Another Bubba a hole in my rubba

I think there is a connection between more brain dead people being born and poor quality Chinese made rubbers

laugh banana laugh
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Perhaps another way to dumb down and control the masses

Could it be that they employ most of the brain dead in the 'rubber' factory?
Yah ma mamma say her job be testin the rubbers she bring them home me and Jim bog use them on her then she turn them inside out and repack um
On the other hand I read a post the other day which said for the first time in our history most people are born because they are wanted, not because they just happened. So the newborn becomes the most important person in the family and that sort of thing goes to a baby's head. Why bother to become clever or thoughtful or skilled or worthwhile when you won the prize just by appearing?

That's a little off-topic. dunno but then I didn't even know rubbers were Chinese.
Everything is made in China now

Silicone chips
Protective masks and covid tests.
The covid virus

And yes I'm sure rubbers and any other item that is mass produced and shipped world wide for free is produced cheaper and faster in China tongue
Their shoes are too small. I was size 9 now I'm a size 11. Same with the rubbers. head banger yay
Approved, quality control. Done and dusted.laugh banana laugh
Stupid is what stupid does forest
Here enjoy some vacuuming. drinking
What men are watching,, haha
(me included)

I'm craving for Chiese stir fry noodleslaugh
They the instant ones with human hair used to make them swell quicker barf
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