I remember all of my dreams every night. They are vivid and very real. About 1 out of 10 remembers their dreams even though everyone dreams when they are in rem sleep. Last night I was on the hunt for drugs as a lot of my dreams tend to be and found myself at some shopping mall on a atv riding around the place. It ended with me trying to find my music system that I had loaned out to someone lol.
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I don't think drug induced hallucinations are dreams...

But maybe I'm wrong mushrooms anyone banana rolling on the floor laughing
I note my dreams since last 10 years. 80 percent of them come true . some very quick, while others after some time, like 2 years. Is interesting to read your own book of dreams . as if you have another life running in parallel
Its a bit unnerving when they come true, hey.
I don't even remember what I had yesterday!laugh
Neither do I, but I remember the dream I had laugh
I remember this morning's dream/nightmare vividly ... I woke up with the clearest memory and certainty, and it was populated with numbers, percentages... I sleep with the radio on, and perhaps it was the 6:30 news. With great clarity I remember the horror - I kid you not, it is absolutely true - numbers like 61% that Donald Trump was going to be President again. Really. That was so clear in this nightmare. When I woke of course I was immediately aware that I had awakened, as I am in all my death dreams. But Donald Trump - too much of a nightmare to bear!
Some I'd rather forget. a bit too close for comfort.grin
I had those lol. Back when i was 6 or 7, i dreamed i was trapped in the shower with hundreds of hornets that kept stinging me. Will never forget that one uh oh
I know most people will scoff at this comment Track but I'm a tad psychic and had a dream about a Ferris wheel disaster and the very next day it happened.
I have dreamed about stuff only to come true later on. A few times, it was a bit erie how close it actually was to the dream.
I'm glad I'm not alone then Track. Actually this spirituality serves me well as I can often see right through some people.hug
Some people I can but mostly just the dreams for me. I know one thing, the life I live in my dreams is a lot ore exciting than my real life laugh
Showing my age now but this singer is my all time fav.

Just for you hug

Life really is what you make it, thank you hug

Still though, my dreams are usually more fun laugh
If my dreams are anything to go by, I been single too long laugh
Hi Track wave

The other night I had my Giant in my dream. He was with me in my house. I kissed him on his shoulder and all over his face, except on his lips. Even in my dream I remembered what my sister once told me: "Kal, if you kiss a man on his lips, you will get pregnant!" professor

So I didn't. laugh
Suppose your dreams were exactly like your mundane real life. Same people, places, weather etc, and the only difference is the story line. "I never said that," they all tell you. You show up for a party that doesn't happen, and not for a date. You already paid the bills, so what's with all these dunning notices? Are you getting any sleep?
I have selective memory.laugh
I have a toasted memory laugh
lol funny the things we were told as children, hey laugh
laugh laugh
Weed and a couple of my medications are known for impairing short term memory. I can recall stuff from 20 years ago with detail but have no idea what I done yesterday or even 10 minutes ago.

Good times conversing
have no idea bout that , but this is what I've read. Our brains have this unique way of leaning towards negative memories – it's like a survival instinct handed down from our ancestors. Picture it as our brain's old-school strategy to stay alert to potential dangers. So, it's wired to give extra attention to negative experiences, helping us learn and steer clear of threats.professor
Makes sense. People with PSTD have a lot of problems because the memory is just there and as much as they want to, they cant wipe those bad memories clean. I can't remember most of my birthdays but I can remember a lot of times when bad shit happened and those memories tend to stand out.
sad flower sad flower
For those dealing with PTSD, it's like their brains hit the replay button on the toughest moments. Traumatic events become etched in memory, making those negative recollections stand out vividly. The brain, wired for survival, goes into overdrive with fear and stress responses, creating a heightened awareness of potential threats. It's as if the mind is stuck on high alert, constantly trying to process and make sense of the intense experiences, which often amplifies the focus on those challenging memories.handshake
Yup, thats it. Like a video stuck on a constant loop that cant be turned off and its traumatic to watch. PTSD is one of the hardest mental health issues to treat because of that, medications don't take away the memories and no amount of therapy will either.
stay strong, buddy!
I got a friend who has some bad memories that are always playing in her mind, bad things happened to her as a child and she been dealing with it ever since. I been through a few things but worse things have happened to others, my problems are as much genetic as from experiences. Still though, it wasn't a average normal childhood for sure. Good in some ways but every day was a near death experience in some way or another roll eyes
I dunno her personally , but I hope everything will be okay.bouquet
I feel like you are a lot smarter than I am laugh
I think you are a street smart type of person.conversing
I just read it on Google.laugh
All learned through trial and error, lots of error laugh
I never think to look on google so there, you're smarter than I am laugh
I heard that if you try something new for 10 minutes every day for 365 days, you will be better than 10 percent of the entire Earth's population.handshake
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