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Highway Men

Highway MenThey were Good,They were Bad Asses and American! I know there are men that can be themselves,through and through.Run the show (their own Boss).each...

ashlander1192211 hrs ago4 mins ago

I Love You Without ConditionsI want you to listen to me without judging me, I want you to give me your opinion without giving me advice, I want you to trust in me without ex...

daniela7776272 hrs ago4 mins ago
Track161205Oct 1414 mins ago

"ITS NOT THE SAME PERSON"At First?...I Didnt Even Give it ....A Second Thought...............I Mean...Did This Really Happen?....Could This Had Happened?.............Did One o...

namaron55655Oct 1619 mins ago

THE STORY OF MY LIFEThe story of my life It all begins two years back. I got a unknown friend request on the facebook. I was amaze to find a request from a girl which wa...

Shinglal18143 mins ago42 mins ago
63 Earths Can Fit Inside Uranus

63 Earth's Can Fit Inside Uranus64 if you really relax.............................................

Track16772Oct 31 hrs ago
stringman44418 hrs ago1 hrs ago

Why Do We Cling To Our Stories?This is a follow up to my previous blog (Perpetual Victims) We cling to our stories because we derive some benefit from them, even when they also...

daniela77722134Oct 201 hrs ago
no sleep

no sleepso i'll do show tunes...

freehand8999 hrs ago1 hrs ago

The greatest religion is to be true to your own nature. Have faith in yourselves.“You cannot believe in God until you believe in yourself.” “You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritua...

Swami19031Oct 211 hrs ago
How can you understand peoples mind

How can you understand people's mind?The most powerful way to win an argument is by asking questions. It can make people see the flaws in their logic. The lyrics in his or her favorite...

skaligsm754Oct 212 hrs ago
Hi Hello How Are You Where Are You

Hi Hello How Are You? Where Are You?Hi Hello How Are You? Where Are You? This guy message me and he's gone. What in the world happen to him anyway. When i try to reply his message t...

datatraveler311427Oct 162 hrs ago
Do you talk with your ex everydays

Do you talk with your ex everydays?Thank you for your opinion and reason to my blog. My question is Do you talk with your ex every days? (*Every day ) Why does he still talk ?...

pineappl3chic99105 hrs ago3 hrs ago
No Wars

No Wars"If women ruled the world, there'd be no wars. Just a bunch of jealous countries not talking to each other." Sorry Jarred, this is way too funn...

lindsyjones26025Oct 183 hrs ago
Got The Munchies

Got The MunchiesWhat do I get? 3 minute noodles in 1 1/2 minutes? Pizza? Kraft Dinner (Mac and cheese)? Battered potato wedges? Cake? Grilled cheese sandwich...

Track1650310 hrs ago4 hrs ago
Kalpataru16918Oct 206 hrs ago
One Foot c*ck

One Foot c*ckI have a one foot c*ck....

Track1657211 hrs ago10 hrs ago
I dont Agree but then who am I

I don't Agree but then who am I?It's official!? SA's Afrikaans ranked the sexiest accent in the world Here are their thoughts on the top 10… Tell us if you agree or not? And you...

Lukeon2192723 hrs ago11 hrs ago
Lest We Forget World war two has started

Lest We Forget.......World war two has startedThe war broke out in Holland in ‘40. I was three years old, having been born in September of ‘37. “My dad went to Germany he would not be back for se...

britishcolumbian27336Oct 2014 hrs ago
Questions Answered

Questions AnsweredThe term {My weight is average.} : I say average to what, A dump Truck? A Horse??? A Greyhound bus..{.A couple of pound over} Over what???...Over sta...

Rik15260317 hrs ago17 hrs ago
Has feminism damaged relations between men and women in modern day society

Has feminism damaged relations between men and women in modern day societyGood question about modern society and I wonder what other folks think? Has feminism divided men and women? Has feminism created Misandry? Has fem...

Freedomofspeech91,950-Aug 517 hrs ago
Senior and the puzzle

Senior and the puzzleA little, silver-haired lady calls her neighbor and says, “Please come over here and help me. I have a very difficult jigsaw puzzle, and I can’t figur...

Gentlejim16815Oct 1919 hrs ago

Perpetual VictimsMany people feel victimized somehow, since the day they were born, and believe that things always happen TO them and are victims of life’s ill fortune...

daniela77741149Oct 1819 hrs ago


Track1648224 hrs ago20 hrs ago
Children Of Stolen Lives

Children Of Stolen LivesA very sad and haunting video about the lives of female children stolen to become sex slaves in brothels...although this is very sad there are good pe...

loulou7718232Oct 2120 hrs ago
Settle down

Settle downWhile everybody is asking questions about things on profiles, I can just as well join them. Saw often that people mention they want to settle down wit...

ekself22636Oct 2021 hrs ago
Foolish idea

Foolish idea .One of my neighbors saw this beautiful girl and he wanted to marry her , but he was poor and living in a small wooden house . They became friends and...

Annleerose19826Oct 1724 hrs ago

EGGSSo here's the deal- if you buy your eggs in a carton, do you use them all from one end towards the other, or do you use them from both ends of the car...

pat8lanips34338Sep 28Oct 21
Whats Wrong with People

What's Wrong with People?Have you ever spared some time just to talk to someone, rushed home just to get to hear his/her voice before he/she goes to bed (let's say you are of...

Geline_1357643Oct 17Oct 21
I Almost Forgot

I Almost Forgothow relaxing to have some times away from work.

Kalpataru8710Oct 21Oct 21
Dinner after birthday

Dinner after birthdayI don't know how to attach my favorite dinner image to this blog, it's the first time I post something public here, for a lonely day - after my birthd...

Little_sun1438Oct 17Oct 21
Sex robots

Sex robotsWhen do you think state of the art sex robots will be on the market? Will they also be able to do cooking, cleaning and Ironing? Will they also bat...

Freedomofspeech9918119Oct 12Oct 21
Acts of kindness during World War 2

Acts of kindness during World War 2World War II was a horrible conflict, which engulfed much of the known world. Known as the Great War, this conflict killed as many as 75 million peopl...

britishcolumbian391Oct 21Oct 21

HighI had some beers today . I am totally high right about now , it feels good , then again I am feeling somehow like I want to...........Oh I cannot sle...

Annleerose7110Oct 21Oct 21
What does

What does...."Some College " .actually mean ? You stayed at school until your 16th birthday re-sitting the same year over and over In the "special needs " class...

oldblue5420111Oct 20Oct 21

How stupid are we?Now I'm not one for tv, I think is shit,as is the news! they don't report the news, they make the news,, all these terrorist attacks around the world,...

Heartbeatfast007833Oct 15Oct 20
a love song

a love songI have to google for the English translation. And glad I did!...

tatami10114Oct 19Oct 20

"THE FINAL CUT"When These Big Shot Producers Make A Movie...From What I Know...When The Final Cut Has Been Made..They All Sit Down... And Watch Their So Called Maste...

namaron23339Oct 19Oct 20
stringman20912Oct 18Oct 20
NFL National Anthem Rituals Patriotism

NFL National Anthem Rituals - Patriotism?OR $multi-million DoD sponsored recruitment propaganda aimed at young Murkuns? How 'bout a 'Separa...

miclee9818Oct 20Oct 20

WarrantyIf I get a sex robot I would be getting my monies worth . , service for my money . No quickey , no complaining ,no centers often and he would not nee...

Annleerose14413Oct 19Oct 20

QuestionQuestion:When a woman says she only smokes socially, what does that mean?...

Rik15223424Oct 19Oct 20
lemonika22: "10 SIMPLE WAYS TOBE BEAUTIFUL"(meet us in the top 10 lists)

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