Would you wear this?
736017 hrs ago14 hrs ago38 mins ago

You Were Born To Be My Baby

I was made to be your man...
543019 hrs ago17 hrs ago37 mins ago

Restroom Toilets

7350Apr 20Apr 218 hrs ago

Alcohol Is Great

16540Apr 17Apr 182 hrs ago

Happy Easter

15390Apr 16Apr 179 hrs ago

Breaking News

8420Apr 14Apr 14Apr 21

Always Be Proud

9610Apr 7Apr 7Apr 19

I Could Do That

8030Apr 7Apr 79 hrs ago

For Every Action

There is a reaction...
9120Apr 6Apr 6Apr 21

Bad Night Tonight

A weather system has moved in and giving my province loads of rain as well as winds depending on where you are living that will get up to 180 kph. Whe...
129110Apr 3Apr 6Apr 19

Your Home

Post some pictures of where you live on this blog. Lets see how many different places are out there.
1,3871250Jan 15Apr 524 hrs ago

I Got My First Date For 2019

Its a court date but its a date and I'm dressing up...
14670Mar 28Apr 34 hrs ago

Would Be About My Luck

9831Apr 3Apr 35 hrs ago

It Happens

9410Apr 2Apr 26 hrs ago


6610Apr 1Apr 112 hrs ago

New On The Market

8720Mar 30Mar 31Apr 20

My Latest Obsession

I love rediscovering old music I haven't heard in 25 years...
15141Mar 28Mar 2922 hrs ago

An Actual Real Blog

I have decided to write a actual blog for a change. Today I spent a nice sunny afternoon with the music wound up in the music room with the door op...
9530Mar 28Mar 28Apr 19


How does not 1 or 2, but 5 cats get on the bed with me and me not notice any of them?...
10530Mar 23Mar 2519 mins ago

Very Impressive

8210Mar 24Mar 245 hrs ago


6100Mar 23Mar 23Apr 19


As far as I know, no one has posted this here before so I'm not stealing anyone's post (as far as I know)
11120Mar 23Mar 23Apr 20

My New Medical Alert Bracelet

It has very important instructions should I ever be incapacitated
11261Mar 21Mar 2219 hrs ago


13951Mar 6Mar 21Apr 15

My Dog And I

The dog weighed 114 lbs last summer at the vet's office.
196102Feb 28Mar 217 hrs ago


13140Mar 19Mar 21Apr 19


15690Mar 5Mar 1818 hrs ago

People Today

14451Mar 13Mar 15Apr 19


11250Mar 15Mar 15Apr 17

The Awards

9810Mar 13Mar 13Apr 19

Poor Fella

20151Mar 9Mar 126 hrs ago


12040Mar 1Mar 4Apr 17


7900Feb 28Feb 28Apr 18


7800Feb 26Feb 26Apr 17

No Thanks

10010Feb 23Feb 235 hrs ago


22920Feb 13Feb 22Apr 17

Its Been Known To Happen

11020Feb 17Feb 17Apr 17

I Tried Cooking Yesterday

The results were mixed
11120Feb 15Feb 15Apr 19

I Could Do This

11820Feb 15Feb 15Apr 19

Oops lol

16751Jan 15Feb 13Apr 20


9920Feb 12Feb 12Apr 19

Happy Valentines Day Ladies

So who wants to be my valentine?...
191120Feb 6Feb 9Apr 11

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