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BlogBloggerCreatedLast Comment
stringman766Jan 13Jan 13

Nice2meetyoutooHi everyone I have been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century by one of my grown children's demands I join a social media site to ena...

Nice2meetyoutoo40227Jan 11Jan 12

The Cost Of Peace* I'd start saving up. Its Only your life. .and well A few others*...

secludedStar33-Jan 12

Toronto's serial killer victim speaksIn the village area of Toronto a man escaped death by an encounter with a serial killer now in custody and charged with 7 murders...police suspect the...

loulou7779854Apr 2018Jan 10
Limun3148Dec 6Jan 10
8 parts skynet 2

8 parts... [ skynet,2starlight theater o u t * t h e r e } our mystery Actor's filmography A fury Slinging Flame [ Route 66, 1960 .......dna, the thermal Trend.......

Agentbob700Jan 8

The Day I Got Microchipped since they are pushing the microchip for people which is not good, in the long run you are giving your freedom away and...

stringman35040Dec 28Jan 6

The Ladybird Book of Mr. GoodMr. Good is a very nice man who lives at 6 Paradise Street. Mr. Good bought 6 Paradise Street a long time ago. Houses cost a lot of money and Mr...

Harbal59076Jan 1Jan 3

Foreign languagesI am looking for a lady(preferable from the UK,Usa,Canada,Australia,New Zealand or other english speaking countries).I'd love to talk via voice messag...

DisagioTruvve31422Dec 12Jan 2
Lukeon1138Dec 29Jan 1

I Don't Feeland It feels Great. I took my trash down By the lake. Threw it In, and watched it Sink. (Hmm thought' it'd Float) ^that's how i think....

secludedStar62-Dec 30
Do the lies ever f*ck end

Do the lies ever f*ck end?Ok people here it is, I can't find any curvature of the earth! why is that? we have been told all our lives the earth is a globe and it spins, but I c...

knowledgeantruth60646Dec 29Dec 30

How to write good1. Avoid alliteration. Always. 2. Prepositions are not words to end sentences with 3. Avoid clichés like the plague. They’re old hat. 4. Comparison...

Elegsabiff24228Dec 28Dec 28
stringman863Dec 28Dec 28
Some random info on Presidents smarts wise

Some random info on Presidents ...........smarts wiseFair warning if anyone decides to create a battle ground here you will get deleted

Bentlee1686Dec 17Dec 28

Strange story of the SS WarrimooThe passenger steamer SS Warrimoo was quietly knifing its way through the waters of the mid-Pacific on its way from Vancouver to Australia. The naviga...

Willy3411842Dec 27Dec 27

Why Don't People Care Even After We Hear The Facts? are we stupid or do we not care or know what's going on....

stringman19119Dec 26Dec 27

Startling new revelations on climate changeRecently completed research could render the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change a momentous exercise in rushing headlong down a blind alley. In hi...

Harbal22319Dec 26Dec 27
8 parts of speech hyperthesis

8 parts of speech [ hyperthesisR A D I O * active * M U S I C * score ....quick look-see at where we are at in the 8 parts.. 08. uh-oh [ intj. - 2. lightning [ v. 06. Sunday scho...

Agentbob1005Dec 24Dec 24

Drinking water to prevent getting sick as this is caused by dehydrationPractical Use of Water to Maintain Good Health So, water is an unknown quantity that God has revealed for mankind in trouble, in times of need, when w...

bcjenny962Dec 23Dec 24
8 parts x ray

8 parts.. [ x rayR E A L L Y * A P T * M E D I A * S W A R M... 1 8 1. Starfish / the church - 11. Odyssey & Oracle / the Zombies } from the digital dream door 1...

Agentbob1125Dec 22Dec 24

Ethical ShoppingI like avocados, I put them in salads. The trouble is; they are quite expensive and I find that about one in six of the ones I buy is black and mushy...

Harbal63767Sep 2Dec 22

Traveling...For years while we were raising the twins, and I was struggling just to survive, and to get a little shite into one sock, avoided globe trotting. Past...

Vierkaesehoch1046Dec 21Dec 21

Why santa is more loved than godEvery child believes in santa Every adult pretends to be santa He gives presents He can fly He only comes once a year He asks nothing in return...

Onthcrestofawave34827Dec 19Dec 20

This BLOG intentionally left blank.... . . Part of my day involves reviewing manufacturers specifications for kitchen applianc...

chatillion873Dec 20Dec 20

Breitfart NewsFrom Wikipedia; Breitbart News Network (known commonly as Breitbart News, Breitbart or is a far-right syndicated American news, opin...

JimNastics19716Nov 19Dec 17

In the alphabet soup of life, I pick aitchHow weird is the alphabet? A J and K sound alike (unless you are a Scot – they say jiy, not jay) B C D G P T V sound alike – and if you are Americ...

Elegsabiff20630Dec 15Dec 15
8 parts of speech bee cause

8 parts of speech [ bee cause057. the holy bible / manic street preachers -46. temporary heaven / introflirt ..} ....Digital dreamer; Ryan's List [ 60 11. who are you / the who...

Agentbob852Dec 14Dec 14

Driving update - It's no longer appropriate to drive with hands at 10:00 & 2:00 position b/c airbagsGet with the times: You’re driving all wrong by Bottom Line Most driving guidelines — including those now issued by AAA and most state transportat...

JimNastics17714Dec 12Dec 14
8 parts of speech and then sum

8 parts of speech [ and then sumThe ultimate Preface for the Modern English Bible Noun.....[ 8 part saga ] ............... 5] Pronoun..... 8. woe ! verb.............................

Agentbob721Dec 10Dec 10
Introducing ball point radio

Introducing ball point radio ) ) )... As eYe was about to present & sum my 8 part series-- the 2nd law of hot } the arrow of Time, took down the MD burn ward. I am pleased to see a f...

Agentbob1002Dec 8Dec 9

I right my green headed girl in starboard...It's late, I need some sleep... I need to board the ship but I'm not sure which part is the front. Maybe you can help me. Surely someone knows about t...

chatillion11911Dec 8Dec 9
Onthcrestofawave1665Dec 5Dec 6

A Case for getting rid of borders - The Atlantic - Oct 10, 2015This article was written in The Atlantic back on October 10th 2015 by an economics professor from George Mason University. At least philosophically,...

JimNastics44561Nov 28Nov 30
this is case in your court

this is case in your courtThe Case: Mr. Shah has recently launched his new clothing brand in Pakistani market “Wear To Win”. As this brand is at an initial process so it is s...

only1life16511Nov 23Nov 25
Predicting Earthquakes and why we need them

Predicting Earthquakes and why we need them.HellO dear readers. So here are some of the common resources we use in our society today that we take from the earth: gold, diamonds, water, timbe...

tame971003Nov 24Nov 25
Regarding Evil being a choice and God

Regarding Evil being a choice, and God.I vowed I'd never touch Religion or Trump Blogs again as they seem to cause vitriol. This is a little different. Let's say Evil is from a dark sour...

goldengloss1,336127Nov 18Nov 20

Yes The TROJAN HORSE A GIFT FOME MEXICOMEXICO . MEXICAN . BORDER . THE WALL . THE FENCE . THE TROJAN HORSE . They Can Not Be Stopped . and Shutting Down The Border will not Last . They ar...

kyacheo22313Nov 6Nov 20

Deleting comments is not a logical argument......nor does it stop people from being heard. Let me explain your mathematical/English comprehension/logical fallacy blunders, Seaworthy. CHS cit...

jac_the_gripper1,21563Nov 15Nov 18
Midnitecwby1122Nov 14Nov 14

U.S. Marine Corps BirthdayToday, Nov. 10, is the birthday of one of the greatest fighting units ever!!! Founded on Nov. 10, 1775!! Semper/Fi...

Gentlejim17020Nov 10Nov 11

Ouch?NOT! Before the moonbats' gloating becomes too manic, just a bit of facts and science. The American people are always speaking somehow, but it's impor...

Vierkaesehoch1648Nov 7Nov 7
Qvy_Lee: "Match with Lee"(meet us in the quizzes)

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