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laugh But what about those who donèt drink. moping
In that case, good ol bad decisions laugh (I don't drink either)
sounds fun to me!
Was a way of life for me at one point laugh I don't drink anymore though lol
I still have poor judgement blues
Same lol
You can drink , just a little bit.

I had a pint 3 weeks ago, a glass of red last week, taking it easy. Feels good to go out with friends and chill from time to time.

Getting colder here, I'm thinking of mulled winesigh
As long as there anyone to make a decision about.
At least we can pretend buddies laugh
I can have 1 or 2, any more and it interacts with my medication and puts me to sleep. Last time i tried to drink, i was gone to bed before 10 laugh

Its about minus 4 here now with snow squalls. I started going for a walk last week but today was a short walk because i froze to death.
Get a wine glass and fill it with apple juice, no one will question it laugh
I am going to take some advice I was given a long time ago. Shut the fk up and go to bed laugh
smoke weedslaugh
Just finished and i will close up now before i scare anyone else lol laugh
????goodnight, buddy!laugh
Layed down and my eyes come wide open. Back to scare the normals some more conversing
no surprise there, that's your normal state thoughlaugh
How should I do it? Put the camera under my junk and take pics looking up at it maybe? I was thinking about selling nudes one time but then I realized I'd be better off sending the nudes free and charging them for me to stop conversing
laugh I like the concept behind this.
I'll set up your ONLY fans account , and we can be partners. You'll handle the action, and I'll negotiatelaugh laugh
Its so easy, hey laugh
Hell yeah, people gonna love my rat's nest rolling on the floor laughing
laugh laugh
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