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IS THE CONCEOT OF SOUL MATES MORE USEFUL THEN MARRIs the concept of soul mates more useful than marriage? “You are asking, ‘Is the concept of soul mates more useful than marriage?’ Concepts don’t m...

owlsway3292Jul 2013just nowJul 2013
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Trump Cleared to Carry Out Quick Deportations in Top Court WinThe U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday enhanced the ability of President Donald Trump's administration to quickly deport illegal immigrants including asyl...

Willy3411854Jun 25just nowJun 26
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New Routines

New RoutinesOvernight a curve ball hit the globe. Changes upon changes are disrupting routines. Many will die but many more will survive. I keep thinking of th...

UnFayzed30423Mar 29just nowMar 29
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Im so shallow

I'm so shallowWhat the hell is love, anyway? I spent the best part of a year feeling more and more affectionate towards a guy and he was more and more affectionate...

VivianLee82639May 2015just nowMay 2016
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Only eleven months

Only eleven months,...................Till Xmas,so tip to you all, start buying now and through the year, save you money come December,... Before you know it, will be on us again,.........

Unknown272-Feb 20171 mins agoGo to Last Post

THE OLD PHONE ON THE WALL (Part 1 of 2)Keep laughter in your heart and enjoy the world around you. Have a tissue ready, or two !! - Beautiful story! THE OLD PHONE ON THE WALL....

_Peet_605132May 20101 mins agoMay 2010
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there is only one race - the human raceI don't expect any of you Fox news racists to watch this Ted Talk - but then again maybe, just maybe

OldeGuy134185 hrs ago1 mins ago5 mins ago
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THE OLD PHONE THE OLD PHONE ON THE WALL (Part 2 ofTHE OLD PHONE ON THE WALL (Part 2 of 2) A few years later, on my way west to college, my plane put down in Seattle. I had about a half-hour or s...

_Peet_605614May 20102 mins agoMay 2010
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Soccer MADNESS !!A man had great tickets for the World Cup Final. As he sits down, another man comes down and asks if anyone is sitting in the empty seat next to hi...

_Peet_604740Jun 20102 mins agoGo to Last Post

FriendsAll my friends on CS are Sweet Loving nd Hounorable for me. I Love Respect nd Have Goodwishs for them. What you say....

timotie6668Feb 20162 mins agoFeb 2016
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Red card for the irritationg VUVUZELA NOISE

Red card for the irritationg VUVUZELA NOISE !!!View your World Cup audio/video streams and recorded videos in PEACE AND QUIET! - Here is the German Solution to the problem! - I hope to have GO...

_Peet_604692Jun 20102 mins agoJun 2010
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Other people buy straw donkey souvenirs in Spain TWO YEAR OLD BLOG

Other people buy straw donkey souvenirs in Spain TWO-YEAR-OLD BLOGJust back and I'm still slightly in shock - I have started the process of buying a townhouse there. Not a normal house, of course. That would be to...

Elegsabiff1,89489Feb 20172 mins agoFeb 2019
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HabitHave you ever moved your clock. And then find yourself unconsciously turning to look at where the clock used to be, for days, weeks, or even months...

LuckyFreshMentos5516Jul 20122 mins agoJul 2012
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Serious Case of Computer Addiction

Serious Case of Computer AddictionSerious Case of Computer Addiction...

jarred1322-Aug 20152 mins agoGo to Last Post

"WAVES OF WARNING"The Way That Things Are Going............... All Over The World?.........(And It's Not Just The United States)...... It Is Seeming To Me?................

namaron99618 hrs ago3 mins ago2 hrs ago
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Hot and Cold...I don't like it cold... Even though when I feel hurt I may act a little distant... But I always like it hot, warm... Cozy, soft, hard, sticky, full of...

Melody16713543924 hrs ago3 mins ago7 mins ago
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happyguyim looking to make friends in Spain before i relocate....

Unknown2841Jan 20103 mins agoJan 2010
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TWO-FACED PEOPLE !!I hate people who are two faced, if you don't like me then stop pretending like you do! Amazing how people call you a friend & say they respect how yo...

Townsend4711Jun 20133 mins agoJun 2013
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Unknown3122May 20183 mins agoMay 2018
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How many April Fools have we got

How many April Fools have we got?I joined the site two years ago, I can't remember the exact date but definitely around now. For sure within a week or two I got into a very exciting o...

Elegsabiff93534Apr 20163 mins agoApr 2016
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A second nature photo for your inspectionSince my photo of the doe was such a big hit with EVERYONE this week I decided to give you all a view of another photo, that I posted in the a...

JimNastics1,50016Sep 20113 mins agoSep 2011
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enough crap about falling in love blah blah men

enough crap about falling in love blah..blah...menIf i sound negative/bitter....i have most women do....."white lies" do not exist in my world regardless of their color or how much mak...

Unknown3936Dec 20094 mins agoMar 2010
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have you ever experienced Sleep Paralysis

have you ever experienced "Sleep Paralysis"I have had it happen once in my life and it is creepy. Its like a ghostly visitation, Perhaps you have had it happen Too. Don't watch this video if y...

nonsmoker3,07538Mar 20134 mins agoMar 2013
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MentallyAppeantelly some of us have the mind of a child and the body of a grow up I don't want to play the blame game But C S blocked my blog Hours...

Annleerose3232014 hrs ago4 mins ago53 mins ago
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Existence, Religion, Meaning, VoidsWhat do we get meaning from? There is an epidemic of meaningless among much of our youth. What are the root causes? And how do we address it?...

chancer_returns104124 hrs ago4 mins ago17 mins ago
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Out of bounds assistance part 1Dear Human, It is I Anon and I have sent you this letter to let you know that you will be alright. I know that certain events happened that have m...

wisefool104415 hrs ago5 mins ago8 mins ago
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Whats on your mind

What's on your mind????It can be anything....good, bad, sad whatever's giving you your current mood..... ME???? I'm getting tired of people not taking responsibility for...

lgs3773626Jun 20135 mins agoJun 2013
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great news

great newsthere's been a steady drop in new cases in my state of PA and county since 4/10....

Palmfrond1678Apr 156 mins agoApr 16
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I’d like to get a loverPrevious experience required. Now I cannot post so short a blog. They need fifty (50) characters. What exactly for?...

Tulefell41848Jul 36 mins ago6 mins ago
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A Beauty Contest

A Beauty Contest.What a super idea. It is about time that we see who is who in this zoo, time for all these beautiful lassies on CS to display their assets above their...

Catfoot1,17430Jul 20156 mins agoJul 2015
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Sex on the beach and an o*gasm

Sex on the beach and an o*gasmSunday was one of those wonderful days that come around when you're on holiday with someone. At lunchtime, stopped to have a bite to eat in a seclu...

Solamente1,38542Nov 20157 mins agoNov 2015
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Bad spelling and grammar

Bad spelling and grammar.Why? Why does it bother me so much? Too many people that blog cannot spell or use proper grammar. I become frustrated and pass right over thes...

Unknown2,10641Mar 20097 mins agoDec 2009
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EXITINGUISH------SELF. MYSTICALIn human love's betrayal, heart broke in anguish once the flame flares its nigh impossible to extinguish for a glimpse of the Beloved, for a glance...

Unknown7200Jul 20087 mins agoGo to Last Post
Some women may revenge

Some women may revenge....A young woman died after a long illness. She arrived in heaven. While waiting for St. Peter, she peered through the bars and saw his parents, friend...

Unknown4938Oct 20117 mins agoOct 2011
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about life

about lifeHe god p it is good lesson for me about the life of human. It is only ash (we burn death body in Hindu religion) in truth. He had everything lot o...

rameswor_2345400Sep 20117 mins agoGo to Last Post
s*xual feeling

s*xual feelingsex is great gift of god to human. it is impossible to do alone. I feel here giver and taker, One is taking sex another giving sex, or? Is it make...

rameswor_2347994Sep 20117 mins agoSep 2011
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helloHello everybody Namaste (goodmorning). I am new here from Nepal. I am looking and learning western lifestyle and culture also. I am glad that here ar...

rameswor_2345261Sep 20117 mins agoSep 2011
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Tomorrow is my Birthday

Tomorrow is my Birthday.....Tomorrow, Monday Nov. 18 is my birthday, I can't believe I am almost 41 years old I'll really be an old geezer I actually have to work on my birthda...

GoDaniel4,46963Nov 20137 mins agoNov 2013
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Mustache or saved

Mustache or savedMustache is a natural phenomenon for male. Mustache show differences between male and female but now a days why mostly male shaved it. Is there reas...

rameswor_2345244Sep 20117 mins agoSep 2011
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it hurts and so we become Stone Hearted

it hurts and so we become Stone-Hearted!Some people just show off,they are your friend and nearest to your heart but they dont have manners to respect your love even if its for themselve too...

wonderfullife861,15115Apr 20157 mins agoMay 2015
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best friend

best friendOnly a woman can be a man’s best friend, because men don’t share their emotional facets with their male friends. Men need a lot of emotional support w...

rameswor_2345503Sep 20118 mins agoSep 2011
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how to convince

how to convinceToday my partner is very angry with me. Today morning she told me go to party with her but I unable to take time her. when I return, try to convin...

rameswor_23459313Sep 20118 mins agoSep 2011
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