Driveway Is A Sheet Of Glass

Had rain yesterday then turned cold last night, driveway is a glare today. Just threw out some ice melt and gonna let that work a bit and throw out more later when its safer to walk on it.

In the meantime, big joints, loud music, coffee, and more joints wave
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Hej Track!

It is -7C during the day but I felt like it is -30, when the kids wanted to play outside. The air brings a huge ghast of freezing cold. Brrr!
Winter in the north is no fun, hey. We had a cold spurt last week where it got down below -10 for a few days. I went for a little walk this morning and the wind just cut through my clothes.
Hej Track!

Take care from the slippery ice and put on warm enough clothes when going out.
The driveway is not too bad now, at least you can get a grip on something. Sides of the road is ice though and when a car passes along, I just step to the side, stop walking and wait till I can step on the pavement again. I wear my sneakers and the rubber compound is not made to grip in cold conditions like proper winter footwear is (same difference between summer and winter car tires). If I had a set of chains or spikes for my skeaners maybe laugh wave
I invested for few pairs of winter walking shoes/boots with "spikes" underneath. They are very useful and I feel safe wearing them on freezing cold, which snow and rain turn into ice, gets very slippery.
The worse time ice is is when its 0 or 1 or 2 or so, gets that layer of water on top, near impossible to walk on unless you got spikes. Around -10 or so, it gets sticky, no problem to walk on it.
Good to hear you never gave the joint medication Track thumbs up I did see parts of Canada and the US are in for some cold temps, the northern polar vortex is moving further south after the polar vortex jet stream winds are collapsing..
One reason why I dislike winter is that, the temperature over here is 23 degrees Celsius and a bit windy during the day.laugh
Be a while before i see 23 here. Right now its minus 5
sad flower
Its up to -2, t-shirt weather grin Wind is howling though, cuts through your clothes like a hot knife through butter roll eyes
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