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New Technology And You

New Technology And YouAre you skeptical/sceptical about some new inventions or technology yet to come? Don’t be but if you insist, don’t talk about it too much. Some very b...

Catfoot30239Jan 17Jan 17
We Are Inside A Videogame Simulation Theory

We Are Inside A Videogame (Simulation Theory)We Are Inside A Videogame (Simulation Theory)...

jarred179-Nov 30
Aaltarboy is morphing

Aaltarboy is morphing...At least for a week or two, while the PC is back in the shop, and I struggle with this IPad contraption. Not sure if I'll be using the old name. Now I...

Vierkaesehoch20512Nov 22Nov 23

BlockedHow would you know if someone has your mobile number blocked from contacting their's?...

itchywitch52626Sep 21Sep 23
Humans and Microchips

Humans and MicrochipsI’m not talking about small boxes of French fries shoved into your wrist, but microchips that can and are being inserted into human hands and in cases...

Mapmaker51645Sep 21Sep 21
PC vs iPad Which platform do you sophisticated CS bloggers prefer

PC vs iPad. Which platform do you sophisticated CS bloggers prefer?Two hundred dollar cheapskate HP PC was on the Fritz. Windows 10. Luckily had time left on Walmart 2 year extended warrantee. Sent it in and hoping t...

Aaltarboy1463Sep 20Sep 20
Cyber girl kaputt

Cyber girl kaputt...Dear CS pals. The Aa cyber girl is ill. Letters # 13 & 14 out. So please just supply these for texts where appropriate till repair effected. Thaks uch...

Aaltarboy1490Sep 13

Of All The Things To Change Over The Last 100 YearsWhy hasn't shoe laces been done away with yet?.........................

Track161313Sep 13Sep 13

How The Internet Started........ ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE... "In ancient Israel, it came to pass that a trader by the name of Abraham Com did take unto himself a healthy young w...

daniela777141-Sep 6

ElectricityWhat's the best way to produce electricity at home , does anybody have a solar system for home ?...

ali11029418Jul 2Jul 3
Feedback for the Blog page

Feedback for the Blog pageHello, As you can see, we launched the new Blog page. We listened to your feedback and addressed most of your issues. Some of your feedback relate...

Moderator77043Jun 20Jun 24
The fightback starts here

The fightback starts here.This is really a continuation of a blog I posted in December 2013, (no doubt still available on Amazon,everything else seems to be these days) In it...

zmountainman44235Jun 2017Jun 19
Improving Blog pages

Improving Blog pagesHello, As you are all aware, we launched new pages several months ago. It was an expensive design by a large well known company ( that...

Moderator74136Jun 2017Jun 2017
Perfect Woman

Perfect WomanPerfect Woman...

jarred1127-May 2017
Collecting huge amounts of data with WhatsApp

Collecting huge amounts of data with WhatsAppCreating a database of phone numbers, profile pictures and status information of almost all users of WhatsApp turns out to be very easy . The user doe...

jarred1154-May 2017
Site down for maintenance tomorrow Thursday May 4

Site down for maintenance tomorrow, Thursday, May 4Just to let you know... We are will be upgrading CS equipment, and the site will be down for maintenance tomorrow. You will not be able to login or u...

Moderator38717May 2017May 2017
Social media personal data Kid with treatable cancer

Social media...personal data. Kid with treatable cancer.Sure, many say it's fun and costs nothing. But really? Facebook and most others ask quite a bit of us to join up. Huge personal info market for gover...

Aaltarboy18510Apr 2017Apr 2017
Life inside the bubble of a virtual reality world

Life inside the bubble of a virtual reality worldLife inside the bubble of a virtual reality world...

jarred1127-Apr 2017
Yall may address me as Mic Guyver

Y'all may address me as Mic Guyver...You know - like that legendary T.V. guy who can make/fix anything with nothing but a hairpin. My house was built circa 1890. Many of the fixtures...

miclee29014Mar 2017Mar 2017

robotwhat is this " I'm not a robot" deal now when logging in? someone please explain ! studecar...

studecar2628Mar 2017Mar 2017


jarred1219-Jan 2017
New Milling table

New Milling tableI have a Sieg mini-mill. It has one major fault. A tiny X, Y & Z azis. At long last someone did something about it. Sief finally manufactured and...

Ken_193868Jan 2017Jan 2017
I am disturbed

I am disturbedYep" thought it's about time I admit it but on a more serious note, just wondering here if what disturbs me, would disturb you also... even more so...

itchywitch81054Jan 2017Jan 2017
Why abuse a technology and those who make use of it

Why abuse a technology and those who make use of itIt is with great observation when I find the time to follow all the shenanigans going on via the internet. With bloggers being harrassed,scammed,and...

Fieryred703404Dec 2016Dec 2016
Does anyone else have this problem

Does anyone else have this problem?My Lap Top is a little old, yet, I keep it cleaned up on the insides. Fast enough to participate in the blogs. I can bounce around on here, crack jok...

cheavy84664Sep 2016Nov 2016
Internet Making Us Crazy

Internet Making Us Crazy?Internet Making Us Crazy?...

jarred1218-Oct 2016
stringman50926Oct 2016Oct 2016
Virtual reality avatars and multiple identities

Virtual reality, avatars, and multiple identitiesVirtual reality, avatars, and multiple identities...

jarred1292-Oct 2016
Test for women whats this for

Test for women: what's this for?Males, no spoilers please. Kasih, no fair telling the other women....

Ken_191,01352Sep 2016Sep 2016
39 That is what I get when I type

'......That is what I get when I typean apostrophe. It only happens on this site...both blogs and prvate mail. It is driving me nuts. Does anyone have any ideas why this is so, or how t...

miclee69842Aug 2016Aug 2016
How Long

How Long?The 25 year period following 1990 was characterized by rapid advances in the field of information technology. It was very much like the early days of...

Catfoot53610Jun 2016Jun 2016
Smart Phones

Smart PhonesI recently replaced my Nokia Express Music with a Sony Xperia. I liked the Nokia; it served me well but it was grossly behind times. Mastering th...

Catfoot90147Jun 2016Jun 2016
Come on CS Get your act together

Come on CS. Get your act together!Yep, they're at it again. The automatic sign out! Wasted half an hour posting a poem this afternoon (or rather trying to) and upon reaching the previe...

Geriatrix268113Jun 2016Jun 2016
Internet helpdesk

Internet helpdeskInternet helpdesk...

jarred1258-May 2016
Ransom virus

Ransom virus!After several years with a tablet I got suckered into clicking on what I thought was a android logo and update. For a hundred dollars I could turn...

raphael1197031Jan 2016Jan 2016
Let there be light

Let there be lightThis morning the light bulb at the entrance to my apt was out of service. I decided to modernize and instead of a plain incandescent bulb, I bought a...

tatami59611Dec 2015Dec 2015
Google is Watching you

Google is Watching youGoogle is Watching you...

jarred1330-Dec 2015

LOVELY CHATyes ! this chat is between me and my heart. he says there is no love in this world. but i said that you are also in this world ! ! ! and it means y...

peednama1,0558Nov 2015Nov 2015
Internet Making Us Crazy

Internet Making Us Crazy?Internet Making Us Crazy?...

jarred1226-Oct 2015
Mingle2 com

Mingle2.comAnybody know about a dating site call Two weeks ago I sign with that site and now I can't delete my account. The site is full of scammers...

Baddabing668966Oct 2015Oct 2015
Western Digitals hard drive encryption is useless

Western Digital's hard drive encryption is uselessTotally useless Rookie errors make it child's play to decrypt data The encryption systems used in Western Digital's portable hard drives are pre...

Ken_195959Oct 2015Oct 2015
I closed my Plentyoffish Acoount

I closed my Plentyoffish AcoountI recently closed my Plentyoffish account. I notice the other day when I was on that site; my computer warm me about potential virus on that site. Has...

Baddabing666814Oct 2015Oct 2015
sweetlovingbbw: "are you right for me"(meet us in the quizzes)

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