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Need Some Help1176Nov 1112 hrs ago3 hrs ago
The Reason Why Women Don't Date "Nice" Guys1,19888Nov 4Nov 102 hrs ago
Bull Snot441Nov 4Nov 414 hrs ago
How To Speak Newfoundland15810Oct 27Nov 3Nov 9
Peter Pan24323Oct 27Nov 3Nov 9
My Visit To The Church19212Oct 24Nov 1Nov 11
Yup976Oct 30Oct 30Nov 10
lol651Oct 21Oct 308 hrs ago
Help My p*nis Has Stopped Breathing73755Sep 12Oct 3020 hrs ago
This Little Piggy1298Oct 22Oct 2916 hrs ago
lol873Oct 26Oct 26Nov 5
About What I Would Do591Oct 26Oct 266 hrs ago
High Voltage Ejector Bed16414Oct 24Oct 24Nov 8
It Happens974Oct 23Oct 23Nov 11
Emergency Situation In Canada71646Oct 18Oct 2116 hrs ago
Ladies12411Oct 21Oct 219 hrs ago
lol672Oct 20Oct 21Nov 9
Parties Are Fun985Oct 18Oct 204 hrs ago
lol623Oct 20Oct 20Nov 11
Yup460Oct 19Oct 1911 hrs ago
People Are Crazy881Oct 18Oct 1821 hrs ago
Halloween16814Oct 14Oct 1814 hrs ago
I Would Probably Do This611Oct 16Oct 16Nov 2
Would You Do This?15911Oct 12Oct 16Nov 11
Great Advice25121Oct 15Oct 16Nov 11
Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?62554Oct 5Oct 15Nov 9
Health Check772Oct 11Oct 11Nov 7
Some Days1027Oct 10Oct 11Nov 11
Fellas1494Oct 2Oct 108 hrs ago
My Fondest Childhood Memory Is29119Oct 2Oct 1011 hrs ago
Respect For The Past1193Oct 9Oct 9Nov 11
How Was Your Day?42236Oct 6Oct 723 hrs ago
lol963Oct 6Oct 7Nov 9
Love831Oct 7Oct 75 hrs ago
How Women See Men48432Oct 6Oct 717 hrs ago
Would This Make You Comfortable?1164Oct 4Oct 423 hrs ago
Damage Control1285Oct 3Oct 4Nov 11
A Song That Tells A Good Story56655Sep 29Oct 416 hrs ago
Ladies18014Oct 1Oct 2Nov 11
I Told Myself I Should Stop Drinking91455Jul 21Oct 1Nov 10
Its Going To Take Time For Those of My Generation And Older31124Sep 29Sep 30Nov 10
The 70s1,08142May 9Sep 28Nov 10

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