015Nov 2015

My Whole Life is Full of JokesMy Whole Life is Full of Jokes...

jarred1212-0Nov 2015
BF Best friend Forever

BF .... Best friend Foreverit was so nice when we have someone to talk to.... all burdens ... angry... tired... are gone. I know, not all people like me and not all people...

Amornthep894360Nov 2015Nov 2015

We Are Slaves To Our Society And CultureWe Are Slaves To Our Society And Culture - It's Time To Wake Up...

jarred1241-0Nov 2015
When The Novelty Wears Off

When The Novelty Wears Off......What would you do? The thrill and excitement when I find something new always brighten my day, always give me that devious smile. It's challeng...

Crazyheart381,488740Nov 2015Nov 2015
Dreamcatcher99755-0Nov 2015
Rate the following

Rate the following:From 1 - 10 Long Distance Love Affair (LDLA) May December Love Affair (MDLA)...

Castle79677120Nov 2015Nov 2015
the car is moving on

the car is moving on....... How often we must bear the challenges of life; The endless roller coaster between happiness and sorrow; The constant ups and downs of daily s...

teenameena21630Nov 2015Nov 2015
Ian15834060Nov 2015Nov 2015
Track1625240Nov 2015Nov 2015
Getting in the mood

Getting in the moodThere are just some days when you cant get it all together so need a little "something" to get you started... Here is a little something to start y...

Solamente501100Nov 2015Nov 2015


jarred1187-0Nov 2015

Your Love Amazes MeYour Love Amazes Me...

jarred1288-0Nov 2015

Know anyone missing a casketPerhaps, accidently, it fell off your truck ? Or maybe out of the back of your hearse ? Or you just changed your mind about dying The casket do...

JimNastics81830Nov 2015Nov 2015
if youre not religious but

if you're not religious but......spiritual, what does that actually mean ?.................................

Ian158336150Nov 2015Nov 2015
explain the unexplained if you can

explain the unexplained..if you can.Ive mentioned this before but my ex gf in the uk would have dreams, and would wake up very quiet. After sometime she would tell me these dreams and th...

Ian158590230Nov 2015Nov 2015
When How Do You Introduce Your BF GF To Your Kids

When/How Do You Introduce Your BF/GF To Your Kids?Here's a very sensitive issue for me. I've been hiding my relationship from my ex-husband and my almost 11 years old son for a long time now. Few mo...

Crazyheart382,5161580Nov 2015Nov 2015

"LONG DISTANCE VOYAGER"..(5)Hey!!..Look Up There at That Hawk!..Se Em?..Hes up There At The top of That Lamp Post..And Hes Sitting There So Majestically...Talk About having a ""B...

namaron30730Nov 2015Nov 2015

If You Ever Want To Be In LoveIf You Ever Want To Be In Love...

jarred1193-0Nov 2015
When Your Boyfriend Is SELFISH

When Your Boyfriend Is SELFISHMy Goodness! He is Selfish. "All that he wants is his desires and wants. He always has benefited from me and so still looking forward again...

Unknown819170Nov 2015Nov 2015

"RAMBLIN MAN"("RAMBLE ON")(13)"Were you Ever Told"..."Heh Its Not Your Turn" "Did You Ever Play With Fire".."Til You Finally Got Burned" "Did You Ever Climb A Tree".."So Better...

namaron36880Nov 2015Nov 2015
Ashamed of your body

Ashamed of your body???Why?? Everyone is built the it because you were taught from young to "cover up"?.. My father put it in perspective..he said "everyone has two...

serena123948430Nov 2015Nov 2015

~~ ALONENESS ~~Aloneness and silence are two aspects of one experience, two sides of the same coin. If one wants to experience silence one has to go into one´s total...

owlsway38570Nov 2015Nov 2015
universal truth

universal truthLove is not a name only is the holly gift from all is the symbol of is is like a final comm...

sopnobilas35300Nov 2015

"CREATION"..(12)"They Came In And Then They Went Out" "Then Banged Upon Your Door Once More" "Do You Know What You Really Know..Is It Possible Your Not Sure?" "Eac...

namaron367150Nov 2015Nov 2015

It's a very mean and nasty placeIt's a very mean and nasty place...

jarred1289-0Nov 2015

WHAT SHOULD PRISON BE LIKE?When a person is put in jail for committing an offence, the purpose of the removal of freedom is to punish, deter, protect society, rehabilitate. Shou...

CROWNAFFAIR739170Nov 2015Nov 2015
Its all good

Its all goodI like it sometimes easy and relaxing ,and sometimes hard with a temperature rising driving beet. Its like life its all good.....

Musicharder834230Nov 2015Nov 2015
Another Year Older

Another Year OlderWell, today I turn 51. Yikes! I know I should be happy that it's my birthday, but I'm not. I know the alternative is I'd be in the ground, so I have t...

Willow3939560390Nov 2015Nov 2015

What's on your mind?What's on your mind?...

jarred1260-0Nov 2015

Two pennies worthWe are a live-for-the-moment society, we take what we want, anything goes and everyone is up for grabs or they wouldn't be here on CS, yet for some re...

Elegsabiff1,7161090Nov 2015Nov 2015

The Mind Games People PlayThe Mind Games People Play...

jarred1218-0Nov 2015

"MOTHERS LITTLE HELPER"Just Look At All The Men That You See In Real Life..Or For That Matter..On The Site Right Here The Majority Of Men Dont Use All Kinds Of Stuff To Cov...

namaron48260Nov 2015Nov 2015

"CREATION"..(13)"Im Always In The Dark"................."When Its Day Time" "Its Always Been"................. "This Lonely Only Way" "And I Never Cared At All For...

namaron358210Nov 2015Nov 2015
Lesson to be learnt on dating blog forum sites

Lesson to be learnt on dating/blog/forum sitesWhen joining a dating site/forum or blog,stick to your purpose of being on these sites and be true to yourself,and never but never discuss your person...

candykisses461,067200Nov 2015Nov 2015
Woman Has Been Repressed Continuously

~~ Woman Has Been Repressed Continuously ~~“Man has ruled over women for millennia. He has been given every opportunity and chance and woman has been repressed continuously, has been crippled....

owlsway262100Nov 2015Nov 2015
The Woman Should Be Given Every Freedom

~~The Woman Should Be Given Every Freedom~~“If all over the world the woman is allowed freedom to grow to her potential, there will be many, many women enlightened; many, many women mystics, po...

owlsway286100Nov 2015Nov 2015
What Do You Think

What Do You Think?Is it worth being in a relationship if one person is optimistic about the future of the partnership but the other is cautiously pessimistic about the...

Willow3939632270Nov 2015Nov 2015
The best revenge

The best revenge !Yesterday i have lunch with one of Indonesian singer, Daniel Sahuleka, maybe some of you know his songs. He was a real nice guy. He is here to Indo fo...

Kasih70060Nov 2015Nov 2015
Discussions before a commitments

Discussions before a commitmentsBefore I marry two people....I insist that they fill out a form of questions for each. It takes about an hour. Then I allow them to exchange them & re...

moonkitten49240Nov 2015Nov 2015
Track1627280Nov 2015Nov 2015
stringman: "Who Is the Devil?"(meet us in the blogs)

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