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50 VIKING QUOTES!THE OLD NORSE WHERE WISE. Sögumál Wisdom inspired by and from the Icelandic Sagas 1. A man's own hand is most to be trusted. (VGS, c.4) 2....

lindz2952,32232Apr 2012Jul 20

HOW TO ATTRACT A GEMINI WOMAN - Get your running sWomen born under the sign of Gemini are typically bright, chatty and mercurial. They often have eclectic interests and an eager thirst for knowledge,...

Unknown41,15318Feb 2010Feb 2010
Life After Death Day of Judgment

Life After Death, Day of JudgmentAtheists don't believe in the existence of God Almighty Allah or life after death the day of Judgment. Atheists only believe in science that the whole...

Unknown36,7551,935Nov 2011Oct 2016
Difference Between a Muslim a Non Muslim life

Difference Between a Muslim & a Non Muslim lifeThere is a lot of difference between a Muslim man & women & a non Muslim men & women for example non Muslim women & men are unhygienic because when th...

Unknown35,926122Nov 2011Dec 2011
Can a Muslim Marry a Jew or a Christian

Can a Muslim Marry a Jew or a ChristianCan a Muslim marry a Jew or a Christian the replay is given in the Quran in Surah Maidah chapter 5 verse 5 which says Lawful unto you in marriage are...

Unknown31,64196Nov 2011Feb 2012
Allah Mentioned in the Bible

Allah Mentioned in the BibleGod with Capital G means God Almighty Allah the Creator of all & (a god) with a small g means a godly person a Guide a Messenger a Prophet of God Almi...

Unknown31,39986Oct 2011Jul 2012
Slaughtering the Cattle

Slaughtering the CattleThe Islamic method of slaughtering. When we slaughter the animal, we do the ‘Zabihah’ method we cut the throat, and the wind pipe, and the blood vesse...

Unknown30,98153Oct 2011Oct 2011
what makes Irish men the best lovers

what makes Irish men the best lovers?I read in an article that Irish men are the best lovers. What makes Irish men the best lovers?...

Ian198527,88835Dec 2009Sep 2016

religionthis is not meant to be offensive to any religious people.... how come there is no common sense in religion,, it just doesnt apply and why is it ever...

jaywalkin27,37499Dec 2011Aug 2015

HAPPY EID MUBARAK ..Happy Eid Mubarak to all my muslim cs friends :hugs:...

narnia9326,96221Aug 2011Nov 2011
How to make a Hooker fall in love with you

How to make a Hooker fall in love with you.I picked up this hooker once, not to sleep with, just wanted some company on a very long trip, about a thousand kms. I do that if I go on a long tri...

whtwhb24,75911Jan 2013Aug 2016
Why do most all older women wear thier hair short

Why do most all older women wear thier hair shortWhy do almost all older women wear thier hair short?...

trueone24,43740Jan 2008Feb 2015

CRYING..............Crying doesn't indicate that you are week.Since birth,it has always been A sign you are "ALIVE"...

zakim23,97025Jan 2013Dec 2013
Joke of the day

Joke of the day........Wife comes home late at night and quietly opens the door to her bedroom. From under the blanket she sees four legs instead of two! She reaches fo...

zakim23,52211Jan 2013Aug 2016
GEMINI Women Do you really want to date one

GEMINI Women - Do you really want to date one??Okay, something a little more lighthearted from me on this beautiful Valentine's Day ...... Gemini women are sexy, vivacious and energetic. As a re...

Unknown18,0888Feb 2010Feb 2010
if a guy give you a piece of jewelry

if a guy give you a piece of jewelry...if a guy give you a piece of jewelry in your beginning of relationship, does it have a certain meaning? i mean, would each item (like a ring or a nec...

Kasih16,88717Apr 2010Apr 2010
Lying about age

Lying about age????I see so many women on here who claim to be a certain age but look so much older. I believe that many people are lying about their age. What do you al...

IMunbreakable115,554161Aug 2011Jun 2014
92fail this simple test

92%fail this simple test.The image is formed by a grid of square lines where reader is asked to count the number of squares. See whether you can answer it correctly or not? Ho...

Kapjen14,99441Aug 2012Sep 2012
So I changed my profile is it rude

So I changed my it rude ...?I have had many many mails from folk in faraway countries, many with attached yahoo or e - mail addresses and now find that, although I used to do my...

cupidsoul14,86037Feb 2013Feb 2016
Who knows GaGaMatch com

Who knows everyone all around the world! Who is familiar with this internet dating site? There are lot of very beautiful ladies - i mean - there almost every...

unidentificed13,88012Nov 2011May 2015
BONER ever had an akward boner

BONER-ever had an akward boner?seeing that sex is the order of the day,i wanna ask the male bloggers, ever happened to you?...

Unknown13,45962Oct 2012Oct 2012
Why would an Ex try to make you jealous

Why would an Ex try to make you jealous??My ex has been doing some things of late that lead me to believe he's trying to make me jealous, or trying to evoke some sort of reaction from me. Ver...

Unknown13,13816Nov 2011Nov 2011

"SOME OF US ARE SO OLD"Some Of Us Are So Old Because....... When We Were Kids?.........Rainbows... Were Black And White....Some Of Us Are So Old Because.............. (You F...

namaron10,716347Aug 2014Nov 2016
I m looking for true love and marriage

I,m looking for true love and marriageI'm looking for true love: about myself: I am looking for a serious relationship only..I have no time for the games.. I'm looking for a girlfriend whi...

Unknown10,5769Jun 2011Jun 2011
I am so happy today

I am so happy today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I just want to share with all of you GOOD VIBES, the great feeling I feel today, I am very happy and thankful with God for my wonderful life, it is Fr...

LonelyMontse0810,33910Apr 2010May 2010
Why do men like sex texting

Why do men like sex textingWas wondering if its common for men to sex text with a woman and if it is a way to avoid intimacy or is it a way to get to know someone before meeting...

NJGirl10,27422Mar 2012Mar 2012

THE IDEAL MAN-WHAT EVERY WOMAN EXPECTS...THE IDEAL MAN-WHAT EVERY WOMAN EXPECTS... He will be brilliant conversationalist He will be sensitive,kind,understanding a...

claudya10,04619Feb 2009Jul 2013
30 Day Soul mate Prayer

30 Day Soul mate PrayerSpeak this prayer each morning and evening for 30 days. Dear God, Loving Essence of all there is. Please fill me with your sacred presence. I ask...

Unknown9,82412Aug 2011Aug 2011
the Magic of Make Up

the Magic of Make UpEarlier today, a friend sent me a pic of a doll like girl named Kotakoti..she has flawless skin, bambi eyes, and soft hair.. I really love her face!...

Unknown9,17947Oct 2012Oct 2012
It was a Dark Knight when

It was a Dark Knight when..The Exorcist , a man by the name of Gump, he was a Graduate of a West Side university, but that's another Story, he'd studied to become a vet & had wr...

zmountainman9,160504Jan 2013Feb 2013

Baldness And Grey HairThe Lord made a limited number of perfect scalps. The rest He covered with hair. Somebody asked me yesterday if I’m bald. No, I fear I do not have a p...

Catfoot9,02749Jun 2013Jun 2013
To kill a mocking bird kamel

To kill a mocking bird (kamel)How to kill a mocking bird kamel! Or a Gordi! Never mess with a Saint... Or a pirate! Action Stations! Ready warriors...

Unknown8,815169Nov 2012Dec 2012
why do some women say thank u after sex

why do some women say thank u after sex?I have not really had this experience, but i just keep pondering over it. sometimes when i watch some hollywood romantic movies, most women in some of...

Unknown8,71111Mar 2010Mar 2010
some funny quotes to cheer people up

some funny quotes to cheer people upI know some of us are feeling down about being alone on valentines day so i found some funny things that might cheer you up I don't understand wh...

Unknown8,5685Feb 2009Jun 2011

My First Impression Of CS Male BloggersI believe that first impression lasts. Just like most people, I base my first impression from what I see in a person's face . Some of that changed w...

Crazyheart388,410289Aug 2015Aug 2015

Young Asian Women with Older White Men...There are many advantages for both young Asian woman and an older White man in an interracial relationship. Is it really worth it?...

Crazyheart388,340246Jun 2015Apr 2016
The dream of mature people

The dream of mature peopleA mature person is not only that one who lived a long life, but someone who had lived many experiences which may not, necessarily, be linked to age....

Nena03088,3177Mar 2009Mar 2010
Maintaining Eye Contact

Maintaining Eye ContactWe all know that eye contact is important for good communication between people. But, this is not always easy. With some people eye contact is...

JimNastics8,02912Jan 2012Jan 2012
Joke of the day getting screwed by nuns

Joke of the day - getting screwed by nunsA man is driving his truck down a deserted stretch of highway when he notices sign out of the corner of his eye. It reads: Sisters of St. Francis Ho...

JimNastics7,8905Sep 2008Nov 2014

SAME SEX MARRIAGE: ARE YOU FOR IT? OR NOT? WHY?I am very aware of the fact that this is one of the most debated and most controversial discussions in the world. In the US alone, there are only 18...

lindsyjones7,710281Mar 2014Oct 2016
Womanor Man

Woman…or Man?Ok, so, as most of you do, I search CS for my matches. Interestingly some people seem confused as to their gender. These people seem "real", not sc...

Unknown7,6582Nov 2010May 2011
will you wear a skirt

will you wear a skirt?The train drivers and conductors in Sweeden have started wearing skirts to work, to protest agaisnt the company`s policy of no shorts to work. how ma...

india307,47927Jun 2013Jun 2013
"PLAY NOW: Leprechauns"(meet us in the games)

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