1 Year 4 Months Later

Since originally being diagnosed with diabetes, my lifestyle changed including my eating habits. 52 lbs lost, actual real definition in my face and body for the first time in my life, a thigh gap for the first time in my life, much lighter on my feet, feeling way better overall.

Who would have ever thought that diabetes would turn out to be so awesome wine
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Keep up the good workthumbs up
It gets easier with time. Its normalized now and its natural to me unlike when it first started. Biggest problem now is i need all new clothes lol
Well done, Track.
It is not easy but it pays off at the end.
There's much more to your life than you think.
Enjoy every little and not so little victory.
You are fighting the old "you" not the life.
Life is good when you feel good about yourself hug
It is in remission?
I never thought I would ever have this body. Yes being diabetic is not a good thing but because of the medications and my own changes, its been a blessing to my body.
Its not in remission per say, its still there and I have to watch what I eat. I am taking on ongoing treatment for it and as long as I follow what my doctor told me, everything should be ok.
I'm in remission and no medication:)
You are lucky. I guess you done it through diet. I am too far gone for that, i need the medications.

Do you miss sweets as much as i do? Lol
Track, I just read that there is a shortage of what you need for diabetics Ozempics
I never heard that. I can understand it though as a lot of people also use it for weight loss.
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