Picture With My Shirt Off

Its been suggested that I take a picture with my shirt off so I did it. I don't get what the big deal is.
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7400Jul 10Jul 103 hrs ago

I Am So Doing This

6200Jul 10Jul 101 hrs ago

When You Live In The Middle Of The Woods

Expect the animals to visit from time to time. This was done to the car a few nights ago, claw and bite marks.
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More Of Us Need To Heed This Advice

11320Jul 7Jul 712 hrs ago

Year Of The Ant

Everywhere I look, all I see is fking ants. All around the house and property and not only me. Seems like there is an explosion in the ant population...
12590Jul 5Jul 612 hrs ago

I Was Emasculated By A Kitten

No joke, I really was. My kitten overpowered me and took my hamburger by force. I kept pushing him away but he come back more and more relentless u...
211170Jul 2Jul 55 hrs ago

Think Your Day Was Bad?

8730Jul 4Jul 53 hrs ago

After All These Years

Of all the posts I made over the span of 10 years, its only now that I got a 3 day ban from posting on facebook...
245180Jul 2Jul 312 hrs ago

Rapex Condom

In areas where rape is a common occurence, these devices are becoming more popular. The woman inserts this into her part and if a man tries to rap...
14070Jul 2Jul 212 hrs ago

lol Yup

9190Jul 1Jul 212 hrs ago

Poor Fella lol

This is why I would never do a grand public gesture
329230Jun 17Jul 216 hrs ago

I Think I Will Have A Cuban Tonight

Nice smooth cigar, been a while since I lit one :)...
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How is everyone tonight? Error: please correct the following in the form below: [Blog Detail] must contain at least 50 characters, you ente...
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Tidbits & Stuff

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Red as a . . ....
8100Jun 15Jun 1513 hrs ago

Hell Yeah

So you a**hole think you're bad a** because you came at me? In my own house even? I still handled all of you, left one of you on the ground. So I cam...
221140Jun 12Jun 1412 hrs ago

Smokers & Ex Smokers

Ever see a roller like this one?
12310Jun 12Jun 1316 hrs ago

Going To Be Interesting Times

Well, I done it. I finally gone mad. Finally lost my marbles. I am going to quit smoking pot, at least for a while, maybe forever. I have been s...
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Here is the problem with depression. Its never on your schedule. It always pops up whenever the hell it pleases and by the time you start coming out o...
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In Only One Month

13820Dec 28Apr 1015 hrs ago

Pick Up Line

Everyone needs to try pickup lines at least once.
233100Mar 11Apr 715 hrs ago

Since The Week Before Christmas

My sister has spent hundreds on a "snake" (bunch of cables rolled into one) plus other cords for Xmas, and since Xmas, probably spent over a grand in...
18350Apr 1Apr 55 hrs ago

Well Done

21550Mar 8Apr 315 hrs ago

Life Summed Up

18720Mar 3Mar 304 hrs ago

Have You Ever

Been with someone that looks really good on paper but turn out to be a lemon?...
331220Mar 24Mar 255 hrs ago

Job Opportunity

17970Mar 16Mar 1715 hrs ago

Did You Know

This is true believe it or not.
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Three ducks appeared in court one day for causing a disturbance at the park. As the ducks approached the stand, the judge called the first duck up and...
15950Mar 15Mar 1515 hrs ago

My Wife

My wife is so negative. I remembered the car seat, the stroller, AND the diaper bag. Yet all she can talk about is how I forgot the baby....
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I Bet That Hurt lol

13000Mar 10Mar 1015 hrs ago

Are You A c*nt?

27190Mar 10Mar 109 hrs ago

Why Would Anyone Do This?

It should be shot and put out of its misery.
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Harry and his wife are having hard financial times, so they decide that she’ll become a hooker. She’s not quite sure what to do, so Harry says, “St...
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You Can Get Anything In A Can These Days

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