My next project is to learn how to dehydrate food. I want to make jerky or meat chips. They are very expensive to buy in packages and since I don't trust the food industry I want to make my own because they are delicious.

Before I can start - I have to research the machines to know what to buy and watch a bunch of videos on how to dehydrate what kinds of meats. So far I've learned that the meat has to be SUPER thin and you can get the texture of potato chips which is what I want. Also the first meats I will try will be salami, pepperoni and roast beef, maybe some chicken.

I'm an impatient person so doing all the research keeps me on the edge of excited anxiety.doh

Anyone here have any advise? (man that's a loaded question)
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From experience...
Don't go cheap.
Some of the smaller units take much longer for results.
Try for something with a commercial rating and a metal housing.
Don't overload the trays.
Try to stay with one selection each session.
Don't mix meats and fruits.
I can help out - when it's time to consume them.
I don't mind spending the bucks if and when I decide I will use it. Remember I'm a Queen of Kitchen Gadgets. Also lucky enough to have such a huge kitchen to house them. The 3 things I use constantly is the InstaPot, Air Fryer and toaster oven. I have to make sure I will use this enough before spending a lot.

Store bought meat chips are expensive...I'm an accountant and will naturally figure out if the savings of home making make it worth it.

Thanks for the link Chat.
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