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The 70s2,877138May 20187 mins ago4 mins ago
This Should Be Standard Everywhere1007May 2422 hrs ago1 hrs ago
Ladies1436May 20May 214 hrs ago
Yeah, When Will Girls Realize26019May 19May 217 hrs ago
What Did You Have For Dinner?73854Apr 30May 113 hrs ago
Trouble Losing Weight?1545May 6May 1019 hrs ago
What Did You Have For Breakfast?50637Apr 29May 630 mins ago
Guys984May 5May 5May 17
What Is The Real State Of The World Today570May 3May 3May 19
hell Yeah1655Apr 30Apr 30May 23
Where Would You Like To Live?28715Apr 22Apr 2910 hrs ago
Something To Think About830Apr 29Apr 29May 21
Accurate1363Apr 16Apr 22May 20
Hard Times1111Apr 21Apr 21May 22
My Advice For You All18410Apr 8Apr 18May 23
lol890Apr 14Apr 14May 19
Did You Know1739Apr 5Apr 14May 22
Happiness1664Apr 12Apr 14May 24
It Was Worth A Try860Apr 14Apr 14May 23
Take Away This Kitty's Food If You Dare1205Apr 13Apr 1314 hrs ago
Mouse Trap Roulette830Apr 10Apr 10May 21
Not Good For Canada2265Apr 1Apr 9May 21
If Satan Punishes All Of The Bad Guys24311Mar 27Apr 4May 22
I Don't Mean To Brag But . . .1274Apr 1Apr 123 hrs ago
:)690Mar 30Mar 30May 21
Recycling19613Mar 30Mar 3017 mins ago
Cover Songs2189Mar 15Mar 304 hrs ago
That's How They Get Those942Mar 29Mar 295 hrs ago
Next Time You Fly1143Mar 23Mar 2811 hrs ago
What Are Some Of Your Favorite Memories From Your School Days36534Mar 26Mar 2823 hrs ago
Newfoundland Under Attack25812Mar 19Mar 28May 22
Smile If You m**turbat58048Mar 26Mar 27May 22
How To Fix A Round Cage1966Mar 21Mar 23May 23
Cats Summed Up In One Picture48232Mar 13Mar 17May 24
Great News1172Mar 17Mar 174 hrs ago
Meanwhile In An Alternate Universe1262Mar 8Mar 817 hrs ago
Would You?2367Sep 2018Mar 6May 23
Northern Problems2249Jan 29Mar 5May 23
Cartoons21011Feb 11Mar 416 hrs ago
Wish950Mar 3Mar 3May 16
My Nude Pick1931Mar 2Mar 216 hrs ago
Emergency Situation In Canada1,13060Oct 18Feb 2720 hrs ago

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