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"MIGHT SHE BE REMINDED"During The Campaign To Free The Phillipines From The Japanese Atrocities.... And Their Occupation..America Made The Ultimate Sacrifice For The People...

namaron19411Sep 24Sep 26
Dating for the undatables

Dating for the undatablesGathered here and there are a bunch of diverse intelligent and not so intelligent beings, some are good looking most are not, some are just an outline...

Mapmaker65872Sep 27Sep 29
Any advice

Any adviceWhat is your advice when dealing with a stubborn personality?...

imbackagain40143Sep 3Sep 3
Check out the mom baby white giraffes

Check out the mom & baby white giraffesThis mother and baby giraffe was recently discovered in Kenya. They are not simply albinos. Albinos have a mutation which prevents the development o...

JimNastics892Sep 14Sep 14
Track16561Oct 15Oct 15
Why do we say the truth will set you free

Why do we say "the truth will set you free" ?And yet when you tell someone the truth they prefer to hear a big fat lie?...

oldblue541,04279Sep 17Sep 19
Why is it that

Why is it that. ..tantric sex is considered to be the ultimate s*xual experience ;yet if you say You nude Skype Or sext your looked upon as some sort of s*xual devi...

oldblue5449241Sep 7Sep 10
Ok Im up for the game

Ok I'm up for the gameWhat are ? christen's And Non Belevers Should I fear Dyslexic bloggers And the raith of Dog .......

oldblue5438332Sep 30Oct 2
Dinner after birthday

Dinner after birthdayI don't know how to attach my favorite dinner image to this blog, it's the first time I post something public here, for a lonely day - after my birthd...

Little_sun86621 hrs ago19 hrs ago
NewYorkcitylove58-Sep 8
715 A M

7:15 A.M 7:15 A.M and only 22 deaths....

Huitzilopochtli1347Sep 8Sep 8

REVENGEThey say revenge is a dish best eaten cold. I don't mind if it is hot or cold, but I want it. The person bringing my car from Scotland with me pay...

Elegsabiff1,112127Sep 28Sep 30
People do not care whether you live or die

People do not care whether you live or die.People do not care whether you live or die. The truth sucks but it will set you free.?...

jarred1100-Aug 5
NewYorkcitylove75-Aug 17


Track161248Aug 8Aug 9
Track161287Aug 25Aug 26
Disabled Blogs

Disabled BlogsI have no opinion on it, I just wanted to piss everyone off :)...

Track16113-Aug 3

BagpiperI love this story. Lay down what’s bothering you, breathe in the fresh air and LISTEN to this story. Time is like a river. You cannot touch the...

Gentlejim1304Aug 6Aug 7
Im really handsome but Im really bad on online dating

I'm really handsome but I'm really bad on online dating .?I'm really handsome but I'm really bad on online dating .?...

jarred189-Jul 21

SighYeah I know, I'm here again. For anyone who wants to know, I been depressed lately and its causing me to not be myself. I haven't mentioned much a...

Track1625819Aug 14Aug 15

"BEHIND THE SCENES"..("THE BACKFIRING")One Can Only Imagine What Goes On ..."Behind The Scenes".(The Bad Mouthing To These New People...About Others)..(About Others ....That These New Peopl...

namaron409-Oct 1Oct 2


NewYorkcitylove34-Oct 14

THE GREAT AMERICAN ECLIPSE of 2017 Not Since 1776 | ENTERTAINMENT or WARNING? since it is only a week away you may find it interesting....

stringman1193Aug 14Aug 15
Finding your Ex on the same dating site

Finding your Ex on the same dating site!Well this is awkward! Finding my ex on the same dating site! Has this ever happened to you! How would you react! Would you block her from seeing you...

cgotwater35130Jul 24Jul 25
looking for new friends

looking for new friendsI'm back been away for awhile.ladies I'm back to looking for some new friends to see where it goes from there.anybody from the homestead area here...

boomboom2015620Oct 1
HAPPY DAY Full Of Surprises

HAPPY DAY! Full Of Surprises....As I got back from caring for the horses - 3 long months without my darling horses! - The postman was arriving at the front gate with a huge parc...

daniela77731532Sep 14Sep 16
Free handed

Free-handedAs a young artist in New York City, what is this obsession with work being "free-handed". Honestly, most people don't get a chance to see the process...

NewYorkcitylove93-Jul 25
i cant remember my first kiss

i can't remember my first kissi can't remember my first kiss , but i know the sweetest woman i ever kissed was another man's wife my mother ....

jarred175-Jul 26
Where are all the long legged from MD DE PA

Where are all the long legged from MD/DE/PA ?????????????Are there no long legged women from the Tri-state area, on this site ???Seems like none have been on here in the last couple of years ??????????????...

Seekinglastone1992Jul 25Jul 25
Life and how we make it

Life...and how we make it.Every now and then we're reminded of our humble fragility, like when we feel that falling down the abyss to nothingness is the only choice we have....

lindsyjones26525Jul 26Jul 26
Was Aussie Woman Murdered By Gay Somali Mpls Cop

Was Aussie Woman Murdered By Gay Somali Mpls Cop?!YouTube STOP! Whatever You're Doing & Watch Outraged Citizens Shut Down & Run Out The Minneapolis Mayor The above vid was posted to YouTube by The...

miclee33710Jul 20Jul 24
The Real Jews are These people that fit the Curses of Deuteronomy 28 Chapter

The Real Jews are? These people, that fit the Curses of Deuteronomy 28 ChapterThe Real Jews Are Israelites. A Royal Priesthood! God's Chosen! (so call Negro & Native Descent) (Father's side) Numbers 1:18 And they assembled...

NewYorkcitylove98-Aug 10
30 meter white pine dying

30+ meter white pine dying,leaning precariously toward the Aa palace, and in coastal high winds, dropped large dead branches, which meant a new front roof. Blessing in disguise,...

Aaltarboy12811Aug 11Aug 11
More funny church jokes

More funny church jokesClosing sermon words A preacher was completing a temperance sermon: with great expression he said, "If I had all the beer in the world, I'd take it...

britishcolumbian1363Sep 11Sep 13
All Blacks remain rugbys hottest ticket

All Blacks remain rugby's hottest ticketIn South Africa there were 22 000 tickets on public sale for the Test between the resurgent Springboks and All Blacks at the 52 000-capacity Newlands...

Lukeon16013Sep 13Sep 14
FK Your Ugly

FK Your UglyThat was a message I woke up to on Facebook today...

Track1640213Aug 22Sep 3
John Denver

John DenverThis song is very under rated and has such beautiful thoughts expressed. Annies Song - John Denver When I hear this song it makes me think deep and...

Freedomofspeech933623Aug 19Aug 24
South African police

South African policeA woman called the police to report her missing husband. husband has been missing for 2 days. He went out to buy potatoes and didn't come...

ekself34343Sep 22Sep 23
Has feminism damaged relations between men and women in modern day society

Has feminism damaged relations between men and women in modern day societyGood question about modern society and I wonder what other folks think? Has feminism divided men and women? Has feminism created Misandry? Has fem...

Freedomofspeech91,891-Aug 5Aug 23
Foolish idea

Foolish idea .One of my neighbors saw this beautiful girl and he wanted to marry her , but he was poor and living in a small wooden house . They became friends and...

Annleerose6286 hrs ago3 hrs ago
stringman1709Jul 30Jul 31
Why do have to shout at each other

Why do have to shout at each other?.....Isn't it strange? why shout??....Asked yourself this!..Why do we shout in anger? Why do people shout at each other when they are upset? "But why shout...

Buddy4you16611Jul 21Jul 21
"PLAY NOW: Wedding Bouquets"(meet us in the games)

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