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Truth1471413 hrs ago2 hrs ago36 mins ago
Help My p*nis Has Stopped Breathing37834Sep 1222 hrs ago7 hrs ago
Sending Positive Vibes1266Sep 18Sep 1913 hrs ago
I'll Try1026Sep 17Sep 1720 hrs ago
Music From Your Country15012Sep 16Sep 1624 hrs ago
Almost . . Almost . . Almost . .894Sep 14Sep 156 hrs ago
an*l Friday1145Sep 14Sep 1410 hrs ago
This Is Not Suggestive At All995Sep 13Sep 1424 hrs ago
When A Telemarketer Calls . . . .18614Sep 10Sep 1315 hrs ago
Great Idea923Sep 13Sep 1317 hrs ago
Remember854Sep 12Sep 1210 hrs ago
Yup686Sep 10Sep 10Sep 17
Why I Don't Go To The Beach2288Aug 20Sep 8Sep 18
What Did You Dream Last?13315Sep 1Sep 87 hrs ago
Now Hiring17411Sep 7Sep 8Sep 18
Test1067Sep 5Sep 5Sep 18
lol986Sep 5Sep 5Sep 18
What A Great Night To Party1075Sep 4Sep 421 hrs ago
Who Is Judging You29817Aug 25Sep 36 hrs ago
Not All Drug Dealers Are All Bad1284Aug 30Sep 3Sep 18
Canada Will Soon Be A Case Study For The World1748Aug 27Sep 1Sep 17
Marriage880Aug 31Aug 31Sep 19
If You Have A Dog35526Aug 21Aug 303 hrs ago
Romance Will Never Die28826Aug 28Aug 2822 hrs ago
Electric Fanny Warmer3713Aug 26Aug 2738 mins ago
D.I.E.T882Aug 25Aug 26Sep 19
Relationship Goals1083Aug 24Aug 25Sep 15
Hey1318Aug 24Aug 24Sep 15
Personality Type1,67485Dec 2017Aug 245 hrs ago
About Right912Aug 21Aug 2222 hrs ago
Poor Girl1273Aug 20Aug 2023 hrs ago
Unrealistic Body Standards44227Aug 17Aug 20Sep 19
Y'all680Aug 20Aug 20Sep 18
lol710Aug 18Aug 18Sep 17
lol631Aug 18Aug 18Sep 19
Poor fker Didn't Stand A Chance1393Aug 17Aug 17Sep 14
I Can Melt Ice With My Mind15816Aug 16Aug 17Sep 12
Craving For Some Thunder & Lightning20026Aug 15Aug 16Sep 15
GF Texting Pissing You Off?1685Aug 15Aug 15Sep 19
lol1014Aug 13Aug 14Sep 18
Has The Internet Ruined You?21917Aug 10Aug 132 hrs ago
Need To Know17810Aug 11Aug 121 hrs ago

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