WiZiD Zoo (Part 4)

Within a split second a thought flashed back through my mind, “if you’re not strong enough now, you never will be.” These words also seemed to rise fr...
190012 hrs ago12 hrs ago3 hrs ago

WiZiD Zoo (Part 3)

The first memory to return was an image; what I term now “the charging face”. In real time the entire episode lasted no more than half a second but i...
3700Jul 10Jul 108 hrs ago

WiZiD Zoo (Part 2)

This story is based on memories and fueled by a long time love of the unexplained coupled to a strong sense of what can only be termed science fiction...
8020Jul 4Jul 824 hrs ago

WiZiD Zoo

WiZiD Zoo Copyright ©Grant Leigh 2018. All aspects, names and terms, owned through Creation Right. Author’s note WiZiD Zoo is perhaps the final...
104-1Apr 21Apr 2120 hrs ago

The Ant and the Moth’s wing

The Ant and the Moth’s wing I noticed something yesterday morning when I went out to my shed. A small ant had hold of a moth’s wing...
358-0Jul 2016Jul 2016Jul 14

Odde To The Sun Goddess Ra'keTa’

Original (Odde To The Sun Goddess Ra'keTa’: Forgive a lowly male my Goddess for having no tact; seems I am uneducated or ill trained; I...
71410Jan 2016Jan 2016Jul 11

Even that.

Is it any wonder people lie? My parents instructed me and my brothers to lie; quite possibly in the very exact same manner your parents i...
81330Jan 2016Jan 2016Jul 15

The TiiM Bandit and his Squadron of Pie.

I have tiim, you through trick and deception hold only its illusion: time. Have you ever attempted to teach a clock...
42300Dec 2015Dec 2015Jul 14

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