People Will Do Anything

7350Jan 16Jan 1713 hrs ago

Your Home

Post some pictures of where you live on this blog. Lets see how many different places are out there.
9831180Jan 15Jan 177 hrs ago

Cat Owners

If you were ever curious about the cat's age in comparison to a human's
5510Jan 16Jan 1644 mins ago


Shortly after take-off aboard an Air Canada flight from St. John's to Boston, the head flight attendant nervously said, "I don't know how this happene...
9850Jan 15Jan 1614 hrs ago

Oops lol

7621Jan 15Jan 1512 hrs ago


6810Jan 12Jan 12Jan 19

Capitalism At Its Finest

I'm not quite sure what to think of this
6811Jan 11Jan 119 hrs ago

Only In Canada

11920Jan 8Jan 921 hrs ago


5710Jan 8Jan 86 mins ago


8810Jan 6Jan 77 hrs ago


4500Jan 6Jan 6Jan 19

Thought For Today

7940Jan 6Jan 6Jan 19


It happens...
9961Jan 5Jan 613 hrs ago


7100Jan 5Jan 5Jan 19

Downright Balmy Today

It is 2 degrees C here. That is really warm for this time of year. Its snowing but not heavy, tomorrow there is actually some rain in the forecast whi...
4300Jan 5Jan 512 hrs ago

At What Stage Do It Have To Be At For This To Happen?

Its like lava...
8510Jan 5Jan 53 hrs ago


My Nespresso machine finally came For anyone not familiar, its basically an espresso machine you use at home. I just had a cup of glorious...
14870Jan 3Jan 4Jan 19

Tech Is Amazing

It is now possible to see the soul leaving the body
9741Jan 3Jan 315 hrs ago


10050Jan 2Jan 316 hrs ago


Sometimes the "right" things do happen to bad people
133100Jan 1Jan 212 hrs ago

Blizzard Warning

I just seen the forecast for my area and we are going to get a dump of snow. For anyone unsure, a blizzard means heavy snow and high winds thats susta...
148130Jan 1Jan 217 hrs ago

More lol

Some days will be more than one....
9920Jan 1Jan 1Jan 19


I'll post one for you everyday....
11160Jan 1Jan 117 hrs ago

Happy New Year Everyone

234300Dec 31Jan 112 hrs ago

Fun And Games

5000Jan 1Jan 1Jan 19


7200Dec 30Dec 30Jan 19

Your Personality Type

I am a INFP, what is your personality type?
770750Dec 21Dec 2822 hrs ago

An Idea is An Idea

7600Dec 28Dec 28Jan 19


8400Dec 21Dec 21Jan 16


I normally don't say much about anyone in my rl here or anywhere online but this is a funny memory I got of my father that I think is fine to share....
14340Dec 16Dec 17Jan 19


203120Dec 11Dec 146 hrs ago

Kids: 1, Parent 0

12620Dec 10Dec 114 hrs ago

Everyone Likes Gifts

7501Dec 5Dec 522 hrs ago

Running Is Great

Knowing when to stop is even better....
10620Dec 4Dec 4Jan 19

This Is A Ship Shipping Ship

Shipping a shipment of shipping ships
10910Dec 2Dec 3Jan 19

Its True

19480Oct 24Dec 2Jan 17


Some is more intelligent than others.
9020Dec 1Dec 1Jan 19

If We Treated Other Medical Ailments Like Mental Illness

No one would ever say these things to someone with diabetes or a broken arm but people seem to think its fine to say to someone with mental illness....
761710Nov 22Nov 28Jan 18

Life Isn't Easy

21581Nov 23Nov 26Jan 14

People Will Do Anything

10710Nov 20Nov 20Jan 18


There was a wicked intense wind storm cross over my province a few days ago. Apparently, this happened.
8040Nov 16Nov 16Jan 19


240111Oct 10Nov 9Jan 18

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