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How to make a Hooker fall in love with you

How to make a Hooker fall in love with you.I picked up this hooker once, not to sleep with, just wanted some company on a very long trip, about a thousand kms. I do that if I go on a long tri...

whtwhb29,12047Jan 2013just nowMar 24
vesong6910Sep 2008just now
Parlez franais SVP Please Speak French

Parlez français SVP / Please Speak FrenchParlez français SVP / Please Speak French Alimentation, amour, voyages, vins, animaux, Arts, cinéma, vidéo, sports, art de vivre, plaisir, livres,...

Marc20101,35462Dec 20171 mins agoApr 29
I lost my temper today

I lost my temper todayand it has been a long time since that has happened. I actually wrote to someone that their 'youthful arrogance is boring'. And it was. I am usually...

Unknown1,4740Jun 20071 mins ago

RasogollaDaniela Daniela Do you like Rasogol(l)a ???!!!??? I think this is better han COCO-CO(L)LA Once upon a time there were British in India , th...

zeroBalance1912 hrs ago2 mins ago7 mins ago
Midnitecwby2711 hrs ago2 mins ago4 mins ago

Men and women TV showsWhen a man admits to watching a women’s TV show or network immediately makes my mind wander... like, into the forest of no return. I mean, nothing em...

Palmfrond98610Jul 212 mins agoJul 22

KrokodilThis is a drug, originally from Russia. It is probably the most dangerous drug out there. It literally destroys the body. Average user's life span is...

Track163925Sep 20153 mins agoSep 2015

God gives you lemons, so break a rib or two or how about threeMost important news of the day. God does have a sense of humor.....SCOTUS judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg age 85 fell down and broke three ribs.....may she...

seaworthy1,882169Nov 83 mins ago2 hrs ago

"THE PROTESTERS"Of Course You Have The Right To Protest...Well...In Most Countries ....You Do..... Anyway.....Maybe Its A Wrong You Are Protesting....And You Want It...

namaron97335Jul 20174 mins agoAug 2017
jarred1303-Dec 20154 mins ago
How to cook Rats and Mice

How to cook Rats and MiceWith the abundant Rat and Mouse blogs of late I thought I would share some of my favorite recipes for cooking them. Bandwagon Mouse Ingredients:-...

Mapmaker2,865106Feb 20174 mins agoFeb 2017

Should We Give People The Benefit Of The Doubt?....And a SECOND CHANCE? When giving someone the benefit of the doubt, we are believing what they say and taking their word because we might have some...

daniela77775354Jan 20174 mins agoJan 2017
A thief is about

A thief is about...I went over to mow my Mother's yard today and unfortunately I couldn't because someone has stolen her lawnmower, which I only just gave her a few week...

Unknown4830May 20085 mins ago

Broward County Brings In Expert Consultant To Speed Up Ballot CountFLORIDA—Broward County, which has had trouble meeting its legal deadlines in the counting of ballots, has now brought in a consultant to speed up the...

Willy3411901 hrs ago5 mins ago

Mave03.06.2003 - 17.03.2013

connect19544205Mar 20135 mins agoMar 2013
Goodbye Summer Hello Fall

Goodbye Summer...Hello FallViews from my backyard...I never rake leaves...just run over them and mulch! Really great color out there this year!

avias91822Oct 20155 mins agoNov 2015
Two daughters

Two daughters...Only a life lived for others is worth living......

mistydragon3213Jun 20106 mins agoJun 2010

i like howi like how the people who don't walk in our shoes seem to know what it's like to walk in our shoes. even though they don't, they sit on a stick wedge...

Palmfrond131622 hrs ago6 mins ago47 mins ago

Two types of people.............. Two types of people...

jarred163-Oct 216 mins ago
one track mind

one track mindnot to bash anyone in particular ( men) but most men have a one track mind they cant see past boobs and va*ina to develop a good relationship w...

georgie391,04477May 20166 mins agoMay 2016

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANGELPEPPER!Welll....a belated birthday - missed it by a day. Anyway. Hope you had a really good'un! ......

miclee20831Oct 247 mins agoOct 26
Love at first sight is it real

Love at first sight, is it real?Many people have asked throughout the ages if love at first sight truly exists. Well, the answer is yes and no. Falling in love at first sight is char...

4MaryB2730May 20097 mins ago
I canNOT be the only one this happens to

I canNOT be the only one this happens toIt's apparently becoming a trend for guys to become my friends and somewhere along the line turn into a**hole... I sincerely don't get it. Do I give o...

SnarkyEmpath58514Sep 20127 mins agoSep 2012
A far fetched tale

A far fetched tale......Having settled in after relocating to Spain Ms Biff decided its time for a house warming party, so she sent out many invites to some of us here, of...

itchywitch66519Aug 20177 mins agoAug 2017
The wave of life

The wave of life.In quantum physics one of the ways to describe a particle is by drawing a diagram of a wave. I am no expert in quantum physics, but as I read, I lear...

Johnny_Sparton31622Dec 20178 mins agoDec 2017
alrity then

alrity thenhere in cancun, loving every miniute of it. wish you were all here, well maybe not all of you lol...

Unknown3463Nov 20118 mins agoNov 2011
Life of Rose Chan

Life of Rose ChanRose Chan was a famous striptease in the 50s. If you have heard of the song "Rose Rose I love YOu", that's the song about her. She started her car...

Unknown8004May 20128 mins agoMay 2012
Im in the mood to blog

I'm in the mood to blog..........but.......................... I have........................ NO idea what to ................ blog about Something NEW...... Something NEV...

lgs3771230Dec 20128 mins agoDec 2012
Hobby s Metal detecting

Hobby `s Metal detecting.Anyone around that has the same hobby as me.I am a metal detectorist. Looking for what our ancestors left for us to find. To date i have found two go...

wellidunno5357May 20128 mins agoMay 2012

NIne yearsNine years I’ve known some of the characters here. I recovered my old email and read things I posted in 2009. I noticed, my life hasn’t change...

Palmfrond2239Apr 79 mins agoApr 7

I Am Ready For Tomorrow..I know tomorrow is Sunday and it's time to enjoy the day far from work. But.. as usual, I have to go to the office tomorrow and take part in the big c...

Kalpataru18117Nov 109 mins ago3 hrs ago
Still the same

Still the sameIn this ever-changing world very little has changed on CS while I was gone. Still the same old political blogs, still the same old religious bashing a...

Catfoot82953Nov 20179 mins agoNov 2017
Scientific knowledge in progress

Scientific "knowledge" in progress....Scimming some science books used by our twins, who are university undergraduates. Now on cell biology (didn't even have such a book or course in my da...

Aaltarboy1720Jul 201710 mins ago

When the mind is gone, but the heart remain............When the mind is gone, but the heart remain...

jarred118-1 hrs ago10 mins ago
Repressive lands

Repressive lands.Just heard a story on radio. Western reporter interviewing some brave former coal miners, who were losing their jobs. Don't know what we are going to...

Aaltarboy1700Mar 201711 mins ago
my heart

my heartwhen a man says "you have a very special place in my heart"what is he saying?this was said to me by my ex...which I still love ..after nearly a year a...

blanad4,05113Aug 201111 mins agoAug 2011
WiZiD Zoo P10

WiZiD Zoo ( P10)The day when he spilled his story to his Aunt, all he really spoke about were the events that transpired on that Saturday morning back in January 1961...

Wrinklylove720Aug 1811 mins ago

THE PROBLEM OR THE SOLUTION.I heard this statement years ago,( It is time for you to decide are you going to be the problem, or are you going to be the solution). This has often...

wenever37735Mar 2111 mins agoMar 22

Europe must pay their fair share of THEIR national defense"We're no longer the world's piggy bank" Trump's speech in Europe tour. I would say it's about time! Anyone's opinion on this? Thank you a...

lindsyjones75457Jul 1211 mins agoJul 23

what why did facebook delete our profile picture.............. what why did facebook delete our profile picture...

jarred192-Oct 911 mins ago

HONEY MOONOh yes honey moon, do u like it? i like honey, i love moon, but i never been on honey moon vacation just normal vacation, he he he,La la laaaaaaaaaa...

Unknown70734Oct 201112 mins agoOct 2011

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