The funniest bumper/window stickers...

Over the years, I've seen lots of different stickers on cars. Not as many "Baby on Board" as years ago. More 'weapons owned' than family member window stickers. 911 was an inside job is a favorite. Political stickers have a long lifespan. They are on some cars long enough for the edges curl from the Florida sun and weather making them age... lots of TRUMP 2020 are still around and a few 'The 2020 election was rigged' stickers exist.
The COEXIST isn't seen very often... nearly as dead as the "If you can read this, you're too close BACK OFF!!"

Entering my community yesterday, was a car with a bumper stick I haven't see before. I followed the car until he parked and asked "Where did you get that bumper sticker?"
The guy said AMAZON.
I said "it's the first time I've seen that one."
We laughed and he said "You probably won't see too many of these in Florida"
I nodded.

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A pack of 3 for $10.99
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The fact that they're sold in packs of three is a statement in itself, regardless of party political affiliation.
Balance is key, so caption these soon to be released bumper stickers on amazon and in the capitals of all of Obama's 57 States.

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That the joke is on them
And the DNC loathes the comman man
Is lost on the D train band wagon.
Uncle Joe aka 0 bin Biden
1$ the treason war monger
That Comedy Central & CNN
Branded Trump.

" I don't care if you think I'm Satan incarnate..." - Joe
If a prize should be given for the meme king, surely you should get it.
How many hours a week do you spend searching sites for these things?
did you notice which way in the conference room the name placards are facing? laugh
No actually, I didn't think it was important. I did notice you're obsessed with memes, whether it's about politics or denial of climate change, especially in response to something you disagree with.

As they say... Whatever floats your boat. thumbs up
are you discrimination agains memes now. Do they bother you that they can convey what people are thinking in a simplistic way? how's the weather there.

we like to say 'whatever trips your trigger' in the usa these days.

my apologizes for going off topic. dig it.
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