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WELL WATCHED 5 MINS OF DEBATE FOR OUR NEW PMwhat a shambles, neither wonder Boris would never do blue on blue before. Hunt showed his true colours too. I turned it off it was embarrasing Que...

EXRED22022Jul 10Jul 16
Here Is a Guide On How To Become Famous on Social Network If You Are Single

Here Is a Guide On How To Become Famous on Social Network If You Are SingleTikTok fans are increasing by the millions. Simply checking out the first quarter of 2018, there are already 45.8 million downloads of this app. That...

Eatexturink1053Jul 12Jul 13

things that never caught onBought me a 24 hour watch Now I know what time it is when I'm watching a movie and they say 15 hundred hours So what other things never caught...

Nice2meetyoutoo20429Jul 8Jul 9
The Ladybird Book of Mr Good

The Ladybird Book of Mr. GoodMr. Good is a very nice man who lives at 6 Paradise Street. Mr. Good bought 6 Paradise Street a long time ago. Houses cost a lot of money and Mr...

Harbal80276Jan 1Jul 6

spectrum [ 666. Waiting for the sun / the Doors - 65. Piece of mind / Iron Maiden 01. United States of America / U S of A .... d 3 ) Underrated Rock .... . 70...

Agentbob460Jul 2

spectrum [ 101.1101. radio city / big star - 50. grooves in orbit / NRBQ ) ) ) ball point radio alert 51. anthem of the sun / grateful dead .. The work expands...

Agentbob1116Jun 26Jul 1

Signature [ meets spectrum5905. city of the sun.............. 2536. heat of El - 2815. Intel; purpose...............555. stronger 3090........... peak strength.....3091.........

Agentbob590Jun 28

The End of Man is Here this is pretty scary stuff....

stringman720Jun 25

Trafficking in fake and substandard food is big bussinessTrafficking in fake and substandard food is big business, and efforts to stop this global phenomenon are ongoing Rotten meat, chemically coloured tun...

bcjenny28945Jun 22Jun 25

Russia!Ah, Russia. The country that has given us SO much laughter, amazement and rage. This is a transcontinental country in Eastern Europe and North Asi...

Philipsen20912Jun 23Jun 24

The world is flat, not the earth, the earth is roundIt's a misunderstanding of words well one word, and I will explain how that works. Take a ream of A4 paper and a 5 pointed cake star cutter with a ve...

tame9728923May 12Jun 24
stringman980Jun 18

Happy Birthday to the oldest flag in the World!Let me take you back 800 years, to the Battle of Lyndanisse, which took place during the Livonian Crusade. Denmark, with some German allies were at...

Philipsen1051Jun 15Jun 15

mutual admirationI have dropped a few comments and attempted to post what in my mind was an accolade to people who go out of the way and give their time freely without...

Nice2meetyoutoo2408Jun 12Jun 14

Spectrum [ 2................. w h I t e / 3836 red.....2561 orange ? [ unlisted ..... ) ) ball point radio ) ) 1 9 7 3 A fter D ark yellow ..6669................

Agentbob750Jun 12

Spectrum [ by the numbers2714 3187..... seven variations 4373..... of the Hebrew word 4487.... for Number [s. 4557. 5608..... as found in Strong's Concordance 6485. ---...

Agentbob872Jun 11Jun 12
stringman23210Jun 2Jun 11

The Blue And The GrayThe U.S. Civil War ended in Spring, 1865. In Spring of 1866, the ladies of Columbus, Mississippi decorated the graves of fallen Confederate soldier...

miclee45614May 2017Jun 10

in 2 weeksIt will be the shortest day here in new Zealand ,well the day with the shortest daylight hours. Then we start seeing the sun earlier and we are back...

Nice2meetyoutoo1374Jun 9Jun 10

Paper People...It's been referenced on CS and other places that those of us who grew up using a pencil and paper have a higher rate to remember/retain things we've r...

chatillion15010May 29May 31
Tender Loving Care

Tender Loving CareOn May 12, 2019, International Nurses Day 2019 will be celebrated. It is the birthday of Florence Nightingale, The Pioneer of Nursing. The Interna...

ysabeljhen21124May 22May 27
Best book blurb I have

Best book blurb I haveRead in years Couldn't stop laughing from start to finish......

OIdblue1223May 22May 23

R D [ rough draft / signetA few musings to check the registration of the print product. 0977. excellent choice 2091. G O L D ........................ 713. P U R P L 3068.....

Agentbob720May 22
stringman781May 20May 21
Another brick in the wall

Another brick in the wallImagine .... going to school in a class with a maximum of 20 pupils, no streaming, and the same teacher for 5 years. There are teacher aides to he...

Elegsabiff27528May 16May 17
stringman710May 11

Donald Trump; a decade of financial losing, totalling over $1 BillionIn The New York Times; Decade in the Red: Trump Tax Figures Show Over $1 Billion in Business Losses Newly obtained tax information reveals...

JimNastics28825May 8May 9
People often ask me

People often ask me....As I was saying; people often ask me, “why aren’t you rich and famous?” I just tell them it’s because not enough people want me to be rich and famous...

Harbal31726Apr 29May 7

mannersWe were talking over dinner the other night and the subject of manners and we agreed (international portugese ,english) that it,s skipped a generation...

flyme11808May 5May 6

Signature [ 63 0 9 1. Yahusha - 641. ephod, 2.) shoulder piece for the high priest...b.} the image 2 4 5 0. wise } up....... Strong Radio Astronomy... .......

Agentbob840May 5

December 26,1862/Dakota 38Another little known fact, surprising to learn of from whom the order was issued..........

Bentlee27126Apr 17Apr 21
Im studying for my bar exam

I'm studying for my bar examBut I can't understand these first laws This law states that angle between adjacent corresponding faces is inter facial angles of the crystal of a...

OIdblue921Apr 16Apr 17
stringman1042Apr 16Apr 16

PARIS, GAY PARIS - My Home Town - NEWS UPDATE!I often hear and read about this beautiful city and some even have ambitions about spending their honeymoon there as it is the fabled glittering city...

daniela77788470Aug 2018Apr 16
C S spam mail and scammers

C.S. spam mail and scammersI have solved the problem with the amount of scammers and CS fake mail from beautiful woman half my age who have fallen in love with me and the ones o...

OIdblue1945Apr 15Apr 16

The Night Of April 14 Into The Morning Of April 151865 - Abraham Lincoln was shot on the night of April 14 and died in the morning of April 15. Forty-seven years later... 1912 - RMS Titanic stru...

miclee12410Apr 14Apr 14
The F word

The F-wordI've been a person that was never able to swear. I was taught I shouldn't. After reading Molly the other day on Palms blog I realized how common the F...

lshtar68166Apr 8Apr 13
Reasons to sleep naked

Reasons to sleep naked!Do you usually sleep with clothes ?, If so, here I bring you 10 reasons for you to start sleeping naked. 1. Sleeping naked slims Brown fat, the on...

Amed3226311Mar 9Apr 6
Who should I hate today

Who should I hate today?Whether it's the media, politicians, or self-interested shills, there always seems to be someone trying to influence my opinion and to persuade me to...

BadlyDrawn38534Mar 21Apr 6

What You Need To Know About The Future Of Our PlanetWARNING SIGNS to the future of coming events.

stringman1313Mar 28Mar 30
stringman22916Mar 3Mar 29
Graduating from CS school

Graduating from CS schoolCS really is like a school - all the way from kindergarten to graduation. Okay, an odd one. We have no idea how long we will be here, that first day -...

Elegsabiff2,478126Feb 2016Mar 28

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