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There are no bordersThanks to mr biden. And human and drug trafficking are only going to get worse here. Someone prove me wrong, please. Hitman...

galrads8568 hrs ago1 hrs ago
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Have a history teacher explain this if they canAbraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846. John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946. Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860....

Willy341155310 hrs ago3 hrs ago
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What Makes Jesus Unique? No one else made the claims that He did, He is alive...............All the great religious leaders of history have one thing in common: they are dead. Only one man has risen from a grave never again to taste death. Je...

bcjenny16,2161,299Oct 20205 hrs ago
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Thought for todayIts disheartening to read mean, condescending comments, the 90% of members who are mean ruin the collective work of the 10% of members who are nice &...

Bluekiwi62640May 26 hrs ago
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The military situation in Ukraine, as seen by an ex-member of the Swiss strategic intelligenceSince November 2021, the Americans have been constantly threatening a Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, the Ukrainians at first did not seem to ag...

Lukeon295-May 2024 hrs ago
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Watch 2000 Mules documentary on 2020 election fraud for free

Watch 2000 Mules documentary on 2020 election fraud for freeWatch 2000 Mules right now, for free. Just click on the link below and then click where it says “ let me view this content first”

chancer_returns93378May 724 hrs ago
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The Forums?The stench of death engulfs us. Feasting cockroaches crawl everywhere, in and out of every orifice of the bodies strewn around. Swarms of flies obscur...

teddyKaz35724May 17May 18
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Believing and obeying God is needful

Believing and obeying God is needfulThose that want God need believe and obey him. There is no life without God. men shall live short and die . Those that believe and obey God get sav...

starrayfil28-May 18Go to Last Post

Our Local Racist ClownI am curious to find out what the resident republicans think of our local nazi clown: Do you agree with his views? Let me tell you that some of...

teddyKaz81364May 11May 17
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Whats This World Coming To

What's This World Coming To?Is what happened in Buffalo yesterday the new norm? Lord I hope not....

brsugr65875May 15May 16
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SaltI was taught that salt is inorganic. I believe the contrary. I think it comes from the decomposed plants that become soil which in turn goes to the oc...

Moelle41214May 2021May 13
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AI and how it impacts human lifeThis blog is inspired by Daniela and Elon Musk. I listened to a video of EM on his take about AI. "Artificial Intelligence doesn't have to harm...

lindsyjones1,364159Mar 18May 12
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How benign is it to believe in conspiracy theories?I think it's not benign at all. Far, very far, from benign actually! The fact that so many people buy into conspiracies (i.e., conspiracy theories...

teddyKaz97783Apr 12May 9
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A new crop popping up like mushrooms after autumn rainBlog posting rule # 6 "Do not direct questions to viewers. Use the Forums for this"...

Bluekiwi850May 9Go to Last Post
Doing good helps you doing bad ruins you

Doing good helps you,doing bad ruins youAre you listening Truth or false? can,t you understand that doing good helps you and bless you,doing bad ruins you . God gives life in you that you...

starrayfil32-May 9Go to Last Post

Shan't...There are lots of British (English, Irish, Scottish) words that are not normally spoken in America. Shan't (contraction of shall not) is one of them....

chatillion21017May 7May 8
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Seek salvation

Seek salvationSeek salvation from evil and from sin. take bible and read new testament and later old testament,and so get to know God and Jesus christ and so get...

starrayfil26-May 7Go to Last Post

Leaked Footage Of Re-Education Techniques Used ByThe Dread "Misinformation/Disinformation Governance Board" || Woke Inquisition....

miclee764May 5May 7
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MOMS FOR LIBERTYUnite For Parents' Rights & To Oppose Woke/Marxist Indoctrination In Schools...

miclee918May 4May 6
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Teachers unions are indoctrinating kids — with Biden’s supportSchools are becoming indoctrination factories, trying to turn children against their country and their own parents’ values. It’s what the teachers uni...

Willy3411421May 4May 4
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The new rules of medicine For people who didn't get the memo.Someday you SLEEPERS will see how badly you were scammed. This short synopsis demonstrates the Why..... Doctors should always follow the guidance...

seaworthy17012May 1May 2
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Americans: Understanding your Sovereign rights under the ConstitutionWith all the chatter of transhumanism circulating the world I believe it's important to understand we (the Americans) are Individualistically a Sovere...

seaworthy883May 2May 2
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Did you know ????A Preacher would hope you sinned !! The Police would hope you broke the law !!!! Your Insurance would hope you pay for premium insurance!!!! Your i...

Nandelangelvega540May 2Go to Last Post
Forgiveness free you from hate

Forgiveness free you from hateAre you forgiving those that do against you? Forgiving not,keeps you in hate to those that do against you. not forgive-ing makes love grows cold and...

starrayfil51-May 1Go to Last Post
Man belong to God

Man belong to GodThere are so many people that do not believe in God and that they don,t know God. God created man and woman and gave life to them,so man and woman be...

starrayfil60-May 1Go to Last Post

Can true love make you live longer?Although philosophers, psychologists, artists, and poets have been interested in the nature and origin of passionate love throughout the ages, only in...

Decent_Love20321Apr 27Apr 30
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Living vicariously through me !!!!!Yes, you read my blog title correctly. No I don’t have an ego, or really just self assured in myself. First off, if you every said any of this “ there...

Nandelangelvega1031Apr 25Apr 26
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Anzac day yesterday. Uncle Norman died in 1943as a sailor on the Hospital Ship Centaur of 332 just 64 survived, and Norman was not among them. No war crime trials followed....

FargoFan600Apr 26Go to Last Post

Can we use twitter anonymously?I have never tweeted. If we presently can use twitter anonymously, how do we do that, in English or Italiano, in four short sentences....

galrads1147Apr 25Apr 25
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Watch the Waterjust breaking: covid is being passed through the water you drink. Cities that utilize city water systems are targeted with snake venom ie: Cobra and C...

seaworthy1,307113Apr 11Apr 25
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Keeping love

Keeping lovemany of you don,t keep love .if you become angry,angry cause losing love in yourself and so not keeping love. so you have to fight angryness and sadn...

starrayfil62-Apr 24Go to Last Post
Honouring God will free you from Demons

Honouring God will free you from DemonsHonouring not God comes from Devil and Demons. Every bad thought,bad word,and bad deed comes from Devil. So love God and refuse evil and God will pr...

starrayfil64-Apr 22Go to Last Post
Faith and obedience

Faith and obedienceFaith is needful,faith in God. faith without obedience is not enough man to get saved. So obedience is needful. Faith and obedience of truth of God...

starrayfil52-Apr 19Go to Last Post
FLYJAMES19211Apr 17Apr 17
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Putin stepping down

Putin stepping down.Bret Baier @BretBaier NY POST: Vladimir Putin plans to step down next year amid health concerns, report claims Vladimir Putin is planning to step...

Soonyuleknow29911Nov 2020Apr 15
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'Before' the 'big bang!'What I don't get about the 'big bang' is, what do theorists think existed 'before' the 'big bang?' And, are there alternate universes outside 'the big...

Gwondanna70170Mar 28Apr 15
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The secret of Good and secret of evil

The secret of Good and secret of evilThe more you do good the more you become wise. The more you get wisdom the more good fills you. You need do good to yourself and to others. The mor...

starrayfil78-Apr 11Go to Last Post

Tomorrow both new and old studentsThe first I suspect will become an old friend (how can we know that) and the other already a friend though we are far apart in age. She (the second y...

FargoFan1718Apr 3Apr 10
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Those that love Truth

Those that love TruthThere are those that love Truth and those that love false. Those that love Truth will believe and obey God and will get saved. Those that love false...

starrayfil85-Apr 7Go to Last Post
A Tragedy Of One A Lesson To Many

A Tragedy Of One , A Lesson To ManyFirst , I want to say that , the things that's going on there , is really unfortunate.. I can't imagine how horrible it must have been for the pe...

Tanzila1524Apr 1Apr 6
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Lukeon1739Mar 20Apr 4
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So the chemistry lesson went wellvery well! a lovely personable ESL student, she understood everything except perhaps atomic weight, that shouldn't be hard....

FargoFan931Apr 3Apr 3
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