Happenings in the music room. Everything is in slings because a new electrical circuit is being ran through to the next room. In the chaos though, I figured out a better arrangement for the music room for once everything is finished and back in place again.

Managed to fk my left shoulder yesterday shoveling. To anyone who lives south and want to see snow, its a total nuisance. Its nice to look at but a headache to deal with. Within the last week, 5 separate snowplows have went off the road here in my small area alone because the snow we got was too much to deal with. Apparently, the word is that the whole government department right down to the plow drivers are holding meetings to figure out what happened because the plow going off the road in these parts is unheard of here, let alone 5. The snow was very wet, heavy, dense, and wind packed. Sticking the shovel in it was like trying to shovel through sugar that got damp and stuck together.
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