Lot of funny, crazy, and downright bizarre things have happened where i live. Usually alcohol and other factors were involved but not always. It is a bit isolated here and before the internet, people had their own way about them and their own ideas about how things were. The generations before mine were a breed of their own. I never done any of this but these are all true stories over the years.

Do you know that a 40 gallon oil drum used as a wood stove will end it heartbreak? It will.

A bucket full of week old fermented piss will put out a stove fire. You just have to wait some time for the stench to air out of the place.

Yes a person can lift a iron inboard boat engine by themselves. They will however have to wear a girdle afterwards though to stop their guts from falling out through the massive hernia.

Magic mushrooms and a hidden fish net is a hard way to spend 4 hours before being found.

Trying to goat a cop into stepping out of his car so you can jump him is a unique way of doing things for sure.

A bleach bottle cut to shape do work as a face mask, as long as you remember to rinse the bleach out of it first.

When you are drunk in a strange place, go to a random house and crash on the couch. You will be given breakfast the next morning when they ask who you are and why are you in their house.

When you get a bill from the government, you can just write shit on a piece of paper with shit you just shit out at the table and mail it back (this is true, this really happened).

Not everyone understood that you couldn't just dig up your relative and take their dentures to use for yourself.

Ministers sometimes catch themselves on fire when they try to burn a church down.

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Guessing you are high againlaugh
I never stopped being high from the last time conversing
your profile background is suitable to you since you are also highlaugh
not also but always!
Best background would be the three stooges laugh
didn't get the jokelaugh
The three stooges was a comedy trio from the black and white era that done physical comedy. Still holds up today, especially when you got a buzz going laugh
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