Thouroughly planned day

Effortlessness takes preparation. Therefore I fill bottles with fresh water beforehand. Thus prepared…

...just to discover myself sitting in a traffic jam a few kilometers long stirring at the back end of the car in front of me for 40 minutes. And afterwards it moved slowly too. Nonetheless, made it to the 12.20 ferry (don’t ask) just to discover that the marina folk went off to handle some kind of emergency. Was sitting in the sun doing nothing for 1 h 20 min. There was literally nothing I could do, but enjoy the weather – nothing to wash or clean or tidy – just be: best time of the day.

…been launched at last and set off against 5 m/s from West. In the context it means I have to paddle for ca 2 hours against wind, round an island called Jonsborg and then ride back to the marina with “sea-taxi”, surfing on waves and carried by wind, not a worry in the world.

…when behind Jonsborg, the wind abated. Found myself in a little bay– a space surrounded by tiny islands – a stone garden with absolutely transparent water exposing treasures on the bottom, as in an aquarium – a place there sea stars come from. Bobbed there for eternity, enjoying the sun, the life below and above the surface.

As there’s no wind, got to splash all the way back on my own. Saw a halo. Geese with goslings and ducks with ducklings everywhere. Then a quick good bye at marina and driving home – wonderfully tired, all senses overfilled with the most beautiful memories.

As planned.
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You make me want to go paddling, Tule, but I'm a bit land locked here. There is quite a nice canal a hundred yards away from where I live, but I don't think it would be the same. sigh
Nothing is the same as the Western Coast of Scandinavia. But paddling in any water is better than not paddling at all. If you have an opportunity - grab it!
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