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...Was just watching news of a school bus accident here in Dead Sea and many children died. The bad news is breaking my heart. My son called me and tol...

Crazyheart3813411Oct 25Oct 25
Womenfor Dummies

Women…for DummiesThis short but concise guide will help men have a little more understanding on women and how to deal with them. Women have been around for a very l...

Mapmaker1,218141Oct 2Oct 5

Nice WitchesOn Woman’s Hour this morning (BBC Radio 4, 10:00am), the presenter was interviewing two witches. For most people the word “witch” has negative connot...

Harbal43645Sep 11Sep 12
Lukeon1098Nov 118 hrs ago

Britain's Burka BluesBritain's Burka Blues: "I'd Like to Thank Boris Johnson" by Denis MacEoin • September 3, 2018 at 5:00 am "As a Muslim woman, I'd like to tha...

lindsyjones1343Sep 3Sep 3

Caravan Of Liberal Americans Makes Way Toward Socialist Paradise Of VenezuelaMEXICO—A migrant caravan full of leftists desiring to enter the socialist paradise of Venezuela departed the United States Thursday and began marching...

Willy34111304Oct 26Oct 28
Big FAT Liar

Big FAT LiarI see twitter and other social media sites were all aflutter with the White House Occupant's latest racist, LYING ad. It's unbelievable to me how gull...

LadyImp51741Nov 117 hrs ago

Democrats new 'It Girl' can't figure out how to move to D.C.Here is what happens when you elect a bar tender to Congress. OCASIO-CORTEZ SAYS SHE DOESN’T HAVE CONGRESSWOMAN’S SALARY YET. SHE ASKS: ‘HOW DO I G...

Willy341124132Nov 9Nov 10

Not just an ordinary saintIn my teens, I wore a St. Christopher pendant round my neck. Not because I had any kind of affinity with St. Christopher, or even any idea of who he...

Harbal32826Sep 6Sep 8

AL SHARPTON CAN’T SPELL ARETHA FRANKLIN SONG: ‘R-E-S-P-I-C-T’Haha, now this is funny. Although nobody watches Al Sharpton’s Show this is a moment that can’t be missed. While honoring the late Aretha Franklin, Sh...

Willy34111574Aug 20Aug 20

Has Murka Gone Full-On Banana Republic?This was included in a comment on another blog... The commentary in the vid deserves wider circulation than mere incl...

miclee1665Sep 20Sep 20

jobsHi. i am look a job where i csn live an work... like care taker job ...old care worker job...sales jobs...etc anywhere els i dont mind but...

dibash20191432Aug 26Aug 26
stringman1,34992Sep 13Nov 4
traveling abroad

traveling abroadI have never traveled abroad before and I am planning a trip to the Philippines in January. I will be arriving in Cebu and taking a ferry to Bohol....

Johnny_Sparton962105Oct 8Oct 23

10 Serious Problems With New Accusations Against Kavanaugh1. The New Yorker could not find a single witness who could put Kavanaugh at the alleged party. 2. The New York Times could not find a single person...

Willy341133122Sep 24Sep 25

Putin is FURIOUS !! lolSatire from The Borowitz Report Putin Furious at Saudis for Using His Puppet Without Permission By Andy Borowitz October 17, 2018 MOSCO...

JimNastics680Oct 18
How Grandma brought up and moulded grandkids

How Grandma, brought up and moulded grandkidsWhenever am with my kids, I could hear people say..."you are lucky to have your four kids " . Am supposed to be proud. But the truth, it's not me, tha...

ayoneq783Oct 19Oct 19

Short and Sweet...I had a comment on my last blog that it was too wordy. Okay, I can do requests. I did a YouTube search tonight and found a video titled Short and Swee...

chatillion1121Aug 30Aug 31

Kavanaugh Accusers Are Harming Those Who Were RapedWe’ve all heard the adage that “the personal is political,” and as we watched the slow motion train wreck that was Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hear...

Willy341146738Sep 30Oct 19
The Virgosign on turning 64

The Virgosign on turning 64.Bongu nies. I’ve been singing The Beatles songs since their very own original release dates in the glorious ‘60s ... and for a while, most of the...

virgosign22414Sep 10Sep 20

flashing on blogs- Bloodybrilliant flashed her arse three years ago, but was a newbie and got easily provoked once by Calypso, once by Berry. - Calypso flashed her bo...

bloodyawfull6,653337Oct 315 hrs ago

"CREATION"..("THIS ONE'S FOR YOU")..(119)In The Budweiser Commercials.................... From A Long Time Ago......................They Always Used The Slogan "This Buds For You"..............

namaron156-Aug 22Aug 23

Hate crime up in the USA since Trump was electedRacist Incidents Are Up Since Donald Trump's Election. . Lucy Nicholson—Reuters By Katie Reilly November 13, 2016 In the days since the preside...

JimNastics23829Oct 2714 hrs ago
Streetwalkin Resorting to the Resort

Streetwalkin': Resorting to the ResortOne of my clients stopped by my house to pick up some product yesterday and advised me that it was smokier where I lived than in Harrison, at the lake...

LadyImp22318Aug 22Aug 23
Wisdom Word

Wisdom Word!I just beloved on a movement and a trend back toward quality people who don’t just look good on the outside or in the bank account, but also have the...

Cee1979770Aug 17

It Wasn’t Comey’s Decision to Exonerate Hillary – It Was Obama’sThe thing to understand, what has always been the most important thing to understand, is that Jim Comey was out in front, but he was not calling the s...

Willy341131621Sep 10Sep 23

Fat tastes good...I have to say that fat tastes good. Foods that are high in fat always taste good. Fat & salt... Mmmmmm.... steak. Fat & sugar Mmmmmmm... cheesecake....

chatillion1739Aug 22Aug 24

Pocahontas a real Indian - 1/1,024th. that isSen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has declared herself vindicated for a decades-long claim to be Cherokee, thanks to a DNA test she ordered in response to...

Willy341161745Oct 15Oct 20

Leather...On a family trip to California in the 1960's, we stopped in Tijuana Mexico. My dad had some extra cash and bought the family some souvenirs. I got a s...

chatillion12813Nov 5Nov 6

It's YOUR move.You play white. "Do you feel lucky...... ?" What is the best single chess move you can make in the position shown below ? It leads to checkmate o...

JimNastics17010Oct 11Oct 11
every day stuff

every day stuffi don't like to blog unless i feel there is something of nominal value. Also, i like to blog if i think there is a live audience. i will condense...

Palmfrond1732Sep 20Sep 21

Getting real about real estate...I've accelerated my home shopping this month. Last week, I went to see some single story townhouses. 1 and 2 bedroom 4-plex units in a 55+ community....

chatillion1499Oct 13Oct 15
Lukeon29517Sep 2Sep 4

I think this would be great............... I think this would be great...

jarred136-Nov 10

.We need wise people in today's society.................We need wise people in today's society....

jarred154-Oct 18
Why am here

Why am here????Just like most who are here, obviously, looking for the love of my life.... I got registered at about 22:00 hour of June 24, 2016. After a few minut...

ayoneq1417Oct 15Oct 17

And the sun came out again...................... And the sun came out again

jarred131-Nov 4

Hit me baby one more time...Today marks the 20th anniversary of Britney Spears' video released on Oct. 23, 1998. Hit Me Baby One More Time, the song and video that launched her c...

chatillion673Oct 23Oct 25

THE WOODEN TOILET SEATThe train raced onward through the night, chugging power and a sense of purpose. Molly and Jack were stuck on the crossing. Molly died instantly but...

John33333320212Sep 14Sep 14
Lukeon922Oct 3Oct 3
Three some lifestlyle

Three some lifestlyleHow many people want to live a life of threesome,foursome or in a big group For enjoying life without any jealousy...

Hidayat78678623911Sep 9Sep 10

Do you prefer to hang out with people who are like you or who are totally different from you?I prefer hanging out with a good balance of people that are similar and completely diff from me, when i feel more venturesome and active I would take...

ysabeljhen20721Oct 6Oct 7
Arteee: "Sweetheart! "(meet us in the ecards)

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