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Cartoon TimeFor your viewing need for a set up...self explanatory...feel free and post your favorite cartoons...satirical or just because......

loulou7730035Sep 173 hrs ago

Rodney Carringtonthis guy is hilarious...

Onthcrestofawave5475 hrs ago5 hrs ago
marlindap22814Sep 156 hrs ago

Christian Subject MatterDuring these serious and troubled times, people of all faiths should remember these four great religious truths: 1. Muslims do not recognize Jews...

Gentlejim1155Sep 177 hrs ago

So you think you can judgeTrevor Noah's hilarious take on the ongoing Kavanaugh confirmation hearing. Day 1;...

JimNastics29036Sep 7Sep 17

Chicken Wings and Blue Cheese Dressing...The other day I went to the grocery store for some spicy chicken wings. I found a bag of 20 pieces under the heated lamps with other hot foods. As I t...

chatillion571Sep 15Sep 16
Bentlee1047Sep 12Sep 14

THE WOODEN TOILET SEATThe train raced onward through the night, chugging power and a sense of purpose. Molly and Jack were stuck on the crossing. Molly died instantly but...

John33333314612Sep 14Sep 14

A Few SmilesMorris , an 82 year-old man, went to the doctor to get a physical. A few days later, the doctor saw Morris walking down the street with a gorgeous you...

Gentlejim13112Sep 13Sep 14
JimNastics44224Aug 11Sep 12
Walking the dog

Walking the dogHave you taken your dog for a walk lately? They say it's a healthy thing to do for the dog and the owner. Well, perhaps not so healthy for some o...

robrt78717833Sep 11Sep 12

thallusI know what your all thinking But I have a lissspppp...

Onthcrestofawave1387Sep 11Sep 11

For LaughsThis is getting more funny by the week...The numerous books released or soon to a book store near you...all in an attempt to ensure people are informe...

loulou7727213Sep 10Sep 11

Like... you know?People say the word 'like' too often in a sentence and sometimes it's followed by 'you know' Expect 'an-duh' or uhh... to be part of that too. People...

chatillion735Sep 9Sep 10

It's official. Australians are the best men to meet.This is a dinkum Australian love poem, and if it don't bring a lump to your throat, and have you rushing to the Strine men listed here on CS, you're o...

Elegsabiff54166Aug 20Sep 9


MiMiArt99-Sep 5

She loves long moonlit walks along the ocean...Women often have great expectations for what to do on a first date. Stated in many profiles I've seen, they want those romantic walks along the ocean....

chatillion24120Aug 16Sep 3
Theres Snow On the Roof But

There's Snow On the Roof, But......there's still fire in the furnace! Check out former president Bill Clinton, getting an eyeful at the Aretha Franklin funeral/life celebration: ht...

xquseme23116Sep 1Sep 3
Things you shouldnt do when not in the right state of mind

Things you shouldn't do when not in the right state of mindThings that maybe you shouldn't do or say when you're drunk, disorderly, zoned out, overcome with too much lust, upset or just not in your normal, err...

robrt78719318Sep 1Sep 2

Monday MondayAdd your own favorites, if you like.

JimNastics15516Aug 27Aug 28

For the writers on CS - Evie nails itIf you don't care to follow links, the text is below but the pics and gifs on her original blog are hilarious

Elegsabiff39116May 28Aug 27
Lukeon1417Aug 25Aug 25

Lost in translationI'm not a native French speaker but can hold a conversation. Working in the village library they took it into their heads to show a film by an Irish p...

emmy110110Aug 25Aug 25

First the AppleA woman ran a red traffic light and crashed into a man's car. Both of their cars are demolished but amazingly neither of them was hurt. After the...

Gentlejim1809Aug 23Aug 24

JokeOmg, this is Too Funny!! ?? ?? ?? In a Chicago hospital, a gentleman had made several attempts to get into the men's restroom, but it had always be...

texasgirl85851015Aug 23Aug 23

The quartermaster's storeThe bloggers included all commented on my last blog which seemed as good a way as any of selecting victims Add a verse, make it worse There h...

Elegsabiff50565Aug 23Aug 23

AL SHARPTON CAN’T SPELL ARETHA FRANKLIN SONG: ‘R-E-S-P-I-C-T’Haha, now this is funny. Although nobody watches Al Sharpton’s Show this is a moment that can’t be missed. While honoring the late Aretha Franklin, Sh...

Willy34111274Aug 20Aug 20

Hair today... gone tomorrow.I was looking at old photos of my father taken when he was around my age. He had less hair than me. Very thin on top, but I'm the one with more grey h...

chatillion1001Aug 19Aug 19

Wow! pens...My office provides ball point pens in black, blue and red. I won't mention a brand name, but they are called Wow! Unless the paper you write on is a...

chatillion1255Aug 17Aug 18

Pence's one man parade in honor of Trump (Satire from Andy Borowitz)Perhaps you are aware of the controversy surrounding the Hitler-like military parade that Trump wants to begin. For one thing, some estimate the c...

JimNastics1315Aug 17Aug 18

Funny business slogans...PLUMBER: We're #1 in the #2 business. ELECTRICIAN: Our prices won't shock you. SANDWICH SHOP: Let's MEAT for lunch. DENTIST: I do my bus...

chatillion591Aug 17Aug 17

Saying I'm sorryThought is was about time I manned up and said sorry So to the following: BiFF I'm sorry you came on my blog and brought a troll pony Itchy...

Onthcrestofawave33517Aug 16Aug 16

Funny children's names: If your family name is Dover...Probably the strangest names for children came from musician Frank Zappa. His daughter was named Moon Unit and his son was named Dweezil. When Moon wa...

chatillion1224Aug 12Aug 15
Bad Bureaucracies

Bad BureaucraciesIt's kinda annoying when a simple process of renewing a passport turns into circus, I'm sure every embassies has different sets of rules and regulatio...

TheOne121018215Aug 15Aug 15

Some terrific irony in the newest Borowitz columnI'm not sure, if you are aware of the current feud between Dirty Don and his former aide, Omarosa. But, if you like, you can catch up with this video...

JimNastics2793Aug 13Aug 15

Space Force - the gay frontier lolFew people are better at duping the public than Donald Trump. Whether it's tales about how Mexico is going to pay for a giant wall, or how he's goi...

JimNastics35033Aug 10Aug 14

sorry couldnt resistwatch at your own risk if you don't laugh then im sorry for you

Onthcrestofawave1412Aug 13Aug 13
Things you do without clothes on

Things you do without clothes onHere's a few to start the list: 1. Take a shower 2. Watch television 3. Sleep 3. Make sandwiches for friends coming over later on, but not l...

robrt78762163Jul 30Aug 13

HelloJust say hello. Just say hello....

Daniel1980522812Aug 9Aug 11

Photo Caption Contest - Lion rideCreate your own photo caption(s) for the following photo, if you like. My first entry is; For lunch Leo opts for tourist takeout. Here's...

JimNastics19315Aug 9Aug 10
Track161251Jul 19Aug 9

Words we use every day that (sometimes) aren't really words...A list of words that I see/hear all the time that come to mind: wanna is the shortened version 'want to' as in "Be back shortly, I wanna get a drink"...

chatillion670Aug 9

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