Tell me truly, is it me?

Friend A – conversational bridge – always a competition. Worse, better, always the need to take the trick. Example – idle comment – “I’ve just done (insert neutral topic here) it was okay. Response - I did that once, it was rubbish / fantastic. Long involved details follow. You win.

Friend B - attention span issues. Example – Yesterday I tried adding lime pepper to my pasta andooh I saw something on cooking the other day, let me show you, and out comes the phone tap tap tap here see that. Well okay but what I meant wasdid I tell you about the shoes I just bought? I took a photo, tap tap tap, look. So I give up but friend is waiting expectantly for the next topic to interrupt . . .

Friend C – the persistent grouch. I walked the dog for over an hour, I’m absolutely knackered. That must be nice. It’s hard for me to walk since the pain started in my foot. Have you seen a doctor about that yet? What’s the point there’s nothing they can do just a waste of time and money doctors are so expensive and all they do is give you the pills the pharma companies want them to promote

Friend D – the partner fixation – what did you think of the (insert situation here) I’ll have to come back to you on that, partner has not yet told me how we feel about that.

I think I need a few new friends, I've used these ones up. But if it's me ... sigh
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Yup it's me, people reading but not reacting - not even to trump my topic, or change the subject, or complain about their problems, so that's refreshing but makes me realise there are worse things ...

Maybe, maybe, some are asking their partners what they can say they think.

Anyone know where I can buy a personality? roll eyes
You need new friends! laugh

I second to thishandshake
It's a selfish world we live in. Most people think their lives are more important than others.
I no longer communicate with friends I went to school with. When they call it's all about them, then the conversation is done. They don't even ask how I'm doing.

Now I don't answer my phone when they call. Thank goodness for caller ID. moping
I don’t think it is you...people are just strange and very self-centered these days...

Good friends are very hard to find...I have two that I consider friends...many who I consider an acquaintance...

Interestingly enough...the two who are close friends..are complete opposites in most ways.
The world has gotten so bizarre, i dont recognize anyone anymore. Its probably not just you, those 3 you describe sound mentally exhausting.
I used to play A-grade bridge. I have zero recollection of any conversation whatsoever, way too serious and formal!

Lime pepper with pasta? Yah godda be jokin, summat wrong wiv yah taste buds maybe? doh

Walking the dog? Did I tell you about my weird Achilles tendonitis, just jumped on me like a drop-bear so to speak, couldna climb the stairs, but the legend of Achilles and getting shot in the ankle, well it was kinda like that. Read about Odysseus and Scylla and Charybdis didya?

Planted some flame trees doing just great but she who must be obeyed deemed they interfered with her herbs and already 3m high out they came; considered moving but finally shrugged. Oh what were you saying?
Wellll, I think that people in general dont have a purpose in life anymore. At least most dont. As a kid growing up we had things to do, to look forward to. Adventure, danger, all types of stuff. In other words we were alive and used our brain continuously, unlike the majority of today which to a large extent grow up being like the friends you describe above.laugh It's definitely not you, your brain is way to active and creative to be categorised as a potatoe.rolling on the floor laughing
You and Dani are both right, trouble is the work I do means I meet a lot of people but they are all passing through, makes it tricky laugh
Wow, I wouldn't answer those calls either laugh

I guess if they are happy with their lives that's bully for them, I sometimes get the impression people like that, talking only about themselves, are trying to convince themselves they're happy and are terrified if they let you speak you might not be envious enough? confused
I do agree people are getting a bit stressed and closing off more.

Good friends - yes, friendships evolve, people change, and even old friendships fizzle out. Out of interest, do your very different friends like each other? I'm sometimes surprised by the friends my friends have conversing
Suziecute applause

Don’t think it’s you at all. Not everyone is for you and vice versa. Just like here on the blogs, some you like some you don’t. grin
Yeah getting together is not always a treat laugh sometimes they do just need to offload and when that's out of the way they settle back into the people I originally liked so much but I'm also not as easy-going as I was. So it is partly me ...

Your life has changed a LOT, go Track!
Ooh replying quickly while you're on line reunion

Ah but these are all people I have been friends with for ages and they've changed laugh
rolling on the floor laughing oh aye very good

Lordy the other night I played bridge for the first time in yonks. I said firmly that I play SOCIAL bridge - you know, keeps your hands busy while you chat - and they said fine, fine, come along we need a fourth. OMG it was serious stuff. The only permitted chat was the post-mortem after every hand. They said kindly that I played very well, considering, same time next week?


And lime pepper is AMAZING. Just saying.

Reaching the age where most of my friends are retired or retiring and anxiously filling in time and that's I think part of the problem. But now I must log out as the butterfly friend is collecting me in half an hour for what promises to be an exhausting day in Nerja - unless I can confiscate her phone rolling on the floor laughing
I have friends that I’ve known for ages and when the realization hits that we were no longer compatible and on different wavelength, I was initially bewildered and sad but then I thought to myself, maybe I’m the one that has changed…grin
Age is actually a factor with regards to friends. I've got friends from when I was 5 years old and we still have a good rapport. We can disagree over things but it's usually banter. At our ages yes we all moan about our ailments but it's never one up man ship.I treasure these links and the sharing that takes place.Sometimes it's good to off load on a listening ear.

Have a fun day . My pal had a bar in Nerja in the days when we all lived in Spain.

we are changing with age. So I think it goes both ways.
So if you want to keep your friends,is it possible to be more tolerant. Otherwise they will drive you nuts. Could you talk to your friends about those issues? I am just wondering how they gonna handle those conversations. lol
It is quite hard to find real friends nowadays.
p.s. I like your writing skills. Beautiful English. handshake
Lime and pepper with fresh oysters sure! Or with tomato juice. Maybe with smoked trout or sashimi, but then wasabi and soy sauce is fine. With pasta? hmmmm
Maybe you need to redefine a "friend". dunno

Hi Suzie. bouquet
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