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San Francisco Walgreens Introduces New Frequent Looter Rewards Punch CardSAN FRANCISCO, CA—In response to record levels of unprosecuted shoplifting, Walgreens stores in San Francisco have introduced a new "Frequent Looter R...

Willy34111914Jan 18just nowJan 18
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The mysterious staircase, who built this amazing piece of carpentry?The Chapel of Loretto in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is home to an exceptional work of carpentry Click here to launch the slideshow The staircase of Loret...

bcjenny3004Jan 2021just nowJan 2021
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Truth is bitter I claim it only because I am the truth If God is truth then I am God

Truth is bitter, I claim it only because I am the truth. If God is truth then I am "God".Yes it is...I don't know how and what for Jesus suffered...I really don't know. Osho, a real suffering of Jesus, in modern times, I don't know why h...

iotaoo40732Aug 2021just nowAug 2021
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Morning Star

'Morning Star'It would seem that no matter what the night was like to awake and see a beautiful sunrise give one such a sense of 'renewal.' To see the sun's reflect...

raytheon16706Sep 2012just nowSep 2012
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avias1,00311Mar 2016just nowMar 2016
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epirb76042May 2021just nowMay 2021
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WriterA well-known gentleman of our locality asked me what I am doing. I replied to him: ‘I am a writer’. When I said that he burst out laughing. A friend o...

psiberite4102Jan 2018just nowJan 2018
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India.........people in india......1 crore of people get their food only twice in a week ......10 crores of people....compulsory goes with out...

teenameena1,3246Dec 2015just nowDec 2015
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BeautyLove of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art as then everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it....

Zeus601753912Aug 2013just nowAug 2013
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Tiny Razor Bladesthis is an article titled Graphene Hydroxide by Jaye B. Recall he said he found this in every mfger's vials. It gets more evil with each passing d...

seaworthy49313Jan 6just nowJan 8
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HAPPY EID MUBARAK ..Happy Eid Mubarak to all my muslim cs friends :hugs:...

narnia9327,47721Aug 2011just nowNov 2011
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Sneaky Pete Has A BIG Problem

Sneaky Pete Has A BIG ProblemSneaky Pete Buttigieg has a big problem. He was mayor of a city for 8 years and his record is nothing short of ABYSMAL. If he can't run a tiny city...

Dongg42913Feb 2020just nowFeb 2020
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An emoticonstant Annoyance

An emoticonstant AnnoyanceI don't like emoticons. There! I said it! I think the jumping banana is my least favourite. The others seem at least to represent something. He's j...

Patrick19841,43145Sep 2013just nowOct 2013
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My blog

My blogJust stay off my blog OK. This means each and every one of you alright. I'm sick and tired of going to all the effort of making a blog and seeing my e...

Unknown92821Sep 20161 mins agoSep 2016
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Times have ChangedI just got done watching a movie about artificial intelligence and at the end, man's machine had taken over. It got me thinking. I grew up in sma...

Johnny_Sparton50239Feb 20211 mins agoFeb 2021
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AC DC Fans

AC/DC FansAre there any AC/DC fans on here? If so, what is your favorite AC/DC song? Also, which lead singer do you like more? Bon Scott or Brian Johnson?...

CITYBOY7565510Feb 20101 mins agoFeb 2010
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ANGEL PINKI like witch craft & gothic thing etc alssi like flims & tv sen & musci too. I love to be in the garden gardenig and i like animals too also like to r...

Unknown6111Apr 20091 mins agoApr 2009
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seaworthy6874Jan 20181 mins agoMay 2021
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Beauty tips throughout lock down

Beauty tips throughout lock down...Not sure about some of you ladies out there but I'm missing some of my vanity/beauty treats Anyways moving on, I've decided to do/try some at ho...

CelticRose721,251-May 20201 mins agoMay 2020
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Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough!Just felt like fighting back..... The Government ain't going to do a damn thing....! ~JOHN~ *(If you plan to argue my opinion, it ain't gonna...

TheresMyFriend1,05220Dec 20141 mins agoDec 2014
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Willy34111971Nov 122 mins agoNov 13
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Music For Healing PurposesResearch has shown that blood flows more easily when music is played. It can also reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure, decrease cortisol (stress...

d4nI31416230May 222 mins ago3 mins ago
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A slice of history

A slice of history ?Personally, I wouldn't pay 25 cents for it, but very soon YOU can bid on a slice of the actual wedding cake for Prince William & Kate Middleton....

JimNastics8894Nov 20142 mins agoNov 2014
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Is She Racist and Unaware of It

Is She Racist and Unaware of It!?One of my dearest high school friends that was a former member on CS, ask me if she was a racist for only preferring men of her own race. She is a nic...

Unknown1,29627Mar 20102 mins agoMar 2010
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16th May Buddha's Birthday"panchsheel" 5 precepts of Buddha The 5 precepts are commitments to abstain from killing living beings, stealing, s*xual misconduct, lying and into...

Decent_Love270May 152 mins agoGo to Last Post
Please Tip me How to seduce Brazilian Lady

Please Tip me : How to seduce Brazilian LadyGuys, I am going to be with a Brazilian lady for a week. She is beautiful. How can I seduce her? any ideas? Thanks ....

ramailogarula63815Jun 20172 mins agoJun 2017
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Researcher Covid Vaccines Can Damage DNA WE DONT KNOW YET


Bohemund53939Nov 132 mins agoMar 4
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Torture and Sufferings, Perpetrators and victimsLet's face it, life is full of mysteries. Full of questions that are so beyond human mind to satisfactorily find an answer. Full of dark elements it...

lindsyjones2,568100Apr 20142 mins agoApr 2014
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Asking The Right Questions

Asking The Right QuestionsSome people have the talent to ask all the wrong questions and I have a habit of answering a question straight as it was asked. My one window is...

Catfoot1,22938Jun 20162 mins agoJun 2016
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BEWARE !!!Roland Rat is actually a puppet ! I was a fan for years and years then I found out the truth. "REAL Rat rapping" my arse...

nonsmoker1,49247Nov 20172 mins agoNov 2017
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WorriedIt would just be a flat week and my home country would choose who would rein it. One candidate is espousing change. Most of us are tired of the corrup...

tatami6012May 20162 mins agoMay 2016
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Is the Gulf Oil Spill A National Disaster Hoax

Is the Gulf Oil Spill A National Disaster/HoaxOr is it another overblown Govermental created Disaster to close and regulate future oil drilling and exploration? The light purple is what is left...

Unknown3693Aug 20102 mins agoSep 2010
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My Daughter Eyes

My Daughter EyesI've been sorting thru my past So many things didn't last The thing that makes me cry I miss looking in my daughters eyes My daughters eyes wher...

Unknown7644Aug 20072 mins agoAug 2007
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Newbies playing the same oldiesWhat is wrong with all the newbies in this zoo? They flood mailbox with fake introduction of interest try to lure you off site to say they don't...

Ninurta3403 hrs ago2 mins agoGo to Last Post
Edible Underwear

Edible Underwear...I remember when I was in my 20s, and with my boyfriend of seven years (He was not seven, our relationship was ) wanted me to wear edible panties for h...

Melody1671905-Oct 152 mins agoOct 16
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A hope a beg you

A hope, a beg you?Well, sometimes, if I have read a thread or a comment, I can wonder only. I don`t want to say names, but I think the people know what I am talking abo...

Lammycool7671Dec 20092 mins agoDec 2009
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"A PASTLY PAST"..("PART ONE")"He Was At The Age Of 17 And 1/2 Years Old At The Time............He Had Just Gotten Through From Coming From The Office Of A local ("I Want To Join...

namaron212-Sep 20202 mins agoSep 2020
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Finally Mom will get to see DadOn the 15th my Mom is allowed to see Dad in the nursing home for 30 minutes but no one else can go in with her. Different homes have different rules....

UnFayzed24410Sep 20203 mins agoSep 2020
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Debbie downer

Debbie downer??People tell me I'm a Debbie downer, when I'm not. I don't see the glass as half empty or at half full, I see it as how it is, and then drink whatever...

GamerPyro6185Feb 20143 mins agoFeb 2014
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Quantitative Easing Explained for Dummies

Quantitative Easing Explained for Dummies!Do these people really know what they are doing? Perhaps they are taking their directions from the powers behind the Government? Enjoy! http...

Unknown4641Nov 20103 mins agoNov 2010
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Hiroshima Day August 6

Hiroshima Day August 6.Lest we forget: Hiroshima marks 76th anniversary of US atomic bombing

Bohemund1,13096Aug 20213 mins agoAug 2021
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Everything you see ...Is an illusion. So, it is written. One must not judge by what they see in the Natural....but feel what is the knows the truth by what is...

Calliopesgirl62619Jul 20133 mins agoJul 2013
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