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Finally the return of ..............

27013 hrs ago

What life would really be like if the Left got their way

20517Jul 10

Biden’s ‘Accomplishments’ So Far

917Jul 30

THOUSANDS of Trump Supporters Greeted Joe Biden in Pennsylvania

More proof 82,000,000 voters voted for Joe Biden. Riiiight. THOUSANDS of Trump Supporters Greeted J...
722Jul 29

6 Brazilian men

480Jul 28

Covid spreading with unsecured Southern border, and Biden & CDC tell all to mask up

Biden is poisoning America, guilty of spreading Covid in America because his administration is telli...
868Jul 28

If you ran your household budget like government, you would go bankrupt

665Jul 27

Pelosi to blame for Capitol security 'breakdown' on Jan. 6

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is responsible for the "breakdown" in security at the Capitol...
955Jul 26

Best Presidents Ever

2412Dec 31

Golf ball that never misses the hole

909Jul 25

Hundreds chant ‘Go to hell, Olympics’ in protests just before opening ceremony

Hundreds of protesters marched through Tokyo on Friday toward the opening ceremony of the Olympic Ga...
1587Jul 23

The Cleveland Guardians

CLEVELAND -- The Cleveland MLB team officially has its new name. The team announced Friday mornin...
673Jul 23

Just Fred

An Arizona Highway Patrol officer stops a Harley for traveling faster than the posted speed limit, s...
1043Jul 10

This Mainer may be the earliest-born person to ever be photographed

Photography didn’t become commonplace until the 1840s, which means there aren’t very many photograph...
582Jul 21

Brawl breaks out on Frontier Airlines flight between passengers at Miami

A wild brawl erupted on a Frontier Airlines flight from Philadelphia this week after one passenger r...
581Jul 20

Letter from ex-US attorney criticizing DOJ handling of election fraud claims surfaces

A former federal prosecutor in Pennsylvania said he disagreed with the Justice Department on how to...
25117Jul 14

Pegasus: Spyware sold to governments 'targets activists'

Rights activists, journalists and lawyers around the world have been targeted with phone malware sol...
842Jul 19

Joey Chestnut eats 5 pound burrito in 3 minutes and 10 seconds

592Jul 17

Kamala Harris facing White House sabotage - It's a whisper campaign

Top White House officials are mobilizing to defend Vice President Kamala Harris amid a gusher of lea...
24313Jul 3

Ads of the Past That Would be BANNED Today!

1051Jul 15

Other states are calling Texas

Texas Democratic lawmakers have left Texas and flew to Washington D.C. so they can't vote on a bill...
1052Jul 14

For all US Military Veterans

Beginning on June 8, 2020, a new Emergency Care Centralized Notification Center was put into place,...
1035Jul 13

Gov. Greg Abbott says Texas will build a border wall

1272Jun 11

Parents Protesting CRT Arrested After Virginia School Board Meeting Declared Unlawful Assembly

Parents were arrested while protesting against Critical Race Theory (CRT) and a transgender policy a...
19911Jun 23

Boom !! Over 100 babies delivered in two stretches totaling 91 hours at Fort Worth hospital

FORT WORTH, Texas — Over a total of more than 90 hours combined, Andrews Women's Hospital in Fort Wo...
1064Jul 7

Am I The Only One ?

1471Jul 5

Rest in peace Donald Rumsfeld

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld died Wednesday at his home in Taos, New Mexico, accordin...
1001Jun 30

Russian babushkas defending Britney

Apparently, these grandmas often go viral in Russia for defending totalitarian Vladimir Putin agains...
821Jun 29

Angry parents upset after flier is sent home with students about sex education

Planned Parenthood sex-ed flyer telling 11-year-olds they could have sex, as long as the partner isn...
1398Jun 28

Virginia teacher fighting critical race theory on behalf of her students.....

.....And the school board cuts her microphone off. So much for 1st Amendment rights. Virginia teach...
33730Jun 10

Where not to live in America - List of Cities Defunding the Police | Surge in Crime

Violent activists are demanding that police departments be defunded, or even abolished. In a few maj...
1352Jun 26

Now What?

1072Jun 25

In Historic First, WNBA Player Comes Out As Straight

PORTLAND, OR—In a development that many are calling the most stunning and brave thing to ever happen...
1001Jun 24

Cackling Kamala finally visits U.S. Mexico border

Our feckless Vice President Kamala Harris finally visits the southern border when Colorado Represent...
24317Jun 9

Unlikely Duets

Every now and then 2 performers will get together for a duet version of a song. The song I've chosen...
902Jun 23

Facebook Whistleblowers Expose LEAKED INTERNAL DOCS Detailing New Effort to Secretly Censor ........

..........Facebook Whistleblowers Expose LEAKED INTERNAL DOCS Detailing New Effort to Secretly Censo...
38632May 25

The Tax System, Explained in Beer!

2269Jun 8

Biden Admin's Objective

1151Jun 22

Are there 2 Presidents in this photo?

A remarkable photograph purportedly showing a “young Vladimir Putin” spying on US President Ronald R...
1784Jun 18

An incredibly brave French Police officer sneaks up on and takes down, an armed woman on the street

2047Jun 18

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