'Publican Liz (Dizzy Lizzy) Cheney - Díck's Daughter - Is The Left's "Integrity Diva" -

For Her Starring Role In The J6 Hearings. Some Here Are Booming Her For PREZ!!
Yes ... REALLY!!! ... crazy

Other than the Soviet-Style J6 Show Trial -
Have there been any Other Integrity Collaborations 'tween Dizzy Lizzy & The 'Crats?

Oh - OH! ...I GOT ONE!!

Remember that time when -
The Don wanted to draw down US Troops in Afghanistan -
One of the Forever Wars started by Dizzy Lizzy's Ol' Man -
When he was running the Dubya Bush Presidency -
And Dizzy didn't Want her Ol' Man's War Ended -
And 'CRATS didn't want The Don to End the War -
Cuz Orange Man BAD!! Would Look More Peaceful than Their Peace Prize Laureate Fraud -
So Lizzy & The 'Crats Conspired ... er, Colluded ... er, COLLABORATED ... grin -
To BLOCK The Don's withdrawal -
Squandering US Treasure ... And the Valor & Blood of US Troops -
For their Overlapping Sickening Self Serving POLITICAL PURPOSES ...
very happy
That Was Like Integrity-AWESOME!!

Then the Peace Laureate's Veep - Ol' Joe - did the Afghanistan Withdrawal -
Damned BADLY ... But He Did It

Dizzy & The (Hypo)'Crats be like a Self-Anointed Integrity Monopoly -
A Veritable Integrity-Ness Holding Company.... rolling on the floor laughing

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VP d*ck started 2 wars and shot a fellow hunter in the face, and his daughter is even more a reckless so called Republican.
I recall that shooting incident, Willy -
Another Sterling Example of.the Cheney Integrity.

After shooting the guy in the face - Veep.Díck dutifully reported the.incident.to the cops -
After waiting Several Hours 'Til He Sobered Up ... drinking

She would be a nobody if it was not for her father . He's been campaigning for her . Not by saying how good she is and what she has to offer but how bad Trump is . POS has been wearing a cowboy hat to try to curry influence to , won't cut the mustard with voters on the 16th .
Heads up for those who are determined to malign the 6th Jan HEARING.

It is a HEARING NOT A TRIAL. So comparing it with a soviet-style trial shows how ignorant the poster is regarding truth and facts.

The ONLY reason to denigrate the hearing is that so many FACTS are coming out into the open that show several Republicans in a very bad light, Trump lovers are so embarrassed they have to post lies and misinformation to feel good.
Truth and Facts from J6-Committee?laugh
Ee-Yup - Díck's All Hat & No Cows ... Except One Over-Ripe Heifer ... laugh

HOW Desperate is she ... And presumably her Ol' Man?

She's.SOOO Desperate that her campaign strategy is to beg CRAT Voters to.cross over & vote for her in the 'Publican Primary!!!

HOW Fantasy-Based is That?

It's SOOO Fantasy-Based that IF ...
ALL the Registered 'Crats in Wyoming abandoned their Own Primary, crossed over to Vote For Dizzy ...
She's SOOO Far behind in the polls that there Aren't Enough 'Crats in the Whole STATE To Save her from gettin' Beat Like A Rented Mule.

I suppose a "Dewey Beats Truman" scenario isn't, strictly IMPOSSIBLE -
But it'd be One Helluvan.Upset.

Maybe More Votes than there are Wyomingans will turn up @ 4:10 am -
To give her an "F Curve" Win in the Most Secure Election In Wyoming History EVVERR dunno


More like ...
Damned Right it's Not A Trial!

It's a Soviet-Style SHOW Trial ... DIFFERENCE!!

It's Scripted Political Theater - The Political Variant of Reality TV ...
With Dizzy Lizzy giving The Performance Of Her Career in the Role of Integrity Diva.

She should join Brittney Griner, you know the all star that disrespected OUR FLAG! Rot in there Brit, have another toke, while you play w/your Tic/Toc...
She is Coyote Bait
Where is Ray "Waldo" Epps?
she did a great thing for are country we need more honest people like LIZ CHENEY ARE PARTY REPUBLICANS IS FALLING APPART I HATE LIERS
rolling on the floor laughing
"Donald Trump reportedly wasn’t concerned about pulling what was described to him as a national political “murder-suicide” move by upending the 2020 presidential election. What he wanted to know was if he had anything to lose, former Acting Deputy Attorney General Richard Donoghue told the House select committee investigating the U.S. Capitol riot.

Former White House counsel Pat Cipollone and Justice Department officials met with Trump in the Oval Office and railed against a post-election plan from Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Clark, a Trump supporter who was also in the meeting. Clark wanted to distribute letters to state legislatures falsely saying that the election may have been stolen and urging them to reconsider their certified election results, according to Donoghue’s account of the conversation.

“That letter that this guy wants to send — that letter is a murder-suicide pact,” Cipollone told Trump, according to a transcript of Donoghue’s interview with the Jan. 6 committee. “It’s going to damage everyone who touches it. And we should have nothing to do with that letter.”

Trump seemed unfazed by the warning and was worried only about himself, according to Donoghue. He was seriously considering replacing then-Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen with Clark so Clark could carry out his plan. Rosen had recently replaced William Barr, who had resigned as attorney general amid his own dispute with Trump over the election results.

“The president said something to the effect of: ‘What do I have to lose? If I do this, what do I have to lose?’” Donoghue recounted to the House committee.

Donoghue said he replied: “Mr. President, you have a great deal to lose. Is this really how you want your administration to end? You’re going to hurt the country.”

Nore proof that Trump only cares about himself and coldn't give a flying feck about the US of A.
All I know is she was given a new scale that has audible commands when she steps on it...

1. " One at a time please "
2. " GET OFF ! GET OFF " !
If you could spell correctly, you might be taken seriously.
Hard for you to be taken seriously with dialogue like this. Spelling goes a long way to making, or breaking , a point.
It's not that he can't. He's intentionally doing it as a style. He's a very smart poster if you get his drift.
You're new here and I can see you're making a judgment out of grammar usage. Let me tell you something, ponder on the substance of his ideas and you'll get pass that. We, take him seriously and we'd been on this site for over ten years.
Damned Good Question!! thumbs up

When a US Senator asked an FBI Spokesperson that question (and Others) -
He was Told Not ONE DAMNED THING!!

IF ... Epps was NOT A Gov't Agent Provocateur Tasked with INCITING The J6 Riot for POLITICAL PURPOSES ...
The Answer to EVERY ONE of the Senator's Questions would've been as EASY as it would've been SIMPLE ...

NO. ... NO. ... NO. ... NO. ... ... ...

Did Any of Y'all see Any of THAT brought up in the 'Crats' Made For TV Soviet-Style SHOW Trial??

Yeah ... Me Neither!!

very mad

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing comfort
HuffPo?rolling on the floor laughing
Here's a Laundry List of questions NOT Raised by the Dizzy Lizzy/'Crat Integrity Monopoly And Previews of Comin' Investigations Next January ...
After 'Crats get an Epic Mid-Terms Beat Down in 'bout 100 Days ...
Political Swords are Double-Edged, they Swing Both Ways ... And PayBack's a Bítch.

Nobody would like a name like Epps , he would have to keep an eye over both shoulders . Suspect he will be found with a head full of 4 inch nails , death due to natural causes of cause .
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