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What Makes Jesus Unique? No one else made the claims that He did, He is alive...............All the great religious leaders of history have one thing in common: they are dead. Only one man has risen from a grave never again to taste death. Je...

bcjenny41,4761,302Oct 20206 hrs ago
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Modern Divorce vs the old ways.Mark 10 “Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife?” Christ replied, “What did Moses command you?” They said, "Moses permitted a man to write...

tame9727625Sep 2317 hrs ago
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What Love can do and what hate can do

What Love can do,and what hate can doAll kinds of Good comes from love.All kinds of evil comes from hate. Love heals,builds and brings happiness. Hate make you sick,ruin and brings destr...

starrayfil53-Sep 25Go to Last Post
Chinese satellite lasers recorded over Hawaii

Chinese satellite lasers recorded over Hawaii If you watch the short video from 7 months ago Hawaiians are assured there is no need to worry....

Hooha24320Sep 21Sep 23
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chancer_returns90654Sep 9Sep 22
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Before January 6th 2021Unfortunately this is a long documentary, so it's unlikely to be watched by those who have fully engaged with Trump's ethos. It's very well present...

jac_the_gripper1,43882Sep 12Sep 17
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Sep 11 - 50 years since Pinochet and the Chile coupThe involvement of Nixon/Kissinger and the CIA in creating the circumstances and supporting the murderous Pinochet government afterwards is well known...

FargoFan1307Sep 17Sep 17
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Pathways of DestinyOver the years, we've all heard phrases like "if it's written for us to be together..." or "if it's written up there that the two of them should be to...

yonik1988900Sep 14Go to Last Post
Keeping love and peace

Keeping love and peaceMost important is to keep love and peace.So love God with all heart...,and love your neighbours as yourself. Keep peace in yourself and give peace to...

starrayfil41-Sep 11Go to Last Post

M Fassus...Sometimes a slight hesitation the way a word or words are spoken can bring on a totally different meaning... or (at very least) confuse the person you...

chatillion710Sep 10Go to Last Post
Useless trivia

Useless triviaTrolling through the blogs today for use of a better word i found nothing new or of interest so I decided to post this blog of useful and or useless i...

Bluekiwi3,396255Jun 26Sep 8
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Wonder if this will lead to a multi million pay out

Wonder if this will lead to a multi million pay out ?Or just be accepted as plain stupidity A Massachusetts 14-year-old died shortly after eating an extremely spicy tortilla chip used in a popular...

Bluekiwi1291Sep 5Sep 6
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The thing with shits shoites

The thing with shits & shoitesonce you start letting them in your country, be prepared for a whole load of crap. There you go, that's my good advice for the night, said...

CelticWitch6435112Aug 22Aug 28
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World Giraffe day.World Giraffe Day is an exciting annual event initiated by GCF to celebrate the tallest animal on the longest day or night (depending on which hemisph...

Lukeon42518Jun 21Aug 24
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STOPPING SCAMMERS ONCE & FOR ALLI had this idea this morning. After ten years of being a member here, and seeing all types of scammers, i decided to found out a solution to make thes...

GeorgiosA35912Aug 21Aug 23
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God know before you know

God know before you knowMany unbelievers think they know better than God the things in life, so they think God is wrong or find reasons to not believe in they are misl...

starrayfil95-Aug 23Go to Last Post

Nature Moods - Vol. XINature Moods *** - Vol. XI ( - ) Foreword. "Witness in the darkest hours of humanity: - To be humane involves self-knowledge, To be alive...

the_mirror73-Aug 22Go to Last Post
Lets talk or texT

Lets ... talk or texT...The Importance of Communication.. .. Communication is the act of conveying or receiving information, knowledge, ideas, thoughts, feelings, opinions,...

teenameena4027Jul 30Aug 21
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Nature Moods - Vol. XNature Moods *** - Vol. X ( - ) Foreword. "Nature feeds every single being, from the unseen to the open eye, till those of wonder, - from...

the_mirror63-Aug 21Go to Last Post

Nature Moods - Vol. IXNature Moods *** - Vol. IX ( - ) Foreword. "Nature blessing mankind filling the earth with Water, from tiniest springs tinkling among rocks...

the_mirror47-Aug 20Go to Last Post

Nature Moods - Vol. VIIINature Moods *** - Vol. VIII ( - ) Foreword. "Nature gives plenty lands to whole mankind, The unelected, self-selected, deviant rulers, de...

the_mirror81-Aug 19Go to Last Post

Nature Moods - Vol. VIINature Moods *** - Vol. VII ( - ) Foreword. "From the intelligence of men, famous academies rising for the study of nature, in order to rul...

the_mirror109-Aug 18Go to Last Post

Nature Moods - Vol. VINature Moods *** - Vol. VI ( - ) Foreword. "We've been lied since cradle times with fairytales;- Barely if someone cares..." [ … ]...

the_mirror90-Aug 17Go to Last Post

Nature Moods - Vol. VNature Moods *** - Vol. V ( - ) Foreword. "Question matters: IF we were born to live, WHY for God's sake, we have to pay to be alive?!...

the_mirror91-Aug 16Go to Last Post

Nature Moods - Vol. IVNature Moods *** - Vol. IV ( - ) Foreword. "Clouds above move on an' on, - driven to the edges of our minds and boundaries of our hearts....

the_mirror84-Aug 15Go to Last Post

Nature Moods - Vol. IIINature Moods *** - Vol. III ( - ) Foreword. "Who has Time, really, for such Understanding?!" [ … ] 2023+ © Th3Mirr0r Nature Moods...

the_mirror115-Aug 14Go to Last Post

Nature Moods - Vol. IINature Moods *** - Vol. II ( - ) Foreword. "Everything around is Softness, spoken through another language, - Yet, Unknown to us..."...

the_mirror78-Aug 13Go to Last Post

Nature Moods - Vol. INature Moods *** - Vol. I ( - ) Foreword. "We are too dull to understand the Nature's feelings..." [ … ] 2023+ © Th3Mirr0r Natur...

the_mirror91-Aug 12Go to Last Post

SCAMMERS - THEY NEVER LEARN...I am a member in this site for a looooong time. Give or take, about 10 years. While being a member, i've encountered all the types of scammers here....

Gewrgios2324Jul 24Aug 10
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Repenting and improving helps you

Repenting and improving helps youBy Repenting and improving you get help for many things. Being humble and patience you can overcome enemies. Loving God with all heart..., and lovin...

starrayfil116-Aug 7Go to Last Post

9 things people want most in lifeThere are nine things people want most in life — forget everything else: 1. To be loved Love can be abstract and it can be concrete. It can be the...

Grapewine55554310Jul 25Jul 29
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When Pain SpeaksUnpleasant events have been present in human life since the beginning of human existence on Earth, and since then, it didn't take long for people to s...

yonik19881162Jul 27Jul 27
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Record heatIt’s not just a record-hot day or two, unprecedented heat waves or abnormally warm ocean waters: All indications are that this will be the hottest sin...

Grapewine5552709Jul 20Jul 23
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Elderly AloneI've said many times that I write about this topic, but I've always avoided doing it to avoid stirring up discussions. However, I think it's time to a...

yonik19882589Jul 17Jul 20
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The Paradoxical CirclePain is born from love Love is born from life Life is born from pain!!...

yonik19881102Jul 19Jul 19
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I was kinda hoping...I was kinda hoping the Republican party would come to their senses about pledging support for Trump. Billionaire Charles Koch has begun running anti-T...

chatillion2537Jul 13Jul 16
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FargoFan1080Jul 16Go to Last Post
There is Belief and unbelief faith and doubts

There is Belief and unbelief,faith and doubtsBelief comes from God,unbelief comes from evil. faith comes from God.doubts comes from evil. Can,t you see that how many wars and killings and sickne...

starrayfil93-Jul 13Go to Last Post
Info about redemption fugitive blogs 1 9

Info about redemption/fugitive blogs 1-9Just noticed that the above blogs have been deleted. Which means the thread of the story does not now exist. Have asked for explanation. If you are un...

Unknown126-Jul 12Go to Last Post
There is never an other you you are what you are created for

There is never an other you,you are what you are created forYou are special and have your own talent and can have desire what to create. Once you create it show who you are. God made each one special. So see...

starrayfil129-Jul 12Go to Last Post

I lost you/I lost me.People often say that a person never changes, but I believe that's not 100% true. A person changes multiple times throughout their life (if they want...

yonik198822610Jul 5Jul 7
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Repenting and improving

Repenting and improvingRepenting of your sins and improving will take away your sins and keep you to not go in hell but lead to be saved and go in heaven. Repent and improv...

starrayfil94-Jul 5Go to Last Post

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