Capacity Issues

I have an e-cigarette and it’s doing my head in. I am constantly having to fill the damned thing with liquid. This is because there is an EU ruling that e-cigarettes must not have a tank capacity of more than 2ml, which is a minuscule amount.

As e-cigarette manufacturers also sell their products outside of the EU, they make them with tanks of a higher capacity than 2 measly ml. So, in order to be able to sell inside the EU, they modify them. This typically involves incorporating a volume restricting object into the tank, usually a cylindrical insert pressed onto the central column going up through it.

It occurred to me that this cylindrical, capacity reducing object should not be too difficult to remove, or at least tamper with. I do have a predisposition to tamper with things. My first idea was to drill holes in it, assuming that it would be hollow and the holes would allow the liquid to occupy the inside of the cylindrical, capacity reducing object, thus giving me increased capacity.

I tried six different drill bits on that bastard and even broke one in the process, but made no more than a tiny indentation in the surface. What that Mother Kisser (self censorship) is made of I don’t know, but I’m sure it doesn’t need to be that tough.

Next thought: angle grinder. I had an angle grinder, and I can think of no reason why I wouldn’t have brought it with me when I moved into this place, yet find it can I not. It’s almost enough to make me believe in God, and fancy he is having fun at my expense.

Am I the only person living in the EU who cannot -nay, will not- accept a paltry 2ml restriction on the capacity of my e-cigarette?

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Try e bay and stop bitching

One man's bitching is another man's legitimate protest, Blue, judge ye not. scold
Can I have "scruples" with my last commenttongue
Aw, Blue, you went to the trouble just for little old me. hug don't have to believe in any god to have someone laughing at your expense...
You've got one right here on CS ! laugh rolling on the floor laughing
But you are not the one who has hidden my angle grinder, are you, daniela? mumbling
You'd be surprised of the things I can do at distance..wink
They are made from titanium because the aluminum ones tend to explode.
Are you sure you want to enlarge the hole?
I don't doubt your capabilities, daniela, but why my angle grinder, for God's sake? doh
I don't have a clue what an angle grinder is?
Maybe I mistook it for something else? doh
But is my tending to explode, out of frustration, any less desirable, chat?

Drilling holes isn't my ideal solution; getting rid of the insert altogether would be my preferred outcome.
I felt similar frustrated when the EU in the late 1970's decided to limit the maximum length of cigarettes to 7.5cm.
Over were the days one could burn someone's eyes out from a safe distance. It felt unfair.
I think you are venting your frustration in the wrong direction.
Filling the vape thing is of little difference from plucking the plastic wrapper of a packet of cigarettes and fiddling with the box to get it open.
Your frustration is with your addiction not with the feeding of it.
The vaping does work. If anything, it works really well.
You get your hit and as bonus by being so awkward to use/hold/fill it shows you each time a reminder of your addiction.
An angle grinder is quite unlike anything else, daniela, so that story isn't going to wash. scold
Exactly my way of thinking Meta.thumbs up
Har, after Brexit, you won't be restricted by your E-cig anymore. You can get a UK-cig
I imagine the restriction is intended for health reasons, MetaMaus, the intention being the forcing of lower consumption. But I drive for a living, and trying to refill the bloody thing while driving -because the liquid runs out between stops- is potentially far more hazardous to health than vaping is.
Let's stick to my way of thinking on my blogs, daniela. professor
refill while driving snooty That's a skill I mastered
(buy two, then you always have one charged and full)
Yes, molly, when we take back control after Brexit everything will be just perfect. And you know what? Some people actually believe that crap. doh
I don't want to compromise, MetaMaus, I want it all my way. mumbling
Don't crush their dreams just yet, Har.
That sounds like the start of a great song...
Whew, someone's tetchy. e-cig not drawing well? comfort

I have every confidence that after Brexit you'll be able to buy a handy tank you can strap to your chest and can suck on your hookah all day like the caterpillar in Alice. After Brexit, everything will be wonderful, the sky will shine all day now that it won't have to spend so much time in Europe, and the Glums will skip about holding hands with laughter and love in their hearts.
E-cig's drawing too well, Biff. One good suck and the focker's empty.

Have you considered the cobalt or titanium drill bits? Just a suggestion here.
ayoneq: " Do you believe in magic???"(meet us in the forums)

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