I Am Having A Birthday Party This Year

I haven't had a birthday party since I was 10. I decided this year I need to have a party and inject some fun back into birthdays. Aug 3rd is going to...
12380Jul 18Jul 1846 mins ago

Take This To Heart

176110Jul 6Jul 8Jul 21

My 10 Year Old Nephew Is Writing Computer Programs

No joke, he is writing actual programs from code. I ate dirt and ran around with my hand down my pants when I was 10...
158100Jun 24Jun 2620 hrs ago


16470Jun 11Jun 16Jul 21


11810Jun 15Jun 15Jul 20

How Is Your Day Going?

My day is going quite nice. I got a new pair of sneakers (finally), a little blue tooth book shelf stereo for quiet times and I decided to invest in a...
286180May 10May 2624 hrs ago


14330May 24May 25Jul 21


12230May 22May 22Jul 21

Be Careful With Fire

11621May 20May 20Jul 21


10720May 15May 16Jul 21


9720May 14May 145 hrs ago


Children and adults see things differently sometimes.
8900May 13May 13Jul 18

Wise Words

9400May 6May 6Jul 17

When It Rains

11920May 5May 52 hrs ago


9000May 5May 5Jul 18

When You Lose Your Passion For Your Work

11921May 5May 58 hrs ago

Predict Your Future

Write your answers out here
14660May 4May 4Jul 21

True Words

11340Apr 30May 12 hrs ago

This Is How I Will Go To Jail

15940Apr 29Apr 2921 hrs ago

Sleeping In My Car

10400Apr 23Apr 23Jul 20


9641Apr 23Apr 23Jul 18


Would you wear this?
215100Apr 21Apr 22Jul 21

Gympie Gympie

Poor fella
9700Apr 22Apr 22Jul 20

You Were Born To Be My Baby

I was made to be your man...
10930Apr 21Apr 21Jul 20

Restroom Toilets

13550Apr 20Apr 21Jul 21

Alcohol Is Great

21140Apr 17Apr 1821 hrs ago

Happy Easter

18890Apr 16Apr 1710 hrs ago

Breaking News

11720Apr 14Apr 14Jul 20

Always Be Proud

12410Apr 7Apr 7Jul 17

I Could Do That

11630Apr 7Apr 7Jul 17

For Every Action

There is a reaction...
12720Apr 6Apr 6Jul 20

Bad Night Tonight

A weather system has moved in and giving my province loads of rain as well as winds depending on where you are living that will get up to 180 kph. Whe...
175110Apr 3Apr 68 hrs ago

Your Home

Post some pictures of where you live on this blog. Lets see how many different places are out there.
1,5061250Jan 15Apr 516 hrs ago

I Got My First Date For 2019

Its a court date but its a date and I'm dressing up...
17570Mar 28Apr 3Jul 18

Would Be About My Luck

13131Apr 3Apr 3Jul 18

It Happens

14610Apr 2Apr 2Jul 21


10510Apr 1Apr 1Jul 19

New On The Market

11620Mar 30Mar 31Jul 18

My Latest Obsession

I love rediscovering old music I haven't heard in 25 years...
19941Mar 28Mar 29Jul 20

An Actual Real Blog

I have decided to write a actual blog for a change. Today I spent a nice sunny afternoon with the music wound up in the music room with the door op...
12630Mar 28Mar 28Jul 17


How does not 1 or 2, but 5 cats get on the bed with me and me not notice any of them?...
14330Mar 23Mar 25Jul 17

Very Impressive

11710Mar 24Mar 2414 hrs ago

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