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One of my requirements of buying a condo is it had to have a washer & dryer within the unit. I shopped some communities where they had one laundry room at the end of the hallway serving all the occupants of that floor. That could be 10 apartments to use 2 washers.
Are you serious? I shower daily and use a clean towel every time. I don't wear the same jeans 6 days in a row. Laundry is serious business with me and has as long as I can remember.
Some townhouses in this area have a laundry room for every 6 units. You have to carry laundry outside of your unit... rain or shine. That doesn't work for me as Laundry often gets done anywhere in a 24 hour schedule and sometimes dry clothes stay in the dryer until wet clothes need to be dried.
I inquired with one association about installing a laundry in my own unit and told no, it's in violation of their rules and I will be fined for doing so. That includes the mini-euro styles.

The washer & dryer combo in the place I bought was old and I suspected it wouldn't take long before needing replacement. I was right and purchased a large capacity washer & dryer pair manufactured by Samsung.
Going with trends, it was an HE model washer with impeller and not the older style agitator.
Nearly three years later, (knowing what I know now) I would not buy Samsung, HE or one with an impeller.

What I'm experiencing is the spin cycle shakes violently and the machine stops. There are sensors that detect an imbalanced load and magically compensate the rotation to stop the shaking. That ain't happening here...
Sometimes the washer resets and does another fill cycle as it's programmed that way to re-balance the load... that wastes water, electricity and more importantly time. It shouldn't take 3 hours to wash a dozen towels.

I phoned customer support at Samsung and they 'walked me through' the calibration sequence for the spin cycle sensors. Better? yeah, maybe 10% better. I washed shirts, socks and underwear and it only stopped a few times. I redistributed the load each time and continued. The spin cycle with 12 minutes remaining jumps to 25 minutes when you restart it. Bastards...
Next week, I'll call Samsung again. If it requires a technician and a service call... so be it.
very mad

I don't remember this happening with the old style washer where you turn the dial (that clicked) showing all the settings.
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I haven't seen a launderette in 35 years.

It seems bizarre to me that you might own a property and not be able to have a washing machine. They are a fire risk, though, and some people are dull enough to leave it running when they go out, or when they sleep.

I have a very old second hand Miele washer dryer that I paid £100 for over three years ago. Finding that was a stroke of luck as I could never justify the cost of buying one new.

I rent a council flat that has plumbing for a washng machine in the kitchen, as is standard in any abode over here.

I only use the drier in emergencies, though. It's environmentally unfriendly and expensive compared with hanging laundry on an outside washing line, or indoors rack.

I've seen a lot of articles about over-laundering recently. It uses excess water, excess power and wears laundry excessively.

I like myself, my laundry and my surroundings clean, German Hausfrau style, but washng a towel after just one use seems OCD to me. I'm clean when I finish bathing.
I've done a few blogs about the HE washers that use friction to clean clothes and create excessive wear. I think I called one blog being a-frayed

I cannot recall seeing any fire risk about a washing machine. Flood from a broken hose... yes. Fire no.

We had a clothesline when I was a kid and it was my job to hang and remove. Back then clothespins were fixed and you had to press fit over the line. The 'new invention' with spring clips came later.

I disliked that the clothes were distorted when removed from the line and some colors fade after a hour or so in direct sunlight.

Embedded image from another site

Anyone remember actually using this style clothespin?

Maybe you just need to adjust the leveling legs...that may be what is making it go off balance, or you are doing too big of loads..

I have a different brand of HE washer and it never goes off balance. I like it because I can wash over-sized comforters in it.
My daughter has a Miele vacuum...I love it...When I go to her house, I ask her if I can vacuum...laugh
I won't contest how clean you are. If I absolutely had to use a towel twice, the top of me would be one towel and the bottom.... NEVERMIND.
A clean towel every time I shower. If I'm out in the hot sun (like every weekend) and shower twice, it's still a clean towel. I'll take the risk of being called OCD for cleanliness.
The washer & dryer are installed on a mud-set tile floor. It's level.
I read some user reviews about rust after a few years but my machine doesn't move that would indicate a rusty leg or frame and there is no water on the floor that would indicate a leak.

I've already been through the troubleshooting phase. The machine stops with an error code after the imbalanced load shakes violently.
In the past, with an obvious imbalance in the load, I could move things around and it was fine. In the last few months it's been happening on every load regardless of the size or what's in the machine.

Like you, I purchased a high-capacity washer for comforters, so doing a load of towels, maybe 10 or more shouldn't be a problem. Okay, after it crashes, I remove all the towels and wring them as I remove them, stacking them on the top of the dryer. I CAREFULLY, put 6 towels back in and align them around the perimeter of the drum. Start the spin cycle and within a few minutes I get the same violent banging around until it crashes with the error code.

Following Samsung's instruction to calibrate the sensors didn't cure the problem. I've calibrated it 3 times now... with no luck.
I think it is time to call a repairman...Ugh!! All I see when I know that are dollar signs...


Many neighborhoods with HOAs do not allow outside clothes lines...

I do hang a few things to dry inside...

Just bought a pair of Samsung appliances...shock

So far so good...but it is louder than my old LG washer...on the spin cycle...but alas no choice due to the size of the laundry closet...max 24 inch width appliances...and had to get creative in order for the door to close...flex
The guy who installed my new vent helped me...I am grateful for his can do approach...thumbs up

The only drawback to this of course is when the appliances leak...your neighbors may suffer the consequences...the joys of living in an apt. or condo...

If you have a monitored alarm system, it's possible to install a leak detector. Most of the hoses used now have a stainless steel outer braiding so they don't burst.

Some systems are sophisticated where they have a shutoff to the water when a leak is detected.

A small percentage of my business involves houses that had water damage, often when the clients were on vacation and forgot to turn the water off.
Since my dishwasher had leaked years ago... I bought one that will shut off if a leak is detected...but did not know that a washing machine could have the same detection device...

I am just not going to put a load in and leave it going while I am out...the problem with sensor devices as well...not just the hoses..

I got the bad dad joke, the acronym I had to google. I'm pretty sure my Miele adjusts the amount of water according to the load, but I've never read the tome of an instruction manual that came with it - I just laughed at the extensive German Hausfrau intructions on how to clean the cleaner. I think my mum must have written that for them, it sounded so like her accented English. giggle

I've been given to understand that any electrical appliance involving water is a fire risk and anyone dull enough to leave one in operation unattended may find themselves with less accommodation than usual. In the UK, some electricity suppliers used to charge less at off peak times, encouraging the practise of laundering over night. Fire Service personnel and washing machine engineers get pretty agitated about theb mere thought, I've noticed.

When my mum first emigrated to England she was horrified at the indignity of English women working in retail scrubbing floors on their hands and knees. It's actually very helpful during pregnancy to allow the baby to get in the right position for birth, but in Germany one would have some kind of machine that was operated from a standing position.

She certainly wouldn't have entertained the idea of using a clothes peg that wasn't cleverly engineered, or might leave a mark on freshly laundered items.

Clearly you needed my mum to show you how to hang out clothes efficiently so that didn't happen.

There's your next foolish mistake - living in a country that has a sun.
How stupid is my daughter...? dunno
Blimey, more American domestic code that needs a good googling. typing H...O...A...


What kind of snobbery is this, that you'd rather trash the planet using a tumble drier than expose you domesticity in your own domestic setting??? wow

In British films and TV productions, clean laundry billowing in the breeze is often used as an artistic backdrop and a prop. We like our beautiful, clean laundry.

Besides, if you don't hang it out, how would all the neighbours know how often you wash? laugh
Level laundry floor? Really. Sounds like the Chinese plumbing I have seen - there is always a pool of water. Surely it has a runoff towards the drain hole?

As to those pegs - yes I remember having to hang out the washing on the Hill's Hoist with just such pegs.
Embedded image from another site

The pegs in the photo look spring loaded.
The hills hoist featured in the Sydney 2000 Olympic opening and closing ceremonies, along with the Victa lawnmower
I hang my clothes inside out on the clothes line in the backyard Hanging clothes inside out will stop your garments from fading If I have to use my dryer because of days of continuous rain I use my dryer I will add a scented wild flower tumble dryer sheet to my load of clothes My clothes smell beautiful & the aroma swirls around my home
Making love on top of the washing machine on spin cycle is cool too
The Samsung washer automatically adjusts the water level. I don't know if it's done by weight, but the dry load spins clockwise and counterclockwise a few turns before the water starts filling. Also, there's a 'deep fill' user selection when required.

I only have a few shirts that are too delicate to go through the dryer with the rest of the load, they are put on hanger and go in the metal rod for the shower.

For the record: Every country has a sun.
The laundry detergent I use is Hypoallergenic, 100% free of perfumes and dyes.
Also I avoid the use of fabric softener or scented dryer sheets.

Embedded image from another site
Around here, it's rare to find a laundry with a floor drain.
I guess we Americans are snobs...but, most do not allow clothes lines to be seen...I have never owned a condo, but I would guess most do not allow it.

Some have very strict rules...like how many days a year you can have a car parked in your driveway...some do not allow trucks parked in driveways...not allowing garage doors open...etc.

You should always look at the bylaws...to see how strict they are.

In my last neighborhood, they installed speed bumps to discourage speeding...In the middle of the night, someone set a fire in the front yard of the HOA president.

NEVER volunteer to be on the board...it will guarantee that you to be abused.
Fair enough

We all have our own way of doing things
My ex used to work in a bank and all her clothes were dry cleaned. In the morning when getting ready for work, she would remove the plastic, lay the garment on the bed and spray perfume over the clothing. I asked why and her response was she didn't like the smell from the dry cleaning chemicals.
The heavy perfume smell was making me sick when all she had to do was remove the plastic when she came home from the dry cleaners. That way, the offensive chemical smell would be gone and I wouldn't have to tolerate the smell of perfume... it was on the comforter too!
I forgot to reply to this... launderette is self-service laundry having coin-operated washers and driers.

Growing up in Miami, coin laundries were everywhere, literally every few miles apart and some were open 24 hours. Conveniently located near groups of apartment buildings.

Around here in the Boca Raton area, it's 5 to 7 miles to find one.
Clearly you have never been to a country inhabited by Celts.

There's no disbelief about global warming here. When a sun appears and your sky turns blue after several thousand years of grey rain, you know something freaky is going on that shouldn't be allowed.

(That was only half tongue in cheek, by the way.)

Well done, old chap.

Strong chemical scents in washing detergents, fabric softeners and drying sheets interfere with the pheromones bees use to navigate and are a major contributor to their, and our own demise.

'All', the detergent you pictured, do a 99% plant-based version that has good reviews and there are many unscented laundry detergents which are completey plant based and readily biodegradable with no harsh chemicals.

I'm still searching for an ideal laundry detergent that ticks all of my chemical free, animal kind, readily biodegradable, effectively cleaning, plastic free, minimum transport boxes.
I'm astounded, but I suspect that it's not Americans who are snobs like this, but certain demographics who measure status according to 'invisible domesticity'.

We'd look at folk blank if they tried to ban washing lines and do it anyway. And I live in a country where it pisses down with rain all the time. Getting your laundry in and out is a part of our social fabric, along with talking about the weather.

We have mostly narrow streets of terraced houses with cars parked on both sides, often half on the pavement to make room for the slalom of two-way traffic where there's only room for one. It's because most of the housing here in the Valleys was built during the industrial revolution - nobody parked their horse and cart outside their house at night and it wasn't uncommon to walk 20 miles to the pit for a 12 hour shift. We're still a bit full of ourselves about the inventive ways we install a bathroom into a terraced miner's cottage, some of which are half built into the mountain.

Speed bumps are common, though. We like our children to remain three dimensional and noisy.

Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site
I guess I am a snob in your eyes Jac....

Oh well...
I didn't say that.

I get keeping the neighbourhood tidy. In my community there are a few of us who pick up litter, but it's like King Cnut trying to stop the tide. We do have litter laws, but they are rarely instituted and nobody wants people to suffer the hardship of a fine.

It would just be really cool if people put their rubbish in the many available bins, rather than in the street, or in people's gardens a few feet away from the bins, especially as we have a fair amount of domestic animals and wildlife in the community.

But banning displays of domestic activities in domestic settings when that directly contributes to negative environmental impact says something else: it prioritises status and appearance over reality.

I didn't hear in your description that you were a driver of this snobery culture, but someone who had a limited capacity for being subject to it given you said it's relevant to check how strict the bylaws are before moving somewhere.
Sorry, I guess I misunderstood you.

In reality, I think most HOAs were made to make the roads private...meaning the county does not have to maintain them...

Where I live now...the rules are mostly just being a good neighbor...

And, one thing I like..is they always send out surveys...to get the homeowners' views...
Every cluster of condos where I live has a separate HOA that works under one greater association for the entire village. I learned from a meeting that each cluster has it's own rules.

When I asked for a bike rack like the cluster across the street, I was told no with no exceptions.

I couldn't imagine the trouble I would have should I string up 2 poles in the common area for drying!

Most of us have screened patios, while some have windows installed and I cannot recall anyone having laundry hanging inside to dry.

That has to be confusing...different rules for different clusters...

I have fond memories of my grandmother taking in other people’s laundry to do..to make ends meet.

It was with the old-fashioned washer...

Embedded image from another site

She would hang them outside to dry...then that night she would iron everything...even the sheets...

She did this with a broken hip that had never healed correctly...and she never complained...

And, she made the best French Toast...
Funny stuff, but I'm not getting any work done today... laugh

When we first moved to Florida, our laundry was done outside and my mother had a washer with a similar arrangement and electric wringer... aka button buster.
She had 2 tubs alongside the washer for rinse.
The photo is similar to our setup:
Embedded image from another site

After she finished laundry, everything was covered with a tarp until next time.
My mom used to do laundry in the double kitchen sink...soapy water in one side rinse water in other...

She would wring them out by hand...

We didn’t have a TV in the house...until I was 11..

My Dad surprised us and bought a color TV console on time..from Harry’s TV...

We got to stay home from school the next day...cause we stayed up late watching TV...

We though we were in Heaven...laugh
I understand where your coming from I don't wear perfume my hair is so long she holds enough perfume from my hair mask I apply after washing my hair with coal tar or tea tree oil shampoo's

A blog about a spin cycle has turned to the environment Why aren't I surprised

I don't use washing powder I use Radiant capsules

Embedded image from another site
As far as the bee's are concerned it's a good thing my clothes on the line deter bees as I'm allergic to bee stings I don't fancy being a bee keeper either

I only use my dryer for towels if I'm backed into a corner because of consistent rain where as I hang my clothes up inside I never put my gym clothes in the dryer I have plenty of work clothes not needing a dryer

I reckon it's very bad hygiene when a person uses a towel more than once after drying their Hoo Haa & arse

Now I know why a person is addicted to those romper stomper boots logs on to stomp around telling people how how we should live our lives

I suggest you chain yourself to the doors of those manufacture's & stop stomping around on here with your smart arse digs because you're barking up the wrong tree when it comes to me missy
This story isn't over...

Samsung customer care showed me how to calibrate the drum sensors, but that's only half the problem.
Not knowing what's inside, my guess is there are springs that stabilize the drum and I believe they have compressed in the 2+ years I've owned the washer.

I'm unable to spin a cycle of anything. 4 shirts is the limit and they have to be strategically placed in the drum as to not make the machine crash while spinning. This involves turning the water off in the last spin or it will continue to fill the tub again and go through another rinse. That's a waste of a few hundred gallons of water.

Okay, a YouTube search found a handful of washers having the exact problem and it's more than Samsung brand that suffers. They all have similar design and they all fail the same way. The drum is suspended by rods with springs at the bottom. One in each corner for a total of four. At the top of each spring is a plastic cap that acts like a retainer because it holds grease around a rubber sleeve that acts like a shock absorber. The spring is only for the total weight, it's the friction of the sleeve that keeps things under control. As soon as it wears, the drum shakes violently.

That same thing as a car shock absorber... when they wear out, the car starts bobbing up and down because nothing is dampening the springs.

Replacement isn't difficult. Remove some screws, pull some clips and undo a wiring harness to lift the top of the washer. From there you can see where the suspension rods are connected. No special tools needed.
Prices for replacement rods vary from $50 for after market to $160 for OEM factory rods.

Many of the videos detail the work can be done in 15-20 minutes by an experienced repairman. I'm debating to make a go of it and allow an hour.

Also, there are some videos for the 'free fix' where they add clamps, insert pieces of hard rubber or replace the sleeve with silicone so it created friction on the rod.
It's all experimental... I'll buy new rods. Thanks!
We lost a home to that.

My Grandmother was in assisted living recovering from a procedure hoping to return to her home.

Pipe burst, Michigan dirt basement in the summer.

Leak wasn't discovered for weeks.

3 feet of water in the basement.

Mold so bad the insurance paid out and dozed the house.
Sorry to hear of your loss.
My niece lost a house to fire and insurance covered nearly all of it.
The house was very old so they chopped out the slab down to dirt, starting with all new underground plumbing.

My old Miami house had the laundry on an outside patio with rubber hoses. They only lasted 2 or 3 years before bursting. Since it was outside, I could hear the water running but nothing got damaged.

My condo has supply lines with a woven braided stainless exterior. Probably similar to the brake line in cars. Designed to withstand pressure for years and not burst.
Update: New parts and the problem has been fixed!!
HOA = Home Owners Association. Usually the governing body of a Corporate Subdivision.
Make that a "Residential" Subdivision.
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