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473013 hrs ago11 hrs ago46 mins ago

I Want One

7510Sep 14Sep 156 hrs ago

The New Room

I made the music/smoke/toke room a little more functional today. Moved some crap and got the computer next to where I stand to play so I have much eas...
7730Sep 12Sep 126 hrs ago

What Lessons Is This Intended To Teach To Kids?

Interesting kids show....
8230Sep 1Sep 16 hrs ago


7310Aug 31Aug 316 hrs ago

Safety First

10620Aug 27Aug 2722 hrs ago

About Right

7800Aug 25Aug 25Sep 20

How It Is vs How It Was

How they do things now is different from how they done things years ago.
10431Aug 24Aug 246 hrs ago

Just A Reminder

11230Aug 21Aug 22Sep 22

With A Diet Coke Please

11640Aug 21Aug 22Sep 22

Solitude Is Dangerous

9510Aug 22Aug 22Sep 22

Do You Go To The Gym?

Merc, you need to do this everyday
8300Aug 20Aug 20Sep 22


143150Aug 18Aug 1817 hrs ago

What Do You Think Is Going To Be The Outcome Of The Way Things Are Today?

1. Humanity will learn to overcome our differences and be able to find real peace. 2. Nationalistic attitudes will rule and everyone will divide an...
148100Aug 17Aug 186 hrs ago

This Is How I Party

Rock n roll
13560Aug 15Aug 16Sep 21

About Right

11330Aug 13Aug 1410 hrs ago

My Summer Body

Maybe next year
15530Aug 8Aug 13Sep 22

People Will Do Anything

12510Jul 19Aug 9Sep 18


11730Aug 9Aug 9Sep 22

Pick Up Line

Everyone needs to try pickup lines at least once.
341130Mar 11Aug 9Sep 20

Quickest Divorce In History

16570Aug 6Aug 821 hrs ago

What Do You Want?

I know what I want.
14180Aug 7Aug 8Sep 21


A man goes to bed one night and falls asleep. The next thing he knows, he is standing at the gates of heaven with St. Peter. He says "where am I?" St...
10910Aug 7Aug 724 hrs ago

Coloring Picture

17470Jul 22Aug 623 hrs ago

Getting A Kitten

15190Aug 3Aug 3Sep 18


I been slack lately with the funnies.
9420Jul 28Aug 322 hrs ago


12770Aug 1Aug 1Sep 18


Fresco lavado
8420Jul 31Jul 3123 hrs ago

Think Your Day Was Bad?

18760Jul 4Jul 313 hrs ago

A Wife Is Dreaming In Bed

She suddenly wakes up and shouts "hide quick, my husband is home". Her husband wakes up, gets out of bed and jumps out the window....
14110Jul 30Jul 30Sep 22

My Kitten Is A Wild Animal

It spent so long gnawing hard on my leg and is now literally bouncing around the room off everything periodically chomping into my ankle...
10870Jul 29Jul 29Sep 17


11810Jul 26Jul 27Sep 20


Mentally exhausted, need a stress free zone. Need comfort, need quiet, need all things calm and tranquil....
181100Jul 24Jul 24Sep 22

If Humanity Is Ever Going To Find Any Peace On This Planet

We are just plain and simply going to have to learn to get along. If your a nationalist, you know that the world is a lot smaller place than it was at...
13960Jul 23Jul 2324 hrs ago

Look Carefully

9710Jul 21Jul 227 hrs ago

Star Man

Star Man was the name of one of my sister's cat's. Last night, he got hit by a car and died. I am having a hell of a lot of trouble dealing with this...
200120Jul 17Jul 19Sep 22

After All These Years

Of all the posts I made over the span of 10 years, its only now that I got a 3 day ban from posting on facebook...
359240Jul 2Jul 18Sep 22

Picture With My Shirt Off

Its been suggested that I take a picture with my shirt off so I did it. I don't get what the big deal is.
14500Jul 15Jul 1515 hrs ago


14400Jul 10Jul 10Sep 22

I Am So Doing This

10800Jul 10Jul 10Sep 16

When You Live In The Middle Of The Woods

Expect the animals to visit from time to time. This was done to the car a few nights ago, claw and bite marks.
20360Jul 6Jul 9Sep 19

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