Way to Go Dementia Joe ...

The entire world is watching you.

(This blog is about no one else except Dementia Joe. All others will be towed away sooner or later.)
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I had sincerely hoped that Biden would have not ran again...

But, making fun of someone who has dementia...not funny.

If you have had someone in your family..who has been diagnosed with this...you would understand..it is not a laughing matter.
No, I am saying Biden has dementia...why he needs cheat sheets when talking in public...

I have no problem with you Riz...

Trump and Biden..are taking America on a circus trip...

Both are too old to me...

And, neither will unite my country...

Don’t play your games with me...
I agree, neither are suitable candidates for leadership. I fail to understand why Nikki Haley has lost so many primaries, almost like someone is fixing the voting.
You really got it bad RadMan!
Waking up in cold sweats at night; day dreaming; talking to yourself; and all the lies!
Get it together man. You have lost any sense of dignity.
says the Wannabe-potus!rolling on the floor laughing
Go read your Posts and scrutinize them for dignity!comfort
Bringing your Bile over here now?
Maybe no one wants WEF-Nikki?uh oh
Neurologist Riz has spoken!laugh
@ Gal

Are you aware that Fred Trump had dementia.? Although not classed as hereditary you never know and the way D.T. is ranting at the moment one begins to wonder if he's losing his marbles too.

Dementia is a dreadful disease by the way so fingers crossed it never happens to you.handshake
OK Seth Meyers ..btw we share a last name, may be why I like him ...just a little.
Anyway he can make jokes about Trump because Trump has a general idea of what he is trying to say..the thoughts are in his head they just don't come out right all the time.

But Biden on the other hand needs to be left alone .. except for a care giver.
Democrats leave him alone, let him watch The Price is Right and sip his coffee. sigh
hmmm No I didn't know that about Fred Trump.
Dementia is a by product of Entropy } the arrow of time.

Curious folk get a grip strength tutorial of Dementia
Each & every time the various Congress critters are featured 0n camera
..the actual in -house pharma documents [ Pfizer, Merck etc.
Revealing now that Corona cluster fuch paved the way for 2 desired
.a.) .de Population
.b. ) lockdown psy 0p seguing into mail in ballots & pres. 81mil.

Dementia also a frequent flyer here @ CStonehenge
All his supporters here living in denial of his destruction of the
Country while accelerating bankruptcy+ ww3.

Time travel with Carson. ) . think about what you think about.

rolling on the floor laughing That was a long time ago too. Back then they didn't have to write jokes...they just had to watch tv. and rinse and repeat. wave

Political message from Joe Biden..+ Endorsement
actually suffered from Alzheimers,according to WIKI !
"This can't be right it's all crazy"....
Yes I think I've said that.
When they opened the southern border, then started bussing these poor people..yes illegal but still people...bussing them to cities that already have homeless people. I feel like I'm in a bad nightmare.
The only reason that I can come up with is more votes for the nice person who opened the borders.doh
It's much worse than that...
..many of the males* will become
Storm troopers w/ a badge & Glock.

* Pronouns ; killer, mutant, thug.

Part 2. ) Not Joe's idea - who has no idea
.if you get drift... Invasion a UN / WEF
George Soros production..
Requiring a lag Time going back to
George Marshall & IKE.

The road to victory goes thru Mexico. - V. Lenin 1920ish
sleepy Joes' war machine is well funded....

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