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Soul to soul

Soul to soulHave you figured out your priorities when it comes to your love life. It's crazy the excuses you’ve made for him! He’s not ready to commit becau...

2317588F840Aug 26

Fractal PatternsSometimes referred to as “sacred geometry”. A Fractal pattern is a never ending pattern. They are referred to as patterns of “chaos” and are all a...

daniela77752570Jul 24Jul 25
Graveyard shift

Graveyard shift...Ok I drew the short straw and get to spend the next 10 hours guarding the boat from opitunists while we're at the wharf... Let's see if anyone is o...

oldblue5432328Aug 13Aug 13
What u expect

What u expectMany of us are here to find a partner. We expect to find sooner or later. In order to succeed don't u think we all should put up our best photos...

Unika_4121620Jul 21Jul 21
stringman1084Aug 1Aug 1
So There you have it

So There you have itIts one of those days. It started of normal. Light shone in my eyes waking me from sleep. I got out of bed and prepared for the day. Dressing qu...

nonsmoker69394Aug 23Aug 25
Newlyweds Shoe Game

Newlyweds Shoe GameI so wanna play this game!...

MimiArt7348134-Jul 6
s*xual innuendo or nah

s*xual innuendo, or nah?Are these lyrics s*xual? What do you think? Inside My Love Minnie Riperton Two people, just meeting, barely touching each other Two spirits,...

K_Ann_706569Jul 30Aug 1
Two Results

Two ResultsTwo Results...

jarred146-Aug 24
Quebec Canada

Quebec, Canada.Merely a few short and lovely hours by Rolls-Royce from the Aa palace in Maine. EH? But what a different world. I know I rant on the ueber PC nature...

Aaltarboy19816Jun 27Jun 28
imbackagain56571Jul 25Jul 26
Houston underwater

Houston underwaterThe rain is awesome my neice reports. She still has electtricity and sanitation and running water, but I expect those systems to go down soon. Flood...

Ken_1921616Aug 27Sep 2


Track16701Aug 3Aug 3
Im looking for a sex slave

Im looking for a sex slaveLets see. I``haven`t created a blog in quite some time ... Most of you know me for the pervert I am, and I have a kinky perverted taste when it c...

Dedovix54935Jul 8Aug 2
Do you ever play the Getting old card

Do you ever play the Getting old card,As I m getting older, I ve noticed when ever I forget someones name, or do something stupid , I blame it on getting older. I ve also noticed , you c...

1to1to126031Aug 30Aug 31
The Right Side

The Right SideThe Right Side...

jarred145-Aug 31

BALICIA'S TIPS TO IMPROVE YOUR SELF STEEM NOT MATTER YOUR GENDER PART2TEETHS AND FRESH BREATH: ! FRESH BREATH Is Very Important for your self Image! Add Bi Carb Soda To Any Tooth Paste You Could get it from any Supermar...

Balicia1053Aug 9Aug 10
Now I Know One Thing and You Know Another

Now I Know One Thing and You Know Another..You see I used to believe what I heard when some bloggers said how they didn't talk "secretly" or off blogs about other bloggers. I thought.. why woul...

Kalpataru115-Jul 23

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(126)I Have To Give Them... What They Justly Deserved....These People Stayed....Even Though The Signs Were Telling... Them.....That It Might Be A Good Time...

namaron413-Sep 6Sep 9

RedShe walks among us As if we are trees With miles under foot and Gentle words spoken in the language Of the wildlife, she conjures In her kitchen,...

freehand1208Aug 4Aug 4
The Sea Man and the Gypsy

The Sea Man and the GypsyHe is the man of the sea With scrubbed cheeks Won't get his hands dirty He is a fisher of woman Navigating the murky waters of His idea of good...

freehand72358Aug 4Aug 31
Les Glaneurs

Les Glaneurs...Documentary from Zeitgeist Productions by French filmmaker Agnes Varda. Sort of blew me away. We have all seen the pathetic scenes of dump salvage wor...

Aaltarboy1036Sep 6Sep 8
Happy Weekend Everyone

Happy Weekend Everyone!Took a sick leave from work....back pack, tent and sleeping bag are all set...going to Dead Sea and will camp there for a night .. leaving at 7:30...

Crazyheart381545Jul 7Jul 7
Hell has no fury like a woman scorned Yea right if you want to toss me in the flames

Hell has no fury , like a woman scorned, Yea right if you want to toss me in the flamesI am still flabergasted at this crazy and insane thought that was going through this woman's head when she was alive. Why on earth choose me as the be...

Fieryred7020711Jul 24Jul 24
The curtain rods with a happy ending I like lol

The curtain rods............ with a "happy ending" I like lolCURTAIN RODS --- PRICELESS On the first day, she sadly packed her belongings into boxes, crates and suitcases. On the second day, she had the mo...

britishcolumbian48619 hrs ago18 hrs ago
Disabled Blogs

Disabled BlogsI have no opinion on it, I just wanted to piss everyone off :)...

Track16106-Aug 3
What Do You Read Here

What Do You Read HereWhat Do You Read Here...

jarred181-Aug 10
Track161207Aug 25Aug 26
A Love to Last

A Love to Last....Which Love gonna last???The 1st or the 2nd??? Hello Everyone, I think a lot of times if I gonna share this with those who are reading Blogs here....

ayoneq36434Aug 18Aug 29

NewYorkcityloveYou should rather post these in the articles section, These are NOT blogs and no one will read them here. Thank you....

Mapmaker66-Sep 13
there are so many false people

there are so many false peopleFor the last two weeks I have just felt like there are so many false people and or Im one of the few who keeps it 100...

jarred1120-Aug 8

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(124)When Someone Asks A Politician A Question....It Amazes Me... That The Politician..(Bull Shit Artist)Will Go Off... In Another Direction..Ranting About...

namaron27829Aug 20Aug 24
Organized A 3 Some Last Night

Organized A 3 Some Last NightThere were a couple of no show's but I still had a good time....

Track161313Jul 12Jul 12
Turning old deck wood into a shooters bench or lunch table for the yard

Turning old deck wood into a shooter's bench or lunch table for the yard.So for the past month I have been redoing the wood deck behind my house. Lots of old wood, some dating to the mid 1970s, some rotten, some dry and g...

Ken_1915212Aug 27Aug 27

FFS...I am not a robot... The following errors occurred: is required [Blog Detail] must contain at least 50 characters, you entered 38...

oldblue541785Aug 9Aug 9
Be thankful

Be thankful…Be thankful…...

jarred150-Aug 21
Now That Its Summer

Now That Its SummerIts too warm, too humid, too many flies.....................................

Track161518Jul 20Jul 21
im a little rusty

i'm a little rustybut here's a sketch i did today....

freehand32418Jul 13Jul 22

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..("PEOPLE OF WAL MART")..(61)Yes...It Seems This Company Attracts Those That Dont Seem To Go To Any Other Store....Maybe Its About Something In The Air....Honestly Though..If othe...

namaron68273Jul 14Jul 16
would you

would youwould you date someone who had a disabled blog? would you think it might be a control issue? a one-sided conversation, unless the person has more th...

freehand232-Aug 2Aug 3

todayin order to put my last blog to bed-alone, i will post about my day. I had a very good interview. I should know something by the end of the week. T...

freehand36339Aug 7Aug 8
This is how we do it

This is how we do it..So here's the blog about our motorcycle customization work.. Hope you guys like it.. I'll share photos one by one in comments....

IncubusBaig49844Jul 1Jul 1

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