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The mystery of the false leg

The mystery of the false legThe false leg was found by Edna Mc Feckwit, a widow ever since her late husband passed away from choking on an oxtail bone shortly after WW2, she was...

Mapmaker1,089120May 2017just nowMay 2017
pat8lanips3518Dec 2016just nowNov 8
Melania Trump Hottest First Lady

Melania Trump "Hottest First Lady!"All this talk about our new President Elect Trump and I haven't heard a lot of talk concerning our new First Lady, Melania Trump. I was at work th...

Shinegirl1,062-Nov 2016just nowNov 2016
Missing CS Member Is Doing Just Fine

Missing CS Member Is Doing Just Fine...Hello everyone For those who care, I was just given permission to share this news with you here on CS regarding our CS member Keys707, who has be...

SistaCallie51112Oct 2016just nowNov 2016
Cute Cats

Cute CatsCute Cats...

jarred13,468-May 2015just now
What is the Internet of Things

What is the Internet of Things?What is the Internet of Things? And why should you care?...

jarred1188-Sep 2016just now
What Is Your True Worth

What Is Your True Worth?Just wondering why so many people here seem eager to barter themselves for much much less than their true worth. Are they that ugly ? Are they that u...

Crazyheart381,35096Aug 2016just nowAug 2016
smallangel222951Aug 2016just nowAug 2016
A tale of ghosts and pulled muscles and the fabric

A tale of ghosts and pulled muscles and the fabricThis won't turn short, I know that already, and I also know that quite a bit if not a lot of it will end misinterpreted or misunderstood by many, even...

tinyfangs46817Oct 2013just nowOct 2013

Strange!Uhmm... It has been so long I was too busy to log in here until today is a VERY HOT day in my city and the house has no electricity due to something h...

MimiNGUYEN793536May 2016just nowMay 2016
pat8lanips1,05613Jan 2016just nowJan 2016
Are you the potential longevity

Are you the potential longevity?There are some Tips about to be a longevity wich I heard of ; 1) Feeling you are more younger (at least 13 years) than your physical age. 2...

phoenixFH60415Oct 2015just nowNov 2015
Movie Review Big Fish

Movie Review - Big FishLast night I watched another movie that I had never heard of previously. "Big Fish" is perhaps the best film offering by director Tim Burton, who is g...

JimNastics1,0272Jun 2009just nowJun 2009
Do not want talk about Scammers

Do not want talk about Scammers ??It`s so ashamed to see if your guys don`t like to know about SCAMMERS !! Most of them are here .... in this site. They are between us here .... that`s...

itsmejackie1,9623Sep 2015just nowSep 2015
The defects of Jesus Part 6

The "defects" of Jesus (Part 6)(6) Jesus loves dining, partying Gospel also shows us that every time Jesus came any home, met anyone, especially those who were socially classified...

XuanMai6915Apr 2015just nowApr 2015
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Mom comming over

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Mom comming over!!First meeting for mom and her Son-in-law... I haven´t seen her for 10 months now... and she arrives in ... 4 hours!! Excited nervious scared......

Antoniacv3713Oct 2014just nowOct 2014
AD1 Autocracy and Democracy

AD1 : Autocracy and DemocracyIndividuals, families, neighborhoods, communities, cities, states, countries ... and businesses, religions, schools, orchestras, sports teams ......

Richard_D40416Jun 2014just nowJun 2014
One fresh rose from the garden makes me happy

One fresh rose from the garden...makes me happy..I would rather have one small rose From the garden of a friend Than to have the choicest flowers When my stay on Earth must end. I would rather...

Unknown2054May 2014just nowMay 2014
never mind you tried

never mind you tried......You can try to break my heart; you can try to make me fall apart. Try to hurt me as much as you want. I can promise: I won't shed a tear. I've...

Unknown39128May 2014just nowMay 2014
Quantum physics proves that there IS an afterlife

Quantum physics proves that there IS an afterlife,* Scientist says life creates the universe, and not the other way round * This means space and time don't exist in the linear fashion we think it d...

chame1eon59422Nov 2013just nowNov 2013

HUMAN BEHAVIOURAs many of you know about the tragedy that happen here in my home State when 17 students and teachers lost there life in a shooting at there School....

wenever199318 hrs agojust now4 mins ago
I broke the cycle

I broke the cycleI have been in a funk since the store was broke into and robbed. Today i was finally able to focus long enough to do some ebay listings. Only 2 but th...

mr_fixes_it3376Oct 2013just nowOct 2013
rule of a lady

rule of a ladyLadies like a guy who can hold real conversation Not just one where they talk about sex every 5 minutes #justsaying...

bambina_bee72026Sep 2013just nowSep 2013
Punishment for uncovered head of women in Bible

Punishment for uncovered head of women in Bible1 Corinthians 11:6 New International Version (©2011) For if a woman does not cover her head, she might as well have her hair cut off; but if it is...

Unknown8417Jul 2013just nowJul 2013
I have a question for the lady s PART2

I have a question for the lady,s !!!!PART2cheers all for comments ...and alot of you hit the NAIL on the HEAD!!!!...time to move on ...!!...ok who wants a ex rental friend.. chargers may apply...

market393294May 2013just nowMay 2013
Scenes from my 8 Km walks Hols

Scenes from my 8 Km walks (+Hols)I really do enjoy a stroll through my neighborhood; it is fun, exciting & one is always pleasantly surprised by the sights and scenes, you're likely t...

Unknown50832Dec 2012just nowDec 2012
The Perfect CS Girlfriend

The Perfect CS GirlfriendI guess there are some women, . . who seem to good to be true, . But I guess I could settle for this one...

aJester225236Dec 2012just nowDec 2012
5 ways to be flower boys

5 ways to be flower boysInspired by MADDOG69's blog about Malaysian Gov's guidance to spot gays,

Unknown4,03618Oct 2012just nowOct 2012
A good man

A good man...can make you feel sexy make you feel strong and able to take on the world Oh sorry... that's wine... wine does that... got confused...

Tangerino93638Oct 2012just nowOct 2012
Unknown52112Aug 2012just nowAug 2012
Children The Burden

Children; The BurdenGiving up relaxing evenings, wealth, sleeping in, care free vacations, FREEDOM, a clean nice house, to devote one's prime years to perpetual babysitti...

Unknown46023Sep 2011just nowSep 2011
Now What Women need love boys need sex

Now What??? Women need love-- boys need sex:)There is a friend of mine called John...also known as The Player. He meets a girl, buys her a drink and invites her back to his place. He tells her he...

Rusha2,15653Jul 2011just nowJul 2011

HOW DO U FEEL WHEN U ARE STARK NAKED IN FRONT OF Athink, i dont have more to say....... i said it all............

Unknown2910Jul 20101 mins ago

EARTH TO EARTHI know strange title have you ever heard the term Earth to then you say someone's name cause they seem to be not in touch with what you are saying....

wenever37450Feb 11 mins agoFeb 2
Why people commit adultry

Why people commit adultryCan someone explain why married couples feel the need commit adultry. Sadly I'm newly wed almost one year. And based on my husbands reputation I start...

lanceblake48729Nov 20161 mins agoNov 2016

Too Much PeopleDid anyone ever told you this? Too much of other people is not good for you. Not at all. Especially their thoughts. Reading what they think about this...

TheRevenant14-53 mins ago2 mins ago
The Ten rules that are not

The Ten rules that are notI am here to tell you a story and a lie, for what is a lie-brary? A Brary full of lies :) So what is a brary? Have no idea and THAT, dear readers w...

tame971301910 hrs ago2 mins ago2 mins ago
What blog

.....What blog ?...............the garden has taken over .......and now its summer and with summer ....weeding time ...gets under way ....and with a black cow next door , th...

virgosingle72835Feb 20142 mins agoFeb 2014
Track161001 hrs ago3 mins ago
perfect moment

perfect momentyour breath behind my ear your heartbeat against my spine our fingers entangled oh mine oh mine oh mine We could've got so high..... not gone me...

bloodyawfull2138Feb 183 mins ago2 hrs ago
Cancelled the flowers

Cancelled the flowers....................Yeah he was send home with a kidney stone and a twisted bowel. No wonder the poor guy was in so much pain. Hospitals send you home as soon as possib...

britishcolumbian23633Jan 143 mins agoJan 15
We all have to survive tools

We all have to survive/tools.Okay. We all have to survive in this world. It would be a little better if you can thrive so as we can create comfort for ourselves down the road....

Johnny_Sparton23336Feb 183 mins ago2 hrs ago
"PLAY NOW: Wedding Bouquets"(meet us in the games)

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