Trump Haters

In my quest to try and understand the haters mind, I came across this article.

December 11, 2020

Why They Hate Trump

By Jeffrey Folks

Simply put, they hate Trump because he represents ordinary Americans — those who are not part of the political and corporate elite, who lack the advantages and connections of the Deep State, who are not media, academics, or celebs.  President Trump puts ordinary Americans first, and it drives the elite nuts.

The elite have spent so many years enjoying their advantages, including the psychological advantage of despising ordinary people, that they panicked when someone tried to take it all away from them.  They can't go on living without that warm, reassuring sense of superiority.

Contempt for average Americans was palpable in Hillary Clinton, which is why she lost the election of 2016.  It was just too obvious.  Joe Biden conceals it somewhat better, or perhaps he just cares more for other advantages of office — for both himself and family members.  Either way, he is taking advantage of ordinary people.   

What really upset the elite was that average Americans were beginning to believe in themselves.  Their wages were rising for the first time in decades, and they felt proud to be restoring America to what it could be.  If Biden wins, that will be lost.  The everyday American can crawl back to his cell and watch the country stagnate for another four or eight years.

What if the deplorables — the guy who delivers the bread to your supermarket, the woman caring for three children at home, the insurance salesman, the Target checkout clerk — were actually smarter than the Washington types, smarter than you in the universities and the media?  For the elite, it would mean that the world had been turned upside-down.

That's exactly what President Trump began to accomplish in four years.  For four years, those everyday Americans were treated like something special, listened to, moved to the front of the line.  Trump rallies were exciting because they were primarily a celebration of the rise of the real America — of those who get up five mornings a week to an alarm clock, start the car in the cold, drive to work in the dark, put in eight or ten hours, come back to football on TV in a two-bedroom apartment, bathe and sleep, and do it again and again.  On weekends, they coach and volunteer and attend church and care for family and neighbors.

This is a way of life that the Washington elite despise.  They prefer $300 restaurants, chauffeured limos, escort services funded by lobbyists, drugs and alcohol, junkets to exclusive resorts, secret bank accounts, and the status of high office.

The elite think they are so far above us, but they are not happier for it.  It's the parents in Oklahoma with their newborn child, the kid in Indiana receiving his first promotion, the grandparents in Florida living on not much more than Social Security but still giving of themselves — these are the great Americans who understand what President Trump is talking about, and they are the Americans he understands and respects.

Can you say Obama understood and respected these ordinary Americans?  Or the Clintons, or even the Bushes, with their New England heritage and Texas money?  Or Nixon, LBJ, or Kennedy with his serial adulteries?  Or Carter, with his twisted ideology of "save everyone in the world at the expense of the American middle class"?  Only Reagan and Trump put ordinary Americans first.

Now, unless the Supreme Court steps in, it's back to "normal."  Already the word has come down from Biden appointees — herd the riffraff back to their pens, tape their mouths, steal their votes, and strip them of their rights.  It's high times again in Washington.

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Thanks to President Trump's appointees, the Court may be the salvation of others like David Green, but it can go only so far.  And there is nothing except a Republican Senate to prevent Biden from packing the Court with liberals.

Even the Court can't defend us against the corruption of the political elite.  They believe they have a right to practice graft and influence peddling, and to reap the benefits of drugs, fine liquor, call girls, and the rest.  Eliot Spitzer and "Client 9" aren't the only politicians caught up in prostitution — Hunter Biden may be worse.  As progressives see it, this behavior is just something to smirk about and look the other way.  They think it's provincial to think there's anything wrong with Hunter's behavior.  Will Hunter Biden's behavior change if his father becomes president?

The one thing progressives will not surrender is their sense of superiority to the American people, and their tactics are becoming more aggressive, shifting from disparagement to criminalization.  Should Biden take office, expect the censorship and persecution of conservatives to continue and increase.  The only way to stop them is to speak the truth and hope the public will vote them out of office.  

Jeffrey Folks is the author of many books and articles on American culture including Heartland of the Imagination (2011).
That was a long read, I think I made it half way through hehe.
Yes, it's about them privileged d'like to keep their advantages
against the rest. I would go as far as sying to be a politician in America is a job about feeding the needs of your donors. Only. In doing so they are professional liars and decievers. If you try to be honest and focus on your voters who sent you you're out.
Not so for Donald.

Here is one who love Trump, just as you say
an ordionary working class man one the street:
(shorts, about 30 second clip)

yes it's quite long but it helped me to understand why these people are so full of hate. Just imaging all above PLUS the brainwashing from msm. No wonder their brains are toast.laugh thumbs up cheers
Yea, it's full circle.
Now if this was a conspiratorc theroy that was about as far fetched as chem trails or flat earth or something... lol
but this view here is supported by most who can think for themselves and is not consumed by msm already.
Totally agreed.thumbs up
And yet there was the Trump Tax Reform Plan which cut corporate taxes permanently and individual rates temporarily.

"The law cut corporate tax rates permanently and individual tax rates temporarily. It permanently removed the individual mandate—a key provision of the Affordable Care Act—which was likely to raise insurance premiums and significantly reduce the number of people with coverage.8 The highest earners were expected to benefit most from the law, while the lowest earners were believed to pay more in taxes once most individual tax provisions expire after 2025."


"According to the Congressional Budget Office, repealing the measure (Personal Exemption and Heathcare Mandate) is likely to reduce federal deficits by around $338 billion from 2018 to 2027, but lead 13 million more people to live without insurance at the end of that period, pushing premiums up by an average of around 10%."

Just what did Trump do for the ordinary American?

Do you mean, enacting tax cuts that overwhelmingly favor the wealthy over the average worker?

or perhaps, taking billions out of workers’ pockets by weakening or abandoning regulations that protect their pay?

Then he blocked workers from access to the courts by allowing mandatory arbitration clauses in employment contracts.

Education was decimated under Trump's administration.

The list goes on and on, all Trump did was help the rich and feck all for the common man.
I think there is a few who disagree with you there Riz.
And then there's Trump grifting off ordinary Americans and not just to pay for his presidential campaign, or even his personal legal fees.

Despite barely being seen in public with her husband for quite some time, Melania Trump is creaming off ordinary Americans. Her fashion consultant alone has been paid $368,000 per year out of PAC donations and MAGA hat sales. That's more than the average whole lifetime income for an ordinary American.
Ah don't be jealous.
Have you ever heard of a guy called Hunter Biden?
And you in your myopic tunnel-visioned view of things think that whatever H Biden may have done somehow justifies what Trump is known to have done? Focus focus, Trump done Foke-us all!
There's this from Fox News about Trump habitually not paying ordinary Americans the money he owes them:

How many of Trump's companies have

Caring for and representing ordinary Americans includes 6 bankruptcies
The six bankruptcies were the result of over-leveraged hotel and casino businesses in Atlantic City and New York: Trump Taj Mahal (1991), Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino (1992), Plaza Hotel (1992), Trump Castle Hotel and Casino (1992), Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts (2004), and Trump Entertainment Resorts (2009).
In the course of those bankruptcies how many ordinary Americans - Tradesmen Contractors Decorators did he leave with negligible cents in the dollar. Late payment and unilateral discounting is his business model as you can see. That is care for and concern for the ordinary Joe Blow, right? These bankruptcies cost his workers contractors and investors hundreds of millions.
Trump has used his elite status to commit persistent fraud that has swindled ordinary Americans out of tax payments and therefore services.
strange,suddenly FOX is the Fountain of Truth,once they went after Trump!rolling on the floor laughing
This is what he did to ordinary Scottish people:

If you can't bring yourself to watch the depths of Trump's bullying, destruction, snobbery against ordinary people, spiteful actions and cruelty, watching up to 1:12 will give you a clue.
Aah, I thought Fox News might satisfy your complaints of msm bias, but given you support and make excuses for a rapist, that was foolish of me.
Talking of which, do the women Trump has sexually assaulted, abused and harassed count as ordinary Americans, or do women not count at all?

Nah. I'm angry with you Conrad, for your lilly-livered enabling.

Don't misunderstand that.
You really have it bad.sad flower
I'm still trying to figure out why do the ultra Left hate and despise Trump so much.

Do they hate him because the average price of a gallon of gas in his administration was far lower than under Biden?
Is it because inflation was low, and trending downward?
Is it that the USA was energy independent and didn’t need to beg their enemies for oil, deplete their strategic oil reserve or sell it to China?
Is it because black and Hispanic unemployment was lower than at any time in history?
Is it because Trump forced China into a fairer trade agreement, got a strong trade deal with Japan, and a solid peace in the Middle East?
Or is it plain stupidness believing everything msm tells them?
If you ask a liberal why they hate Trump so much, they won't say: because gas prices and inflation were controlled and down, unemployment for minorities was at record low levels, the US was energy independent. 
The answers you are likely going to receive will rather be somethinglike in the line of: His HATEFUL MEAN tweets, or about his constant plans on how to Maga, or how bad the rapist, womanizer he is and or that Trump is a nazi racist. The list goes on and on, and lately msm said he is an insurrectionist and dictator and now in our eyes he is one.
But admitting they are HATERS, not on your life. What a pathetic joke. Liberals are the same world over, doesn't matter if you're from the UK, UAE or the USA. Jack and others are the proof thereof. One can actually taste the hate.
They all love and cherish their one and only Bible the MSM.

Anyone with a iota of grey matter would rather have said, "Let's give this man a chance, maybe life would improve for everyone worldwide"
But no, when msm says to the liberal - JUMP - they reply in unison - HOW HIGH?

Perhaps for balance you could also find an article explaining why people are fanatical in their support, because that completely escapes me? I mean by all means believe someone is better than someone else, that's fine. But what the hell happened to logic and common sense and listening to another point of view, thinking about it, then rebutting?

This article is, sorry Luke, hate-monging.

Simply put they hate Trump because he represents ordinary Americans. So - most of the media, most of the celebs, most of the academics, of the USA, hate ordinary Americans? That is - no, seriously. Is that logical?

Even less logical is the Folks decision that it is the elite rich and privileged who hate him. Come on. The rich think he's the best thing slnce sliced bread. Officially they may have to pretend they don't, when he says something that would make the little people in their lives pop their eyeballs, but he's all about the money and so are they. Let's make more money, let's build, let's grow, of course the rich and privileged traditionally have always hated that. roll eyes

Calling lefties the elite. The vocal visible ones, okay. Have we suddenly forgotten most lefties want the state to provide more help, more benefits, more medical care, and free handouts? Isn't that the problem with lefties? Logic, people. Logic.

I don't always see eye to eye with Jac but I completely understand her quoting Fox news because it is, for Trump supporters, the only network they will trust. Not suddenly a fountain of truth, Conrad. Just a source that Trump fans feel will sometimes tell The Truth but oh dear sometimes may have to be ignored, too.

I will be super-impressed, Luke, if you can find an article that does address the balance. Just for the sake of debate. Doesn't even need to be a fanatical opposite, just one that sticks to actual facts and leaves the reader to draw their own conclusions. There must be ONE out there. It won't have been written by Folks.
Hello Luke,

I have tried to avoid the Trump blogs as there is so much dissent from posters it beggars belief. However, I have been drawn in yet again. I am at a loss to understand the hero worship of a foul mouthed ranter whose whole persona is of a braggart. I look at him not from a political point of view but as a senior citizen looking at another senior citizen.sigh

However I have read up about his period of rule and there are many conflicting reports. As they say there is your version,their version, then there is the truth.Yes we have biased reporting but weighing it all up was he really the greatest thing since sliced bread and do you honestly believe that ALL the charges are trumped up [forgive the pun] just to keep him out of office.

He might well have been a change for the U.S when elected,but not necessarily for everyone, and do you honestly believe that he could wave a magic wand and put the World's troubles to rights if voted back into the White House?

Just one of the many articles out there on his time in office ,or are they also on your list of lying media. No disrespect intended towards yourself ,just my personal opinion on the state of affairs at present.

It's not just the ultra left that hate him, intelligent conservatives do as well. In fact anyone who cares about democracy in America hates him.
You really going off the Deep End now!laugh
Like the "Democrat Deep State"?confused
I was tempted to create a blog with this when I first read it, but couldn't work out how to how to do it kindly.

Whilst the meta-analysis highlights some of the environmental contributing factors that could be altered in a kinder society, it should be noted the personality traits are correlates within the various study samples, not a diagnosis of every conspiracy theorist, or CS blogger who has a different opinion.

Hi there Suzie,
Common sense is exactly what I'm emphasizing here. Most of these accusations come from either YouTube or articles in depth on how bad trump is. You surely must have noticed that when one types in just about anything with the word Trump eg. 'Latest on Trump' Hundreds of YT vids are offered telling how BAD Trump is. This is not coincidence.
Simply put they hate Trump because he represents ordinary Americans. So - most of the media, most of the celebs, most of the academics, of the USA, hate ordinary Americans?
Simply put yes. If you can prove me wrong I'll convert immediately. The ordinary public, the working class, they worship Trump. I have researched and even spoken to many of the 'common' day to day people and they (most of them) assure me Trump is not what the left make him out to be.
Even my niece and her hubby thats visiting SA at the moment from Tennessee says that the far left is up to no good in the manner that they are 'bad-mouthing' Trump.

Even less logical is the Folks decision that it is the elite rich and privileged who hate him.
Once again quite true.
You will notice that if a 'leftie' celebrity endorses someone the majority follow like a flock of sheep.

Let's make more money, let's build, let's grow, of course the rich and privileged traditionally have always hated that. roll eyes
They follow blindly what Soros and co. tell them, and that is the Right is wealthy and conniving while the exact opposite is true
Even Trump tells how he will clean up the filthy road and residential ares that have been neglegted by the BA.

Most of all I would like to find out what fuels this hatred of Trump.
We all know he is a old man acting like a 'spoilt Brat'
We know that when he does not get his own way he will tweet thru the night
We all know he likes to exaggerate.
We all know he is definitely not a perfect human being.
BUT when he puts his mind to something he DELIVERS.
Does this mean I should believe all the rubbish coming from Trump haters and media and be part of the campaign of hating the Right Wing? Not a chance, I don't believe in all this woke and other rot being pushed by the left.
Hi gs,
You know I always appreciate your well thought out and balanced comments on my writes.
One thing you must realize is that Trump did not expect to be POTUS the first time. This time its completely different as he knows now that his chances of becoming POTUS again is very likely and to my knowledge he is bound to deliver.

Just another point, where do YOU get all your info concerning Trump from?
Have you EVER read something positive about Trump?
Is it a private source, MSM, YT, TV or newspaper?
Im just curious.
I've also just noticed, doh that not a single person posting on this blog, which is now 15 hours old, up to now, is living in the US. Not one. Is it possible, even faintly possible, we could think about leaving Americans to their own business? dunno

You could talk about Zuma, for a change, all his money and wives and accusations against opposition and the charges against him before and after his presidency, and how fanatics still want him back in power and point to the wins during his time in office..

I could talk about the controversy of the old King of Spain visiting recently and the embarrassment that caused the current king, and why.

Every person posting could talk about their, you know, own country. Just a thought.

sad flower
These electricity cuts are bad.

Better idea, why not just blink when seeing the name Trump and pass on to the next?

I could say that seeing the USA has an active interest in most countries and with a Democrat president the chances of getting bombed are so much more, or I could just copy and paste what this guys said.

I don’t care who wins the US presidential election
America is bound to cause more death, pain and suffering across the globe – whoever is its president.

Andrew Mitrovica
Al Jazeera columnist

Fortunately Ill never leave this country I love but I have folk I care about in SA and I would feel more comfortable knowing if the war mongering left or the more passive right will have the honor.
Do you know the meaning of the word 'Democracy'?

Oh yes thats when they allow you to vote for the only candidate THEY put up.thumbs up
Ok, I'll tell you about Norway.

a) Our Kongsberg Weapons Factorys
earnings went up a few extra billions last year
due to some ongoing war in Eastern Europe somewhere. drink pouring

b) Our gasprices has normalised now. Went down a few notches late last year.
The reason seems to be that there is no longer a gas shortage in Europe. thumbs up

c) My brother got angry at me last year on a boat trip
when I asked if he would actually do a little adjustment to himself to save his realtionship with his gf. He got angry he went on to give me a 15 min long lecture of how a certain ex president in a country far across the ocean was a terrible person. Silly me was thoughtless enough in the heat of the moment not to remind him that had absolutly nothing to do with us over here but it slipped me. doh

d) I just sold my apartment or as some say: flat. Gonna rent for a while now.
I'm sure it was a pretty good time to sell, taken into account the economic development in the world as a whole but seen from a local perspective I should maybe had waited a bit longer. purple heart
Who da hell could that had been above, some dude from norway...confused
He is living rent free in your head. moping
To be fair, with all the grifting off of his supporters, financial fraud, tax evasion and not paying his bills, he probably lives rent free full stop.

He might have free meals, clothing and hair cuts as well before long.
We love him.
The cash is going to a good cause: new golf balls and more 24 carat to his tower of power.
There is love in each donation. kiss
So, in the name of love- build a bridge shal we?
Here a lib attending a Trump rally and speaking to the folk
on a hunch the divided two sides of working class people
have more in common than we might think, and should eventually unify:

Yeah, he was friends with Jeffrey Epstein and is (supposedly allegedly) a rapist, but his own mother stripped him of his position without us even having to ask.

Now can we get back to the US version of the Epstein chum and adjudicated rapist?

The thing is, if one of the largest, most powerful countries in the world changes from a democratic republic to dictatorial rule it will likely have a global impact. Our fate, our grandchildren's fate, may be in the hands of the American people who have managed to hang on to ther suffrage and the dedicated lawyers who are fighting for fair representation.

We won't get a say in what happens, but I don't see why we should be silenced here as well.

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