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Do your qualities for a mate change with time

Do your qualities for a mate change with time?Have your requirements, expectations, tastes for a mate (or soul mate) changed with your age, time, knowledge, experience, situation? I'm asking in...

robrt78724331Sep 225 mins ago
Some people

Some peoplemake the world a more special and better place just by being in it. And you're all one of them. === Here's a song to accompany this blog: "Y...

robrt78735-55 mins ago55 mins ago

Giving ?What is required according to u to be a giving person ?...

Snookums3328931Sep 161 hrs ago

"WITCHES..AND A CRANKY GUY"Back In 1692.... To 1693..... In Salem Massachusetts....More Than 200 People Were Accused Of Being Involved With Witch Craft ....Or Were Accused Of Be...

namaron54345Aug 251 hrs ago

Life is like a c*ck fest....Life....everyone battling for their place, meaning, worth.... Searching for "the one" and to feel truly "happy" I'm trying to break the mould and reb...

Roughroadergirl6787415 hrs ago1 hrs ago
Almost Had An o*gasm On The Dance Floor

Almost Had An o*gasm On The Dance Floor!So, I just had a little escapade. Left office a little early for a "meeting" and went to my friends' favorite night club I noticed so many drun...

Crazyheart38166128 hrs ago1 hrs ago
In a Bitching Mood

In a Bitching MoodWhen i started writing and commenting on blogs here about a week ago i thought, wow this may be a great place to discuss philosophical things But w...

arpito2342013 hrs ago2 hrs ago

"CANDID CAMERA"It Was A Long Time Ago... When This Show Used To Be On.....If I Remember Right.......It Used To Be On...On A Sunday Evening.......And...Of Course..Its...

namaron130188 hrs ago3 hrs ago

cryWhat makes us cry? A stubbed toe while walking in The dark? The outcropping of legs We forget about or took as not Hurtful? What makes us cry...

freehand3114 hrs ago4 hrs ago
Puerto Rico dam reported to be failing

Puerto Rico dam reported to be failing...and the people living below this dam cannot be contacted to be informed. The news states there is no electricity and telephone service, how does one...

Johnny_Sparton3016 hrs ago6 hrs ago

BlockedHow would you know if someone has your mobile number blocked from contacting their's?...

itchywitch33225Sep 219 hrs ago
There have been a lot of research papers and documented evidence

There have been a lot of research papers and documented evidencePublished lately on a whole range of subjects and covering a broad spectrum of issues that make our lives better or in some cases worse. Global warmin...

nonsmoker5205824 hrs ago10 hrs ago
stringman703Sep 1910 hrs ago
Jennifer Michael

Jennifer MichaelShe's local and I met her online. I was briefly exchanging messages via email and Jennifer stated she 'feels safe talking with me'-whatever that mean...

TheAgnostic5895419 hrs ago10 hrs ago

VibesDo u know anything about them ? If u do, do u react to them ?...

Snookums3349214 hrs ago12 hrs ago
People Countries

People & CountriesYeah Yeah I know everyone is different. There is no definitive mood. Just people. Like everywhere. Some nice some mean but ....Mexicans are...let´s sa...

Cachuchi1893115 hrs ago12 hrs ago
A line to say Hello

A line to say HelloHELLO INDEED . What was the Change hear that the Old Bloggers Faded out . it seems that Age is a Factor that Poetry and Writing and Facts of Life ar...

kyacheo43314 hrs ago13 hrs ago
South African police

South African policeA woman called the police to report her missing husband. husband has been missing for 2 days. He went out to buy potatoes and didn't come...

ekself1913416 hrs ago13 hrs ago
Very quiet here

Very quiet hereIt's like a feminist convention, a feminist movie or a feminist rally Where have all the people gone too...

Freedomofspeech91932119 hrs ago13 hrs ago
Fear of God

Fear of GodThis gift of fear of the Lord is sometimes misunderstood because of the word “fear.” “Fear of the Lord” is not a servile fear whereby a person serves...

seaworthy55448Sep 1915 hrs ago

LifeLife is hard until you make it easy........

Anileo48118 hrs ago17 hrs ago
Bitterness is ugly

Bitterness is uglyCaught a chick with this picture as the primary picture on her profile: Is this not the telltale sign that this chick is frustra...

SimonInMark1,18782Sep 1920 hrs ago
He pressed the steel bulkhead with his thumb

He pressed the steel bulkhead with his thumb.The bulkhead yielded Anyone else remember that passage? How about the great desert acrpss the stars around us. Where every star system had been...

Ken_19905Sep 1723 hrs ago
The Triple Filter Test Of Socrates

The "Triple Filter" Test Of SocratesJust wanted to share this with you as I thought it might be appropriate and will give you something to ponder on? It certainly had an impact on me w...

daniela77733130Sep 4Sep 22

In My Opnion There Are Enough Suffering And Hate In The World, Because Wars, Let As Work For "Peace"Lets Do It For our Children And Grandchildren! What is your Oppinion? From Balicia Reply here or send me amessage [/...

Balicia1044Sep 14Sep 22
His hers

His & hersEarlier today whilst getting the hair done, picked up a magazine, flicked through the pages till something of interest caught my eye, then I began rea...

itchywitch31026Sep 19Sep 22
The dreamer

The dreamer...The chess analysts claim that if the best moves are played from both sides, all games must end in a draw. Earlier I vigorously refuted the claim but n...

iotaoo585Sep 21Sep 22
online dating is a good way for people to never meet

online dating is a good way for people to never meetoutside of almost noone meets on free sites. moving is difficult everything is difficult. i thought having money and looks would help-it do...

inafunk1697Sep 10Sep 21


Track16381Sep 21Sep 21
Hot teachers and lucky but stupid students

Hot teachers and lucky but stupid students A google highlight news article about a teacher wh...

Akeldama4011910Sep 21Sep 21
stringman23722Sep 20Sep 21

"THATS THE WAY IT IS"Despite What Some People May Think.....Trump Will Do A Hell Of A Lot Better Than That Idiot Hitlery Clinton..... Who Championed The Rights Of Women.....

namaron694Sep 21Sep 21

"PEACE IN THE C.S. VALLEY"Everybody Here... That Converses Back And Forth... With Other People Who Are On Here....Doesnt Have A Clue... As To Who That Person Really And Actua...

namaron39342Sep 19Sep 21
In a recent interview

In a recent interview..former Springbok lock forward and rugby hero Frik du Preez was asked how the bok team from his playing days would shape against the current bok team i...

Lukeon794Sep 20Sep 21
The joys of bachelorhood

The joys of bachelorhood !!!Divorced/Widowed guys, pick up any girl anywhere (Most of them that is) In 3 weeks of not responding, they can pick up endless females. Is sex r...

Snookums332128Sep 16Sep 21

HOW DOES IT HAPPEN ???I just switched on and my skype let me know someone wanted me to add him on my contact list???? How did he find my e-mail address which is used for...

Redex713Sep 21Sep 21
All we will ever be

All we will ever be?Either the writer of Game of Thrones is a genius or he/she has a very vivid imagination mixed with a philosophical thinking that does not hold too muc...

Johnny_Sparton31648Sep 19Sep 21
Humans and Microchips

Humans and MicrochipsI’m not talking about small boxes of French fries shoved into your wrist, but microchips that can and are being inserted into human hands and in cases...

Mapmaker35545Sep 21Sep 21
Have u ever experienced Rich and Poor

Have u ever experienced Rich and Poor ?I have been both and both and in between were fascinating....

Snookums3320316Sep 20Sep 21

RedexJust for you....

Track161274Sep 21Sep 21
Seismic event coming soon

Seismic event coming soon....I had a disturbing dream/vision last night, I don´t know what to do, I´ll tell you about it sometime, someday, oh god, I´m wetting my pants...

Bnaughty22031Sep 20Sep 21
Crazyheart3827925Sep 21Sep 21
Ann32love: "Fatherly Feelings"(meet us in the poems)

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