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CS bloggig 101

CS bloggig 101Don't write a blog when your drunk or stoned Yep you can delete it when your sober or come down BUT You can't delete YOUR comments on other bl...

Onthcrestofawave61240Apr 2357 mins ago

MicrowaveIs micro oven tea dangerous for health ?...

only1life1301020 hrs ago14 hrs ago
stringman24214Apr 19Apr 24

LEGALESE AND ITS MISUSEIt is the language of the legal industry designed to enable precise communication. However, it can be, and is used, to confuse and mislead those not f...

daniela77716613Apr 21Apr 23
Medicare Medicaid scam NEVER give out your Social Security Number

Medicare/Medicaid scam, NEVER give out your ..Social Security NumberMedicare/Medicaid scam There are several types of healthcare scams that target the elderly, but most are tied to phantom billing or identity theft. S...

britishcolumbian450Apr 19
The grandparents scam

The grandparents scam......................As of September, the Attorney General’s office reported 32 victims in the state had lost more than $184,000 to the grandparent scam. After he reali...

britishcolumbian796Apr 19Apr 19
Watch out for fake bill called phishing this time it was PAY PAL

Watch out for fake bill called phishing, this time it was PAY PALJust received an email telling me that I had send $149,95 to a the US Never heard of the name. If I did not agree with this payment...

britishcolumbian19821Apr 17Apr 19
stringman622Apr 18Apr 18
BURMA SHAVE a little of yesteryear

BURMA SHAVE......a little of yesteryear> A man, a miss, > A car a curve. > He kissed the miss, > And missed the curve. > Burma Shave > > I'm sure that Burma Shave actually saved s...

Gentlejim803Apr 16Apr 17
LeeCharming340Apr 17
LeeCharming690Apr 17
Torontos serial killer victim speaks

Toronto's serial killer victim speaksIn the village area of Toronto a man escaped death by an encounter with a serial killer now in custody and charged with 7 murders...police suspect the...

loulou7728543Apr 13Apr 15
Are you taking too many prescription drugs

Are you taking too many prescription drugs?Medicinal melting pot Last updated: 21 July 2014 Mixing medicines can be a recipe for disaster. It can be harmful and dangerous to take different ty...

britishcolumbian10610Apr 12Apr 13
Extract from a blog comment

Extract from a blog comment..... she will be killed 100%.... How can you be killed any other way...

Onthcrestofawave710Apr 11
stringman15310Mar 29Apr 10
A picture is worth a thousand words

A picture is worth a thousand words.The Ruling Party. ANC. Bravo. Moral of the story is: DO NOT PROTEST AGAINST THE ANC's DECISIONS....

Lukeon1978Feb 6Apr 10
What NOT to eat this is difficult to believe

What NOT to eat..this is.difficult to believe............Did you know that there are at least 6 destrucftive chemicals hidden insde of the food you eat daily? Turns out Butane isn’t just for lighters anymo...

britishcolumbian25519Dec 19Mar 29
Is it appropriate if yes then at what stage is it justified to

Is it appropriate, if yes then at what stage is it justified to …Becoming suspiciously judgmental about a Woman’s/ Man’s where about, if for a day or two they have been unable to login to the dating site where the...

Akash7026410Mar 18Mar 20

Control Freak(s)Connecting Singles is a Control Freak Free Zone. Some get through clandestinely though, so just hug a Control Freak and make their day, today....

galrads30420Mar 19Mar 19
Self Motivation

Self MotivationI wanted to start this blog to see if anyone would like to share their self motivation tips. I 'gave up' smoking recently and finding it hard. H...

Deedee123x59252Mar 8Mar 11
Words that kids never forget

Words that kids never forgetSo many years since my grandmother has been gone but I am still inspired to notice the good things in life when I remember the way she would pause at...

Crunia144-Mar 5Mar 9
Crossing roads

Crossing roadsYeap! People come & people go. Everybody is welcome and only those who match -somehow- into our puzzle and vice versa (ask destiny not me) will sta...

Crunia80-Mar 9
Analysis of Bertrand Russells Problems of Philosophy

Analysis of Bertrand Russell's Problems of PhilosophyAppearance and Reality Russell questions the absoluteness of knowledge and the discernment of the problem in Philosophy. What is the distinction b...

psiberite1123Mar 1Mar 6
Brain Teasers 13

Brain Teasers 13Name the type of fish indicated in each case: 1. Change one letter in bullet 2. Insert one letter in surgeon 3. Change one letter in tampon...

socrates4437742Mar 3Mar 6
Everyone has their own boat

Everyone has their own boatEveryone has their own boat...

jarred159-Mar 6
Let Go and Relax

Let Go and RelaxGreetings friends hope all is well with you.. The cold weather and wicked north-east wind is no more.. I would like to share with you my Tao...

FLYJAMES888Mar 4Mar 4

CriticismTwo questions: Why do we criticize? When do we criticize? My take is that if I, which is very seldom, criticize, it is for the purpose of imp...

lindsyjones37824Feb 23Mar 2
Donald Trumps Profile On Jewish Temple Coin

Donald Trump's Profile On Jewish Temple Coin. I was going to post this as a comment on Lee's 'Celebrating Trump' blog, but figured it was historic en...

miclee1111Feb 23Feb 23
Billy Graham

Billy GrahamI guess most of you know by now that the Rev. Billy Graham passed away this morning, Wed., Feb. 21, at his home in North Carolina, USA. Mr Graham was...

Gentlejim1303Feb 21Feb 21
more killings

more killingsit happened today in Florida, when will it stop. answer - it wont until some screw-ups are corrected. the first thing is the correct the interpret...

studecar57841Feb 14Feb 19
What doesnt kill you makes you stronger really

"What doesn´t kill you makes you stronger" really?I do not fancy Nietzsche, rarely quote him but I particularly don´t like this Nietzsche’s maxim which is often used for ironic effect but it´s also...

Crunia751-Feb 8Feb 19
Why Women Love Dancing AKA shaking their behind

Why Women Love Dancing AKA shaking their behind...Im highly interested in your opinion on why do Women love to dance -from a psychological aspect , personal reasons and opinions are welcome as well...

Dedovix66650Feb 4Feb 18


Gentlejim1215Feb 12Feb 12

HappinessHappiness is like a butterfly, the more you chase it, the more it will elude you. If you capture it against it's will, you will kill it. But if yo...

Gentlejim15716Feb 10Feb 11
Today Feb 9 is Happy National Pizza Day

Today Feb. 9, is, Happy National Pizza DayWhat is The World's Largest Pizza Chain With Over 16,000 Locations Worldwide? Pizza Hut is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, and is the world’s larges...

Gentlejim1287Feb 9Feb 9


Track16840Feb 2

ScenarioScenario: Mr Ahsan is working as a General Manager in a Pharmaceutical Company. He observed that turnover rate in Sales Team had been increasing for...

only1life2378Jan 30Feb 1
idea intel ha lagawat

idea intel ha lagawat“Alamgir Welfare Trust International” is a renowned welfare trust in Karachi with many branches across the city and a few operating worldwide. The mai...

only1life39110Jan 23Jan 26
Freudian Interpretation of Dreams

Freudian Interpretation of Dreamsa) Hypermnesic Dreams Hypermnesic dreams are those dreams where the dreamer dreams of something that he or she has not experienced in real life and l...

psiberite1573Jan 11Jan 26
Cost and Management

Cost and ManagementZee Corp. is an electronics company that manufactures sandwich makers. The selling price for each unit is Rs. 1,500. The annual production and sales...

only1life33723Jan 19Jan 23

questionWrite to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow. Write your own views about the given topic. Your comments should NOT exceed 120-150 words....

only1life18212Jan 18Jan 18
Lukeon26715Jan 17Jan 18
Alex7: "U r Sweet ... "(meet us in the ecards)

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