Bizarre Dream

Last night I had such a wierd dream. It happened right before my waking hours, I won't go into detail because it is a fragmenting memory as I type. However it was so real, not scarry just bizarre. I don't understand how my mind can even fathom such situations but it did.

Upon awakening I didn't realize I had been dreaming and thought I was still in my alternate reality. A few seconds before I realized it was a dream then I wasn't sure if I liked it or not. I think I was in shock.

How I would love to dive deep into my mind and see how it put the scenario together or what triggered it.
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Dont worry fay Minerva will be along shortly to physio-analyze your thoughts ,she is currently on the astrological plane jetting your way,but because of the pandemic needs her booster shot to travel

rolling on the floor laughing
They said dream could be your past, your present and your future dunno think again hug
Many moons ago i think i must not have been in deep sleep but it felt like i was directing my dream, truly part of it. laugh maybe too much beer just a thought because it happened on numerous nights.

Does not happen these days though teddybear
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