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stringman73132 hrs agojust now

No more mister nice guyI have spent the last 15 minutes dashing around causing harmless mischief on several threads, yet no one will take a blind bit of notice. Do I ha...

Harbal172383 hrs ago3 mins ago

"TAKE A LOOK AROUND""There Are Many Things That Mankind Has Learned.............But Unfortunately?.........................There Are certain Things .........................

namaron13436Apr 1711 mins ago

Lost opportunities...bucket lists.Helped a fellow sailor install an amateur radio/single side band radio/back rig antenna on his 34 foot sloop here a decade ago. He was bound for the M...

Vierkaesehoch7442 hrs ago51 mins ago

Would Jesus celebrate Easter?............ No He would not.................Would Jesus Christ celebrate Easter? The record of the New Testament is clear: The faithful members of the early Church continued to observe all that...

bcjenny74152 hrs ago1 hrs ago
stringman21827Apr 181 hrs ago

Android 9 update...Yesterday, my cellphone carrier pushed through another update, from OREO, Android 8 to their current version PIE, Android 9. Maybe you're familiar...

chatillion10810Apr 132 hrs ago

TrinidadAfter spending 3 weeks in Tobago yesterday we left for Trinidad. We started sailing at 7 am. It was a clouded and drizzly day but started to clear up...

lshtar52962Apr 182 hrs ago

FISTINGI looking for girl f*ck me and make me fisting,i living in London....

satara821517Apr 192 hrs ago

MyPillow CEO: ‘Everybody Loves Our President; Some Just Don't Know it Yet’Speaking on Mark Levin’s Fox News program, “Life, Liberty and Levin,” on Sunday, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell said, “Everybody loves our president; some...

Willy341110112Apr 162 hrs ago

What just happenedTwo weeks ago I mentioned a pretty friend that lived just a couple of doors down got diagnosed with Leukemia, three weeks later DEAD. ugh I had gon...

UnFayzed8087 hrs ago2 hrs ago

Song Remakes...I listen to a local classic rock music radio station that has a few hours of talk show in the morning and music at 10am. One day, they talked about li...

chatillion86689Aug 20182 hrs ago

In The New Yorker today - Trump's fate lies in the hands of the votersThere are incidents sprinkled throughout the special counsel’s report in which President Trump’s behavior is clearly unethical, if not conclusively il...

JimNastics27429Apr 182 hrs ago
Willy34112114 hrs ago3 hrs ago

Lonely WalksI enjoy lonely walks. Every day I go for a walk by myself. Some of those walks are long, others short, but I always enjoy the peace and quiet that can...

Xanthea22510Apr 183 hrs ago

Mueller Report Causes Democrats To Double Down On Their Mental SeizuresNever expect facts to change anything for the Democrats. Their strategy is the same as it always is since President Trump was elected: character as...

Diamond_Rain15418Apr 193 hrs ago

The TIME for the impending impeachment of Donald Trump grows closerFrom TIME; Robert Mueller Told Congress They Can Prosecute the President. Now It Gets Ugly Alana Abramson Time•April 18, 2019 More than...

JimNastics90810 hrs ago4 hrs ago

Who is God? Does God exists?This is one concept many people don't want to talk about, because they claim it is Religion. Others don't want to, because it is controversial and do...

WhyNotAgain4love45748Apr 114 hrs ago

Pssst.... they're fake !!Simple fact... ALL dating sites have scammers with fraudulent profiles. Some sites have more than others and I believe it's related to management, be...

chatillion63039Jan 204 hrs ago

Been journaling for decades......As with the home movies of our twins, and pets, and travels---fun to look back at the entries from time to time. Always describe/record dreams, whe...

Vierkaesehoch1264Apr 185 hrs ago

I Hate My Sister Several Times..And this time because she and her family left for that City without telling me earlier. Other...

Kalpataru6139 hrs ago5 hrs ago

What Trump is guilty ofDonald Trump, the President of the United States, behaved like any innocent man would behave having been framed by fabricated propaganda prepared by f...

Willy341151410 hrs ago5 hrs ago

Premillennial Snowflake Julian Assange......and our enlightened USA prison system. Apparently, the Equadorians have had enough. Almost a decade of hospitality, including ceviche and lampadas, an...

Vierkaesehoch2105Apr 117 hrs ago

Build the wall.The only president that exactly says what he means. Transparency at its best. Call me whatever but I think I will join the revolt if he's impe...

lindsyjones3,098197Dec 127 hrs ago

S. Hucklebee Sanders...The White house Press Secretary comes under a lot of scrutiny because some of the things she tells the American press have been proven not to be true....

chatillion3028 hrs ago8 hrs ago

TogethernessSpring is here. Love is in the air. Life is everywhere. You are beautiful. The smile in your eyes. Lovely when you arise. Hug me, hold me cl...

robrt78712713Apr 198 hrs ago
Bentlee13316Apr 189 hrs ago

FEASTING...I looking for good food and make me feasting all weekend long. In Delray Beach tonight and tomorrow. Watchout on Sunday I living in Miami and looking...

chatillion65621 hrs ago10 hrs ago

"HangInThere " By( Falicia,s Own Experiences)Not Matter What Life Throughout at You! " Please Hang In There" Yes I Understand Life Is Getting So Hard, for Some People! But We All Are Ne...

falicia1397Apr 1410 hrs ago
December 26 1862 Dakota 38

December 26,1862/Dakota 38Another little known fact, surprising to learn of from whom the order was issued..........

Bentlee21025Apr 1711 hrs ago

Treachery, we've been kicked in the nuts by BINOAfter a rousing speech just yesterday where Treason May (UK's PM) promised a full Brexit, she today locked up her lilly livered cabinet members in her...

zmountainman14,1791,659Jul 201812 hrs ago

Finding Brick walls in Dating SitesHave you ever wondered how many people you connect with that are false? Yes, I'm sure we all will on occasions. It's happened to me previously and the...

dazl01112822 hrs ago12 hrs ago

Two volumes........of the Mueller report. First one has a good deal that is court/legally vetted, saying no collusion. Vol. 2 is almost all she said he said. Alt left...

Vierkaesehoch543Apr 1913 hrs ago

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONEjust have a few days off and leave the world ticking over without you Chocolate, beer, good weather and turning the news off A bit of hug...

EXRED17330Apr 1814 hrs ago

Quotes of the day - "Oh my god ! This is the end of my presidency. I am fuc*ed"Stated by Donald Trump to then attorney general Jeffrey Sessions when hearing of the appointment of Robert Mueller and fully spelled out in the Muelle...

JimNastics1036Apr 1914 hrs ago
stringman582Apr 1918 hrs ago

To All CS Language Experts..It's not easy to communicate with ones from different countries. Even one simple thing like language could become a big barrier. When someone menti...

Kalpataru19710Apr 1318 hrs ago

I Don't Carewho you are what your skin color is what your religion is what your culture is what country you are from what your IQ is what your hobbies are...

Kalpataru21216Apr 1418 hrs ago

Mueller Report - What the media said versus What was really said 'Why CNN & MSNBC are FAKE NEWS'Media says Trump exclaiming when he first learned that the special counsel was appointed: "Oh my god. This is terrible. This is the end of my presiden...

Willy34119316Apr 1918 hrs ago

My Easter BlogWhat relevance or significance does the crucifixion of Christ have to mankind? I’ve always been puzzled by this and even asked the question several t...

Harbal51976Apr 1919 hrs ago

"SOME OF US ARE SO OLD"..("MICLEE'S 21ST CENTURY")Some Of Us Are So Old Because..............................."When We Were Kids?"........................................ (You Fill It In From Here)....

namaron31,2351,687Aug 201420 hrs ago

Beatin On All FrontsDon't care how you look at it. You can pretend like Soupy, hope like Chat, or be oblivious like Liberal1....but you girls are done. McCabe confirms...

Drcoctail29311Feb 1523 hrs ago

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