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Here is a list of Technology Blogs. A Blog is a journal you may enter about your life, thoughts, interesting experiences, or lessons you've learned. Post an opinion, impart words of wisdom, or talk about something interesting in your day. Update your blog on a regular basis, or just whenever you have something to say. Creating a blog is a good way to share something of yourself with others. Reading blogs is a good way to learn more about others. Click here to post a blog.

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Under my nose...There was a time I had control of all my tools, gadgets and hobby parts. I could switch hobbies for months and when I returned back to one everything...

chatillion693Jul 1Jul 1
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To 5G or not to 5G...I'm thinking about a phone upgrade this year and the model I want is around $1,000. Scary thought to pay so much for a phone, but there's an interface...

chatillion1408Jun 29Jun 30
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Going down on me in the middle of the night...I scanned an old photo to send to my brother last night and my computer wasn't connecting to the email server. I tried to access the main website and...

chatillion591Jun 28Jun 28
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Some SEO Mistakes That Could Be Harming Your Website

Some SEO Mistakes That Could Be Harming Your WebsiteAs a webmaster, it is vital to be aware of some technical issues to avoid so your site can run smoothly. Technology keeps on changing, and as such, SE...

DonaldFranco95-Jun 18Go to Last Post

Free software... and the problems they bring.I check a site called giveawayoftheday that offers free software each day. Typically, it's less known authors looking for feedback to better their pro...

chatillion14610Jun 11Jun 12
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Batteries...Too often batteries are the issue in things needing to be replaced. Years ago, I had cellphones that the user could change out a battery when it no lo...

chatillion1345Jun 2Jun 8
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Advertising Over handed desperate

Advertising -Over-handed & desperate.WOW...Connecting Singles is a "used to be thing". When someone has to maneuver reading or reply & try to put it somewhere to have it read. I thin...

moonglow331093Jun 5Jun 5
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Bentlee700Jun 5Go to Last Post

Hot Wheels...Earlier this week, I read a story about looters in California who broke into a car dealership and stole luxury and sports cars worth millions of dolla...

chatillion691Jun 4Jun 4
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International short wave stations...Still many broadcasting to many (developing) parts of the world. In dozens of languages. The cutbacks, with the internet, seem greatest in Europe and...

Vierkaesehoch671Jun 4Jun 4
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Converting songs and things to metric...America made a poor attempt to convert to metric in the 1970's and with the exception of tools and some engineered products, we switched back to the i...

chatillion16814May 27May 28
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Life before the InternetThis is for young people who weren't around when there was no such thing as online anything. The personal computer wasn't even invented yet. Oh, the...

ooby_dooby1266May 8May 9
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SpaceX scheduled to launch 60 satellites today...Today at 3:30 PM EDT (12:30 PM PDT) from Cape Canaveral in Florida, with live stream expected to kick off around 3:15 minutes prior, SpaceX is putting...

chatillion1579Apr 22Apr 26
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Safe mode

Safe modeMy desktop computer goes through phases of hanging or buffering for literally minutes on end, but not all the time. It starts, usually, about 10 minut...

VivianLee282279Apr 20Apr 22
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Helium and beryllium- strategic elements.The USA has most of these, as other places have concentrations of their own substances. Google these two, for their many essential uses. What a stupid...

Vierkaesehoch1571Apr 17Apr 17
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3D Pen...You've probably heard of 3D printing where a filament of heated plastic is extruded to build up layers creating dimensional objects. Yes? They are use...

chatillion932Apr 13Apr 13
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HE washer? I'm a frayed again...The condo I bought had an old washer & dryer. I didn't expect them to last long and I was right. Small capacity, they actually worked well, but they w...

chatillion1549Apr 9Apr 10
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Google Maps...We've grown to rely of Google for everything... well, mostly everything. I'm trying to resist as Google is invasive to the Nth degree. If I have an ad...

chatillion1024Apr 7Apr 7
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HTTP Error 503.2 - Service Unavailable...Now that millions of people are home under lockdown, it's safe to say the internet is on bandwidth overload. Many sites cannot handle the amount of in...

chatillion23517Mar 26Mar 26
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Networks, and network theory........links and nodes... Sure, concepts such as like sorts with like (homophily), contagion and resilience, she who has tends to beget more, falsehoods...

Vierkaesehoch1260Mar 20Go to Last Post

Fossil fuel fed electric power plants........ending their heyday?....Some (academic--so likely alt liberally biased-VERY biased) researchers claim that the costs of these operations will now...

Vierkaesehoch1250Mar 12Go to Last Post
A little common sense sure helps

A little common sense sure helpsMy home has a modern high efficiency furnace only a few years old and of course troubles so being the diy i am I made a go at it after studying the th...

Donraymond1160Mar 10Go to Last Post

Ransom virus!After several years with a tablet I got suckered into clicking on what I thought was a android logo and update. For a hundred dollars I could turn...

raphael1191,12116Jan 2016Mar 4
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Building a hospital in 10 days...I've seen video from China with a dozen or so tractors and earth moving equipment running around the clock and scheduled to build a hospital in 10 day...

chatillion45839Jan 28Feb 23
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usernamehi! hope this reached you in a good condition. lol. so i wrote this to ask if it is possible to edit or change my username. i’ve looked but didn’t see...

cuddle_me38215Feb 16Feb 17
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DRONEon episode 8...The subject is Obstacle avoidance. I was reminded about this feature as the Kobe Bryant crash on Sunday January 26 killed all nine aboard a Sikorsky S...

chatillion1000Jan 29Go to Last Post

Uhura had the first Bluetooth...Star Trek came out in 1966. Uhura was the communications officer aboard the USS Enterprise. Her claim to fame is having the first Bluetooth. It was...

chatillion1849Jan 25Jan 26
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4.20...The wind is down and I'm charging batteries to catch a few model aircraft flights this morning. The batteries I use are lithium polymer or Li-Po for s...

chatillion1070Jan 26Go to Last Post

laser etched diamonds...Two coworkers were talking about an expensive diamond ring purchased while on a cruise to the Caribbean. I asked if there was a chance of fraud and th...

chatillion1626Jan 24Jan 24
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Battle 2 With The Advertising Algorithms

Battle #2 With The Advertising AlgorithmsEarly in my relation with Amazon, I made the mistake of buying several items in my cart, just after a price increase. Apparently the algorithms decid...

MadDogMack1170Jan 20Go to Last Post

predictive text blog...I fight with my phone because it tries to put words different than what I'm thinking. That was a struggle to say and the rest of this blog will be to...

chatillion73210Jan 19Jan 19
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technology and the silver tongue

technology and the silver tongueThe Chinese have developed facial recognition technology and it is now being put into practice. I just seen yesterday where Walmart is using it....

Johnny_Sparton26722Jan 17Jan 18
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OK, all you astute CS bloggers.........As hinted at, here it is. We all have to thank the founders of this great CS service for making our lives better in lots of ways. And doing so wit...

Vierkaesehoch1560Jan 8Go to Last Post

Right now, I'm grateful, here on my knees, and not in front of any burning bush.But the word is finally in, at the "too much money and time on hands" Consumers' Delectronics "group f-ck convention" in LV Nevada. Thank the Goddess,...

Vierkaesehoch1870Jan 4Go to Last Post
Pc Laptop Tablet CellPhone

Pc / Laptop / Tablet / CellPhoneWe are in a New Technology world: Just about everything is possible with communications across the world, being a millisecond away: You are totall...

ForeverAndEver383249Nov 18Dec 27
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cellphone cords with the ability to hack...I read a story today that people who charge their cellphones in public places are at a high risk of being hacked... especially if the charging cord or...

chatillion2667Nov 20Nov 22
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DRONEon episode 6...When I talk about drones, some people think of a teenage boy flying over a neighbors back patio to capture video of the guys daughter or hot looking w...

chatillion21810Nov 16Nov 19
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The RAZR is back!Last week it was a leaked rumor. This week it's been confirmed. Motorola is bringing back the legendary RAZR flip-phone. Introduced in 2004, the RAZR...

chatillion1371Nov 16Nov 16
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Willy34111552Nov 7Nov 7
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Updates...For many years, I've been using Firefox for my internet browser and update usually once every 3-4 months. In the past few months, it's been nagging fo...

chatillion2868Nov 2019Nov 2019
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Genius inventions...I'm in the middle of a YouTube marathon viewing stories about some amazing inventions. Thomas Edison patented (and marketed) the electric light tha...

chatillion29611Sep 2019Oct 2019
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When Bloggers die .....Lots of us here are getting on a bit could drop dead or just have a stroke loose the power to tap out a message so what happens to the profile ? I see...

NOSTRUS50517Sep 2019Oct 2019
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