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Happy Birthday, MTV

40 years ago today, MTV made it's debut with it's first music video. How many of you remember watching? MTV is not the same cool network it once was....
6880Aug 124 hrs ago10 hrs ago

Trump derangement syndrome

And yet Trump is no longer president. These people have failed to move on with their little meaningless lives. I believe one blogger stated before the...
186170Jul 30Aug 11 hrs ago

Aliens vs. Predators

I think I would buy a ticket for this one...
17570Mar 25Apr 24Jul 31

Georgia voting rights law

MLB has now moved the All-Star game from Atlanta this summer. I say screw MLB. I don't see a problem with this voting rights law. People are already g...
333290Apr 2Apr 5Jul 31

Happy Easter!

Just an early Happy Easter greeting for everyone on here. [/img...
14660Apr 3Apr 4Aug 1

Pfizer vaccine

812310Mar 15Mar 23Jul 31

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

249150Mar 16Mar 18Jul 31

Rush Limbaugh passes away

Rush Limbaugh passes away this morning (Feb. 17, 2021) Rush was 70 years old. R.I.P.
17520Feb 17Feb 1721 hrs ago

“I have to go; Jesus is here for me”

I saw this piece in my local newspaper by someone who wrote this and sharing with others. Pretty powerful! By Loren Hardin...
31560Nov 2020Feb 9Aug 1

Super Bowl winner/score Prediction

GO TAMPA BAY!!! Tampa Bay 34 Kansas City 24
12740Feb 7Feb 711 hrs ago

‘Gilligan’s Island’ star Dawn Wells’ (Mary Ann) dead at 82

She will be missed! R.I.P.
16540Dec 30Dec 31Jul 31

David Lander, 'Laverne & Shirley' actor, dead at 73: reports

He will be missed! R.I.P....
13210Dec 5Dec 621 hrs ago

PA judge halts election certification

603470Nov 2020Nov 2020Aug 2

Bernie Supporter Arrested In Assassination Plot Against Biden

29370Nov 2020Nov 2020Aug 2

Woman pushed onto train track with train coming

362180Nov 2020Nov 202020 hrs ago

Breaking news: Michigan finds more...

17740Nov 2020Nov 2020Jul 30

Nice win, Joe...

Not one state has certified their numbers yet for this election.
13440Nov 2020Nov 2020Aug 1

Guess your electoral numbers and margin of poplular votes game for Trump and Biden

Guess the final electoral votes between Trump and Biden this election. Winner gets....well, bragging rights, nothing more, nothing less. All in go...
674610Nov 2020Nov 2020Aug 1

BREAKING NEWS....Well, not really...

18720Nov 2020Nov 20209 hrs ago

Biden's small crowd in Georgia, and yet, Biden and Trump are neck and neck in Georgia? lol

Don't believe a lot of the polls in battleground states, folks.
633350Oct 2020Nov 2020Jul 29

Trump's new "creepy" Halloween ad of Biden/Harris

This is pretty funny, but also scary!...
18860Nov 2020Nov 2020Aug 2

Oregon health official dresses as clown to announce COVID-19 death toll

I can't believe these people... This is no laughing matter. A senior Oregon health official is going viral for dressing u...
17350Nov 2020Nov 2020Jul 31

Biden, leading from the basement

Obama was "lead from behind", Biden wants to "lead from basement"....
18030Oct 2020Oct 2020Aug 1

After the election is over, we can still guarantee these results!

387101Oct 2020Oct 2020Jul 28

Biden appears to confuse Trump with former president George W. Bush

Here's the New York Post's take on it. And h...
48150Oct 2020Oct 20205 hrs ago

Seven states that allows voters to change their votes

Seems a lot of people are looking into possibly changing their vote after the breaking of the Hunter Biden's story.
13010Oct 2020Oct 2020Jul 15

Mexican word of the day: Bodywash

14400Oct 2020Oct 2020Jul 23

Boston University professor is urged to resign for calling Amy Coney Barrett a 'white colonizer

The left is trying to smear Amy Coney Barrett. Another circus with these hearings from democrats. A Boston Uni...
294140Oct 2020Oct 2020Jul 29

Obama, the dirty little f**k

I see that the left has broke out 'lil' barry in Florida. The man that had a plan alright, the plan to bring down the U.S. The man that went around th...
652422Oct 2020Oct 2020Aug 1

Another liberal caught not practicing what they preach (mandating wearing masks in airports)

Another liberal caught not practicing what they preach. Feinstein herself called for a face wearing mandate in all airports three months ago. https...
18940Sep 2020Oct 2020Jul 22

Why Biden no get virus?

30970Oct 2020Oct 2020Aug 1

I don't always.....

13210Oct 2020Oct 2020Jul 28

BREAKING NEWS... Trump brokering peace deal with Israel and Sudan

More details to come... It looks like Trump is now brokering a peace deal between Israel and Sudan (another arab country. This is a big deal....
305120Oct 2020Oct 2020Jul 24

A good night for Trump tonight

Trump did well tonight, and I do believe he will pick up some more votes after tonight, especially with blacks. Biden did lie a number of times, s...
17550Oct 2020Oct 2020Jul 21

Biden lied about union endorsement during ABC town hall meeting

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden pushed back at a town hall Thursday against suspicion from a boilermakers union member regarding his positio...
18080Oct 2020Oct 2020Jul 30

What do you call an acid with an attitude?

24630Oct 2020Oct 2020Jul 29

Pelosi spars with Blitzer about Covid-19 aid. Tells him he doesn't know what he's talking about

Ya gotta love it!
14440Oct 2020Oct 2020Jul 30

Biden, Trump to hold competing prime-time town halls on Oct. 15

I'm sure Trump will win that first hour (8-9pm) in ratings over Biden. Too bad Trump's town hall meeting doesn't last for two hours like Biden's. Tru...
15750Oct 2020Oct 2020Jul 31

Breaking news. Trump and first lady tests positive for Covid-19

Trump and first lady tests positive for Covid-19. More details to follow......
732540Oct 2020Oct 2020Jul 31

"That Mormon Guy"

Yesterday, Biden couldn't remember Romney's name, so he called him "that Mormon guy".
19460Oct 2020Oct 2020Jul 28

Remembering a legend: Cincinnatians, sports world react to passing of Reds' Joe Morgan

Sad news in the sports world today. The passing of Hall of Famer Joe Morgan. He was 77. A Cincinnati Reds great.
14620Oct 2020Oct 2020Jul 31

For those of you wondering where the fly came from...

Too funny not to share.
14920Oct 2020Oct 202019 hrs ago

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