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Regarding Evil being a choice, and God.I vowed I'd never touch Religion or Trump Blogs again as they seem to cause vitriol. This is a little different. Let's say Evil is from a dark sour...

goldengloss4857518 hrs ago1 hrs ago

Deleting comments is not a logical argument......nor does it stop people from being heard. Let me explain your mathematical/English comprehension/logical fallacy blunders, Seaworthy. CHS cit...

jac_the_gripper1,09363Nov 1511 hrs ago
Midnitecwby792Nov 14Nov 14

Yes The TROJAN HORSE A GIFT FOME MEXICOMEXICO . MEXICAN . BORDER . THE WALL . THE FENCE . THE TROJAN HORSE . They Can Not Be Stopped . and Shutting Down The Border will not Last . They ar...

kyacheo1478Nov 6Nov 14

U.S. Marine Corps BirthdayToday, Nov. 10, is the birthday of one of the greatest fighting units ever!!! Founded on Nov. 10, 1775!! Semper/Fi...

Gentlejim13820Nov 10Nov 11

Ouch?NOT! Before the moonbats' gloating becomes too manic, just a bit of facts and science. The American people are always speaking somehow, but it's impor...

Vierkaesehoch1418Nov 7Nov 7

Why we stand and will never kneelOne of the most heartfelt stories of the Greatest Nation under God, America.... God protected us then and he protects us now. One Nation under God....

seaworthy31716Oct 27Nov 6
stringman2592May 2017Nov 6

Remember The Great QuotesWhich do you think would you classify? Small minds discuss people; Average minds discuss events ; Higher minds discuss ideas and Great...

ysabeljhen35646Oct 22Oct 30
Laaa be a film maker a film makerLOW COST STUDIO for YOUTUBERs Many a times we think of shooting and uploading videos on youtube but, we normally cannot make it CLEAR as what to SH...

runningshiva44-Oct 25
Frauds are there

Frauds are thereIf you are going to marry some one girl/boy outside your own area::: Chat for 30 days Everyday. Ask his/her facbook ID or instagram handle. Ask...

runningshiva57-Oct 24

HISTORY OF HALLOWEENsince Halloween is just around the corner I would post this.

stringman650Oct 22
stringman911Oct 20Oct 20

HELLEN KELLERHelen Keller American author Helen Adams Keller was an American author, political activist, and lecturer. She was the first deaf-blind person to ear...

ysabeljhen29726Sep 22Oct 19

A Summary of Your CaseI was reading through Track’s thread about marijuana legalization, in the forum. There were a few comments about the relative effects of pot and alco...

Harbal62660Sep 30Oct 19

What are some cultural differences between the UK and USOh well haven't gone yet to USA hopefully soon.UK maybe later ... But I have friends I have met from diffetent countries. "...

ysabeljhen72764Oct 15Oct 16

Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all Canucks!Got into Crazy's Columbus Day blog & noticed it's Thanksgiving Day in Canada. Have a good'un, y'all North Of The Border!...

miclee650Oct 8
what would jesus do

what would jesus do ?if half the world knows something must be done about the things that are wrong with the world ... is folding our arms and looking at each other in dis...

THELEMAGE1523Oct 4Oct 4

Are women capable of coping without men?As individuals, plenty of women have great lives without men; and men can cope without women too. If all men died today, women would survive and th...

ysabeljhen53946Sep 25Sep 27

Teaching new dogs old tricks...Most of the people I work with have been in cabinet manufacturing more than 30 years and it's rare to see some 'new blood' entering into this field. M...

chatillion672Sep 26Sep 26

What Shocked You today?Greatful Heart _______________ An evening to remember for us with my big boys as we dine in one exclusive restaurant around.... We...

ysabeljhen33328Sep 10Sep 25
The Path To Radicalization

The Path To RadicalizationA young man in the Southern State of Charlottesville,Virginia joined a Neo Nazi (white nationalism) group...and participated in the unite the right ra...

loulou7720915Sep 22Sep 22
Want To Lose Weight And Diabetes

Want To Lose Weight And Diabetes?2 months ago i went in to see the Dr. and had a workup. She said my LDL is high, my blood glucose is high, i'm overweight and my blood pressure is hi...

My_Lover37528Sep 16Sep 21

English, a global languageThe English Language is used in many states as official language and not only. For non natives speakers it's always going to be confusing because the...

DisagioTruvve1262Sep 19Sep 20

NAFTASeems like Canadians are getting prepared regarding the idea of scrapping the trade agreement...although it is a complex appears that Trump...

loulou7762644Sep 12Sep 15

English LanguageHello.I am Marius and I would like to master the American English accent. If there's any lady who would like to help me I would be very happy Thank y...

DisagioTruvve33827Sep 10Sep 12

AppealThis is Albert, he’s a miserable old git. Albert would love to be happy but a rare genetic condition means th...

Harbal2158Sep 10Sep 10

Does Democracy and Freedom goes Hand in Hand?Living in a Democratic way of government I would say Yes,democracy and freedom no doubt go hand in hand. Democracy embarks the light of freedom...

ysabeljhen1271Sep 5Sep 5
stringman20815Sep 4Sep 5

Ethical ShoppingI like avocados, I put them in salads. The trouble is; they are quite expensive and I find that about one in six of the ones I buy is black and mushy...

Harbal52161Sep 2Sep 4

You never know !Smart answer, smart alec, or XXXtra credit ?...

JimNastics1469Sep 1Sep 1
help someone if u can

help someone if u canIn my day 1950.s you helped an old lady across the road gave up your seat for a pregnant woman or old person on the bus. I remember a day a few month...

flyme142628Aug 12Sep 1

Infant SchoolMy youngest granddaughter starts junior school in September and my daughter was saying how sad it was to see her leave the infants. I suppose watchin...

Harbal27716Aug 31Sep 1

World Predictions Until 2050 by Remote Viewer E.M NicolayThe end of the Catholic Church will occur between 2025 and 2030 due to Islamist terrorists fleeing the Middle East after WW3 and causing the destructi...

Limun47320Aug 9Aug 30

My Soul MateMy soul mate never phones me at work; but she will always answer when I phone her from work wanting to moan about how my day is going. She never trie...

Harbal33422Aug 27Aug 29
The bigger the lie the more people believe so true in this case and Im not a racist truthseeker

The bigger the lie! the more people believe, so true in this case, and I'm not a racist, truthseekerEyewitness" Yankel Wiernik claimed: 1200 people fit into a 7 X 7 m gas chamber, bodies of women were used for kindling, bodies burned on their own onc...

knowledgeantruth83470Aug 17Aug 27

BikerA little girl was leaning into a lion's cage. Suddenly, the lion grabs her by the collar of her jacket and tries to pull her inside to slaughter her...

Gentlejim1868Aug 20Aug 21

Wisdom Word!I just beloved on a movement and a trend back toward quality people who don’t just look good on the outside or in the bank account, but also have the...

Cee1979840Aug 17

How to catch ones attentionI get soooo much wrong mail from so many bad men that I'm beginning to wonder in PM will anyone say/do anything to get someones/anyones attention arou...

itchywitch87849Jul 30Aug 17

Six Short Stories{1} Once all villagers decided to pray for rain, on the day of prayer all the people gathered, but only one boy came with an umbrella. That's FAITH...

Gentlejim1284Aug 13Aug 13
I wanna know your thoughts

I wanna know your thoughts..Hi I want to know your experiences of life and your thoughts on , how can we live a happiest life.....

Mahesh221018713Aug 11Aug 11
Information System Knowledge

Information System KnowledgeAt start ABC Company (online company like Kaymu) used to supply their products to the clients with online transactions only within the country. Now th...

only1life2112Aug 10Aug 11
ashlander: "friends forever "(meet us in the ecards)

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