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Got A Mole On Your Private Part

Got A Mole On Your Private Part?Tell Me where your moles are and I'll tell you how hot you are! I was sitting with some friends earlier when they started gossiping about another “...

Crazyheart3822,93859Jul 2016just nowJul 2016
To all wome

To all wome!Ladies, if you see someone you like, why beat around the bush. Leave him or her a message and tell the your true feelings. Just be honest and real. A...

Rayxoxo45413Aug 2010just nowAug 2010
Am confused

Am confusedIs that a new way of saying "I'm"? I'm not native and I really want to know whether "Am" is the new "I'm". It tickles me when a guy writes "Am",...

sarasvathy73810Sep 2015just nowSep 2015

The end of another MANGO SEASON...I have a mango tree in my back yard that is older than me. Every year we get lots of tasty mangoes, so many that I have to give most away. The tre...

chatillion28822 mins agojust now2 mins ago
Keepers Creepers

Keepers Creepers!Speaking of vibes and creeps.... Are you able to sniff out the goofs? Do you get first impressions of people that you later learn were spot on?...

Gypsytramp82059Mar 10just now17 mins ago
Love burns

Love burns!Love burns! Until when you're gonna let it burns you? All the time, yeah. Hahaha. You laugh! You must enjoy it. I did, I do, I will always...

sarasvathy44518Aug 2013just nowMar 2017

The Prayer of Jesus (Part 3)Your Will be Done To pray "your will be done" is, first and foremost, recognition of the sovereignty of God over every aspect of our daily lives....

serendipity6153644Apr 2015just nowApr 2015

Making Cheese the first timeThanks to a great suggestion from Molly I watched several you tube videos on how to make cheese. It looked so simple. I ran to the store and got som...

UnFayzed90104 hrs agojust now9 mins ago

CS MEMBERSHIP FEE....How Much?Will You Pay and Stay? Few weeks ago, I joined another dating site but didn't pay a membership fee. Many male members viewed my profile and sent m...

Crazyheart381,829130Sep 2015just nowSep 2015

daughteras we sit miles apart devided by that big blue lake i feel you with me, i hear the joyfull chater of your laugh, and feel your soft little arms reach...

lindz2982918Oct 2011just nowOct 2011
makis8222511May 2011just nowMay 2011
A Party For Johnny

A Party For Johnny...just cos you've been a good boy.... bring out the party foods, drinks and balloons, everyone!! Angel, play the music...I can't upl...

Crazyheart383,30562Apr 20151 mins agoApr 2015
Different seeing it in person

Different seeing it in personI grew up most of my life in a small rural area. Only recently, I moved to the city. In movies and on television there are many homeless people to b...

Johnny_Sparton88827Jul 20151 mins agoJul 2015

Is it Christmas yet?Is anyone else here too tired to enjoy the season? I can’t think of anything else. Just waiting for the spirit to kick in....

Palmfrond1462Dec 211 mins agoDec 22
Firestop on car

Firestop on car?In your country, is there any regulation from the government that you think its such silly and stupid? If yes, what is that? Could you share on here?...

MimiNGUYEN791,0037Jan 20161 mins agoJan 2016

More Irish most needed on the blogsBecause despite we shoite talk a lot ... we don't talk shit... Unlike some bores We're funny .... In a nice mad way of course...

itchywitch3323524 hrs ago2 mins ago2 hrs ago
wow and duble wow lol

wow and duble wow (lol)Cremt. If i can deal with the distance issue, and my "target" also then why seek locally? Hmmmm.. I find nothing but a-hol's here in norway. Thay...

morgenulv1,14041Nov 20112 mins agoNov 2011

Since it's raining outside here;Add your own favorite rain/reign songs, if you like Love, Reign o'er Me The Who Only love Can make it rain The way the beach is kiss...

JimNastics1282418 hrs ago2 mins ago51 mins ago

Age difference....Why women dont like younger men for a relationship??...

engr4u10693 hrs ago2 mins ago1 hrs ago

1984 & In the Year 2525Orwell published "1984" in 1949. Years later, some of Orwell's predictions have come true. Our digital privacy is constantly under attack. BIG BROTHE...

TUPLDRF22026Jul 192 mins agoJul 21

After Achieving Your Dream, What´s Next?........What do you do then? Just enjoy the moment? Or do you continue dreaming? What is most important...the Journey?... Or the Destination? Some wil...

daniela7771,13028Apr 20162 mins agoApr 2016
Oh the Happy Man is Back part 128

Oh!.....the Happy Man is Back part 128..yep ....finished the ...................bread run again , the night began with rain and howling wind, that eased of as the night wore on and by 3 in t...

virgosingle25010Jan 20132 mins agoJan 2013

Old Age Doesn't Come AloneI’m trying to learn some new songs on the guitar to take away with me on my forthcoming travels. Usually I buy a cheap-ish guitar on entering a countr...

TokyoRogue1378Jul 202 mins ago3 mins ago
How To Seduce A Woman

How To Seduce A WomanThis is for men only. Ladies, this is where you must bail out. This is not for you. However, seen that you never read the blogs in any way, you may co...

Catfoot1,88878Feb 20163 mins agoFeb 2016
Track162553Dec 20163 mins agoDec 2016

Heaven is a PlaceHeaven now is a real place of departed spirits, the place of bliss in God's presence where believers go when they die. Enoch entered heaven when "God...

serendipity6153489Jan 20143 mins agoMar 2014

dreamone day my voice gonna be herd aroud the world and i know God is gonna save lives i have the wright to dream cuz a dreamer can dream and have faith in...

Unknown2553Nov 20114 mins agoNov 2011
liwenni8134021Oct 20104 mins agoOct 2010

Missing!-“It is wonderful to live alone, in spirit, day after day, witnessing only the spiritual of the people, but sometimes my life, gets tired of spirit an...

Huitzilopochtli5623Jun 20154 mins agoJun 2015

the fight afterSome say it's fixed, most say no. Some say rematch will come, some still say no (at least in my circle). I don't know about you. But money...

lindsyjones44110May 20155 mins agoMay 2015
The F Word Again

The F-Word AgainI have read some hilarious write-ups about the various uses of this poor abused word. When you walk in the street or watch a movie, you hear it in alm...

Catfoot1,21248Jul 20155 mins agoJul 2015
untitled 1

untitled 1i can't start with a song can i. its saturday night. yea. atleast im not a poet, i know that. thats ok though, not all are busdrivers some drive a...

morgenulv94947Nov 20115 mins agoNov 2011

Gotcha !!Yeah, you ! I see you reading this blog. Sure, you can ACT like you're not there. Or at least you could have... in the past. But, NOT any long...

JimNastics54012Apr 20105 mins agoApr 2010

MaturityMaturity is the ability to deal with reality constructively; more on giving ways than having your own....

crystal_sphere2880Sep 20125 mins ago

Would you buy me a coffee?This is a research question. Would you buy me a coffee for a couple of hours of conversation, with me doing all the talking? I say conversation - one...

Elegsabiff1,34981Apr 20165 mins agoApr 2016

Very high quality socksI have always bought things for quality and comfort specially clothes and accessories. One of my daughters gave me three pairs of socks as a gift...

lindsyjones90216Nov 20175 mins agoNov 2017

"ON JULY TWENTY SECOND"Something Happens Every Day........................Somewhere On This World.................................Why People Say In This World?.................

namaron7042 hrs ago5 mins ago58 mins ago

Do you.....Paint designs on your fingernails or toenails?...

M4_Mischief57318 hrs ago5 mins ago15 hrs ago
The return to the Middle Ages

The return to the Middle Ages.The return to the Middle Ages. Customary and methodically, Donald Trump is "proclaims" himself, as the priest and alchemist of the temple...

Huitzilopochtli619-May 20165 mins agoMay 2016
Luke May the Force be with You

Luke , ...May the Force be with Youyou are as cold as ice ......cold as ice , yes I know ............

virgosingle52824Oct 20125 mins agoOct 2012

Brain Teasers 5(1) What is the difference between a remote area down under and one who changes his mind? (2) What does a classroom and an eye have in common? (...

socrates4435524Jun 20145 mins agoJun 2014
A Death Threat

A Death Threat.I’m in grave trouble. Some guy is threatening to shoot me or run me over with his car. I’m soiling my underpants with fear. I’m too scared to leave th...

Catfoot98174Jun 20155 mins agoJun 2015

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