There was a wicked intense wind storm cross over my province a few days ago. Apparently, this happened.
514022 hrs ago20 hrs ago2 hrs ago


207111Oct 10Nov 91 hrs ago

This Is Why The West Is So Fat

10950Nov 8Nov 9Nov 16


10290Nov 8Nov 8Nov 16

One To Think About

9720Oct 27Oct 278 hrs ago

This Guy Figured It Out

58330Oct 25Oct 267 hrs ago

Its True

9740Oct 24Oct 2520 hrs ago

That Told Us

6100Oct 22Oct 22Nov 16


6110Oct 22Oct 22Nov 16

Oh Yeah, You Know It

7511Oct 20Oct 20Nov 16


This is in front of my grandmother's place the next community over from mine.
114130Oct 19Oct 19Nov 15

lol Yup

9210Oct 14Oct 14Nov 6

People Will Do Anything

13420Oct 6Oct 6Nov 16

True Fact

13710Oct 6Oct 6Nov 16

Me Too Kermit

9930Oct 4Oct 47 hrs ago


The kitten is around 4 months old. The big cat in the picture is pushing 20 lbs (almost 10 kg).
168110Sep 27Sep 30Nov 16

Well Hello There

You possessed satanic waterfowl
12020Sep 30Sep 3022 hrs ago

They Didn't Think This Through

14480Sep 23Sep 2314 hrs ago


10430Sep 23Sep 23Nov 16


11830Sep 22Sep 2317 hrs ago

I Want One

12710Sep 14Sep 1510 mins ago

The New Room

I made the music/smoke/toke room a little more functional today. Moved some crap and got the computer next to where I stand to play so I have much eas...
11930Sep 12Sep 126 hrs ago

What Lessons Is This Intended To Teach To Kids?

Interesting kids show....
11630Sep 1Sep 1Nov 12


10610Aug 31Aug 31Nov 13

Safety First

13820Aug 27Aug 27Nov 13

About Right

10500Aug 25Aug 258 hrs ago

How It Is vs How It Was

How they do things now is different from how they done things years ago.
13731Aug 24Aug 24Nov 13

Just A Reminder

14630Aug 21Aug 22Nov 16

With A Diet Coke Please

16940Aug 21Aug 22Nov 15

Solitude Is Dangerous

12410Aug 22Aug 22Nov 16

Do You Go To The Gym?

Merc, you need to do this everyday
10200Aug 20Aug 20Nov 11


166150Aug 18Aug 18Nov 7

What Do You Think Is Going To Be The Outcome Of The Way Things Are Today?

1. Humanity will learn to overcome our differences and be able to find real peace. 2. Nationalistic attitudes will rule and everyone will divide an...
184100Aug 17Aug 18Nov 7

This Is How I Party

Rock n roll
16060Aug 15Aug 16Nov 13

About Right

16030Aug 13Aug 14Nov 15

My Summer Body

Maybe next year
17930Aug 8Aug 13Nov 14

People Will Do Anything

14810Jul 19Aug 9Nov 14


13930Aug 9Aug 9Nov 12

Pick Up Line

Everyone needs to try pickup lines at least once.
365130Mar 11Aug 921 hrs ago

Quickest Divorce In History

18970Aug 6Aug 8Nov 16

What Do You Want?

I know what I want.
16880Aug 7Aug 815 hrs ago


A man goes to bed one night and falls asleep. The next thing he knows, he is standing at the gates of heaven with St. Peter. He says "where am I?" St...
13710Aug 7Aug 718 hrs ago

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