Here is the problem with depression. Its never on your schedule. It always pops up whenever the hell it pleases and by the time you start coming out o...
283180Apr 25Apr 274 hrs ago

In Only One Month

12520Dec 28Apr 10May 8

Pick Up Line

Everyone needs to try pickup lines at least once.
198100Mar 11Apr 719 hrs ago

Since The Week Before Christmas

My sister has spent hundreds on a "snake" (bunch of cables rolled into one) plus other cords for Xmas, and since Xmas, probably spent over a grand in...
14050Apr 1Apr 519 mins ago

Well Done

16750Mar 8Apr 3May 18

Life Summed Up

16020Mar 3Mar 30May 18

Have You Ever

Been with someone that looks really good on paper but turn out to be a lemon?...
300220Mar 24Mar 25May 20

Job Opportunity

14070Mar 16Mar 17May 21

Did You Know

This is true believe it or not.
12610Feb 15Mar 16May 21


Three ducks appeared in court one day for causing a disturbance at the park. As the ducks approached the stand, the judge called the first duck up and...
12950Mar 15Mar 1516 hrs ago

My Wife

My wife is so negative. I remembered the car seat, the stroller, AND the diaper bag. Yet all she can talk about is how I forgot the baby....
227120Feb 12Mar 1412 hrs ago


9710Mar 14Mar 1414 hrs ago


10610Mar 13Mar 133 hrs ago


7900Mar 11Mar 11May 19


9520Mar 11Mar 11May 19

I Bet That Hurt lol

9600Mar 10Mar 109 hrs ago

Are You A c*nt?

22990Mar 10Mar 1014 hrs ago

Why Would Anyone Do This?

It should be shot and put out of its misery.
235260Mar 10Mar 10May 19


Harry and his wife are having hard financial times, so they decide that she’ll become a hooker. She’s not quite sure what to do, so Harry says, “St...
11840Mar 9Mar 9May 18


11620Mar 5Mar 615 hrs ago


13320Mar 3Mar 510 hrs ago

You Can Get Anything In A Can These Days

10500Mar 4Mar 4May 20

Stick Your Finger In

12400Mar 3Mar 315 hrs ago

Ice Cream

11700Mar 3Mar 37 hrs ago

They Knew How To Advertise Back In The Day

11510Mar 1Mar 1May 13

Who Remembers School Field Trips?

17860Feb 2Feb 28May 19

More Mindless Nonsense

12920Feb 27Feb 28May 20

Its True

9810Feb 27Feb 27May 20

About Right

9810Feb 27Feb 2715 hrs ago


Today been depressing so I'm posting random crap for no reason.
11920Feb 26Feb 26May 17


11230Feb 25Feb 25May 16

Oh Yeah!

8100Feb 23Feb 23May 19


6600Feb 23Feb 23May 19

Just A Few Minutes Walk From The House

I ate a lot of Lobster's out of this harbor before people started giving a fk about things.
13870Feb 22Feb 22May 19


7400Feb 22Feb 2214 hrs ago

Its Unused

10020Feb 22Feb 22May 19


11670Feb 20Feb 21May 15

I Don't Understand What I'm Seeing

17570Feb 20Feb 2020 hrs ago

Every Time

8000Feb 19Feb 19May 16

Hacks & Tips For Everyday Living

11650Feb 19Feb 196 hrs ago


7200Feb 18Feb 18May 14


10300Feb 16Feb 1639 mins ago

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