Big Pharma and The Food Industry

I can't think of any one person I hate. I let go the feeling of hate many many moons ago. I do however HATE LIKE HELL Big Pharma and The Food Industry. If you have Netlix there is a great show that shows behind the seens of American Government, many things most people do not know, the show is "The G Word" if you have Sling there is another docuseries called "While We Die". Both shows have only 6 episodes, they are not bias but showing fact from way back to now.

Back into the 1940 & 50's the sugar industry tried to tell us how good sugar is and how many of us fed or still feed our children the sugary poison believing the health benefits of the cereal? The ingredient lists on all products gives a percentage of how much calories, carbs, protein, fat is in the product but NOT sugar, they fought congress and won so you won't see how much percentage of sugar is in the product, only the grams. Sugar blamed Fat and so America went Fat Free or Low Fat and became an obese country. Sugar also disguised its name into many different "troses" ex: dextrose etc. Sugar in some form is also usually in the first 3 ingredients. A very profitable industry that could care less about our health because it is so profitable. There is so much more but most people don't even want to be informed so I will stop here with Sugar. The meat Industry is pretty powerful too and confuse you with things like Jimmy Dean Sausage is made by Tyson and so many other brands are all part of four major meat companies that distribute under many different names.

Big Pharma introduced Oxycotin as NON-addictive and a miracle drug. America became addicted. Salesmen to the doctors really believed it when they convinced doctors to buy and perscribe it. Doctor became addicted. Watching the fight with Big Pharma with the government or the FDA was like watching a Whale eat a minnow. BIG Pharma earned it's name and made a fortune on the pain clinics and sale of Oxycotin and of course the already drug addicts had a hayday with it too.

It doesn't matter who are President is but there are many members in Congress that are share holders or officers in these big profit making companies. The shows tell you which member. A bit shocking.

The Pandemic wiped out an awful lot of Americans or made their small business fail while all along making huge profits for Industries that didn't even need the money. The PPE, Payroll Protection Employees program spent billions of dollars in low interest payroll loans for small businesses, yet so many failed as Americans were dying. Guess how many members of Congress got those small business loans to the huge company industry? A lot and they get named too in the documentary.

America is not ready to be woke. I'm not always proud to be an American or even a human for that matter. I don't know if there is a country with a goverment that really cares for its people. I wish I did.
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wave Fay! ... hug

Big Pharma - Don't get me started.

SERIOUSLY - Do Not Even THINK 'Bout Gettin' Me Started ... very mad


But Mic I simply love it when you get started. What do I have to do to start your engine running? Want pizza?

Uhhhh ... Sooo ... Fay?

What's like your Most Favoritest Leisure Time Activity?
Strolling through pastures waving a red tablecloth at Bulls, maybe? ... MMmmm?

daydream ... DRAT!! - She's discovered that Pizza is to Me what Kryptonite is to Clark Kent ... She's Infinitely more Cunning & Ruthless than I could've IMAGINED!!
Prob'ly the REASON she doesn't bother Hating people is cuz she's Eliminated 'em & has 'em in her garden ... Pushin' up San Marzano tomatoes, I'm guessin'.

uh oh

facts... thumbs up thumbs up

super blog... hug teddybear
Fay, there's a connection between those in power politically and the profit venture pharmaceutical companies. Just check how much fauci and his wife's worth. Amazing when we look at the connection.

MUST ... CONTROL ... THE ... FIST ... OF ... DEATH!!!

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