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was he just after a little skin on skin

was he just after a little skin-on-skin...?We met as a result of my posting on another website, seeking work. He was taken by something I wrote in my self-promotion (which included a head/shoul...

lillyleaf4626Jan 2013just nowJan 2013
About Inner Voices and Self Sabotage

About Inner Voices and Self SabotageMost of us treat love like an external force. It’s something that happens to us, strikes us like an arrow, or overcomes us like a storm, our inner voi...

Crunia20027Apr 20just now1 mins ago

50 VIKING QUOTES!THE OLD NORSE WHERE WISE. Sögumál Wisdom inspired by and from the Icelandic Sagas 1. A man's own hand is most to be trusted. (VGS, c.4) 2....

lindz2953,21032Apr 20121 mins agoJul 2017

saturdayHappy Saturday to all bloggers ....

soulmate_need1827Jun 20141 mins agoJun 2014
Two windows

Two windowsOne night I had a dream that I saw myself sitting in small house having only two windows. Within the house were many people. Half were looking out one...

Akeldama4015216Apr 192 mins ago3 hrs ago
Got A Mole On Your Private Part

Got A Mole On Your Private Part?Tell Me where your moles are and I'll tell you how hot you are! I was sitting with some friends earlier when they started gossiping about another “...

Crazyheart3815,90659Jul 20162 mins agoJul 2016
the next Charlie Gard

the next Charlie GardI did a blog a while back on the Government intervention into our healthcare systems....nothing good could ever come of it. So, here we are again with...

seaworthy1465Apr 162 mins ago23 hrs ago
mental masturbastion

mental masturbastionWhen is it when a man is to know for sure if a woman has interest in him...rather than just thinking she might?...

Johnny_Sparton2514712 hrs ago2 mins ago10 mins ago
Swin Flu

--Swin Flu--In your opinion; what you request from all the international govering to reduce and to avoid spread swin flu out ?? and what they should do...

Unknown6604May 20092 mins agoMay 2009

A meeting with Giant Aloe Vera Plants, their Components and Health Benefits.It has been raining and raining and raining for weeks. A half an hour walk at least during these rainy weeks that seemed endless was just impossibl...

Stargazer11145254Apr 182 mins ago1 mins ago

Date StalkerI was on a date last night. This guy had been asking me for a date for weeks and I just wanted to find out if there's something there, so I went with...

BlueScrubs144202 hrs ago2 mins ago10 mins ago

LEGALESE AND ITS MISUSEIt is the language of the legal industry designed to enable precise communication. However, it can be, and is used, to confuse and mislead those not f...

daniela7777384 hrs ago2 mins ago4 mins ago
Is a sense of humour of important

Is a sense of humour of important?When it comes to friends or girlfriends I like people with a good sense of humour and I find that to be so important to me. Some people have a dark s...

Freedomofspeech980916Sep 20132 mins agoSep 2013
When Your Online Date Doesnt Look Like Their Picture

When Your Online Date Doesn't Look Like Their PictureWhen Your Online Date Doesn't Look Like Their Picture...................

jarred124-9 hrs ago2 mins ago
BONER ever had an akward boner

BONER-ever had an akward boner?seeing that sex is the order of the day,i wanna ask the male bloggers, ever happened to you?...

Unknown14,75662Oct 20122 mins agoOct 2012

ThanksI thank you all from yesterday when you were there for the Fly Thanks. Our friend was taken away this afternoon....Her name was Hester. Life...

FLYJAMES67056Jun 20142 mins agoJun 2014
One more blog for men

One more blog....for menIf a woman you are in a relationship mentions something she is not particularly okay with, chisel that in stone and listen to her. That might very w...

Johnny_Sparton1733011 hrs ago3 mins ago9 mins ago
Lieutenant Colonel Arnaud Bertrame

Lieutenant Colonel Arnaud Bertrame....of the French police, and French military, displayed the highest forms of courage and service to fellow citizens, his fellow officers, and his country...

Vierkaesehoch1464Mar 243 mins ago2 hrs ago
Cute Cats

Cute CatsCute Cats...

jarred13,785-May 20153 mins ago
On the bright side of the blogs

On the bright side of the blogsIt's been nearly a month I've been here and must say the outcome was very positive, though not quite the way I expected. Today, I want to show CS...

Annanda96355Nov 203 mins agoNov 22
fake people

fake peoplethis world is so fill of fake a*ss people i am beginning to pinch myself to see if i bleed or if i am made of plastic .. now i know why so many fa...

georgie3951947Apr 164 mins ago3 hrs ago
The Morning After

The Morning AfterShe may have lost that loving feeling but when Paul Shane saw the re-run of this he must have got that sinking feeling, big time. How can somet...

Harbal33029Apr 164 mins agoApr 17
he knows me very well

he knows me very welli know he knows me very well no one can understand me better than him but hes hiding some where out there...!! always thinks about me defendi...

Unknown2,8758Jan 20094 mins agoFeb 2009
Erogenous zones and shalal

Erogenous zones and shalaláNow, considering what I promote (flirting is an art) and what someone says (flirting is ok.....) let´s make offers no one could resist, you go first...

Crunia4915 hrs ago4 mins ago2 hrs ago
Growing Mushrooms

Growing Mushrooms.The mushroom farming industry and the selling industry is very much the same thing because mushrooms and would be customers are very much the same thi...

Catfoot1,11696Dec 20134 mins agoDec 2013
what to do with ye women

what to do with ye womengoin on this thought it would be fun to chat to single ladies but the way iv noticed basically there are no women on this. ladies ye will have to let...

sleepyhalo68916Sep 20135 mins agoSep 2013
Its kind of strange

Its kind of strange...When I get dressed up in my superman cape and shorty short shorts, and then I catch the bus. When I sit on the back seat like the bad boys, a strange...

pat8lanips40910Aug 20165 mins agoAug 2016
Do Me A Favor And Smile

Do Me A Favor And SmileDo Me A Favor And Smile [url=

jarred13,269-Dec 20155 mins ago
Am I seeing things wrongly

Am I seeing things wrongly?Is it me, or are all the personal attacks on people here on the blogs reducing the blog activity by people? If so, what a great way of trying to mak...

Johnny_Sparton98592Apr 36 mins agoApr 5

Help To Mend A Broken HeartMany times when I come onto the blogs, I hear of sad stories of people whose hearts has been broken! I found some great quotes maybe to help these in...

Gentlejim1,81628Jul 20146 mins agoAug 2014
Racism in Spain

Racism in Spain...Ive had enough now. been here for ten years, and yesterday is the last straw... Im driving home... a Spanish women drives her car straight in to the...

Calpeboy70736Aug 20127 mins agoAug 2012
Guys Talk About Girls Dating Profiles

Guys Talk About Girls’ Dating ProfilesOkay, Gentlemen, your turn, tell me what you like and don't like about a girls' profile. Let's help women out by helping them how to make a profile be...

Willow39391,58188Oct 20157 mins agoOct 2015
So damn behind on music

So damn behind on musicYes, I haven't added any new song lyrics in so long but I'm working on one. It woke me up to get written and I can't get back to sleep and I am way ov...

soquiliquay3241Sep 20117 mins agoSep 2011
30 Day Soul mate Prayer

30 Day Soul mate PrayerSpeak this prayer each morning and evening for 30 days. Dear God, Loving Essence of all there is. Please fill me with your sacred presence. I ask...

Unknown11,03212Aug 20117 mins agoAug 2011
Captain Kirk isnt dead

Captain Kirk isn't deadBill Shatner is a little annoyed to have had his death announced on a Facebook link. This social media thing is getting out of hand. However his s...

Elegsabiff36631Mar 227 mins ago6 hrs ago

" Vices "[ Vices! ] White nose and blow on the neck, arghh, almost like a shot of tequila: the ristretto is the definitive recipe against the hangover or...

Huitzilopochtli1731Jul 20177 mins agoJul 2017
Do You Believe Me Now

- Do You Believe Me Now- Do You Believe Me Now...

jarred1310-Jan 20168 mins ago
Its nice to be nice

It's nice to be niceWhat's the point in believing it is if you're afraid to be seen being nice?...

itchywitch34516Apr 198 mins ago3 hrs ago

Looking for a Job in FloridaSally Mulligan of Coral Springs, Florida decided to take one of the jobs that most Americans are not willing to do. Sally applied for a job in...

Gentlejim63424 hrs ago8 mins ago6 hrs ago
The rose

The roseEvery thorn has a rose ouch' it hurts to be abit on the skinny side... but at least if lifted no one will drop me. ouch' it hurts to have...

itchywitch2,06416Jun 20119 mins agoMay 2016
costumes party

costumes party !!Halloween is here !!! do you know any Halloween costumes party in chula vista, California... let Me know......

buenachica3753Oct 20129 mins agoOct 2012


claudya3030Feb 20099 mins ago
Willy3411: "Friends / Brothers"(meet us in the blogs)

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