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How Was Your Day?27111Aug 53 hrs ago2 hrs ago
The 70s39,098955May 201813 hrs ago2 hrs ago
What Would You Do?2957Jul 28Jul 31Aug 8
If You Are Having A Bad Day . . .2747Jul 16Jul 21Aug 8
Ladies1371Jul 14Jul 171 hrs ago
Little Known Original Recordings Of Popular Songs761Jul 11Jul 1140 mins ago
lol1442Jul 10Jul 112 hrs ago
Canadian Problems1696Jul 8Jul 919 hrs ago
Every Canadian Should Know What Is Wrong With This Picture1400Jul 7Jul 77 hrs ago
Who Wants To Smoke A Joint?64538Jun 21Jul 33 hrs ago
R Kelly1592Jun 29Jun 306 hrs ago
Being Kissed while Asleep Is The Purest Form Of Love45716Jun 16Jun 1913 hrs ago
Ladies2885Jun 13Jun 1420 hrs ago
My Community47511Jun 5Jun 113 hrs ago
Fellas1451Jun 8Jun 8Aug 6
Anti Bucket List34319Jun 5Jun 814 hrs ago
Drugs Are Bad34313Jun 1Jun 7Aug 8
104260Jun 1Jun 1Aug 1
My Philosophy On Life2188May 30May 31Aug 2
World Peace20910May 29May 29Aug 4
Ladies2714May 23May 2912 hrs ago
I Now Have A 6 Pack Stomach1751May 28May 28Aug 3
Ten44013Apr 20Apr 22Aug 1
Its Here1951Apr 14Apr 1525 mins ago
Don't Die A Virgin3007Apr 9Apr 1212 hrs ago
How To Turn Newfoundland Into A Paradise1,17513Jan 2018Apr 6Aug 8
Pets & Animals2328Apr 3Apr 4Aug 7
Ladies2442Aug 2021Aug 2021Aug 7
Ladies32110Aug 2021Aug 2021Aug 8
About Right2624Jul 2021Jul 20212 hrs ago
Ladies71231Jul 2021Jul 202113 hrs ago
Barber Barber Shave The Pig2101Jul 2021Jul 2021Aug 8
Old Pictures4,219145Jul 2021Jul 20216 hrs ago
I Just Bought A Brand New Ferrari1792Jul 2021Jul 2021Aug 1
Guys3697Jul 2021Jul 2021Aug 6
Canadian Police Chase2998Jul 2021Jul 2021Aug 7
Canada's Dirty Little Secret49214Jun 2021Jun 2021Aug 5
ladies31712Jun 2021Jun 202110 hrs ago
Ladies2502Jun 2021Jun 2021Aug 8
Its Not Called Noise3499Jun 2021Jun 2021Aug 3
Musicians73739Jun 2021Jun 2021Aug 3
Ladies2986Jun 2021Jun 2021Aug 7

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