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Here is a list of Fashion Blogs. A Blog is a journal you may enter about your life, thoughts, interesting experiences, or lessons you've learned. Post an opinion, impart words of wisdom, or talk about something interesting in your day. Update your blog on a regular basis, or just whenever you have something to say. Creating a blog is a good way to share something of yourself with others. Reading blogs is a good way to learn more about others. Click here to post a blog.

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Time to top up the tanEnjoy ur day ......................................................

pedro27420Jul 2Go to Last Post

The leg propped up stance...Some women do unusual things to be noticed and that includes splicing 3 poses into one photo with some hip contortion that makes them look disfigured....

chatillion1667May 17May 17
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RobotsIf you had to have a robot built to your specifications: What will it be and what usefulness, for you alone? Male or Female? Built & Looks? IQ? S...

Unknown1424Apr 26Apr 26
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Funny Wedding StoriesA Facebook friend of mine asked if anyone had any funny wedding stories to share. Well I have one. About 15 years ago my friends Al and Monica decided...

Willy34111031Apr 20Apr 20
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Cut and Paste like a Pro

Cut and Paste like a Pro!Well, not really. It's a contradiction. But who cares since the blogs are already shit... Flood it, I say! This is quite possibly the cutest dog...

BadlyDrawn295-Feb 20Feb 21
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Australia versus New Zealand

Australia versus New Zealand...Yes, they always win the rugby, they play it very well. But going back in time, Australia was colonised by English convicts, many of whom were Iris...

pat8lanips31711Jan 27Jan 28
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Female modesty, real or imagined...Many men will know. Here she comes boys. With the deep "V Cut" blouse, D cup black lacy Bra, and the skirt almost up to there. Wiggling on by. Holes i...

Vierkaesehoch39238Nov 18Nov 19
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Do you like boobs a lot?There is a movement afoot to liberate female breasts and it goes by the name “Free the Nipples.” Apparently, our breasts want out. Out of our clothi...

Willy341154122Sep 2019Oct 2019
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personality typeThe Logician personality type is fairly rare, making up only three percent of the population, which is definitely a good thing for them, as there’s no...

pedro272245Oct 2019Oct 2019
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A rejuvenated brainA rejuvenated brain possible to the naked eye, a bran new unique brain,,, step right up...

pedro271894Oct 2019Oct 2019
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Greta is just the tip of the

Greta is just the tip of the.....hmm, I was going to say "iceberg" but the implied irony kind of melted that sentiment. Anyway, the youth are agitated and I don't think...

BadlyDrawn303-Sep 2019Sep 2019
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KindaLameDude1770Sep 2019Go to Last Post

Leather...When given the choice of leather or fabric upholstery I prefer to sit on, the answer has always been fabric. My main chair is fabric but one of my off...

chatillion34918Apr 2019Aug 2019
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Change of Socks For The Feet

Change of Socks For The FeetYesterday before noontime I took a walk down to Dollar Tree and got a couple of pairs of socks to wear on my feet for the warmth of Florida(Jacksonv...

Greg825712May 2019May 2019
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Pumps...I'm told Pumps is the name for high heel or platform shoes. Years ago, I had a niece living in my spare bedroom. She took a job transfer to another s...

chatillion2024Apr 2019Apr 2019
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The Virgosign on a beard

The Virgosign on a beard.So yesterday I visited my mum at her retirement home and after the initial hellos, and a lack of a conversational subject, she asked me about my bear...

virgosign3756Oct 2018Oct 2018
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what do donald trump and a pumpkin have in common

what do donald trump and a pumpkin have in commonwhat do donald trump and a pumpkin have in common...

jarred1958-Sep 2018Go to Last Post
Not just an ordinary saint

Not just an ordinary saintIn my teens, I wore a St. Christopher pendant round my neck. Not because I had any kind of affinity with St. Christopher, or even any idea of who he...

Harbal54326Sep 2018Sep 2018
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Its hard to know what to worry about the most

It's hard to know what to worry about the mostThe main choices seem to be: 1 The imminent showdown between God and Satan will bring forth a medley of unnatural disasters, the like of which we...

Harbal48222Jun 2018Jun 2018
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My Blog for not replying to other blogs

My Blog for not replying to other blogsMost bloggers like their readers to comment on their blogs, but, sometimes, the reader has no comment to offer. So, if after reading a blog, you find...

Harbal1,28669Jun 2018Jun 2018
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If God created the banana

If God created the banana.....I guess Satan must have designed the coconut....

Harbal48518Jun 2018Jun 2018
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Happy Mother's DayHappy Mother's Day to all Mothers, and to all the Birth Mothers who gave up their child for adoption like my Birth Mother, out of love for the child a...

Willy34112521May 2018May 2018
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Long HairI’ve been thinking of letting my goatee grow out like this and then braid it....

galrads3861May 2018May 2018
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Very high quality socksI have always bought things for quality and comfort specially clothes and accessories. One of my daughters gave me three pairs of socks as a gift...

lindsyjones4,93616Nov 2017Nov 2017
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LadiesI was just wondering, how many of you out there are prepared to wear Lorna Jane active wear? And how many are testing the waters by wearing Chinese im...

pat8lanips54613Oct 2017Oct 2017
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Balicia4705Jul 2017Jul 2017
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Recycled fashion

Recycled fashion.What is everyone's thoughts on recycled fashion ie. making outfits out of materials that are not normally used for fashion like paper, etc? The reason...

Unknown48110Jul 2017Jul 2017
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"FACES OF WAR"As We Go Along With Our Every Day Activities Through Out Our Relatively Peaceful Type Lives....We Must Always Be Remembering That There Are A Lot Of P...

namaron51210Jun 2017Jun 2017
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Chelsey Clinton all 37 years worth

Chelsey Clinton, all 37 years said to have won a lifetime achievement award, from Variety Fish Wrap Mag. Same lady who was lagniapped the half mil plus news babe job, only to ru...

Aaltarboy3772Mar 2017Mar 2017
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CurtainsCurtains have been around since the Roman times, they were originally called toga's as the Romans wore them, at night when they fancied intercourse or...

Mapmaker1,15778Mar 2017Mar 2017
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Push up bra

Push up braSo whats going to happen, if you get a new push up bra but accidently put it on upside down? It hasnt happened yet, but you know how I like to be prep...

pat8lanips71218Feb 2017Feb 2017
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dont you hate it when

dont you hate it whenyou decide to go out for a drive in your shorty shorts, and you slam your balls in the car door?...

pat8lanips91432Nov 2016Nov 2016
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Psycho stalker

Psycho stalker;Monsieur Everytime you stalk people around Paris remember to carry some paint and a brush with you just in case you forgot your way back .

Esir077495-Nov 2016Go to Last Post
Why do women at around 35 and over have helmet

Why do women at around 35 and over have helmethairstyle and wear trousers with quilted sleeveless jacket. This seems to be some kind of accepted uniform look. Is it because they have given up tryi...

CROWNAFFAIR1,16323Sep 2015Nov 2016
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Hillary Clinton asks FBI for more clarity on their investigation into her

Hillary Clinton asks FBI for more clarity on their investigation into her.Some pointers toward possible evidence that needs burning would be nice What a focking joke ! Like anything will ever be done. There is no acc...

nonsmoker70723Oct 2016Oct 2016
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well for you..........well for you, how is your liver..? . . ....

pedro276207Oct 2016Oct 2016
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So out of the blue

So out of the blue..,the 28 year old step daughter calls at 7am and asks me if I can come see her that morning. She's an hour drive away, but I say sure. All I have to d...

Ken_1990413Aug 2016Aug 2016
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What do you think Ladies

What do you think, Ladies?Dont be shy now, tell us what you really think. And dont just make something up because I can tell if you're lying....

pat8lanips79014Aug 2016Aug 2016
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Washing clothes

Washing clothesLike most of the men and some of the women here I wear clothes till they have too many holes. Usually they have done a good job of capturing body odo...

Ken_1991823Mar 2016Mar 2016
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Enjoy life

Enjoy lifeI have been quiet for a while, also lose the sort of interest to write. I know life is full of ups and downs. Maybe I just stay away from the crowds...

peonyjenny591-Dec 2015Go to Last Post
Oh No

Oh No!To all ladies...I really don't understand why some of us force ourselves to wear uncomfortable shoes,some of us were not born to wear heels but we sti...

Unknown55611Dec 2015Dec 2015
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Such A Sexy Winter Suits

Such A Sexy Winter Suitssince its freezing cold, and I want this kind of mask, a 3D mask. then no PANTS!!! like the woman with no pants who roam around in...

Unknown96410Nov 2015Nov 2015
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