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Trust fall fail

3615 hrs ago

Atlantic op-ed claims Catholic rosary has become ‘an extremist symbol’

Atlantic contributor Daniel Panneton declared that the Catholic rosary has become a "symbol" of reli...
574Aug 15

Tim Tebow Has Helped Rescue Thousands from Human Trafficking, Inspired by What His Father Did

Tim Tebow has been fighting human trafficking for years and his organization, the Tim Tebow Foundati...
351Aug 14

'The FBI Raid On Melania's Closet Was Justified,' Says Merrick Garland

WASHINGTON, D.C. — With many Americans up in arms over the unprecedented raid of former President Tr...
674Aug 14

Author Salman Rushdie Stabbed Before New York Speech

An author who angered Muslims with his 1988 book, “The Satanic Verses”, they called blasphemous was...
773Aug 12

Happy Birthday to ...............lindsyjones

Have a fantastic day and ke...
32539Aug 11

The right is full of cowards, but the left is full of sick people.

1719Jul 17

Armed suspect at FBI Cincinnati office launches Ohio police chase, shots fired during standoff

A potential threat at an FBI field office in Ohio sent police on a chase after an unknown suspect wh...
766Aug 11

IRS: Gestapo in the Making - Gestapo (FBI) raids Trump's home - Unconscionable

18814Aug 8

Judge who approved FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago once linked to Jeffrey Epstein

The Florida federal magistrate judge who signed off on a search warrant authorizing the FBI raid of...
12813Aug 9

Trump Shatters All Fundraising Records After Biden’s FBI Raids Mar-a-Lago

Trump shattered all fundraising records after Joe Biden’s jackbooted thugs raided Mar-a-Lago on Mond...
10911Aug 10

R.I.P. Olivia Newton John

Olivia's husband, John Easterling, says she died peacefully at her ranch in Southern California Mond...
1317Aug 8

NEW BBQ Reese’s Sandwich

Peanut Butter Cups, Pulled Pork, Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce + BACON
402Aug 9

Pelosi thinks we can dig to China - We are truly led by imbeciles

Nancy Pelosi says she’s always felt a connection to China because when she was a little girl her par...
844Aug 7

Congressional candidate Maebe A. Girl is campaigning through drag shows

Good morning, and welcome to the Essential California newsletter. It’s Thursday, May 19. I’m Justin...
411Aug 7

Houston Democrats Hosted a Gun Buyback Event and One Clever Man Took Full Advantage

Over the weekend, Houston's Democrat Mayor Sylvester Turner held a gun buyback event in a church par...
934Aug 4

Joey's "Alive Day"

Retired Staff Sgt. Johnny "Joey" Jones recounts the harrowing day in which he lost both of his legs...
361Aug 6

Graham Martin is in the Hospital

Who the hell is GRAHAM? Well Graham is the geezer who got home late one night and Helen his wife, s...
531Aug 5

China draws a red line on Pelosi going to Taiwan

What have they got to fear about an 82 year old woman with a drink in her hand? I doubt she is bring...
20617Jul 29

R.I.P. Vin Scully - Remembering the iconic Vin Scully

542Aug 3

What are the Democrats hiding about January 6th?

1037Aug 3

U.S. kills Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri in drone strike

The United States killed Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri in a drone strike over the weekend, two pe...
18713Aug 1

Nancy Pelosi reveals beautiful new statue.

1416Jul 30

Joe Biden tests positive for Covid for the 2nd time this month

732Jul 30

10 Great Ways To Reverse The Recession

Here are some great ways reverse the recession immediately: 1. Turn the GDP chart upside down: Wo...
916Jul 28

The New York Post, Wall Street Journal Get Trump Wrong - Jan. 6 editorials from the Post and WSJ.

he headline on a recent, amazingly wrong New York Post editorial was this: Trump’s silence on Jan...
1186Jul 26

Capitol Police allowed and escorted Jan. 6 protesters into Capitol building

2448Apr 13

Biden Regime Plans to Give ID Cards to the Millions of Illegals Who Invaded the US Under Their Watch

The lawless Biden regime is...
806Jul 26

January 6th Hearings Have Backfired On Joe Biden And The Democrats

Democrats bet big on the January 6th hearings and things aren’t working out as planned. The ratin...
24017Jul 24

STEVE BANNON ON FIRE! Video Recaps from Days 1 and 2 of Political Show Trial

29923Jul 20

Trump Allies Plan To Go Nuclear On The Swamp If He’s Re-elected

Former President Donald Trump and his allies are planning a second attempt to “drain the swamp,” sho...
954Jul 23

HOV Lanes in the USA

Here in America on our Interstate highways wh have HOV lanes which allow vehicles with 2 or more pas...
702Jul 10

Worms vs Whiskey

If you put a worm in a glass of water it will swim around. If you put that same worm in a glass of w...
843Jul 21

16 Democratic lawmakers arrested in front of the Supreme Court

Apparently they wanted to get arrested. They are not even handcuffed, Just saw AOC walking with poli...
1539Jul 19

America is NOT the leader of mass shootings in the world - Not even in the top 10

Average (Mean) Annual Death Rate per Million People from Mass Public Shootings (U.S., Canada, and Eu...
1,01590May 27

Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe assassinated

Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been assassinated in a shooting while giving a speech...
21517Jul 8

Leftists can't deal with the fact that guns save lives

Anti-liberty leftists are missing the point entirely when complaining that the Greenwood good Samari...
1054Jul 19

Rich Little Impersonates Reagan, Joe Biden, Mike Lindell & MORE!

702Jul 18

Justin Trudeau's new haircut

1226Jul 17

Jill Biden insults Hispanics in San Antonio Texas - Says Hispanics are as unique as breakfast tacos

21810Jul 12

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