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One time, superstitions were a daily part of life. Everyone believed in ghosts and other superstitious stuff. Generally not so much today because of our lifestyle and electronics. That don't mean however that the old timers were totally wrong. There is more to things than we can explain and just because we can't explain it, it doesn't mean its not there.

I had a great uncle who could stop blood. True, no bullshit, he really could stop a person from bleeding just by focusing on the cut and saying something to himself, the bleeding would stop no matter how bad the cut was. He never did tell anyone how to do it (I think it was part of a stipulation for learning it originally). There have been many cases where people went to him with a bad cut and he stopped the bleeding. Well known around the area.

My hands used to be covered in warts when I was young. I grew up in the very tail end of the old ways and a few of those superstitions were still around. One I used to hear was to count your warts, put that many rocks in a bag, stand back on to the woods, toss the bag behind your shoulder, don't look back, and in that many days, your warts will be gone. I done it one day, counted the warts, put the rocks in the bag, tossed them in the woods standing back on and walked away not looking back. I never kept track of the days or anything as I just got back to my normal routine and had forgotten I done it. In a week or so time, I had something in my hand and I had to look twice, my hands were wart free, and not only that, I never had a wart come back again since.

I had a classmate who grew up in a haunted house. Been lots of witnesses to wild shit happening in that house. It was eventually torn down as you couldn't live any kind of a normal life in the house, crazy paranormal activity.

Friend of mine lived in a haunted place in her younger years, she used to see a shadow man wearing a hat among other things. Her family had to get out of it and into a new house.

I would never actively pursue any kind of paranormal activity as you could open the door for more than you bargained for but always had a passing interest. When one person tells you about a sighting, its easy to dismiss it but when 10 people tell you about the same sighting, there may be more to it.
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I believe in the energy that people emit when people pass on...I did also see a dark shadow and it was very creepy...wiped my eyes and refocused again because I could not believe what I was seeing...
It was at work nit in my home but I have heard stories of people living with some haunted or paranormal happenings...
As far as ridding warts the way you explained...call it luck! laugh
The explanation of the blood being stopped is not that clear but I just remember that when it comes to any remedies from the past...plants are used and is the basis of pharmaceuticals today...wine
Paranormal is always impossible until you see it and superstitions and charms are scoffed until someone gets a hit.

If you never had a cat it would seem impossible a fat cat could jump from a sitting start onto a kitchen counter. Not paranormal, obviously, just an observation.

I had a recurring ant problem in Scotland, traps everywhere, the air often filled with the chemical stink of spray. A colleague said to me 'ask them to leave'. Feeling something of a tit, I did. They left. wow

Tried it in Spain, explaining in both English and halting Spanish that I couldn't have them around and would have to try to kill them if they didn't go. They left.

Pure coincidence, of course. But coincidentally it has worked 4 times for me in the last, hmm, 8 years. Lucky that.
I'm surprised* no-one has yet mentioned Saint Anthony although must be said he's not yet managed to find my missing passport but that's one of the most reliable superstitions - incredibly high success rate.

*well, not surprised. Not many cheerfully chatty bloggers around these days.
I have been trying to find a hag stone (rock with a naturally worn hole in it). They are supposed to bring good fortune to anyone with one.

As unbelievable as it sounds, not all of the old beliefs were false. I don't think that things are exactly the way they believed they were but I have seen enough to know that there is more to shit than we see.
lol I had a cat that would sit at the base of a closet, compress herself like a spring, then explode in one jump and land on the top shelf well over my head. I don't know how many times her height that shelf was but it would probably be like you or I jumping like 50 feet uh oh
Ronnie James Dio popularized the sign with 2 fingers.
Anyone know the significance of this gesture?

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Yes, I believe in superstitions. Dreams…I dreamt I am in hospital or some place like hospital , tile walls and also tile floor, very cold . Some men in white robes and slacks transporting someone on a gurney . I looked who is on the gurney. It was my husband , he was dead and his head was smashed…In a morning I got message that he died in the mountains , big stone fell from a top of mountain and smashed his head. He was mountain climber, without helmet.
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