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We're past the full moon and the amount of eye scratching (virtual, of course) is at an all time high. Angry comments and name calling. Maybe some of you need to reduce stress as you're all uneasy about the little things in life.
Here's my suggestion: Remember bubble wrap? Remember the satisfaction of popping all the bubbles?
I present to you VIRTUAL BUBBLE WRAP!
So, pop to your hearts content...

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But but... what about TRUMP?!!???

jk cheers
America's destruction can't be solved by bubble wrap unless maybe we wrap the southern border with it.

not joking, the border is closed. laugh

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And memes do?
How's the market lately?
I see, you don't like memes. Why don't you like memes. Do you like Beethoven?
Memes and Beethoven in the key of C minor... dumb dumb dumb dumb...

Let's not forget Booming Biden!

Look what I just found:
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