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This blog is inspired by another blog about nature. These scenes are from around my community. I see this everyday. I need to update these which will happen next summer.

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I got this picture on national tv years back.
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Looks fantastic

I have a 150 acre country park on my doorstep with lakes and waterfalls but nothing compared to your vistas.

This is a hard place to live in the winter but great in the summer. I basically live in the middle of the woods alongside the ocean. I wouldn't mind some waterfalls though, none of those here.

Post a few pictures wave
It's stunning
Everything here is raw and rugged. Weather is harsh and it affects everything you see.
My coast line is granite and half an hour away is what they call the pink granite coast its really pink in the rain.
Wow, very unique. Nothing like that here.
Dani. In the winter its harsh here, cold damp and snow but in the summer, its a attraction. You can drive to any part of my province and see something worth the drive.
I'll be posting my version of your blog later.laugh
omg yes grin

This is not so close to me. Lot of tourists come here every year, there is a trail you can hike. this is in a place called Gross Morn National Park.
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picturesqueand instagrammablewow
This is very close to home. I passed these places daily back when I used to fish.

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Snap Track

Right on my doorstep.......... Durdle Door part of the Jurassic coastline.

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Wow. I would totally take a boat through that hole laugh
You wouldn't like the winter here but it all changes when summer rolls in
I used to go scuba diving underneath the arch back in my youth.

This is Swallow Falls in the Snowdonia National Park in North Wales .Not large but a beautiful area to visit.
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Buddy, I've told you I hate winter. When I travel, I make sure it's not winter in that country.laugh conversing
That must have been a load of fun. The hole in the rock in my pic, we used to set nets off that point. Really good place for a species called lump fish. Ugly but harmless, we caught them for their spawn.

This is less than a 5 minute walk from my house as taken from above.
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Last week in western Canada, places got down to minus 50 and colder during a cold snap. Makes my winter look tropical lol
-50 wow I'm glad you guys are still alive.handshake
It don't get that cold where I am thank god. Moisture in the air is a factor here being on the coast. Moist air makes you feel much colder when its cold the same way it makes you feel hotter when its hot. When it gets down to minus 10 or so, not many people outside unless they are well dressed for it.
Great pictures Track.
You probably got scenery like this, you are well north like myself wave
Yes. I do have photos to share from the North, but I do not recall how to post photos in here (anymore). To tired and lazy to (re) find out how.
Its all on google anyways. We got arctic air moving down this week. Gonna be fun lol uh oh
This is my favorite place near me. I can't post the place where I live because there are some weirdos who can trace it, and I can't risk it.mumbling
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