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love making you weaker

love making you weakerI recently heard this in a show I was watching. In a cut-throat world, being in love only makes one weaker. What do you think? It was real...

Johnny_Sparton51962Sep 10just nowSep 13
Atheists in heaven

Atheists in heavenWhen Pope Francis announced to the world Atheist too have a place in Heaven... to be honest at first I felt a bit like the brother of the Prodigal s...

itchywitch2,374169Sep 11just nowSep 19
Tickets To Heaven

Tickets To Heaven!!What will be next? A man and his wife were arrested in Florida for selling faked tickets to heaven to hundreds of people. They sold wood tablets (spra...

Catfoot1,27883Jul 2015just nowJul 2015
The joys of bachelorhood

The joys of bachelorhood !!!Divorced/Widowed guys, pick up any girl anywhere (Most of them that is) In 3 weeks of not responding, they can pick up endless females. Is sex r...

Snookums331978Sep 16just now13 hrs ago
stringman22622Sep 20just now8 hrs ago
Bitterness is ugly

Bitterness is uglyCaught a chick with this picture as the primary picture on her profile: Is this not the telltale sign that this chick is frustra...

SimonInMark1,03278Sep 191 mins ago18 mins ago
Just figured how to make my willy 12 long

Just figured how to make my willy 12" long...... fold it in half. Ladies, wanna see that by any chance? (I'll delete this soon)...

SimonInMark132511 hrs ago1 mins ago51 mins ago

jog the mindMy mentor has been encouraging me to exercise, become a lesbian and watch chatterbate. Of the 3 options, exercise is the most palatable. Our nightly...

freehand28830Sep 201 mins ago2 mins ago
Jeanne Louise Calment

Jeanne Louise Calment........About Jeanne Calment: The Oldest Person in the World Jeanne Louise Calment (February 21, 1875 - 4 August 1997) i...

Unknown5,2389Jun 20131 mins agoJun 2013

There have been a lot of research papers and documented evidencePublished lately on a whole range of subjects and covering a broad spectrum of issues that make our lives better or in some cases worse. Global warmin...

nonsmoker6561 hrs ago1 mins ago15 mins ago
Italians do it better joke

Italians do it better (joke)Spaghetti A wealthy man was having an affair with an Italian woman for a few years. One night, during one of their rendezvous, she confided in hi...

Tangerino70912Nov 20111 mins agoNov 2011
seeking my husband

seeking my husbandI am seeking a charming guy to be my husband. If ur a guy and ur interested in my profile u can message me....

kerry19933758Mar 20142 mins agoMar 2014
In My Opnion There Are Enough Suffering And Hate In The World Because Wars Let As Work For Peace

In My Opnion There Are Enough Suffering And Hate In The World, Because Wars, Let As Work For "Peace"Lets Do It For our Children And Grandchildren! What is your Oppinion? From Balicia Reply here or send me amessage [/...

Balicia864Sep 142 mins ago3 hrs ago
Everything is else is just bullshit

Everything is else is just bullshit.?Treat people as you'd like to be treated. That's the only rule you need to follow to be 'moral'. Everything is else is just bullshit.?...

jarred1122-Feb 223 mins ago

LOVE AND SEXA boyfriend or a girlfriend may be fun, but cannot become a door to the deepest that is hidden in each and everyone. With a girlfriend you can be sexu...

owlsway2773Sep 20163 mins agoSep 2016
Do your qualities for a mate change with time

Do your qualities for a mate change with time?Have your requirements, expectations, tastes for a mate (or soul mate) changed with your age, time, knowledge, experience, situation? I'm asking in...

robrt7877692 hrs ago3 mins ago55 mins ago
On the advice of a friend

On the advice of a friendI'v decided to give you some myself ( advice that is ) so listen up and pay attention cause if your someone like me it might very well be the best...

itchywitch52424Sep 20143 mins agoSep 2014
any one want to do something

any one want to do somethingi am bored and i want to do something..... if anyone wants to go bowlling or something let me know.... nothing to do here......

Unknown7991Nov 20074 mins agoNov 2007
US drones will be deployed in Philippines against Islamic Militants

US drones will be deployed in Philippines against Islamic MilitantsTrump Will deploy US drones to help battle Islamic Militants in the Philippines. This is a step up in stopping calipation in the South. Publish...

lindsyjones24224Sep 124 mins agoSep 16
Under The Red CS Moon

Under The Red CS MoonThe stars aligned and it happened. Under the red moon, they came from every corner of the globe. Asians; Americans; Africans and Europeans. They...

mollybaby78276Sep 104 mins agoSep 13
You Bloody Idiot

You Bloody Idiot!Be careful next time before calling somebody an idiot. You may be insulting a lot of very special people. The word Idiot is a medical term and not to...

Catfoot97562Apr 20144 mins agoApr 2014
Maybe I do need a shrink

Maybe I do need a shrinkI had a very strange message exchange with a 39 year old Girl , not on CS tho She- Hi how are you? Me- Fine, thanks for asking,you? She-What are...

Dedovix28929Sep 114 mins agoSep 12
Predictions or premonitions

Predictions or premonitionsOne person has a dream now everyone is dreaming.... So I'm going to give my predictions for CS blogs Please bear with me as the mist of time is hard...

oldblue5440030Sep 204 mins agoSep 21
online dating is a good way for people to never meet

online dating is a good way for people to never meetoutside of almost noone meets on free sites. moving is difficult everything is difficult. i thought having money and looks would help-it do...

inafunk1557Sep 105 mins ago3 hrs ago

BlockedHow would you know if someone has your mobile number blocked from contacting their's?...

itchywitch2121911 hrs ago6 mins ago2 hrs ago
Track16774Sep 156 mins agoSep 16
Cant Stop Loving You

Can't Stop Loving You :-*Can't help keeping this beautiful moment of yours

LastStrike5008Jul 20167 mins agoJul 2016

"WITCHES..AND A CRANKY GUY"Back In 1692.... To 1693..... In Salem Massachusetts....More Than 200 People Were Accused Of Being Involved With Witch Craft ....Or Were Accused Of Be...

namaron45743Aug 257 mins ago1 hrs ago
Last chance

Last chance .....I had a dream last night at first I thought it was a religious awakening. ... I felt a huge weight pressing down on me I couldn't draw breath ......

oldblue5438319Jul 137 mins agoJul 31
Stepping out of my comfort zone

Stepping out of my comfort zone...Yes I am. I usually don't go out and do things on my own (well, besides going to the movies, or the rodeo), but tonight, I've taken the plunge and re...

Unknown8692Nov 20077 mins agoNov 2007

SEARCHING A WHITE , BEAUTIFIL AND HONEST GIRL FRIEYES, i am searching beautiful and honest girl friend, as per my drawbacks, saturation has come , to lust, smoking, overeating, rest i am best , good j...

Unknown42414Apr 20108 mins agoApr 2010
Unpopular health bill

Unpopular health bill....I wanted to congratulate the Democrats and Obama on passing this ever so UNPOPULAR piece of legislation. With the economy HARDLY RECOVERING and POOR T...

Unknown4999Mar 20109 mins agoMay 2010
AD1 Autocracy and Democracy

AD1 : Autocracy and DemocracyIndividuals, families, neighborhoods, communities, cities, states, countries ... and businesses, religions, schools, orchestras, sports teams ......

Richard_D39216Jun 20149 mins agoJun 2014
Dying Breed

Dying BreedIt won’t happen in our lifetimes but I find it interesting that the racial category I will call Anglo for purposes of this blog will, in a few hundred...

Elegsabiff1,589123Sep 20169 mins agoSep 2016
Writing a blog

Writing a blogI have to point here that all people who comment blogs are native english speakers and use often slug as a code. This makes the reading of comments al...

nikos5551,06155May 201610 mins agoSep 12
stringman34814Oct 201611 mins agoDec 2016
What Classifies As Sex

What Classifies As Sex?I have preconceptions on many things and as a result, I don’t always understand or agree with what people say when they talk about certain topics. Sex...

Catfoot1,946135Aug 201511 mins agoAug 2015
nighty702,81610Oct 201511 mins agoOct 2015

floatingI saw a girl the other day her eyes had flash her hair was red my hair is gray feel left out of room to play but the blood flowed deep breaths...

hedistuff3462Mar 200912 mins agoApr 2009
For anyone that needs a cyber hug

For anyone that needs a cyber hugA Progressive Process..or so it may seem Have you ever wondered When times seemed so grey The reasoning’s of life, love and all those future day...

cupidsoul4,52613Feb 201312 mins agoFeb 2013

INDIVIDUAL AND SOCIETYThe thinking up to now has been this -- that the individual exists for the society so the individual has to follow just what the society says. He has...

owlsway2383Jul 201314 mins agoJul 2013

50 VIKING QUOTES!THE OLD NORSE WHERE WISE. Sögumál Wisdom inspired by and from the Icelandic Sagas 1. A man's own hand is most to be trusted. (VGS, c.4) 2....

lindz2951,38932Apr 201215 mins agoJul 20
danube3135: "95 - danube 3135"(meet us in the poems)

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