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How To Turn Newfoundland Into A Paradise19418Jan 13Jan 1415 hrs ago
The Proper Way To Wake Someone Up15510Jan 11Jan 12Jan 20
Who Are You Really1748Jan 7Jan 8Jan 20
Liquor In The Front, Poker In The Rear31134Jan 6Jan 62 hrs ago
c*ck Sucker36111Dec 26Jan 4Jan 20
Greatest Lies Ever Told1,22093Dec 18Dec 2818 hrs ago
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What Do You Offer?21316Dec 21Dec 2219 mins ago
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Hateful Bastard!32112Dec 10Dec 1110 hrs ago
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Would You Do This?29023Dec 7Dec 8Jan 19
I Don't Want Lots Of Bad Girls1,19870Nov 24Nov 293 hrs ago
To Prove That People Will Fight Over Anything23018Nov 28Nov 28Jan 16
A Little Guitar1287Nov 26Nov 26Jan 17
Wentworth23614Nov 23Nov 253 hrs ago
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Naked People Here1392Nov 11Nov 11Jan 18
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Who Would You Choose?2179Nov 8Nov 88 hrs ago
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ATTENTION PLEASE!!28311Oct 22Oct 23Jan 19
Whats Your Idea Of Fun And Relaxation?56634Oct 16Oct 22Jan 14
Who Is Your Look Alike?74843Oct 17Oct 2119 hrs ago
Whenever I Try To Flirt971Oct 20Oct 20Jan 9
Something About Yourself48543Oct 12Oct 14Jan 20
Scammers1132Oct 9Oct 9Jan 15
Welcome To Canada53343Sep 21Sep 22Jan 19
That's One Way Of Doing It1629Sep 14Sep 14Jan 16
Dedicate A Song To Someone71131Jul 19Aug 31Jan 8
Q&A Session971Aug 29Aug 29Jan 19
My Neighbor Knocked On My Door At 2:30 Am This Morning2877Aug 18Aug 19Jan 20
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