God Bless the USA! Court Lowers Trump Bond From $464 Million to $175 Million. Due in 10 days.

“ The Appellate Division, First Judicial Department of the New York State Supreme Court has granted a stay of enforcement on the $464 million judgment on former President Donald Trump with conditions, allowing the Trump Organization to avert having assets imminently seized by the New York Attorney General.

The order came after defense attorneys argued a $464 million bond was impossible after having contracted four brokers to negotiate with more than 30 companies. Sureties don’t issue bonds that big for private individuals, and even if the Trump Organization was a public conglomerate they could issue such a bond to, it would require some $570 million in cash to cover additional premiums.

The court’s conditions for lowering the bond include President Trump posting $175 million within 10 days and the other orders on the judgment going into effect.

The judgment permanently bars former Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg and comptroller Jeffrey McConney from serving in financial control of any New York business entity; permanently bars President Trump, Mr. Wesselberg, and Mr. McConney from serving as an officer or director of any New York corporation for three years; bars President Trump from applying for loans for New York financial institutions for three years; and bars Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump from serving as an officer or director in New York for two years.

There was no stay requested for the continuance of an independent monitor overseeing financial matters in the Trump Organization or the installation of a compliance officer, and that will continue.

The stay is conditioned on the appeals being done by September 2024.

~ Epoch Times
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Shall we have a whip round.laugh
? ,'
They didn't give a reason. It was excessive, so maybe it was the 8th ammendment. It would be good to know, even just to see what worked for him.
A quote from another news source...

"A New York court handed Donald Trump a lifeline on Monday as time ran out for the former president to secure a bond covering the $454m loss for his recent fraud case.

A panel of appellate court judges gave Trump 10 days to secure a far smaller $175m bond just hours before New York’s attorney general could legally begin the long, slow process of seizing his assets.

The reduction in the bond amount does not reduce the total $454m fine Trump will ultimately be expected to pay if an appeals court upholds the judgment. Rather, a bond works as assurance that Trump will pay the fine’s full amount if his appeal is unsuccessful. It is unclear how long the appellate court will take to issue a ruling, though it could take at least a few months."

This means Trump is given more time and lets hope he pays Jean too...laugh
After tweeting he has the money to pay but wants to use other's monies...roll eyes
So this is not a victory but an example of the judicial system trying to be accommodating...so Trump's rantings of a witch hunt or bias towards him regarding 'the system' is proving false...
It also means that they probably know that Trump is not as wealthy as he claims to be...

I wonder what these extra taxes are gonna be used for.
I suppose it geos to the state of NY and
idk... new asphalt and asylum shelters perhaps.
If they admitted that the Bond was too high then by default the fine was too high, they go hand in hand. The 8th is in the Bill of Rights, and an amendment to the Constitution. It provides protection from the Courts to the Citizens of the USA. The Constitution was well thought out and well written, it should be abided by, for everyone.
And abided by forever
The bond was lowered. The $464 million judgment – plus interest – still stands.

God bless the USA!

Yes, Potus 47 is sharing the love with everyone on all media for the good day he had today.
with all of the appeals; we have to hope there are now some actual judges. none of anything they pushed should have gone to court. that's why the corrupt james and company went to civil court.

nothing criminal to push but civil suits don't care. totally dependent on honest and fair legal system. we all know Ny lacks any of that along with d.c.

there are many others across the country. most people through those aren't political opponents so they won't be wrongfully prosecuted any where near as hard.

if the u.s were truly blessed, things like o'biden and cronies would have any type of power. the corruption that accompanies the current prosecutors and judges wouldn't exist.
How much of the $464M is a fine?

I haven't seen anything to suggest it's not a disgorgement order (plus interest) in it's entirety. dunno
I have not looked in to this properly
(I never do when they go after him unfairly)
but was it not just a bankloan?
Basically he was granted a larger loan than he was entiteled to,
wasn't a cash hand out as such that you never have to repay.
A loan is how i understood it.

That is why this whole thing is insane.
I bought my fisrt apartment in 2005.
I thought in had to bring 10% myself so I saved up for a few years.
Then I got the loan of 80 grand, but she siad I couls keep my own cash, she'd loan me the whole 100%.
I said thank you even if I got more than I was entiteled to.

Yes the bank got back every penny,
as they always do.
Not gonna proof read that now... haha
having brekkie here in front of the keyboard:)
That is the norm for zillions of people That theif still has to pay the full amount

Trump is the poorest billionaire on the planet rolling on the floor laughing

Trump has never owned any Trump buildings either All on lease "DUH"

A billionaire flogging t-shirts figurines sneakers plus getting his son to plead to the dummy cult followers to donate money as little as $5 to pay his legal shit

Next will be roller-skates laugh

No need to reply as I know it must be tough posting with 2 profiles You & Trump have so much in common
How do you know they've gone after him unfairly if you never look into anything?

Okay, so Trump over-inflated the value of his properties.

For example, he said Mar-a-Largo was a social venue, rather than a residential property. All these things made Mar-a-Largo less valuable ($18-27M) so he paid less property tax.

When it came to getting loans, all of a sudden Mar-a-Largo is not only valued as if it was a home, but it was valued as if he could develop the land and build lots more homes on it (hence his claims it's worth a billion, or more.)

The banks did a certain amount of due diligence, but didn't take his business apart like a fraud investigation. They missed much of the fraud and offered Trump loans at favourable rates because he appeared to have so much to sell if he couldn't pay back the loan.

Had the banks known the full extent of the truth, they perhaps wouldn't have loaned him as much as they did and it would have been at a much higher interest rate. The favourable loan terms received meant that Trump profited more than if he'd not committed fraud.

Also, having received these loans, Trump developed other properties from which he could profit. Had he not received the loans fraudulently, he wouldn't have been able to do that.

That's just one example of what Trump did fraudulently. Judge Engoron's summary judgement was based on the maths (Mar-a-Largo valued at $18M in one set of official documents and $1B+ in another, for example.) Letitia James put so much documentary evidence in front of him, he was able to say there was widespread fraud within the Trump Organisation over a 10-15 year period.

The $354.9M original amount is just the excess money Trump gained by lying. The extra $110M is interest accrued during and after the trial. Had he admitted the fraud before it went to trial and paid the bond immediately after he wouldn't have accrued all that interest.
"That's just one example of what Trump did fraudulently. Judge Engoron's summary judgement was based on the maths (Mar-a-Largo valued at $18M in one set of official documents and $1B+ in another, for example.) Letitia James put so much documentary evidence in front of him, he was able to say there was widespread fraud within the Trump Organisation over a 10-15 year period."

This is where the whole problem originates. They have singled out Trump and are going after him.
I already explained that he has done nothing that is not part of shrewd business practices and potential market opportunities.

In the interest of equality they now need to investigate every other developer in the USA.

Looking at two sets of figures tells you that they are different, nothing more.

You cannot invent your own conclusions, which indicates either childish behaviour or nefarious intent on the part of the prosecution and the court officials.

Then we have the bloodthirsty masses cheering on the crucifixion.

And no I am not pro-Trump.

That's it, I'm out.
This says it alldoh

"Kalief Browder allegedly stole a backpack, was unable to post a $3000 bond, spent 800 days in solitary confinement," wrote artist IrishRyGirl. "Donald Trump, ripped off the NY tax payers of millions of dollars, gets bond reduced and gets to walk free.. sounds about white wealthy privilege."

Look up Kalief Browder if you want to know about his short life before he hanged himself.

Glad to see a level headed 'middle way' expressed so eloquently.
If more listened to you I could say less.

The Left have had their day oz and they went astray, but who can blame those folk who are trying to turn America into a Progressive, Liberal, Far Left, Social Democratic Country in order to push their preferred lifestyle.

But it's time to get back to reality. It's time to get back to making America a great Republic again, which is how it was founded and is how the Constitution was designed.
It is also a Capitalist country. It was founded on Capitalism, not Socialism or Democracy. The land of opportunity. That last sentence is lacking one word though, Equal. The reason for that is because the Constitution was designed to exclude it. Ok that wasn't a great idea to begin with but the amendments have tried to address issues like that.
So what we have is a Republic with equal rights and opportunities for all, notwithstanding 'for the greater good'.

Have I left anything out?

Oh yes, unfortunately the People don’t get to elect the President or most Members of Parliament and Judges. They only get to select the Presidential candidate. That little piece of Democracy should be ammended into the Constitution, in my opinion.
Then America would have a pretty good workshop manual.
I would say it like this Merlot: someone morphed what was once a solid system
gradually over time.
Over a long time too. Still I would claim the curve of destruction (Riz..)
got steeper sometime about 30 years ago or thereabout.

So here we are and something needs to be done and at the moment there is only one cure.
Not gonna mention his name... but he's sailing under the R flag as of right now.
The D's have none pro change as they diched the few good ones they had.
There is not a question of why: the donors wants Biden as he let them steer for him.

Thanks for being a voice of reason.
Really Merlot wow Read post 19 about the treatment of a black 16 year old then talk about equal rights.
In short: people rule was taken over by corporate rule
through their army of lobbyists and needs to be reinstalled.

Almost every politician in America accepts money or other goodis.
Their vote is bought.
That is the system in place.
Enter Trump: can not be bought!
Et voila! Public enemy no.1 is created.

Swallow that you naive Europeans.
Well it seems that he can be paid for . Wake up Grand.

Trump turns to his 'old cast' to raise millions for 2024 and the PAC paying his legal bills. Donald Trump is turning to a group of wealthy fundraisers who have been loyal to him for years to help raise money for his campaign and assist in paying his legal bills
Ok so I missed the exceptions clause in the Constitution for 16 yr old black people who 'Shall not be given equal rights', my bad.
Exactly, they been loyal to him for years. Not the other way around.

Did you know before now when I informed you-
that the lobbyists, for the most part, are the ones who run D.C?
thumbs up

He shouldn't have to pay anything!
Sarcasm doesn't suit you Merlot. This was an extremely tragic case of abuse and inequality. One of many. It's so easy to say "Black lives matter "when you are seeking re-election.

Same as saying" keep the immigrants out "when you've actually employed them to build your so-called empire.

Two faced springs to mind.

You informed meconfused

Why would you expect others to foot your bills when you are supposedly worth billions .dunno

Lobbyist running D.C. Well it was Trump's family when he was in office so what's the differencelaugh
From the order:

" Executive Law § 63(12) now reads as follows:
Whenever any person shall engage in repeated fraudulent or illegal
acts or otherwise demonstrate persistent fraud or illegality in the
carrying on, conducting or transaction of business, the attorney
general may apply… for an order enjoining the continuance of such
business activity or of any fraudulent or illegal acts, directing
restitution and damages and, in an appropriate case, cancelling any
certificate filed under and by virtue of the provisions of section four
hundred forty of the former penal law or section one hundred thirty
of the general business law, and the court may award the relief
applied for or so much thereof as it may deem proper. The word
“fraud” or “fraudulent” as used herein shall include any device,
scheme or artifice to defraud and any deception, misrepresentation,
concealment, suppression, false pretense, false promise or
unconscionable contractual provisions. The term “persistent fraud”
or “illegality” as used herein shall include continuance or carrying
on of any fraudulent or illegal act or conduct. The term “repeated”
as used herein shall include repetition of any separate and distinct
fraudulent or illegal act, or conduct which affects more than one
person. Notwithstanding any law to the contrary, all monies
recovered or obtained under this subdivision by a state agency or
state official or employee acting in their official capacity shall be
subject to subdivision eleven of section four of the state finance law."

It's not shrewd business practises, it's fraud as you can see from the statute under which Trump et al were adjudicated liable.

No, in the interests of equalityjustice should follow the evidence equally.

Nobody says that individual murderers shouldn't tried because other murderers aren't being tried at the same time.

Nobody says an individual murderer is being unfairly singled out if they are successfully prosecuted.

Nobody say every person should be investigated for murder if one person is, just make it fair.

Your argument is entirely specious. People should be investigated and prosecuted on the basis of evidence, of which the prosecution had plenty in this case.

Are you being deliberately obtuse, or do you really not understand how Trump's fraudulent behaviour was a breach of Executive Law § 63(12)?
From the Legal Dictionary.

Definition of Fraud

Wrongful deception with the intent to gain personally or financially.

Intentional deception in order to persuade another person to part with something of value.

A person who pretends to be something or someone he is not.

Check all. Nothing to see here.

Standard negotiation skills.

Are you being deliberately obtuse, or do you really not understand how Trump's fraudulent behaviour was a breach of Executive Law § 63(12)?
@gz, you finally quelled my tongue.
I have no comeback to that.
At this lavel of a serious debate (lol) I have nothing.
You seem very much on this guy Jac. Do you have a personal vandetta against mr.Trump?
And how about Merlot, do you wish to get his scalp? Or can he speak his mind.
This ain't the court of law u know.
It's the court of free exchange of thougts. Pretty amazing ha'

Oh... and while at it... this blog is by a TRUMP supporter! Johoo!!

dancing cheering dancing cheering cheers cheering dancing cheering dancing
You sound rather juvenile...lol...laugh
It is not about you...
It is you who is naive, Trump was bought by Putin and Xi Jinping, both offered to allow him to build in their respective countries. Both had refused that building prior to Trump becoming President.

To suggest a criminal like Trump cannot be bribed is nativity on a grand scale.
Well obviously the judges and court see things differently from the wannabe lawyers.

Trump has been found guilty of fraudulent activity, now he needs to pay up.
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