Spontaneous Electric Vehicle Combustion Compilation

DAYUM! - Those Things Are Volcanoes On Wheels!

Meanwhile - In Kommiefornistan ...
Presumably that'd include Gov't Emergency Vehicles like, say fr'instance FIRE TRUCKS -
See the Vid & Use Y'all's IMAGINATIONS!!!
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Ohh yes dearie..that just makes me even more happy to spend 60K. The least they could do is include a cemetery plot with purchase. hmmm...mantel urn? Car fire, good chance to escape. A car with a belly full of batteries, exploding car...zero!frustrated I dont want to own one. I dont want to ride in one. I dont even want to be NEAR one!wow
My guy flies model airplanes. He keeps his similar batteries for them in a fire proof container, in the basement surrounded by concrete blocks because he knows if they get overcharged, under charge or just feel like it, they explode or burn.
And what happens in a crash. Screw those airbags, just make SURE you burn to death. They dont need airbags. They need ejection seats like jets with sensors!scold
A car that needs to be parked in concrete runways, not a garage or near any combustibles...like your house!
What I want to know is when the batteries wear out, where do they go?
1) rolling on the floor laughing

2) Damned good question, Orzzz! -
It's My Understanding that Some Lithium Batteries are More recyclable than Others.

I've Heard that the Less recyclable types go to Landfills or are Shredded & Incinerated -
Which releases REALLY Nasty metals into the atmosphere.

Perhaps More apt to be Landfilled in Eco-Conscious places like the US -
And Incinerated in places like the People's Republic Of China ... dunno

I'm including NO Link, as a Search of "Are lithium batteries recyclable?" Brought up results that ran the gamut from "Of Course" to "Hell No".

Search it & Judge For Y'all's Selves.

As a Kommiefornistany who has lived here all my life and well before it was "taken over," I'd say their time frame on all this happening is optimistic to say the least. It's really going to hurt the poor people the most, and would you charge your electric lawnmower in your garage at night, much less your car, and be able to sleep at night? help
we see what happens to a structure with short in it's electrical system.

a short in something like an ev could always go straight to the batteries. we're better off with out them. maybe another ten years of renovation and improvement or more. price tags will only go up from here how ever. most still won't be able to afford one.

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