Ladies, feel free to vent about a lot of us guys

Okay, Ladies, feel free to vent about a lot of us guys if you wish. What really ticks you off about us? Here's your chance to let it all out. Maybe you'll do some of us a favor to where we can start getting our act together. tongue
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rolling on the floor laughing
Men are catty.
Men have hissy fits.
Men hurl insults.
Men preen.
You ever read Forums.
rolling on the floor laughing
It's been sprayed!

A male cat is called a tom or tomcat (or a gib, if neutered). A female is called a queen (or a molly, if spayed).
Well, I haven't been over at the forums for a few years. rolling on the floor laughing
Not ticked.

thumbs up
I'm good.
Not a cat lady.
head banger
Well don't tell 'em I sent you.
rolling on the floor laughing want your tummy rubbed.
What makes you think I was going over there? I have no desire to...

Now you can read my other reply in your "why ladies.." blog.
Venting about guys???

No a word. They have not entered my hemisphere.
there is lot of things to say
but.... i think.... women
ignore.... it.
uh oh
I don't really have any complaints...afterall, I don't know any of you 'well-enough', and I would only tell a person (in private), if I did.wink grin
Yea, but we're talking encouragement.

Still, your answer was as expected. I understand.
Men are already great actors
by knowing what females
dont like... it will only will
help them to Act better...

and put some female in
unpleasant.... situation...
not all females are looking
for man of wealth....
healthy definitely... just
You can't be more honest than me teena. So who's the actor here hmm...?
. eYe, on the other hand..
..can be & often am
More honest than the PepsiCo Internet.
i know.... you are just
waiting for a argument...
(with me)... i am not in
mood to argue... now

besides... what made you
think... i meant you?
Ehmmm.... I don't know.

Ok I give up.

hmm...thats good.

i like thathandshake
Ye breathe.
i strongly believe...

good men are there... wave
thumbs up
rolling on the floor laughing

I know you are but what am I.. tongue
Some people can't live with them and they can't live without them. confused
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