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GreedWhy is it every war that has been started over religious beliefs , should we not be looking at changing this to prevent more wars an deaths ? Always...

AussieGreg93816 hrs ago39 mins ago
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What Makes Jesus Unique? No one else made the claims that He did, He is alive...............All the great religious leaders of history have one thing in common: they are dead. Only one man has risen from a grave never again to taste death. Je...

bcjenny7,117613Oct 295 hrs ago
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Opposition leader to Vladimir Putin Poisoned and in serious condition

Opposition leader to Vladimir Putin Poisoned and in serious conditionAlexei Navalny has been an outspoken whilste blower about the poisonings of people who disagree with Putin or are not 'loyal' for some time a...

goldengloss50742Aug 202011 hrs ago
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JimNastics62-May 13May 14
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Posting of political Blogs and Forums

Posting of political Blogs and ForumsGood advice for dating, when getting to know someone, has always been "avoid.talking.about.politics". I guess we've proved that here. But goals of...

Moderator6,745165Jan 9May 7
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This world is ending,seek salvationThere are happenings;wars,terrorism,earthquakes,floods,sicknesses,corona virus spread into whole world, killings so many continually,and there will b...

starrayfil55-May 7Go to Last Post
Wheres my stimulus payment

Where's my stimulus payment?I have been waiting and waiting waiting for my stimulus payment,but I still don't know if or when i will ever get it Everybody else that i know have...

Mickeymoose873May 6May 6
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Military Misadventures

Military MisadventuresA newly upgraded Russian Destroyer launches their new cruise missile... and it does not go well. Oops. Honestly though, it looks like a hel...

Sir_T1184May 2May 3
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sin is your sufferDo you know what is sin? Sin is your bad deeds and brings suffer to you. Don,t be stupid to sin! Believing not and obeying not God,lead to suffer a...

starrayfil39-May 3Go to Last Post

Quote of the day - Joan Donovan PhD.During Senate hearings on the use of algorithms ".. the main problem with social media is the way it's built to reward human interaction. Bad actor...

JimNastics978Apr 30Apr 30
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Love God with all heart..,and love your neighbours as yourselfLoving God with all heart..,and loving your neighbours as your self; is two greatest commandments of God. if you do this,Jesus said you shall live et...

starrayfil54-Apr 29Go to Last Post

where suffer comes frommany people suffer many things and seek not solution but are angry and sad . suffer comes when man sin,if you don,t have suffer and you are sining,su...

starrayfil63-Apr 28Go to Last Post

Anyone interested in trying a maths puzzle?So there are twelve integers and they have 8 combinations of 3 with the same sum, and therefore a+b+c >= 78/4 right? I don't think 20 works, but ......

FargoFan54364Apr 24Apr 28
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So the student who wants to traverse astrophysicsI see the original thread is now locked by CS - I was going to report progress. Put the freeze down to you know who. Tatiana says she has complete...

FargoFan54471Mar 22Apr 25
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"Becoming The Flower"Recently. I posted a series of blogs on the topic: "What Is Reality?". It was a particular experience that I had, which I have attempted to describe...

socrates4453526Feb 2019Apr 24
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Don,t be mislead from evilThose who think is no God are misleaded from evil, devil do all misleading and deceiving. Those who think God is not good,are misleaded from evil. Je...

starrayfil65-Apr 24Go to Last Post

God wants you to saveThere are many in life living without believing in God. and there are people who believe in God. Believing not in God, lead man to sin and die young,...

starrayfil47-Apr 20Go to Last Post

AmericaAre Americans Stupid... Here is an article that gives insight to this topic...not an insult but a good look into the anti-intellectual phenomenon h...

loulou771,405-Apr 13Apr 14
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e Y e Exam [ 3Tag.} Focus of the 3rd eYe. ...cruising the memory of program.} $ Dr. No. [ "I'm a member of SPECTRE". ..Dr. Strangelove. [ NY premiere: 11/22/63....

Agentbob941Apr 13Apr 13
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Nine days away from the interview that'll shape my future!As you probably know, I am set to begin my truck driving education in August, and before I can begin, the school needs to meet me and see who I am. I...

Philipsen21610Apr 11Apr 12
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Believing God,s truth helps you to know yourself who you areWithout believing and without obeying Truth of God you can,t know yourself who you are. By believing and obeying truth you can be saved from sin and...

starrayfil90-Apr 11Go to Last Post

Negativity Is Toxic ( Poisonous)Negativity Is Also a Weaknesses! Sometimes Faceless People Are Focusing on The Negative! They Can Not Wait to Jump, When a Mistake Is Done! (SPel...

falicia97517Apr 6Apr 11
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The Dreyfus Affair and echoes todayIn class today (two classes in fact, one Russian and one Polish) we chanced to delve into Emile Zola and the Dreyfus Affair. I had read several works...

FargoFan1408Apr 8Apr 9
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Well Done England For Treating Covid-19 As a "Flu"!How Your Medical Institutions Write! Covid-19 Has Symptoms of a " Flu"! Therefore It Is Just Justified Calling It " Flu" Untill Now Covid-...

falicia94528Apr 4Apr 5
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The Story of a Single ParentThe story goes that somewhere in this world, there was once a parent who raised his child alone, he had a little girl that he loved very much. To him...

yonik19881191Apr 1Apr 1
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Human EvolutionFor instance, from Human evolution is the evolutionary process that led to the emergence of anatomically modern humans, beginning...

JimNastics98-Apr 1Go to Last Post

Covid Vax Q & A - Development, Efficacy, Safety, Testing, Risks vs Benefits ... Factors To Consider Regarding Getting Vaxed. That's The Info. The Decision's Yours....

miclee52348Mar 28Mar 31
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Angelic Women

Angelic WomenWithout women this world is incomplete and women are beautiful creation on this earth. We should give equal rights to women which they deserve as birt...

only1life1020Mar 31Go to Last Post

Brave whistle blower, or mere the one party rule PRC. Lots of print in their Party controlled media, including short wave Radio China Int., on how there's no mistreatment of...

Vierkaesehoch2291Mar 3Mar 29
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Thinking good and thinking badGod gives thinking and thoughts to man,animals do not have thinking. Thinking good need to be with according of the will of God. If your thinking is...

starrayfil105-Mar 26Go to Last Post
Anger begins with madness and ends with regret

Anger begins with madness and ends with regretI often do angry with myself and at the end I regret on it. This state of mind turmoil my happiness and all those moment which could have given me Joy...

only1life1715Mar 26Mar 26
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Education is back on!I got an email from the education I was supposed to begin in January, but had to skip due to me getting covid. The email read: "You have previousl...

Philipsen1352Mar 24Mar 24
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What cause unbelievingIn this world is two Powers: Power of good and power of evil. Believing Truth is what power of good help man. unbelieving truth is caused from power...

starrayfil102-Mar 24Go to Last Post

Lost InnocenceInnocence, one of the most precious gifts we have from God, but which we place the lowest value. A gift that we give up so easily, an otherwise fragil...

yonik19882558Feb 23Mar 24
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drawing attention to facts

drawing attention to facts. this doctor has all the facts you should know about....

stringman1,221-Mar 6Mar 22
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So I took the GRE-test todayAn interesting but horrible experience, not one I would willingly repeat. The result should be good enough, if not outstanding. Five hours, from 10a...

FargoFan1603Mar 16Mar 20
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China in focus

China in focusIt's nice to see when someone actually begins to awaken....

bigjb6253950Mar 14Mar 18
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Changes wrought by covidFour noticeable threads in my online teaching: 1. Chinese students down 30% - a consequence of the America-Australian-Chinese antagonism and lack o...

FargoFan39633Mar 10Mar 15
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last days of this worldWe are living in the last days of this world. Let those who want to be saved: Believe and obey truth of God. Learn bible and believe and obey its tr...

starrayfil121-Mar 14Go to Last Post

The soaring rates of separation/divorce, in most places. ......Many will wax knowing and clueless as to the causes. But at the prestigious Vierk Institutet for Research on Compulsive Political Syndromes, we hav...

Vierkaesehoch1849Mar 8Mar 9
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YOUR OWN MIND-I cannot for the life of me, figure out why someone (such as TRUMP FOLLOWERS) have to be led around by this particular man`s finger, up their noses,...

moonmist236815Mar 4Mar 8
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Althouigh I haven't meself checked on the maths in the sadistics.............It's said that we have more chances of becoming a Saint, than of winning most lotteries, at least with one entry ticket. Well, they must have ove...

Vierkaesehoch21514Mar 7Mar 8
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