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When I logged in this morning, I was greeted with an advertisement to Upgrade to Premium. It offers an add-free experience, ability to upload more photos, premium profile badge, send more messages and likes per day.

I didn't know there was a daily limit on the amount of likes or messages...

Okay, so who wants to be the first to upgrade?
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Well I saw the same but using an add blocker so will gain nothing there and unlikely add any more photos so won't be spending money on this site.
I saw that yesterday Chat, have you given it a go yet and does it cost anything ?
Maybe it will block the scammers too..
Butcher, here's a hint... 2 hints actually:
If that were legit,wouldn't the site,CS, make an announcement in the Forums and Mails about it,rather than in an Ad,that might be read by some?
Try living in a real world - are extras ever free?
I was about to send messages to friends, but I wasn't able to because I already reached the limit. I reckon it costs $7 monthly.crying sad flower
$9 a month for us here. rolling on the floor laughing
Maybe if there were less scammers, conspirators, political, religous....never mind.
Plus the functionality of the site is primitive.
There it is,Bottom of Page under "ABOUT"!

What is the daily limit?

I'm sure it's intended to reduce the amount of spam messages. Take one scammer blasting out as many as the system will allow within minutes of joining.
20 messagrs per day
20 per day isn't bad. A few days of passing messages should be enough to determine if the person is interesting enough to exchange phone numbers or email addresses.
Here is the advertisement page for premium:

29% discount if you prepay a year's subscription.

Up to 60 messages daily.
Up to 24 profile photos.

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In my last blog or forum a few weeks ago about the "thumbs downer behaviour", I said something to the effect that, CS will or may soon be asking for payment for user services.....now it 's happening
A big plus is CS is still a FREE website. Subscription is for the enhancements.

I'm a member of another site (with sister sites) and you cannot send messages without paid membership.
If a gold member sends a message to a standard member, the standard member cannot reply.
There was a time where the standard members couldn't read any messages without paid subscription.
If contact information was in your message, it got blocked.

The ONE THING they have (that CS doesn't) are free chat rooms. Surprisingly people there aren't using them.
I think most people on here because it is site where no money involved… really surprised that here are limitations for messages. And who wants to place more pictures?! Most people barely upload one photo. doh
So far, I've seen 4 women who have upgraded.

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I've seen 10 new upgraded profiles, but the banner is only on the pages with other members (new and who's online) if you click one of these profiles, there's no way (that I have seen) indicating they upgraded.
The scammers see this as an opportunity to get people to go off-line to communicate. frustrated
Upgrade to Viagra
Who Merc...?

is viagra the paid version?

If I tell you why I made that post that would mean I would be going off topic which I have a habit of doing because let's face it when we bump into a friend we get talking but we don't talk about the same thing all the time as all conversations takes us to other topics to discuss

You don't like people going off topic which means forget about my Viagra post laugh
We can't go off topic laugh
I just now went to my profile of 8 photo's

I deleted one picture to replace with a 2024 picture

It won't let me do that because in other words I have to pay laugh

I thought the Premium thang was for new members laugh
I don't like people bringing up Hunter Biden's laptop when the blog is about Trump.

I'm curious what you wanted to say about Viagra.

I'm also curious about not being able to delete a photo and adding a new one.
Lol I saw the same Ad yesterday .
Well some things dont last for-ever
Time for a change . We can all go to Facebook
James, as far as I can see nothing was taken away. It's still a free site with messaging, blogs and forums. Viewing profiles is the same. Premium adds some features to your membership.
thumbs up
Since I use here as a chat site, no interest in paying. I don't ever see ads anyway. Dont message much so never knew that they had a limit. Charge me and I will be gone.
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