Female modesty, real or imagined...

Many men will know. Here she comes boys. With the deep "V Cut" blouse, D cup black lacy Bra, and the skirt almost up to there. Wiggling on by. Holes in the fishnet panty hose. Always too much cheap perfume, so that even the bees won't follow too closely. And to complete things, the big hair a going, full tilt. And the bright red f-ck me heels. A wad of gum in her mouth, popping loudly away. Now, another lady saunters on by, but much more modestly attired. A real first class Bobby soxer, short clean pony tail, collared white blouse, covered with button up pastel sweater. No slit skirt down below the knees, and low lift pumps as foot gear. Both sort of hot. Fellas, of course we'd size both of them up. But if you had to guess, which one would complain about men who gawk as being all pigs? The Bard knew well. Me thinks, me Lord, the lady doth protest too much.
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Mr.Vierk... Are you a "gawker"?...
Yep. What a woman wears has no effect on a man's thoughts about her. Same the other way about. A multi billion fashion garment industry might disagree. If you go to any red light district, the ladies don't exactly look like nuns. And when ladies walk by construction sites, their thoughts and fears say otherwise. Of course, not every country can chase you down for what you think and write. Oh Canada! Tons more evidence that while what you write may make you feel better about yourself, and your virtue broadcasting unexamined PC biases, the real world is just a bit more nuanced. Think a little more broadly --you just might get it. And it's probably too much to expect that your ilk of humourless folks will ever get satire, if it isn't PC lockstep with you core identity, again, try to think broadly. How about that PM blackface for satire?
That first, VISUAL, impression she is trying to give. Impossible to ever be, apparently, among the PC classes in Canada. The Bobby soxer image is hardly very dated, in that it was a more holsome look in many mens' AND womens' minds, still is extant in film and other visual media, and styles do come and go, often repeating themselves. Tie width, pointy bras, and so on. But the seething wrath with which you attempt to pigeon hole the male knuckel draggers is telling. Might not hurt to get a handle on the sources, and the daily manifestations, of such. My juxtaposition of the two types can be seen everywhere, if one looks, to varying satirical degrees. As you say, and as M4 frantically denies, often with intended effect,---on the impressions of both men AND other women. A gustos, no hay nada escrita, Verdad?
JN, two men, with their own opposite syndromes, can agree. ;--)).
If the skirts get any shorter
And the wind does not behave
They'll be two more cheeks to powder
And one more place to shave
Spanish Lesson Number One: "En gustos, no hay nada escrito. ¿Verdad?" bouquet lips
"The woman in Jim's pic is extremely attractive and is displaying her assets to best advantage. She looks like a woman on the prowl for a really good catch and one who sets her standards high. Way, way too high for anyone on CS"

Yes, she does look expensive.
No, Mr. Vierk... I think your spanish teacher was very wrong... "A gusto" means "at ease"... Besides saying "En gustos", you can say "Sobre gustos"... But "A gustos" is not correct... Another mistake is "escrita"... The right word is "escritO"... By the way, you want your Usha to kill me?... laugh uh oh lips
Vierkat and melody....go get a room! applause
No, Robby... Mr. Vierk is taken by his Usha... angel Even though he will have a hard time when all her relatives come to visit and start talking really fast... laugh
"A gostos" is portuguese, Mr. Vierk, I think... "A gostos" is not spanish at all... And "nada escrita" is a mistake... You have to say "Nada escritO"... And don´t worry... Maybe your Usha comes back to you... Fingers crossed, here... kiss
Well, RR. She does appear positively scrumptious. Has that killer accent probably going. And is smart as a whip. Plus she has the guts to TRY to correct her man. One big reason why those foreign girls are so hot. Because they do it kindly, not like the Bobbit wannabe Yank girls, who try to roast a bloke, each time they think they are right. But I'm already half way finished with the VIERK tree house love nest, so no more hotel rooms. Where do I send you the key? But don't you dare even think of stealing her away.
By the way, I don´t know who Red and CC are, but I am sure your Usha´s heart is big enough to accomodate all of you... bouquet kiss
Nah, Robby... Mr. Vierk is a perpetual Romeo... I don´t think he could be a one lady´s man... But, who knows... Miracles do happen everyday... laugh bouquet lips
Speaking of which, all, just scroll up here a bit to see JN's addition to the party.
Saw that yesterday...wink
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