3800Feb 16Feb 163 hrs ago

Glory Holes

3600Feb 16Feb 162 hrs ago

Did You Know

This is true believe it or not.
4500Feb 15Feb 158 hrs ago

Happy Valentines Ladies

9390Feb 14Feb 154 hrs ago

I'm Having A Great Day

What do you know, a single guy having a great day on Valentines day I don't know if it was the sunshine, I don't know if it was the pets, I...
4200Feb 14Feb 144 hrs ago

So Its Here Again

I guess tomorrow is the big bad Valentines we all been hearing so much about. Maybe I'm just bitter but if you need a holiday to show someone you love...
10060Feb 13Feb 134 hrs ago

My Wife

My wife is so negative. I remembered the car seat, the stroller, AND the diaper bag. Yet all she can talk about is how I forgot the baby....
8640Feb 12Feb 134 hrs ago

Go Girl

4200Feb 12Feb 124 hrs ago


4500Feb 12Feb 124 hrs ago


10220Jan 27Feb 1112 hrs ago

Be Careful Out There

10660Feb 11Feb 114 hrs ago

Life's A b*tch

Then it bites you.
10720Feb 9Feb 104 hrs ago

If Peter Parker Turned Into A Real Spider Man

5510Feb 8Feb 814 hrs ago

The Hot Coil Challenge

People are really doing this
9610Feb 7Feb 711 hrs ago

Do You Know?

7220Feb 6Feb 614 hrs ago


I'm great at multitasking. I can waste time, be unproductive, and procrastinate all at once. When my boss asked me who is the stupid one, me or him...
7920Feb 4Feb 54 hrs ago

Hell Yeah

6400Feb 5Feb 54 hrs ago

A Few Unethical Tips And Life Help's

6800Feb 4Feb 44 hrs ago

Hey Baby

8420Feb 3Feb 34 hrs ago

Who Remembers School Field Trips?

10240Feb 2Feb 25 hrs ago


6000Feb 2Feb 210 hrs ago


8020Feb 1Feb 19 mins ago


I'm psychologically drained Been put on a happy face more so over the last while as my sister and nephew is staying here now. I always keep a h...
16350Jan 31Jan 312 hrs ago

Think That Hurt?

7510Jan 30Jan 314 hrs ago


Fighting the winter blah's here, mindless matter helps.
8530Jan 28Jan 295 hrs ago

You Know Wha

Depression fking sucks...............................................................................
8120Jan 28Jan 285 hrs ago

Story Of My Life

6300Jan 28Jan 285 hrs ago

Doll For Sale

16080Jan 25Jan 255 hrs ago

Had A Date Last Night

Boy, was she quick to get to action
18370Jan 25Jan 255 hrs ago


10530Jan 22Jan 2411 hrs ago

She Knows What She's Getting Into

10020Jan 22Jan 23Feb 14


8510Jan 21Jan 21Feb 14

Animal Facts

True facts.
10940Jan 19Jan 205 hrs ago


6500Jan 19Jan 19Feb 15

My Profile Got A View

I'm getting married........................................
262190Jan 17Jan 189 hrs ago

That's How I Do It

9010Jan 15Jan 16Feb 15

Marshmallows Roasting By An Open Fire

8000Jan 14Jan 14Feb 14

Lil Winking Herby Hippie

8520Jan 14Jan 14Feb 12


13220Dec 15Jan 13Feb 16

Everyday Hero's

8100Jan 12Jan 12Feb 16


8110Jan 10Jan 11Feb 15

Some Inspirational Shit

10220Jan 10Jan 11Feb 16

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