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The happy holiday fights

The happy holiday fights.Another shooting in Hollywood, Florida. And what do I see for the crowds? Blacks and maybe other minorities. It is a joke that they blame the whites f...

Orzzz14612May 30just nowMay 31
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avias1,06311Mar 2016just nowMar 2016
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Hy Het Sy Gat Gesien - He Came ShortThe Afrikaans word ‘gat’ has more than one meaning. The first refers to a hole in the ground or in any other object while the second meaning is more c...

Catfoot2,97946Mar 2014just nowMar 2014
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Just One of Those Tiny Little

Just One of Those Tiny Little ….Today I got angry. Oh yeah, I know that probably sounds quite droll, but for me it’s a bit of an event. There are some very good reasons why I don’t...

Unknown1,8511Apr 2008just nowApr 2008
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TattoosWhat is your opinion on tattoos ...Do love them or do you hate them?...

UniqueCrystal2,65351Aug 2014just nowAug 2014
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Are You Jealous?Yes, I am jealous, though just a little and outsiders will never know it. A little jealousy is good for a relationship and it should be shown sometime...

Catfoot2,815123Jan 2015just nowJan 2015
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Merry Christmas

Merry ChristmasMerry Cristmas everyone and all the best wishes.....

angel1104916Dec 2012just nowDec 2012
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Jan 15

Jan 15Today is another day pass by without any hope for my life.....wake up in the morning....went to work.....lunch time....take aonther cup of

Unknown5957Jan 2010just nowJan 2010
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some one on this side meet some one

some one on this side meet some one?And did they get married answer me!...

Andrea017645Feb 20101 mins agoMar 2010
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TimeTo everything, there is a season and a time every purpose under the sun. A time to love, a time to hate. A time of war and a time of peace.Now, this i...

skaligsm5544Jan 20171 mins agoJan 2017
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Odd bods

Odd bodsSo many weirdos on this.... I'm weird but not like ... Proper like...

sarah0606061,13226Jun 20161 mins agoNov 2016
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58th Birthday

58th BirthdayJuly 20th is my birthday, woo where has the years gone. In all those years i have some good memory's like when we try'ed to ship my younger brother to...

terbear571,53459Jul 20111 mins agoJul 2011
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Office Morale has improved lately

Office Morale has improved latelyNot sure why but PERHAPS the new vending machine in the lobby is contributory Happy hump day people [you...

JimNastics1,53011Jul 20111 mins agoJul 2011
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Beyond Dreams

Beyond Dreams!For all those who feel this site does not work....I am writing this to encourage you to not give up! To try and cheer you up! I was the loneliest o...

Unknown5959Sep 20111 mins agoSep 2011
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MANS TRUE BEST FRIEND...Man’s best friend has learned quite a bit from him! Reseachers have found that most dogs understand around 250 words and gestures, can count up to 5,...

Unknown5464Dec 20121 mins agoDec 2012
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Does Size Matter

Does Size Matter?...Apparently, it does... If you want to be a jockey, for example, you have to be a small gentleman... Also, certain activities like welding or plum...

Melody16711,649-Oct 20212 mins agoOct 2021
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SoulSurf3r4568Mar 20132 mins agoMar 2013
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Women send powerful message in Olympic track and fieldTOKYO (AP) — They set records everyone saw coming and others that surprised the experts. They suffered, and battled, and spoke their truth in ways...

socrates4450811Aug 20212 mins agoAug 2021
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Jesus is coming soon

Jesus is coming soonI have been called delusional for my beliefs but thank God I stand on His promises. Jesus came to earth as man and was crucified on the cross for our...

sunnyisles48606-Sep 20122 mins agoGo to Last Post

An Age Of Enlightenment..Those who dance are consideerde insane By those who cant hear the music G,C, The dark days are leaving, Its time to think about this year...

FLYJAMES57411Jan 20183 mins agoJan 2018
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A Russian Oil engineer, a student of mine...has re-established contact after 6-8 weeks absence. He works for one of the major foreign Oil companies (eg BP, Shell) who have announced intention t...

FargoFan6886Mar 20223 mins agoMar 2022
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Turkey’s electionYou can spot Turkey's global strategic significance - which has starkly increased against the backdrop of the Ukraine war - by the A-list potpourri of...

Grapewine5551025May 293 mins ago1 hrs ago
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Just been for my Christmas day Swim

Just been for my Christmas day SwimThe weather is awful the sea was rough as hell. but after the lang walk to the waters edge, it was just a short run, jump, and free-fall. The cold wat...

nonsmoker79227Dec 20153 mins agoMay 2016
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Just Woke UpIts almost midnight lol. fk, sleep has been hard to get lately....

Track164928Sep 20163 mins agoSep 2016
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Love Never Die

Love Never DieLove Never Die...

jarred1423-Mar 20153 mins agoGo to Last Post
Best love letter ever

Best love letter ever!Dear zeurich, Love me I will move mountains to make you happy! Hurt me I will drop the mountains on your balls not to be guilty! whatapp me asa...

Zeurich73510Jul 20143 mins agoJul 2014
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Trump Takes Historic Action To Move Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Out Of China Back To U S

Trump Takes ‘Historic’ Action To Move Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Out Of China, Back To U.S.Seeking to secure the nation's supply of critical medications, the Trump administration has signed a $354 million contract that would create the natio...

Willy34114157May 20203 mins agoMay 2020
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The Alpha and Omega

The Alpha and Omega?"I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty." Beside me there is...

sunnyisles48308-Oct 20123 mins agoGo to Last Post

:)hey guys whats up?:)...

Butterflylover1267216Jan 20123 mins agoJan 2012
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look out there out here

look out there out herewell take it from me i was scammed,,but i am over it now but theres alot of them out here so all i can say to all of them dont ask for money ur not ge...

cskrube5284Sep 20113 mins agoApr 2017
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Oh how sad! The great Christian resurgence in China has been deleted...disappeared tut tut tut. Claims of seeing the light of God in China have gone. Millions of enlightened Chinese now embrace Christ it claimed! What...

FargoFan2,372-Oct 153 mins agoOct 20
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Kapjen1,62911Sep 20113 mins agoSep 2011
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SHAWNTHOR98743Nov 20203 mins agoNov 2020
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one moment more

one moment moreHold me Even though I know you're leaving And show me All the reasons you would stay It's just enough to feel your breath on mine To warm my soul...

Unknown8380Aug 20073 mins agoGo to Last Post
Climate Change Is NOT The Problem

Climate Change Is NOT The Problem.The Problem Is Global Industrial Civilization... Changing Climate Is The SOLUTION....

miclee87137Nov 20183 mins agoDec 2018
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Too much time on CS

Too much time on CSI spend way too much time on CS. I am seriously addicted to CS. So much so, that when I want to get on CS, all I do is type co (first part of connec...

HuggerMan4U81027Sep 20124 mins agoSep 2012
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Visiting the Doctor

Visiting the DoctorI used to hate going to see the doctor when I was a kid. There were two doctors; they were a married Irish couple and their surgery was a big red bri...

Unknown1,15267Jan 20194 mins agoJan 2019
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This weak in Adelaide Vol 1 Num 2

This weak in Adelaide. Vol 1 Num 2The Weak that was: Remember, I warned you about reading this blog the first time. So you're a glutton for punishment hey? So be it at your own peri...

UrbanYeti8330Mar 20094 mins agoGo to Last Post

ForgivenessWhat forgiveness is about? Man in angry ,he don,t forgive,is too hard to forgive if he is hurted so much from him who done bad.But God said if you do...

starrayfil360-Mar 20195 mins agoGo to Last Post
Strengthening immune systems and attitudes to health

Strengthening immune systems and attitudes to healthLet's try a little positivity and pro-activeness here. Thinking long-term attitudes to health. What we can do as individuals. And how government can f...

chancer_returns1,32851Mar 20205 mins agoApr 2020
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SaltI was taught that salt is inorganic. I believe the contrary. I think it comes from the decomposed plants that become soil which in turn goes to the oc...

Moelle67412May 20215 mins agoMay 2022
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Make it a goooood umbrella

Make it a goooood umbrella!I loved this and I must share with you. Heavy rains remind us of challenges in life. Never ask for a lighter rain, just pray to God for a better u...

Theresa4tgl516-Jan 20155 mins agoGo to Last Post

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