The Morning After

She may have lost that loving feeling but when Paul Shane saw the re-run of this he must have got that sinking feeling, big time.
328290Apr 16Apr 17just now

If this is you, it's time to have a rethink.

When the only person you are fooling is yourself, perhaps it's time to reassess your position, before you're left without a leg to stand on. Discla...
626620Apr 14Apr 16Apr 19

That sinking feeling.

It's so disheartening to write a blog and then watch it sink steadily down the page and finally disappear into the wilderness behind that little squar...
8291050Apr 11Apr 14Apr 19

Show Us Yer Arse (blog)

I originally posted this in the forum but due to overwhelming interest in it I am also submitting it as a blog to relieve the pressure. This is my...
153160Apr 12Apr 12Apr 16


Why do people post links to videos and articles supporting their, quite often crackpot, views as if it's some kind of authoritative confirmation when...
471460Apr 7Apr 10Apr 19

Dealing with Trolls (unauthorized version)

In the unlikely event that anyone would like to reply to Lee's rant, this is the place to do it. Outburst No.1 Yes it seems like a simple thing to...
366270Apr 8Apr 9Apr 18

Share your tales from Hell.

Has anyone here ever been possessed by the Devil, demons or evil spirits? If you have an amusing anecdote about an encounter with evil or a spot of b...
365360Apr 1Apr 521 hrs ago


I was doing the same job for the same company for nearly thirty years. When it came to an end I expected it to be something that would take a lot of...
414500Mar 26Mar 27Apr 17

Blogs announcement.

To whom it may concern: It's HARBAL, not HERBAL....
821740Mar 18Mar 203 hrs ago

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