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Florida School Shooting

Florida School Shooting /I do not want to discuss anyhing related to the event "per se" here. I saw there is a thread and maybe a blog about this subject. No that I do not hav...

Crunia73-Feb 16
Obama Greatest Pres Ever and had class

Obama, Greatest Pres Ever and had class.We should really piss then off, put Obama on Rushmore....

liveasyluvhard22717Feb 23Feb 24
Trope and Conosceance

Trope and ConosceanceTropes are figures of speech. The most common are the metaphors and similes. A metaphor is comparison between two objects one being the Tenor of comp...

psiberite450Jan 11

Tourist asking questions about Canada, second largest country in the worldEvery once in a while the local newspaper in Banff publish a list of the dumbest questions that get asked at the gates of the Banff National Park in C...

britishcolumbian1538Dec 31Jan 20

AwakeIf sleep was romance . I would have had a reason to be up .in my bed all alone . I better get a male rubber substitute....

Annleerose16712Dec 5Dec 6
What Are You Doing Here

What Are You Doing Here?Yes, you! I'm serious. Tired of looking?Tired of making others think you live a perfect life? Why create such a bubble in the first place? Do me a fav...

TheRevenant71-Feb 15
Middle East History In 3 1 2 Minutes

Middle East History In 3 1/2 Minutesto the theme of the '60 movie, 'Exodus'... The Principals... 1) Early inhabitants 2) Sumaria 3)...

miclee1511Jan 24Jan 24

FLY EAGLES FLY! Philadelphia Eagles - 41 New England Patriots - 33 Congratulations, Philly!...

miclee15515Feb 4Feb 6
freehand17610Dec 9Dec 10
Women vs men Who is more cunning

Women vs. men (Who is more cunning?)Maybe this is a very controversial issue, and amaze many the fact of the title, firstly I clarify that it is a blog to raise and choose the work of bo...

Amed321398Feb 1Feb 1
Hermeneutics of ST Pauls Theology

Hermeneutics of ST. Paul’s TheologyI was listening to a Sermon on the Biblical Book of the Hebrews. The speaker was saying that the author was unknown. But again he reiterated that Bibl...

psiberite1193Jan 11Jan 11

Shopping frenzie, many have gone way over their budget............againEvery year I am sensitive to be differents before Christmas. The spirit of giving is everywhere that is why many charities are right there to cash in...

britishcolumbian1196Dec 26Dec 26
My Wife

My WifeMy wife is so negative. I remembered the car seat, the stroller, AND the diaper bag. Yet all she can talk about is how I forgot the baby....

Track161054Feb 12Feb 13


Track16810Nov 28
Celebrations stood still

Celebrations stood stillBeen dying with a man flu these past few days, still not over it so no drinkie for me tonight but 11.45 I thought with the night thats in it, what the...

itchywitch566-Dec 31Jan 1
Looking for friends

Looking for friendsIt is like no one would like to be friends and get to know someone then see where it goes Ted...

Rci29501613Jan 26Jan 26
What A Night

What A NightMe and my sis drank 6 bottles of red wine I'm still up on the go, no sleep yet lol. Great night, I needed it....

Track161192Dec 2Dec 2

What NOT to eat..this is.difficult to believe............Did you know that there are at least 6 destrucftive chemicals hidden insde of the food you eat daily? Turns out Butane isn’t just for lighters anymo...

britishcolumbian1163Dec 19Dec 20
no self confidence

no self confidencesomething always buffles me as in how do people start praising other countries and forget their own.. I do always move from countries to countrie...

hatelies41231Dec 16Jan 2
stringman1095Jan 27Jan 28

RECUERDA, PRIETA, MÍ VIDA,...In case someone has, cold, in the soul! Tonton = Ibrahim Ferrer...

Huitzilopochtli1255Feb 1Feb 2
Trump Tweets Lie About Muslim Migrant Attacking Man On Crutches

Trump Tweets Lie About Muslim Migrant Attacking Man On CrutchesTrump Tweets Lie About Muslim Migrant Attacking Man On Crutches...

jarred187-Nov 30
plavitrol60444Jan 18Jan 21
Coninuation of snow shoveler

(Coninuation of snow shoveler)December 20 Electricity is back on, but had another 14 inches of the dang stuff last night. More shoveling! Took all day. The snowplow came by twice...

Gentlejim17411Jan 8Jan 10
Silver Moon

Silver MoonSilver Moon...

jarred1103-Dec 24

The spice of lifeSo, I met this friend who has the same curiosity as I. We both had the day off and he invited me on an investigative adventure. I felt like a over...

Palmfrond12210Feb 22Feb 23


Track161062Jan 27Feb 11
Haiti Oxfam

Haiti / OxfamSpeechless with indignation.

Crunia527-Feb 9Feb 22
Should We Have Goals or No Goals

Should We Have Goals.....or, No Goals?"A goal is nothing more than a dream with a deadline". It is common sense that, in order to get somewhere, we have to know where it is that we’re h...

daniela77721021Dec 5Feb 16
Why do the rich flaunt their riches

Why do the rich flaunt their riches?Is it a need to compensate for something missing in their life? For example, we have hundreds of beautiful homes in the Myrtle Beach, SC. area, well o...

liveasyluvhard14215Feb 241 hrs ago
The wave of life

The wave of life.In quantum physics one of the ways to describe a particle is by drawing a diagram of a wave. I am no expert in quantum physics, but as I read, I lear...

Johnny_Sparton20622Dec 15Dec 15
Track16911Dec 12Dec 12
Why Thai Women marry Foreign Men

Why Thai Women marry Foreign MenWhy Thai Women marry Foreign Men...

jarred1124-Dec 14
Why is Pornography the Biggest Thing on the Internet

Why is Pornography? the Biggest Thing ?on the Internet?Why is Pornography? the Biggest Thing ?on the Internet?...

jarred180-Dec 16
Do you like having your hair pulled

Do you like having your hair pulled?Ladies, its time to stop sending conflicting messages and sort out the hair pulling issue for once and for all. A lot of guys are uncertain whether it...

pat8lanips48541Jan 16Jan 17
The World Wii Not Be Destroyed

The World Wii Not Be DestroyedThe World Wii Not Be Destroyed...

jarred155-Dec 5
1r1shmale1739Dec 24Dec 25
The North Star just put up my Christmas lights

The North Star..... just put up my Christmas lights....I’m following a theme....they look great....the whole village has been out to see them...

Roughroadergirl30535Dec 14Dec 15
A spiritual successor to Aaron Swartz is angering publishers all over again Alexandra Elbakyan

A spiritual successor to Aaron Swartz is angering publishers all over again....Alexandra Elbakyan.FYI Alexandra Elbakyan is a highbrow pirate in hiding. The 27-year-old graduate student from Kazakhstan is operating a searchable online databas...

Crunia610Feb 12
A blog for talking about synesthesia

A blog for talking about synesthesia :-)This is from Wikipedia: "Synesthesia is a perceptual phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involunt...

Innocentia00122748101Feb 20Feb 21

How children see love.................amazing wisdomHere's a little something to put a little smile on your face. Adults recently posed the question "What does love mean" to a group of children aged bet...

britishcolumbian21916Dec 25Dec 25
I believe that humans will die out within 300 years

I believe that humans will die out within 300 years.I believe that humans will die out within 300 years. How? We'll do it ourselves. Nature is not what will destroy us. It will be by a nuclear expl...

jarred129-Feb 23
"PLAY NOW: Far Hazard"(meet us in the games)

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