Murkun politicians & policy makers expend untold BTUs of hot air trying to figure out IF something's going on. Here's what's going on!!
506510May 138 hrs ago7 hrs ago

Repubs Seek Closure With Dems.

For decades there has been an understanding between the two major U.S. parties. The incoming party would ignore corruption & crimes that had been com...
163120May 6May 17May 18

Motherhood Can Be Challenging

And even the BEST of Moms occasionally experiences a Funny Mom Fail... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, Y'ALL!!! Especia...
146190May 11May 1216 hrs ago

SAVE ASIA BIBI - Resistance Int'l ~ UPDATE 5/08/19

The vid below presents the plight of Asia Bibi. She's lived in the shadow of a noose for seven years. It's not long; less than 11 minutes. But for...
2,0331050Apr 2017May 98 hrs ago

The Silent Coup To Oust Trump

Was An Thinly Veiled Attempt To Overturn The '16 Election. It is well for the Office Of The Presidency (not merely th...
11960Apr 30May 1May 17

Was Aussie Woman Murdered By Gay Somali Mpls Cop?!

UPDATE 4/30/19 - Mohamed Noor convicted of 3rd deg. murder & manslaughter... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Search: YouTu...
621120Jul 2017Apr 30May 21

'16 Libertarian VP Candidate Challenges Trump.

Former Mass. Gov. & '16 Libertarian VP candidate Bill Weld will challenge Trump in the '20 Repub Presidential Primary....
200240Apr 25Apr 28May 20


A new study has revealed that dogs choose the direction they relieve themselves based on our planet’s magnetic field. Dogs use the...
356410Mar 31Apr 28May 21

SUMMER'S NEARLY HERE, Don't Sunburn To A Crisp, or

A Fish Tale Of Acquired Sunburn Immunity. The subject of sunburn came up on gg's "Ireland's Not A Garbage Can" blog. (It's n...
613350May 2018Apr 2121 hrs ago

61,000th BLOG!!!

191180Apr 15Apr 16May 21

The Night Of April 14 Into The Morning Of April 15

1865 - Abraham Lincoln was shot on the night of April 14 and died in the morning of April 15. Forty-seven years later... 1912 - RMS Titanic stru...
107100Apr 14Apr 14May 21

Maestro Myung-Whun Chung -

'The Most Chill Conductor EVER' Hi-Yo Silver...AWAAYYY!!!...
5110Apr 10Apr 10May 18


In The Comfort Of Your Own Home! Courtesy Of Bigwavemaster1 Enjoy!......
120140Apr 7Apr 7May 20

Hey Y'all DIY Minimalists - This Rig's For YOU!

Build Your Tiny House & Ride In ONE Project! I wonder if Ken has one of those... If not - I wonder how lon...
8100Mar 18Mar 18May 20

For A Wee Lass...

Who's A Wee Bit Irish
14280Mar 16Mar 17May 16

The Irish Potato Famine,

The Irish Exodus, and why more Americans claim Irish descent than there are people in...
12130Mar 16Mar 17May 17

Listen Up Y'all Leftards

As The Amazing Lucas explains, in NO uncertain terms, exactly how You - Yes YOU - are gonna re-elect The Don in '20!
333290Feb 27Mar 4May 20


I've noticed that some of our bloggers, especially the newer ones, do not use emoticons. Which makes me Emoticon BTW. Some of the...
1,482400Apr 2016Feb 27May 20


1) END 2) CONTINUE FOR SIX MORE HELLISH WEEKS History... Groundhogs (aka hedgehogs, whistle pigs, woodchucks, marmot...
314430Feb 2Feb 2May 19

Jan. 21 - National Hugging Day!

I clicked the Google birthday candles doodle & discovered that Jan. 21 is (among other things) the 33rd Annual National Hugging Day in Murka and...
330360Jan 21Jan 22May 20

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

Perhaps someone on the site has caught your eye? Maybe you're wondering what you can drop into his/her inbox to break the ice? And so...
259260Dec 31Jan 1May 20


(As it's the Season for old traditions, I'm resurrecting this from four years ago - a nostalgic stroll down memory lane. Some here will remember comme...
1,712630Dec 2014Dec 23May 19

Airliners DO NOT Fly! They Levitate! PROOF -

Passengers are ripped off for $BILLIONS by being told 1/2 the price of a ticket covers the cost of fuel. THAT'S A LIE...
372330Dec 20Dec 22May 19

Climate Change Is NOT The Problem.

The Problem Is Global Industrial Civilization... Changing Climate Is The SOLUTION. :cowbo...
407380Nov 28Dec 1115 hrs ago

The Danish National Symphony Orchestra performs

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, including The Ecstasy Of Gold... DAYUM!...
16660Dec 2Dec 3May 16

The Truly MURKUN Holiday -

Murkuns will soon celebrate the Day that exemplifies them as a a people - BLACK FRIDAY! I share here a nostalgic look back to a simpler...
311240Nov 21Nov 22May 21

Moving Forward From The '18 Mid-Term Elections

Repub control of the Senate has strengthened. The Senate confirms SCOTUS nominations made by the Prez. Should The Don (or Pence ) have...
200111Nov 8Nov 918 hrs ago

Blog '#173' -The Face In The Explosion.

I b'lieve it's just to the left of the center of the explosion...kinda like the profile of an alien looking up and to the right. Does anyone else s...
17350Nov 6Nov 7May 16


Murkun Daylight Savings Time Ends 2:00 am Sunday, Nov.4. Set your time pieces BACK one hour. Unless you live someplace that doesn't change time, o...
404490Nov 3Nov 415 hrs ago

59% Fear Violence From Trump Haters.

31% Predict Civil War. Thursday, June 28, 2018 "Poll: 59% Fear Violence From Trump Haters, 31% Predict Civil War "The division in...
1,7091210Jun 2018Nov 38 hrs ago


Welll....a belated birthday - missed it by a day. Anyway. Hope you had a really good'un! ......
262310Oct 24Oct 26May 20

Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all Canucks!

Got into Crazy's Columbus Day blog & noticed it's Thanksgiving Day in Canada. Have a good'un, y'all North Of The Border!...
13100Oct 8Oct 8May 20

Jst'ce Ginsburg/Sen Collins On Political Bickering

And Grandstanding During The Confirmation Proceedings Of Judge Kavanaugh... Justice Bader-Ginsburg... G...
418190Oct 4Oct 613 hrs ago

Dr. Blasey-Ford's Links To The CIA -

Is She A Deep State Swamp Creature? I just now (Oct. 1) heard this referenced on another program... That'...
996651Oct 1Oct 412 hrs ago

TDS Has Reached Epidemic Proportions!

Share examples of folks so afflicted, y'all... The poor devils desperately need our understanding &...
261130Sep 26Sep 26May 20

Has Murka Gone Full-On Banana Republic?

This was included in a comment on another blog... The commentary in the vid deserves wider circulation than mere incl...
23150Sep 2018Sep 2018May 18

Troubles With Iran?

Is The Timing Of Certain Current Events Purely Coincidental - specifically... 1) Israeli F-35s overflew locations in Syria & Iran undetected, inclu...
804400May 2018Jul 2018May 22

Feel the Difference: Obama-Putin / Trump-Putin

287110Jul 2018Jul 2018May 16

Conserv'tive? Lib'rul? What Are YOU?

Take 'The Best Political Quiz' and you'll KNOW! It takes about 4 2/3 minutes. Are you living among y...
350111Jul 2018Jul 201822 hrs ago


Happy Birthday To Lou & Wen! Happy Birthday To Lou & You! Happy Birthday To Lou-OOOO & Wen-eNNN!
719490Jul 2018Jul 20182 hrs ago

IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776.

The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States Of America :rabbit:...
373180Jul 2018Jul 2018May 19

58,000th BLOG!!!

......... ......
1,641720Mar 2018Jun 201816 hrs ago

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