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Follow your heartOn the path of friendship bloom the beautiful flowers. They are called tolerance, honesty, helpfulness and trust. ~ Follow your heart, because that...

jarred1253-Dec 2016just now
The Dark Night of the Soul

"The Dark Night of the Soul"Upon a darkened night The flame of love was burning in my breast And by a lantern bright I fled my house while all in quiet rest Shrouded by the...

Tuitoga815084Jun 2013just nowJun 2013

so will it be Pacquiao or Mayweather?Sports time folks. With a million dollar per seat sold in the box for this game, how many are anticipating this game? I'm a very sports addic...

lindsyjones58238May 2015just nowMay 2015
jarred1251-Aug 2015just now


Unknown27014Feb 2009just nowJul 2009

Don’t Complain With Your LifeDon’t Complain With Your Life...

jarred1766-Aug 2017just now

Stop being a Fool in this LifeStop being a Fool in this Life...

jarred1219-Sep 2016just now
One more blog for men

One more blog....for menIf a woman you are in a relationship mentions something she is not particularly okay with, chisel that in stone and listen to her. That might very w...

Johnny_Sparton73178Apr 21just nowApr 26
TEST TIME How Smart are YOU

TEST TIME, How Smart are YOU.I have been given some research to do and I do need the help of those here at CS. How many F's are in the following s...

Simmo190952Jan 2014just nowJan 2014
The ideal man Does he exist

The ideal man? Does he exist?AN IDEAL MAN By Arlie MacGregor What kind of creature is the ideal man? Does he exist? What is it that women are looking for? The following is...

4MaryB7312Sep 2008just nowSep 2008

A QUESTION FOR THE DAY.Should a woman in a relationship give a man sex every time he wants,whether she is in the mood or not?....

maxy201082840Oct 2015just nowOct 2015
The Hoggs Blog

The Hoggs BlogGreat Pigs of all time .....The Three little pigs....The pig that went to the market, stayed home, ate roast beef, the one that had none, weee weee we...

Unknown4436Jun 2012just nowJun 2012
a phone in midlle of the night

a phone in midlle of the nightringggg my mobile ringing. it's him. my ex. i don't know why he phone me. i ask him how is his life going now after his enggagement with his pa...

datatraveler316250Feb 2010just now

Demographic ProblemThis video is from 10 years ago. Was the prediction accurate? You be the judge. The decline of fertility rate in Western civilization is dropping f...

Willy341124316Jul 13just nowJul 13
The most greatest gift

The most greatest giftI wasn't sure how I was going to spend my holidays and then my oldest son-27 and his fiancee invited me to spend the holidays with them and my 7 grand...

Unknown2702Dec 20101 mins agoDec 2010
Emerald Isle

Emerald Isleto all our Irish friends Wonderful St. Patrick´s Day Let Be All Irish for One Day

Aswina70926Mar 20121 mins agoMar 2012
new to this rate my pic please

new to this rate my pic please......................................................

Unknown5265Oct 20101 mins agoOct 2010
Track161840Jan 20171 mins ago
the champ

the champhi fellows who is the naughtiest person you have met on CS. share the story/ies with a...

imbackagain1,01283Aug 20161 mins agoAug 2016

Bingo, Harry and Me...I am a certifiable nut case where my dogs are concerned... With the kids grown up and being far more adult than I am, I'm reflecting (yummy new buzzwo...

Arthur_Sixpence984Sep 191 mins agoSep 19
I forget love feeling

I forget love feelinghi all memebers ! my heart is little bit bad! I don't have relation for 3 years and for this period I FORGET LOVE FEELING WHAT IS IT?? I WA...

Unknown2525Mar 20102 mins agoMar 2010
MimiNGUYEN795516Jul 20162 mins agoJul 2016
LoVe and TrUsT

*LoVe and TrUsT*why do people dont trust someone who loves them is very big thing if we trust someone ist then it will give the results in future means that...

Unknown2678Dec 20132 mins agoDec 2013

"THE IN CROWD"..(2)"Im In With The In Crowd" "I Go Where The In Crowd Goes" certainly Do..I Must say The One That Started it all The One You Shouldve Went...

namaron1,03965Oct 20152 mins agoOct 2015

I Love Jokes and RiddlesHillary is lying in bed wide-eyed one night, and starts poking Bill in the back. "Wake up," she says. Bill just turns over and groans. Again, she poke...

Gentlejim46622Jan 20152 mins agoJan 2015
Living an Unstructured Life

Living an Unstructured LifeGood morning. Coffee or tea? I have a routine in the morning. It includes watching business and financial news. This morning, when I turned on th...

Richard_D2,81222Jun 20122 mins agoJun 2012

This will change everything !Presenting the...... . . . . Tear Only it, can prevent forest fires AND "tastes great !"...

JimNastics6458 hrs ago3 mins ago1 hrs ago

Interior decor adviceApart from the lamps, I plan to copy the below to a T.... but since there is no staircase in view, I have to go with my own thoughts when matching up...

itchywitch55139Jun 163 mins agoJun 20
Narcissistic Supply

Narcissistic Supplyright off the presses from Wikipedia: Narcissistic supply is a concept introduced into psychoanalytic theory by Otto Fenichel in 1938, to describe...

sands881,13728May 20163 mins agoMay 2016

every day stuffi don't like to blog unless i feel there is something of nominal value. Also, i like to blog if i think there is a live audience. i will condense...

Palmfrond4314 hrs ago3 mins ago30 mins ago
Good Morning CS People

Good Morning CS PeopleYesterday I posted a blog called; For Today's Women" and the line You're having my Baby! Ok, this line is a title song from Paul Anka.This song came...

bungallow554291Jul 20123 mins agoJul 2012
Elephant Stew

Elephant StewFollowing the decision to utilize the carcasses of animals that fell victim to poachers, elephant carcasses became available in moderate quantities. T...

Catfoot90859Jun 20154 mins agoJun 2015
Jesus Miraculously Calms a Storm

Jesus Miraculously Calms a StormThat day when evening came, he (Jesus) said to his disciples, "Let us go over to the other side." Leaving the crowd behind, they took him along, just...

serendipity6152,6827Feb 20144 mins agoMar 2014
the Magic of Make Up

the Magic of Make UpEarlier today, a friend sent me a pic of a doll like girl named Kotakoti..she has flawless skin, bambi eyes, and soft hair.. I really love her face!...

Unknown10,02247Oct 20124 mins agoOct 2012

Most Colorful Man In The WorldMost Colorful Man In The World [url=ht...

jarred11,193-Feb 20154 mins ago

PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION RECOUNT- Mich. Penn. Wisc.The Green Party claims to have raised over $3 million to fund a recount in Wisconsin to challenge Donald Trump's victory. They claim to have discove...

miclee1,79384Nov 20164 mins agoDec 2016
The heart

The heart.Ah, poets and philosophers have forever waxed clued about our tickers. The heart this and the heart that. But just how connected is the heart with our...

Aaltarboy1632Feb 20174 mins agoFeb 2017
Do not be impressed by any man

Do not be impressed by any man"Do not fret because of evildoers, Be not envious toward wrongdoers. For they will wither quickly like the grass And fade like the green herb. Trust a...

sunnyisles48155-Dec 20124 mins ago
get to know me part three

get to know me part threeThis is about a friendship I had for 7yrs with this guy he was like a big brother to me but ever since he met this woman he kinda changed and been not...

nadia20042549Jun 20144 mins agoJun 2014
The Law and the Prophets Part 1

The Law and the Prophets (Part 1)by Peter Amsterdam October 13, 2015 In the course of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus devoted a significant portion of the sermon to addressing the L...

Keys7072960Jan 20164 mins ago

Brain Teasers 10(1) What does a fully recuperated patient and a resheathed sofa have in common? (2) When does giving and taking have the same meaning? (3) What...

socrates4441830Sep 20144 mins agoOct 2014

COMMUNICATIONYears and years ago other than face to face communication the only way we could communicate was via a hand written letter, this was concidered a real...

Simmo11,62855Jul 20124 mins agoJul 2012

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