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Have a history teacher explain this if they can

Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846. John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946. Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860....
553010 hrs ago4 hrs ago2 hrs ago

What is a Woman? Can Men Get Pregnant?

Aimee Arrambide, Executive Director of avow, a Texas-based organization devoted to "Securing unrestricted abortion care and reproductive rights was as...
6840May 20May 207 hrs ago

The American Dream

4210May 20May 207 hrs ago

Biden isn’t fooling anyone — inflation is his fault and he has no solution to fix it

If you like your inflation, you can keep your inflation. Okay, Joe Biden didn’t say that. But he would have if he were being honest. The presid...
10070May 11May 207 hrs ago

Woman will give birth to the same son a second time

She really delivers. After giving birth to her son Levi James last Wednesday, Jaiden Ashlea is due to give birth to him a second time in July. I...
7541May 19May 195 hrs ago

Elon Musk gives up on Democrats

Elon Musk @elonmusk In the past I voted Democrat, because they were (mostly) the kindness party. But they have become the party of division & hat...
7160May 19May 196 hrs ago

Elon Musk Says He Will Reinstate Trump’s Twitter Account

On Tuesday at the Financial Times Future of the Car conference, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and future owner of Twitter, said that he will reinstate forme...
210140May 10May 1918 hrs ago

Congress to hold 1st hearing on UFOs in over 50 years

Almost a year after a long-awaited U.S. intelligence report on UFOs provided few answers to what military pilots had encountered in more than 140 inci...
109100May 17May 1919 hrs ago

Captive Russian troops claim commanders kill their own wounded soldiers

Captured Russian soldiers have accused their commanders of killing their own wounded troops rather than recovering them from the battlefield and sendi...
7730May 16May 187 hrs ago

At screening of 2000 Mules Crowd Left Stunned as Proof Revealed on Stolen Election

HUNDREDS of high profile Donald Trump supporters, popular conservative figures, and investigative reporters gathered at President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago r...
321361May 5May 1840 mins ago

You can now view the Hunter Biden Laptop Emails

Here are 128k emails from the Biden Laptop, which is a modern Rosetta Stone of white and blue collar crime under the patina of “the Delaware Way.” Pri...
7010May 18May 189 hrs ago

The Great MAGA King

Strong Language alert: [url...
472470May 15May 176 hrs ago

Marksman shoots water tower - The result is hilarious

Whoever shot the Kingsland, AR water tower is a good shot. Looks like the silhouette of Johnny Cash has got to go! [url=
4410May 17May 175 hrs ago

Good Guy with a gun Vs. Bad Guy with a gun

8360May 16May 177 hrs ago

New Footage From Jan 6th Shows Capitol Police Herding Protesters Inside As They Enter the Capitol

Last week, prosecutors released two videos that blow apart the narrative that Trump supporters broke into the Capitol in an act of insurrection. In th...
487330Oct 19May 168 hrs ago

Home security

300150Nov 17May 156 hrs ago

Biden would take from veterans to clean up the border mess he created

Illegal immigrants began flocking to our southern border in droves in early 2021 after hearing months of campaign trail rhetoric from Joe Biden. To th...
441380May 2May 153 hrs ago

Russian oligarch caught on tape claiming Putin is "very ill with blood cancer"

Yesterday at New Lines, Michael Weiss wrote that he’s obtained audio recorded in March of an unnamed Russian oligarch who’s “close to the Kremlin” adm...
7330May 14May 1411 hrs ago

R.I.P. Gilbert Gottfried

Here's a scene from Beverly Hills Cop 2
13140Apr 12May 13May 19

GOP rep says illegal migrants sent ‘pallets’ of hard-to-find baby formula

Illegals getting formula while Americans have to wait. Pallets of baby formula are being sent to holding facilities at the border amid a shortage t...
142180May 12May 13May 18

Kyle Rittenhouse Asked To Step Outside And Defend The Courthouse While Verdict Is Being Read

Image address - KEN...
340120Nov 16May 136 hrs ago

Charlatan Jen Psaki sobs over Florida's 'so called' 'Don't Say Gay' bill

White House press secretary Jen Psaki broke into tears while discussing Florida’s controversial parental rights bill in a podcast released this week....
13580Apr 20May 134 hrs ago

When Biden’s own people don’t trust him to speak, we have no real president

There is nothing more symbolic of American political power than a president of the United States holding court in the Oval Office. Ensconced in tha...
6420May 7May 1212 hrs ago

Passenger with no flying experience lands plane after pilot medical emergency

7840May 11May 12May 18

The Sex Therapist

A couple, both 78 years old, went to a sex therapist's office. The doctor asked, "What can I do for you?" The man said, "Will you watch us have sex...
7211May 10May 104 hrs ago

Kentucky Derby 2022 Aerial View Rich Strike

80-1 odds overcame. Incredible race and view.
11120May 9May 1012 hrs ago

Kentucky Derby winning jockey turns down invite to the White House

10310May 9May 93 hrs ago

Roe v. Wade and deadly leftist illogic

First go after babies in their wombs, and now justices in their homes. The logic of attacking the justices comes inevitably out of the logic of Roe....
309390May 8May 8May 17

Utter Stupidity

16030Apr 30May 76 hrs ago

Car horn sounds like gun shots! Prevents being hijacked

10241May 6May 613 hrs ago

Godless Pro-Abortion Activists Make Plans to Storm Catholic Churches and Interrupt Mass on Sunday

This is a new low for the violent left — famous for their $2 billion in destruction from their violent 2020 protests. This Godless pro-abortion gro...
134120May 6May 618 hrs ago

Federal Debt Up $2,650,725,664,597.74 Since Biden’s Inauguration

( - The federal debt has increased by $2,650,725,664,597.74 since President Joe Biden was inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2021, according to the o...
7031May 5May 623 hrs ago

Judge Announces He Will Block Biden from Ending Title 42 at Border

A federal judge in Louisiana, appointed by former President Donald Trump, is expected to block President Joe Biden’s plans to end the Title 42 public...
10950Apr 26May 53 hrs ago

3 bikers and an old man

An elderly man was eating breakfast at a truck stop when some bikers stormed in, obviously all revved up. They’d been riding all day, and now, thoroug...
14691May 3May 424 hrs ago

Teachers unions are indoctrinating kids — with Biden’s support

Schools are becoming indoctrination factories, trying to turn children against their country and their own parents’ values. It’s what the teachers uni...
4210May 4May 4May 20

US Army Reduces Its Numbers as It Struggles to Find Recruits Who Want to Enter Military Under Biden

In 2021 Joe Biden abandoned US bases in Afghanistan and armed the Taliban with $80 billion in US military equipment. 13 US military men and women w...
13560Apr 4May 3May 18

Biden Is Just a ‘Front Man’ Who Carries Out Obama’s Wishes

Near the end of Barack Obama’s tenure in the White House, he openly fantasized during an interview about an unconstitutional and illegal way of effect...
5411May 3May 3May 17

Vladimir Putin set to vanish for cancer surgery, mystery Russian Telegram account says

Vladimir Putin may soon vanish for a period as he is due to undergo surgery linked to cancer, according to a new claim. He has allegedly secretly n...
180130May 1May 23 hrs ago

Biden blasted for policing free speech with ‘dystopian’ disinformation bureau

Oh, (Big) Brother! President Biden came under fire Thursday for the creation of a “dystopian” disinformation bureau created under his Homeland Secu...
8140Apr 29Apr 293 hrs ago

Family find

It was just confirmed last night that I have a Son and 2 Grandsons I never knew about. First of all I am adopted and have since found both my birt...
13380Apr 27Apr 273 hrs ago

How 1 electric car can destroy 3 cars in less than 5 minutes

What you see in this video is an electric car with a shorted cell at a charging station setting off all the rest. Note the time it took to destroy...
11531Apr 27Apr 273 hrs ago

EXCLUSIVE Twitter set to accept Musk's $43 billion offer - sources

NEW YORK, April 25 (Reuters) - Twitter Inc (TWTR.N) is poised to agree a sale to Elon Musk for around $43 billion in cash, the price the chief executi...
11380Apr 25Apr 263 hrs ago

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