Birthdays and Deaths

Dad turns 92 tomorrow so the siblings, my daughter and myself will all take food over and celebrate an event that Dad will forget 10 minutes after it is over. We all will remember! Mom has gained 15 pounds since Dad has been home, she went from 80 to 95 poounds, that's great news but she is still very tiny and fragile. Dad has shingles and that sucks.

Several weeks ago my cousin's 66 year old wife suddenly passed away. The funeral homes are still backed up and we can't attend the Memorial until this Sat.

Within the last two weeks my sister-in-law told me her Brother in Seattle went to the hosiptal with covid. A few days later he was put on a vent and then proceeded to die a couple of days ago. Coordinating the funeral in Seattle for family to come from South Dakota, Florida and Texas has proven to be a challenge on both ends.

I just found out that FB has a dating app - I signed up for it yesterday. I got a message right away saying to be aware of scammers. Signing up must make a person vulnerabnle because people hit me up so quickly. I deleted most but did find a guy I enjoyed chatting with that lives 45 mins away. The one thing that impressed me with the app is that almost all who contacted me are local or at least they say they are. It is cool to chat with someone about local places which gives me a clue they really are local.

The gentleman I met here on CS and still see on occassion has lived in FL all his life so we get to talk about places and times back in the 50s that we each remember in our town.

So ends my tail - I much rather write about the joys of sex....I mean cooking and recipes.
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laugh laugh i should not laugh until i said sorry about family members BUT just loved your ending about cooking laugh laugh
Good news. When you are away from CS for a few days I always wonder if you will return with bad news.
92... awesome!
Glad I made you smile Red. Chat eventually I will have bad news - when the little dog goes - oh lord what a lonely heart I will have.
Fay, you've a lot of sadness going on there sad flower

As for your fathers birthday wine
so what if he forgets after 10mins, you'll have tomorrow to remember and cherish forever....
enjoy, make the most.

Not sure what your saying about the two men confused
but good for you if their keeping you occupied ...
each to our own ways how we do wink

My sincere condolences on the 2 losses. sad flower

Enjoy the birthday celebration with the family. happy birthday

Congrats on the companion finds. I hope they work out well. head banger
I hope you enjoyed your father’s 92nd birthday celebration. And, so happy to hear your mother is doing better.

My condolences for the loss of your family members.

Good luck on the Facebook dating app..Maybe, you will get some joys of sex....

It is always refreshing to hear about your family and life.
Very heartwarming get together with lots of love, laughter and of course the feeding frenzy.
Hi UnFayzed

Yes Facebook IS full of scammers as my friend found out unfortunately so be careful

As for Dad's birthday he may well forget his party but you will have made some memories to share with the family. That's what families are for.hug
i talked to my dad yesterday. he forgot he was a great grandpa. i said "yes! you are!" and continued. i'm far away but try to make merry. he may forget but the happy, temporary endorphins can't be bad. i am sorry for your losses.
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