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Just figured how to make my willy 12 long

Just figured how to make my willy 12" long...... fold it in half. Ladies, wanna see that by any chance? (I'll delete this soon)...

SimonInMark131511 hrs ago48 mins ago
Evolution Vs God Movie REPLY

Evolution Vs. God Movie - REPLYBrethren, you must have come across a clip posted on a blog by our beloved irrationalists in which budding scientists are asked the CORRECT question B...

SimonInMark69357Sep 14Sep 17
New Age

New AgeWhat is ur take on it ? If u do fall under this group already, please respond ?...

Snookums331065Sep 15Sep 15
Camel blog

Camel blogSometimes Camels return to a place where they are not welcome, spit and attack, but it’s best those camels, not spend too long in that place or they m...

Freedomofspeech9357-Sep 10Sep 12

Intresting.This happen Kuba They use ultra sounds or mickr...

Tomppa67630Sep 11
9 11

9/1116 yrs ago today, the cowardly terrorists of osama bin laden came to the USA and killed almost 3000 Americans! I will never forgive nor forget this...

Gentlejim1095Sep 11Sep 11
Dear Irma

Dear IrmaThank you, thank you, thank you, for taking away with you my former mother in law with you. Rest in wind, whenever she landed....

Duromojon67-Sep 11

Mama...Mama used to say when you speak chicken pee....

Duromojon49-Sep 10

MisquotesJefferson, Hamilton, Thoreau, Tolstoy, Gandhi, Shakespeare, Churchill - these were all prolific writers who addressed, and often criticized, the socia...

OldeGuy620Sep 10
Warning Sex Blog

Warning! Sex BlogAnd you thought you'd heard everything.... We report a case of o*al stings by spermatophores of the squid Todarodes pacificus. A 63-yr-old Korean w...

Gypsytramp29429Sep 8Sep 9
Doing good for my God and my fellow man

Doing good, for my God and my fellow manI was raised with the Ten Commandments. I honor and love it. I was also raised to believe that doing good is socially and Godly beneficial for al...

lindsyjones1,79451Jun 21Sep 6
Intro to Catfishing The Truth About Deception Online

Intro to Catfishing: The Truth About Deception OnlineYes,, This is a copy/paste and if you don't like it move on. The reason for posting is because recently a friend of mine nearly lost more than he b...

Lukeon2089Sep 5Sep 5
Heroin overdose what is the solution reviving every few hours when they keep using

Heroin overdose, what is the solution, reviving every few hours when they keep using?"Every single day, in every district in the city, our officers are responding to calls from concerned citizens But now more people, including emer...

britishcolumbian23429Sep 1Sep 3
The Great Escape

The Great EscapeHollywood loves to recreate history...the great escape happened during WW2 but was not depicted they was inspired by this hist...

loulou7723319Sep 1Sep 2
The New Generation Specially Gifted Children

The New Generation - Specially Gifted ChildrenOver the last 20 years there has been an increase in children who have come to our world with particular talents. Unfortunately, they are not widely...

daniela77748044Aug 4Sep 2
The victors rewrite history

The victor's rewrite historyYet it's a cut and paste but as I am semi-illiterate and a bastard to boot What more can you expect from me

oldblue542029Sep 1Sep 2
summer holidays for kids

summer holidays for kids1 ) do u think kids need summer holidays? wouldn't it be better for kids to go to school straight without summer holidays and leave school...

georgie3914517Aug 29Aug 30
The cycle of life

The cycle of life...I find it Strange people !will happily buy death wrapped up in packaged processed trays but can't stomach seeing it happen... I have ! to use a har...

oldblue544,178212Aug 23Aug 27
Honesty on the blogs

Honesty on the blogs.I applaud the blogs. The blogs are here mainly to get to know the people from all walks of life whether it be bad mouthing Pres. Trump, or the prai...

Lukeon30537Aug 27Aug 27
An open invitation to all

An open invitation to all ....menopausal women and eunuchs I have been labeled a hater and now an angry white male News flash ! Stay in your delusional bubbles Keep yo...

oldblue54173-Aug 24
Angry White Males

Angry White MalesThe blogs here have a certain negative quality as of late... Men calling other males manginas, or putting women down because we now have more cont...

loulou7750035Aug 22Aug 23
Time Gets Better With Age

Time Gets Better With AgeRead it through to the end, it gets better as you go! I've learned that I like my teacher because she cries when we sing "Silent Night." Age 5 I...

Gentlejim903Aug 23Aug 23
Women through the ages

Women, through the ages....Watching a series of lectures produced by The Teaching Co., as part of their Great Courses Series. College level presentations, for the most part, on...

Aaltarboy1817Jul 20Aug 20
The man made inventions that everybody uses to this day

The man made inventions that everybody uses to this dayBenjamin Franklin-Thomas Edison-George Stephenson and so many more inventers

Freedomofspeech91324Aug 18Aug 18
NewYorkcitylove68-Aug 17
Someone asked me this question just a few days ago found this answer

Someone asked me this question just a few days ago, found this answerQuestion: "How did people know about God before the Bible?" Answer: Even though people did not have the Word of God, they were not without the abil...

britishcolumbian22517Aug 16Aug 17
Quick Thinking

Quick Thinking...Crime is everywhere. If you are thinking this might never happen to you then you are living in a dream world. Now that syndicates and criminal...

Lukeon19711Aug 15Aug 16
stringman930Aug 15

THE GREAT AMERICAN ECLIPSE of 2017 Not Since 1776 | ENTERTAINMENT or WARNING? since it is only a week away you may find it interesting....

stringman1053Aug 14Aug 15
bye and thanks for all the fish

bye and thanks for all the fish...last night I was browsing the forum threads and the abuse and vitriolic comments being posted were way over acceptable normal banter, they were positi...

pastafarian50547Aug 12Aug 13

The Mysterious Hitchhiker part 7I watched as Slim pulled thread from his shirt tail. With every strand, he carefully lay them across his knee, smoothing the kinks out of them. When...

freehand19718Aug 12Aug 12
NewYorkcitylove69-Aug 11
Thank you CS and fellow bloggers

Thank you CS and fellow bloggersHello fellow citizens of the blog world. This is to acknowledge how great this place is. First it's free. Second we get to meet and be friends...

lindsyjones36626Aug 10Aug 11
The Native People of Mexico

The Native People of MexicoThe Native People of Mexico (Tribe of Issachar - He Is HIred (Genesis 30:18) Their symbol is the donkey,were the first people to domesticate corn (Gen...

NewYorkcitylove68-Aug 10
The Ds of online dating

The D's of online dating...And why they will never work... Distance Disfunctional Deluded Dreamers...

oldblue5461426Jul 31Aug 9
Life skills vs mental function

Life skills vs mental functionWe are all born with a brain, new ,clean and unused ,like a blank page or a computer hard drive... We are exposed to stimuli be it nuture or nature a...

oldblue5438615Aug 5Aug 8
stringman1494Aug 3Aug 8
how america became the apotheosis of antintellectualism

how america became the apotheosis of antintellectualismif cornell west is a black intellectual, i am a genius. i have read ovr 100 ariticles about the dub idiots of america males and females. at once peopl...

inafunk44133Jul 14Aug 7
NewYorkcitylove67-Aug 6
Disabled Comments Blogs

Disabled Comments BlogsA lot has been written about “Disabled Comments Blogs” lately. My suggestion re the same is that the viewer should be informed up front that such...

socrates4427419Aug 3Aug 4

RIGHT TO REPLYI have only been a member of this site for a week. Already I have noticed that some people post on the Blogs then disable the ability to post comme...

graeme19691,238112Aug 2Aug 4
stringman1104Aug 1Aug 1

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