Area under the curve

I came to this seminar in good time to get a place on the first row, center. …I always prefer to sit on the best seat be it opera, ballet, Yeti wa...
11740Sep 7Sep 852 mins ago

Defying logic

Been and paddled kayak yesterday. Saw a female elk with 2 calves. Totally under impression. But where is the logic?...
199380Aug 27Aug 2715 hrs ago

Things I don’t understand here. Part I.

Prelude: The other day I had an exchange here with a younger man from another country: Him: How are you doing? Me (thinking “what exactly do pe...
648410Mar 31Apr 310 hrs ago


In the memory of my dearest… There was a very little spider in the lower right corner of my kitchen window. It span his tiny net and caught small...
374270Mar 10Mar 1415 hrs ago

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