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Track161489Apr 16Apr 17

Unknown danger ofBorrowed a Dehumidifier and made the mistake of leaving it on overnight Woke up this morning with dry eyeballs and so thirsty I could have sucked...

OIdblue1448Apr 8Apr 10

my bucket list...I'm thinking of the right tools for the job. Most of the vacuuming is done in my cleaning project, but the fine dust is more than my shop vac can ha...

chatillion17914Feb 8Feb 9

ThinkTell me a sentence you and your partner could both say during love making and while sitting at the dinner table with your children. Go.........

Willy341121923Mar 30Mar 31

The Truth about the Lincoln Memorial IncidentThe black “activists”, emotionally emboldened by witnessing children in red MAGA hats, directed their verbal abuse on the assembling group of kids. S...

Willy34111582Jan 21Jan 21

Moody Musicians...My first recollection of a musician who was 'difficult' to work with was guitarist Jeff Beck. His first claim to fame was with The Yardbirds in 1965 w...

chatillion1216Mar 14Mar 17

This grandson was a very bad boy as he told his grandma a lie. This is funny me thinksGrandma writes: God bless you all. I just had to write to you about the wonderful experience I had the other day. I went up to local Christian books...

bcjenny10713Mar 4Mar 5
HE is a practical joker

HE is a practical jokerI am convinced of it. I met a perfect woman. Single, sweet, well educated and gorgeous too. There is a catch. She has a bad heart valve and a no...

Ken_191606Feb 18Feb 18

Kudlow: 'Hottest Economy in World' to Grow 3 PercentWhite House economic adviser Larry Kudlow on Friday said he expects forecasts of three percent U.S. economic growth this year to hold because America...

Willy34111408Feb 2Feb 3
A foot and a Half

A foot and a Half ,.Marie and Tony were just married, and they're spending their honeymoon night at her mother's house. Maria, being a good Italian girl, is a virgin,...

sweetladydi840Mar 24

Why tomorrow is Good Friday, He has risen from the dead, that is why it is GoodHe is Lord, He is Lord He has risen from the dead And He is Lord Every knee shall bow Every tongue confess That Jesus Christ is Lord...

bcjenny703Apr 18Apr 18

Some things to think aboutThe paradox of our time in history is: We have taller buildings, but shorter tempers; Wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints; We spend more...

bcjenny12810Mar 13Mar 13

Another one bites the dustRegarding my other blog, it didn't go very far. I made inquiries about what the other party wanted. I explained that had he comprehended my profile de...

Palmfrond56657Mar 8Mar 10
I love a Good Joke

I love a Good JokeEdith and Marie were outside their nursing home, having a smoke when it started to rain. Edith pulled out a condom, cut off the end, put it over her c...

sweetladydi1242Mar 18Mar 18

Muslim Scholar: Smuggle Suicide bomber and Biological bombs Into U.S. Thru The Mexican US BorderDemocrats are lying to America by saying there is no emergency at the southern border. A very popular Muslim scholar proposed smuggling suicide bo...

Willy34111081Mar 16Mar 16

"A VERY THIN LINE"Walk Softly My Friend.......................................As If You Were Walking On Egg Shells........................And You Could Not Make A Noise...

namaron790Feb 12
How Do You Let People Know They Matter

How Do You Let People Know They Matter ?So Valentine's Day is just around the corner.... My plans to show someone he matters didn't come off. Plan A was a surprise visit, found out b...

Crazyheart3825729Feb 12Feb 14
The day before my work as an extra

The day before my work as an extra!Tomorrow is the day when I am going to shoot my scenes as an extra, and I am very excited! I need to find the clothes I need to wear tomorrow, so I wi...

Philipsen1372Jan 21Jan 21

The so called government shut down..........most of the polling says few seem affected by it, or are even aware of this latest fake news biased media boondoggle. Our Brilliant President T...

Vierkaesehoch1753Jan 21Feb 14
Commander in Chief Comment blog

Commander in Chief ---Comment blogFeel free to post comments here. BTW; Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to be indicted for bribery, fraud

ooby_dooby890Mar 6

Wishfull Thinking or Proof?Dreams are very funny stuff: Some people believe that they are a prediction of the future, warning, wishes come true, as long as they just behave or...

smiley96334337Feb 13Feb 23

Daytime Running Lights aren't headlights... be careful!Daytime Running Lights (DRL) is a setting on your headlight switch that (depending on the age of your vehicle) only light up a string of LED lights ar...

chatillion14710Jan 31Feb 1
Impulsive and Spread himself too thin superiors

Impulsive and Spread-himself-too thin superiors..Being an employee, we could experienced different superiors..which we need to adjust and learn how to deal with them. But an impulsive superior is a k...

ayoneq831Feb 21Feb 21

Revenge Or Forgiveness?What Makes You Happier? What is not often addressed is the effect over time. We do sometimes see stories about what it's like coming home from w...

daniela77784893Mar 20Apr 16

FEASTING...I looking for good food and make me feasting all weekend long. In Delray Beach tonight and tomorrow. Watchout on Sunday I living in Miami and looking...

chatillion65621 hrs ago10 hrs ago

Crazy..Crazy For You "Crazy For You" Sometimes I can't breathe And when I wake up in the morning, I can't believe This whole world's crazy with...

hpylady_830Apr 4
Track161516Feb 7Feb 8

adareyou are causing so much pain don't deny it. all you do is tell everyone what I have done. there is nothing I can say or do to repair the damage be...

eeejay840Mar 25

Love story;.... "The soldier and the rose"the margin. The soft handwriting reflected a thoughtful soul and insightful mind. In the front of the book, he discovered the previous owner's name, M...

bcjenny995Feb 13Feb 14

Police union calls for federal probe into 'Empire' actor Jussie SmollettThe Chicago police union is calling for a federal investigation into state's attorney Kim Foxx to determine the extent of her involvement with the Jus...

Willy3411863Mar 28Mar 30

My Dragon egg hatchedAs I had mentioned last week, my tennis partner invited me over for a match today. After our game, he began playing his video game that he promised m...

Palmfrond1695Mar 20Mar 21

"THE GAMES PEOPLE PLAY"..(2)"I Was Driving Along The Street Today".............................................."And I Was Not Expecting The Un Expected" "Well...To Be Honest Wi...

namaron1828Feb 28Mar 25

That's LifeSome have probably already heard of him but when hundreds of lives can be saved by one person it bears repeating. Sir Nicholas Winton who organise...

Willy34111021Feb 13Feb 13

How?How does not 1 or 2, but 5 cats get on the bed with me and me not notice any of them?...

Track161033Mar 23Mar 25

Voy a mi bolaMove along please folks unless you can help me with some Spanish colloquialisms because I suspect my leg is being gently pulled ... not going to say w...

Elegsabiff28833Mar 14Mar 15
Touch me in the morning then just walk away

Touch me in the morning, then just walk away...”............. Touch me in the morning, then just walk away...”...

jarred1111-Jan 25

Foxy Lady & my deer friendsI got back to New Jersey (NJ) a couple of weeks ago. The first few days I was busy unloading the car and unpacking. After that, there was a stormy t...

JimNastics834Apr 17Apr 18

Futuristic Films – “Avenger Of Our Future”?Some Sci-Fi - Star Trek series, amongst others - in which, over the years, several features such as cell phones, automatic doors, and many others have...

daniela77727223Jan 31Feb 6

"CREATION"..("IN RETURN")..(136)For Every Action There Has Ever Been In This World?..............................There Has Always Been A Reaction To The Action That Has Been Taken......

namaron99-Mar 26Mar 27

Civilisation FMThe preceding event aren’t important, but after 40 years of having to compromise on so many of the smaller, yet significant, preferences of daily life...

Harbal18616Feb 2Feb 2

What Is the Great Tribulation? given what is going on in the world today this is an insight into what is coming in the near future....

stringman1528Mar 7Mar 8

Lip PrintsI just captured a memory that ran through my mind to make me grin. I'll share it and hope it brings a smile to your face. My ex and I used to comm...

UnFayzed1173Feb 2Feb 2
chantal84: "ah"(meet us in the profile reviews)

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