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Hey Fay - Loved Your Blog On MiMi's Blog

Umm, Fay? Is A "Chatting" Blog That Doesn't Allow Comments A Blog Oxymoron?...
49109 hrs ago9 hrs ago2 hrs ago

I've Not Seen Merc Here Lately -

Does anyone know why she vanished? Hope she's well, what with the wildfires & all. She's fun on the blogs & I miss her G...
48,4974,1521Jan 202013 hrs ago12 mins ago

A 12 1/2 Min. Brutally HONEST Assessment Of The TRUE State Of The U.S. Union

8150Jul 3019 hrs ago7 hrs ago

Nov. 3, '19 -- ELECTION DAY -366...BETTING ODDS UPDATE 03/10/20 -- D -238

Only a year 'til Murkuns select/re-select a POTUS. Swamie bumped my "LEAVE DONALD ALONE", blog posted just prior to Election Day '16 & it was inte...
5,1792570Nov 2019Jul 309 hrs ago

Covid Vax Q & A - Development, Efficacy, Safety, Testing, Risks vs Benefits ...

Factors To Consider Regarding Getting Vaxed. That's The Info. The Decision's Yours....
597490Mar 28Jul 3014 hrs ago

| UPDATE | 7/29/21 - Low-Dose Aspirin Could Avert Worst COVID Symptoms

(See Comments for Update) Aspirin's Lung Protection May Reduce Ventilation, ICU & Mortality In COVID-19 Patients. More @ -
1,526580Apr 2020Jul 303 mins ago

Candidate Harris Would Refuse An Experimental Covid Jab Pushed By A Politician

... 'Bout 1/2 of Murkuns were Hesitant about the Jab - The numbe...
4600Jul 25Jul 2512 hrs ago

Severe Adverse Events Associated With Covid Jabs

Press Conference By U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson. It's NOT Anti Vax. It Brings To Light RARE Adverse Events associated with the Vaccines which may be Going...
875810Jul 4Jul 176 hrs ago

130°F/55°C Western U.S. Heat Wave Approach Hottest Temps Recorded On Earth

130° Fahrenheit Reading in Death Valley Ties for the Hottest Temperature Ever
264300Jul 11Jul 151 hrs ago

Hey Y'all - If You Own Real Estate That Could Be Turned Into Rental Property

Now's The Time To Cash-In - Sell Out To Pandemic Engorged Corporate Vultures! :veryha...
15910Jun 3Jul 1111 hrs ago


197100Jul 4Jul 512 hrs ago

"Those Vaxed For COVID Are NOT Shedding Toxic Spike Proteins Into Water Supply"

So Sez Fact Checkers Who Told Us Covid Came From Bats, Pangolins & Wet Markets. Let's Pray The Fact Checkers Got This One RIGHT - J...
294190Jul 1Jul 47 hrs ago

in Congress, July 4, 1776 -

8840Jul 4Jul 412 hrs ago

|| BREAKING || Judge Strikes Down SÉXIST* California Ban On Military Style Rifles

Ruling Likens The Semi-Auto AR15 - aka Murka's Rifle - To A "Swiss Army Knife" ... *...
284150Jun 5Jul 415 hrs ago

Visitation Dreams:

It's claimed 2/3 of the widowed have had dreams in which their deceased spouse visits them. (Hence the term ) These dreams differ from o...
1,512470Oct 2015Jun 1815 hrs ago

The Potential For Biological Weapons

1,079870May 9Jun 1716 hrs ago

Biden - Harris Embody The Ideals Of Democratic Party Founder Andrew Jackson

"Mr. Biden reminded his audience of his slave-state heritage and hinted that Delaware's alliance with the North was merely an accident of geography. D...
266270Jun 12Jun 138 hrs ago

| BREAKING | Biden Acknowledges Ottoman/Turkish Genocide Of Armenians

Keen Eyed Blog Watchers Will Note I'm Not A Fan Of Ol' Joe - I'm With Him On This. :th...
308250Apr 25Jun 1215 hrs ago

D-Day - 6/6/'44

244120Jun 6Jun 1216 hrs ago

"Earthquakes (Not Man Made Greenhouse Gases) May Cause Arctic Warming"

"An MIPT* Researcher Has Proposed A New Explanation For The Arctic's Rapid...
33671Mar 10Jun 716 hrs ago

MAY 25 | Drive-By Shooting Disrupts One Year Memorial At George Floyd Square

“My kids are 5 and 8 and just experienced their first shoot-out,” said Mileesha Smith,...
12230May 31Jun 115 hrs ago

The Blue And The Gray: An Inspiration For Memorial Day --

Poem By Francis Miles Finch, Set To Music & Performed By Jim Remington "The famous poem by Francis Miles Finch entitled The Blue and the Grey comm...
25730May 2020May 3116 hrs ago

Heads Up Y'all Women!

Bill Gates Is Back On The Market...
230140May 9May 3017 hrs ago

The 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic Led To The Roaring '20s -

"History Does NOT Repeat Itself, But It Rhymes." - Mark Twain
17970May 30May 3016 hrs ago

5.0 (Moderate) Undersea Earthquake At North Pole | UPDATE - 4/8/21

It May Be Due To Post-Glacial Rebound From Melting Greenland Ice - Such Events May Become more common. Isostatic/Pos...
1,325650Mar 4May 2716 hrs ago

| BREAKING - One Hour Ago | CDC: "If You're Vaxed - Lose The Mask!"

455190May 13May 2115 hrs ago

Countries Consider Options Of Boycotting The '22 Olympics.

15940May 19May 1915 hrs ago

The Mike Moore Produced Film "Planet Of The Humans"

Is Once Again FREE. @ 44:00 - 52:30 | That's The Gist Of It In A Nutshell. ... :si...
14480May 5May 516 hrs ago

| BREAKING | Solar Tsunami To Hit Earth's Magnetosphere This Sunday - 4/25/21

412231Apr 24Apr 2716 hrs ago

|| BREAKING || A Miss Poppins Has Reported The Theft Of A Flying Umbrella.

Police Request The Assistance Of Anyone Able To Identify This Person Of Interest.
20560Mar 31Apr 2415 hrs ago

Compare What's Seen & Heard In These Three Vids ...

See @ 0:47 ... See @ 0:55 ...
828710Apr 14Apr 2216 hrs ago

Baking Skills

MiMi develops baking skills while Art deals with MiMi's Practice - Lucky Art!...
278220Apr 14Apr 1715 hrs ago

Sinking Of RMS Titanic In Real Time

April 14 / 15, 1912. Abraham Lincoln was shot the night of April 14...
19080Apr 14Apr 1512 hrs ago

Socrates In The City Interviews With Dr. Stephen Meyer Discussing His Books -

"Darwin's Doubt" & "The Return Of The God Hypothesis"...
236130Apr 6Apr 616 hrs ago

The Crime Bill of '94 Is A Disgrace. Repeal It.

The U.S. Imprisons A Larger % Of Its People Than Any Country. Minorities Are Imprisoned in disproportionately high numbers relative to White Americans...
472250Jun 2020Apr 58 hrs ago

Drawing Borders In The Melting Arctic | UPDATE 3/28/21 U.S. - Russian Arctic Moves

The thawing Arctic is "like discovering a New Africa", according to Icelandic President, Olafur Ragnar Grimsson.
689280Aug 2019Apr 415 hrs ago


"Nothing Ever Moves In This Constipated Colon Of A Country."
15010Apr 2Apr 216 hrs ago

Human Evolution??

Human Evolution ... Adam & Eve Genetics ... Noah's Flood Genetics ......
16330Apr 1Apr 216 hrs ago

The Humanitarian Crisis On The U.S. Southern Border

22090Mar 31Apr 115 hrs ago

Marge - Veterans' Stories | UPDATE 3/28/21 - She Passed Due To Covid, Aged 99.

U.S. Army Nurse Corps - WW II. I know Marge personally - she's 97 years old, the most senior member of her Vets For Pea...
39140May 2019Mar 2916 hrs ago

Potentially Vaccine Resistant Covid Strains & How They Might Be Dealt With

Rare COVID Reactions Might Hold Key To Variant-Proof Vaccines. Some People Mount An immune response able to fend off a menagerie of coronavirus varian...
16840Mar 22Mar 2315 hrs ago

"How The NEWS Lies To You Every Day Yet You Never Notice"

This is a NEWS Blog. It Tells How NEWS Lies, Yet People Never Notice They're Lied To....
23360Mar 16Mar 1715 hrs ago

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