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5220Aug 6Aug 7Aug 8

Remember Kids, Never Play With Fireworks

Let the grownups who been drinking all day set them off
11380Aug 5Aug 5Aug 8


7821Aug 3Aug 413 hrs ago


179110Aug 2Aug 34 hrs ago

Me And The Animals

My back went out on me last night and I had to lay down for a few minutes, this is what generally follows whenever I lay down.
10490Aug 2Aug 24 hrs ago

I Like To Ride My Bicycle

I like to ride my bike
6510Jul 30Jul 30Aug 8


12580Jul 27Jul 2913 hrs ago


She is a b*tch
11140Jul 28Jul 2913 hrs ago

Safety First

6320Jul 22Jul 2210 hrs ago

My d*ck Pick

I don't understand why women hate getting these, I don't see what the problem is...
14440Jul 21Jul 2110 hrs ago

Good Try

But its not happening...
8820Jul 20Jul 2010 hrs ago

The New Cover Girl Lipstick Model

8120Jul 18Jul 1810 hrs ago


Words of wisdom
10250Jul 16Jul 1610 hrs ago

When You Win The Battle

But lose the war...
9420Jul 14Jul 166 hrs ago


7810Jul 11Jul 1210 hrs ago


10320Jul 10Jul 1110 hrs ago


13330Jul 6Jul 710 hrs ago

Mind Bender

10300Jun 12Jun 1210 hrs ago


8600Jun 12Jun 1210 hrs ago


18651Jun 10Jun 1110 hrs ago


165230Jun 10Jun 1010 hrs ago


10600Jun 2Jun 29 hrs ago


9310Jun 1Jun 19 hrs ago

Effective Marketing

Pretty good I got to say
13910May 26May 269 hrs ago


17830May 25May 259 hrs ago


A few days ago, one of my younger cats got ran over and killed. Today I finally got around to burying her and it was fking hard. Been depressed ever s...
18380May 24May 2515 hrs ago

Social Distancing Made Easy

18680May 21May 239 hrs ago


Roads are fking terrible here
12310May 22May 229 hrs ago

Every Home Should Have One

Never know when you might need to make a quick getaway
20380May 14May 149 hrs ago

It Happens

10100May 4May 49 hrs ago

Scientific Study

12220Apr 28Apr 289 hrs ago

I Want One

14740Apr 27Apr 289 hrs ago

Hello There

Can you let me in please
12310Apr 26Apr 269 hrs ago

New Skills

13620Apr 22Apr 229 hrs ago

When Your Name Betrays You

12100Apr 15Apr 159 hrs ago

The Real Truth

12010Apr 14Apr 149 hrs ago

A Simple Restaurant Secret Anyone Can Do

We all seen the perfect baked turkey. Breast side up golden, looks so delicious. Truth is, that turkey will not be as good to eat as it could have...
16431Apr 13Apr 1314 hrs ago


11800Apr 13Apr 139 hrs ago

The Dogs

Beethoven and Amadeus
187100Apr 12Apr 139 hrs ago

Party Hard Little Buddy

12910Apr 9Apr 99 hrs ago


301200Apr 7Apr 89 hrs ago

I Need To Try This

16960Apr 8Apr 89 hrs ago

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