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Take The World's Smallest Political Quiz & Find Out for Y'all's Selves what YOU Are -
Left/Socialist, Right/Conservative,
Libertarian/Liberal, Authoritarian/Big Gov't or Centrist ...
It's Quick, Easy & surprisingly Accurate - Have Fun, Y'all!

I came out as a Slightly Left-Leaning Libertarian.

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Wow, I'm a libertarian anarchist. It said I've gone further than most have ever don. I saved my results Mic.

Thank you.

Please keep this blog forever.cheering
so i come up as a moderate.

no questions on if government should be allowed to dip into or use certain funds, etc. no questions on certain types of policies government shouldn't be allowed to approach with out majority vote consent in what direction.

there are a lot of controls that should be in the hands of the people to vote on yet they pretty continue to get to leave us out on a lot of it.
congress has way too much power and the party now is trying to prosecute the wrong type of people to stop some one they can't stand against, from holding office again.

they've allowed so much more wrong that they are the ones that should be charged and prosecuted.

not sure that test is complete enough. there should be more questions on government and it's role.
I believe the administration of today including most of the left like Pelosi are out of touch with the original concept of the founding fathers Constitutional Republic.

daydream Slightly Progressive LIBERTARIAN discovers LIBERTARIAN Anarchist ...


I lack a moral interest in these questions. Would had a few other inverted questions I might be interested. I can see why the world is in this predicament. If your leader is Biden and Fauci, it was nothing more than a mass murdering goat. Why would it matter which side you support? Do you trust your vote? Personally I think rolling on the floor laughing
Since so many of you label me commie or socialist, based on this simplistic questionnaire I am in quite a different corner. What would you imagine the result to be? Not a result or measure I value, of course!
Centrist? ... dunno

It's the Safe guess - Can't go Too Far wrong no matter What the quiz said!

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